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The Ultimate Exercise User Guide PDF

Congratulations on the investment in your new CELLERCISER®! Cellercise® is proud to offer the highest quality and most innovative rebounder in the world. You made a great choice! Proper instructions for set-up, care & maintenance can be found in this guide, including:

  • Assembling Your Cellerciser® (Setup & Takedown)
  • Care Instructions
    • Reattaching springs
    • Avoiding squeaky springs
    • Mat Care & Cleaning
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Here Are Some Videos On The Subject:

60 Second Setup & Takedown Completely

How to Avoid a Squeaky Rebounder

How to Replace the Metal Springs

How to Replace the Spring Cover

Oiling your Cellerciser

How to Set Up the Balance Bar

NEW Balance Bar for Cellerciser


When you buy a Cellerciser®, you’re forever part of the family. We’re always available at 800-856-4863 or email to answer your questions & teach you the best exercises for your unique situation. This program can change your life, guaranteed.

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