Basketball player dunking basketball with impressive vertical jump

Every athlete knows it’s important to be as physically fit as possible. When your muscles are strong and you’re in good shape, you’re less prone to sports injuries and you don’t tire as easily. Being physically fit helps improve your performance on the court, on the field, in the ring, etc.

Athletes spend a lot of time training and working out in order to be at the top of their game. Many focus on weights and cardio workouts, but those can only improve your physical condition so much. If you aren’t working your body from the inside out, you’re missing out on some of the key benefits your body has to offer.

And if you want a fun, total body workout, then you need to get yourself a mini trampoline. It doesn’t target just one or two areas of the body; it’s able to work the entire body down to the last cell.

Imagine a workout that improves the condition of every cell in your body—rebounding does exactly that. When you’re rebounding, gravity increases and decreases at more than 100 times a minute. With so much activity going on at once throughout your entire body, you only need a 10-minute workout every day.

You don’t need to pay for an expensive trainer, and you don’t need to buy a costly gym membership or bulky equipment. You can improve your basketball game by revitalizing every cell in your body with a quick, daily workout on a mini trampoline.

Here’s how rebounding can improve your basketball game:

  • Increases your vertical jump.

    Every basketball player needs to have a high vertical jump. One study wanted to know if repetitive jumping on a mini trampoline would improve an athlete’s vertical jump, and after 5 weeks of the study, 6 of the 8 subjects had increased their vertical jump by an average of 4.5 cm, while the other two upped theirs by 6.3 cm.

  • Improves your balance and coordination.

    Good balance and coordination are needed skills on the court, and rebounding improves both. The abovementioned study found that a rebounder has positive effects on an athlete’s balance, and several Cellerciser reviewers have also said they’ve seen an improvement in their balance after regular jumping on a Cellerciser.

  • Conditions your leg muscles.

    The up and down motion of jumping on a mini trampoline alone will strengthen your calf and leg muscles, but there are also specific exercises you can do to target the specific muscles you want to build up.

  • Makes you more flexible.

    Flexibility helps with sports training and injury prevention. But stretching isn’t the only way to improve your flexibility. During rebounding, your cells are massaged and tension goes away, allowing circulation and flexibility to increase. And as your cell membranes become more flexible, so do all other parts of your body.

  • Enhances your cardiovascular fitness.

    Basketball players need to have endurance so they can run up and down the court the entire game. Aerobic exercises on a rebounder improve your aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness and provide more oxygen to your body. This can also improve the intensity to which you play and train.

But a better basketball game isn’t the only advantage. The systems in your body will also improve, helping you just feel better. Your lymphatic system will be activated and improved once you start daily rebounding. When your lymph system is working to its full potential, your body is less likely to store waste and you’ll feel a lot better running the length of the court during games and practices.

You don’t have to be a professional basketball player to want to improve your game. And as you start rebounding, you’ll quickly find that just 10 minutes a day jumping on a mini trampoline can help improve your game and your overall health.