Why You Should Use Cellercise’s Mini Rebounder Trampoline

When I first entered the industry over 20 years ago, virtually every company out there was producing little tube springs. I exposed those tube springs as a spring that would stretch a little bit and then come to an abrupt stop or jar. The abrupt jarring effects are so severe even Dr. Martin Walker in…

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Benefits of Rebounding

  In the 1990s I was poisoned with pesticide and asbestos poisoning that literally collapsed the right side of my lymphatic system.  It felt like a net that it just tightened up I woke up one morning tried to lift my arm up and it felt like everything was tearing.  Over the course of the…

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Exercise????? “Why Workout when you can PlayIn!®

What comes to mind when you think of “working out?” Lifting weights, doing aerobics, sweating, tearing down to build up, (Pain) or “no pain…no gain,” or the myriads of exercise equipment the fitness industry pushes? Has the current methodology of exercise today become more of a chore rather than a pleasure? Does exercise conjure up…

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