Keep Your Cellerciser Healthy By Learning Proper Care & Maintenance

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Congratulations on the investment in your new CELLERCISER®! Cellercise® is proud to offer the highest quality and most innovative rebounder in the world. You made a great choice! Proper instructions for set-up, care & maintenance can be found in this Cellercise rebounder trampoline guide, including:

  • Assembling Your Cellerciser® (Setup & Takedown)
  • Care Instructions
    • Reattaching springs
    • Avoiding squeaky springs
    • Mat Care & Cleaning

Here Are Some Videos on the subject

60 Second Setup & Takedown Completely

How to Avoid a Squeaky Rebounder

How to Replace the Metal Springs

How to Replace the Spring Cover

Oiling Your Cellerciser

How to Set Up the Balance Bar

NEW Balance Bar for Cellerciser

Cellercise® Phone Holder Assembly