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Injuries & Safety: Rebounding & Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can make it difficult to get the exercise you need. Low impact activities are hard to come by, especially for those with advanced osteoporosis. Let’s define exactly what osteoporosis is, how you can prevent it, and why rebounding might be your best option for physical activity. Osteoporosis Defined In its simplest form, osteoporosis is…

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Rebounding & Weight Loss

One question we hear frequently here at Cellerciser is, “Can I lose weight with rebounding?” The answer is yes, you can! Though everyone will experience different results from rebounding, there are a few benefits of losing weight with rebounding that just about everyone will experience. Here are three benefits of losing weight with rebounding. 1.…

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Rebounder for Sale: Who Can Benefit From Rebounding?

Rebounding is a fitness routine that just about anyone can benefit from. However, we wanted to highlight just a few key demographics that can greatly benefit from rebounding with Cellerciser. Youth Packed full of energy, and nowhere to put it, today’s youth often overlook physical activity. The emphasis placed on technology and social media in…

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