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“I designed the Cellerciser® to be a one time investment for a lifetime of benefit. You can buy a cheaper mini-trampoline or rebounder, but you cannot buy a better one. I stake my name on it.” – David Hall

Many mini trampolines use weak steel springs, or bungy cords causing sinking and pronation of feet and knees, leading to back, knee, and ankle problems. Using them in combination with home workouts could cause serious injury. That’s where Cellerciser® trampolines come into play – it provides the safest, smoothest bounce on the market.

Our mini trampoline

The TriDaptable® Spring

What does "TriDaptable"® mean?

The Cellerciser® mini-trampoline uses the patented TriDaptable® spring that offers support, movement, adaptability, and lift. It’s the only self-adjusting spring of its kind. The unique steel and TriDaptable® design actually adjusts to the weight of the person using it and to the height that the person is jumping. It stretches from the middle, and the weight is gradually absorbed as needed through the tiered-tapered ends allowing the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely with added support. These unique springs have boosted the benefits of the mini-trampoline.

Why are other springs ineffective?

Small tubular springs commonly used in mass produced, inexpensive mini trampolines can cause jarring and lead to nerve damage, back problems and internal organ damage. The reason is because tube springs only place weight at each end of the spring. They stretch very little causing an abrupt jar to muscles and joints. The abrupt jarring effect can cause severe damage to the body and can break the springs. The typical barrel springs can be too soft, contributing to foot pronation which can lead to ankle, knee and back problems. And even modified, large tapered springs are too soft and offer very little support.

Springs do not need to be replaced

Our patented TriDaptable® Spring design is made with superior quality spring steel. Our steel springs were so strong they destroyed conventional spring molds so we had to create a tungsten steel mold. Our springs do not need to be replaced like other steel springs. Whether you are 20 lbs., 100 lbs., or 300 lbs. the patented TriDaptable® adaptive spring is the only spring of its kind on the market. Built to Last, Built to Perform.

Designed for life capability

For a mini-trampoline or “rebound” exercise to be effective, the spring must provide a true lift or “rebound” action. If a spring doesn’t have lift capabilities, it may look similar to the Cellerciser® mini-trampoline, but will not offer the return of energy needed to create the G-forces and resulting benefits.

Our springs don't wear out the frame

Cellerciser® springs do not connect directly to the frame like other rebounders. Thirty six holes are drilled through the frame and the springs are connected to special stainless steel pins. There is nothing on the frame to wear out - it’s engineered to last a lifetime!

Space-Age Permatron® Mat

Why use special "Space-age" material?

Typical mini-trampolines can use canvas, nylon or plastic mats that can stretch, rot, and mildew. The inferior material, weave and stitching cause the feet to sink or pronate toward the middle causing the feet to pronate, leading to ankle problems, knee problems, and lower back problems. The Cellerciser® mat is created using a patented polypropylene process. Every mat fiber is put under nearly 200 tons of pressure! It’s space-aged, won’t stretch out and is run through an oil drum bath over 160 degrees. This yields a nice texture that not only feels good under the feet, but supports them in the middle of each bounce. Each fiber is pre-shrunk so it won’t stretch. The result - a wonderful feel and great support.

Highly resistant to the elements

The Cellerciser® is electrostatically powder-coated for full coverage, durability, and rust resistance. It's unique Permatron® fabric is often used for swimming pool covers. The Permatron® material is highly resistant to the elements, so you can even leave it outside in the rain, snow or wind. Try that with a “typical” rebounder!

Same stitching as a seat belt

The Cellerciser® uses the same thread and stitching used on the seat belt in your car. It also utilizes a high-strength nylon to sew the polypropylene webbing around the mat. It will not rot or tear like cheap canvas look-a-likes. It’s the best!

Cover for the frame and spring

The spring cover incorporates an elegant pull-away velcro flap. This tear resistant flap covers the hinges during use. It is a thick, high quality, textured material that provides great looks and durability.

Why is 40" the ideal radius?

Many rebounders come in different sizes, including some with a radius larger than 40". But there is less support the further the distance is from the center of the mat to the edge. This causes the feet to pronate, and thus, cause damage to the body. 40" is measured to be distance of greatest support & benefit to the user.

What colors are available?

The Cellerciser® is black. A neutral color, black fits with almost any decor. In addition, black Permatron® has a better UV resistance and lasts longer.

Made in the USA

The mat is made in the USA.

The Legs

Easily foldable

The six legs stand at 8.5 inches. They don’t screw on; they fit over a steel post and are held in place by steel heavy duty piano wire. Lift the legs up one inch and they fold right over. The Cellerciser® can easily slide under the bed or behind a door. A six foot tall person with an eight foot ceiling has plenty of room to do the 10 minute per day routine.

The rubber feet

The rubber feet on the legs are made of a polymer-type material that doesn’t wear out like typical rubber tips.

The All-Steel Frame

Why all-steel and not plastic composite?

Plastic composite frames and units have a history of cracking when used for mini trampolines. The Cellerciser’s all-steel construction frame and hinges provide superior strength and is designed to last a lifetime.

Frame indirectly connected to springs

Cellerciser® springs do not connect directly to the frame like other rebounders. Thirty-six holes are drilled through the steel frame and the springs are connected to special stainless steel pins. The frame is robotically welded to avoid cold spots or weaknesses in the weld.

How long does it take to fold?

The frame and legs can fold up in less time than it takes to put on your tennis shoes!

The Support Bar

Added balance & support

The Cellerciser® Balance Bar attaches to the Cellerciser® for added balance and support. The Balance Bar is not just for beginners but also for advanced users. The vast majority of our customers use the balance bar.

A loose bar means more support

The balance bar is not rigid but rather loose. In my 20+ years of experience, I have discovered that when the bar is rigid, a person becomes more dependent on the bar for their balance. By keeping the bar loose, the person using the Cellerciser® only uses the bar when they need it and as their balance improves, they apply less and less weight on the bar. Consider the example of walking across a fence railing. When walking across the railing it is harder for the average person to keep their balance, but throw in a branch, even a small one, to hold on to, and the balance improves dramatically.

Not just for beginners

The Balance Bar is not just for beginners but also for advanced users. When you receive your Cellerciser®kit you will get a chart of exercises that you can perform on your Cellerciser®. Many of the exercises involve using the Balance Bar. Side kicks and back kicks are examples of exercise movements where the Balance Bar is very helpful. Also, with exercises where you looking up or leaning back, the balance bar provides additional safety and stability for your workout.

Portable, just like everything else

The Balance Bar on both the Bi-fold Cellerciser® and the newer Tri-fold Cellerciser® can be put into the carrying case for portability.

What sizes are available?

The bar can be raised to three positions for adjusting to a person's height.

Dimensions, Portability & Patented Built-in Dolly

Made for easy travel

The home-based model folds in half for easy storage or travel. It literally folds up and slides into the carry case. The professional model folds into thirds and fits into a carrying case with built in wheels and a pull-out handle. It makes for easier travel on commercial airplanes.

How long does it take to pack?

The frame and legs can fold up in less time than it takes to put on your tennis shoes! You can have everything completely packed & ready in just 2 minutes.

Dimensions: Home Base Bi-Fold Model

40” in diameter 
28+ inches of mat surface 
Folds in half to 40” x 21 1/2" 
Approx. 10 1/2 inches height from ground

Dimensions: Professional Tri-Fold Model

40” in diameter 
28+ inches of mat surface 
Folds in thirds 21-1/2 x 21-1/2 
Approx. 10 1/2 inches height from ground

The 5-Year Limited Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

Details of the Warranty & Guarantee

We give our Cellerciser® a good 5 year limited warranty, but it is designed to last a lifetime. The Cellerciser® is warranted to 300 pounds, although it has been used successfully by individuals weighing much more. We also understand the need for & provide a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (less a $50 restocking fee). You’ll love your Cellerciser®, we guarantee it.

Not a "deceptive warranty"

Our warranty is not a “deceptive lifetime warranty” that will only replace one part, one time in the lifetime of the product. Let me explain: I know a customer who bought a rebounder from another company and tore through their mat soon after receiving it. After using their "lifetime warranty" the first time, the customer tore through it a second time in less than 4 months later. The company wouldn't replace it a second time. We take good care of our customers period. If you need us, call.


When you buy a Cellerciser®, you’re forever part of the family. We’re always available at (800) 856-4863 or email to answer your questions & teach you the best exercises for your unique situation. This program can change your life, guaranteed.