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Building Strength on Your Rebounder

Rebounders are becoming widely recognized as a great way to build your strength and stay fit. People are beginning to ditch the gym and work out on their rebounders at home. However, jumping up and down in random spurts is not the only way to get exercise on your rebounder. Many specific exercises and strategies…

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4 Ways to Make Your Rebounder Last Longer

Rebounders are not only great for a fun activity, but they also have notable health benefits. However, many people forget to properly maintain their rebounders, which can determine the safety of users and lifespan of the rebounder itself. To continue benefiting from the many advantages of rebounders, it is important to care of them. Follow…

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What Is a Rebounder? Why Is Everyone Rebounding?

Everything You Need to Know About Rebounders Rebounders are often confused with trampolines. Although the two appear similar in style and design, each serves its own purpose. If you’re in the market for a mini trampoline or rebounder, consider all the options available. Be mindful of what your device will be used for and make…

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