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We are so excited that you have joined our team! We want to provide you the tools in order to succeed as an affiliate. Please look below to learn more about the Affiliate Dashboard and how to use it.

Affiliate URLs

Your affiliate ID: The affiliate ID is a tool that we (cellercise) use to keep track of all the different affiliates. You don’t need to worry about remembering that ID, nor will you need to use it anywhere on your site.

Generate URL: This tool enables you to generate a referral link that goes anywhere on the cellercise site. For example, if you wanted a referral link that goes directly to the SHOP page on the cellercise site, you would enter in the URL for the shop page into the “Page URL” box. You can also give this link a name (but you don’t need to in order to continue). Then you would click on the “Generate URL” button in order to generate a specific referral link for you!


This section is where you can see and track all the traffic coming in from your personal referral link. The “Campaign” box is there to organize all the unique referral links that you personally generate in the Affiliate URL section. If you decide not to generate any more links, this box will remain empty.


This section is a visual representation of the statistics being tracked on the last section. Here you can filter it by different time segments (today, yesterday, last week, last month, etc) to see how you are doing over time.


This section tracks all of the referrals that you have made. It attaches the amount that they have generated, their status, as well as the date that they visited the site.


This section will track all of the visitors that have used your personally referral link. It will also track whether or not they “converted”, in other words, whether or not they bought anything. Lastly, it tracks the date that the visitor used your link.


This is where Cellercise will provide marketing tools, banners, images, etc for you to use on your site in order to market the cellerciser better. We are still working on getting these created for our affiliates.


This section is where you can edit your profile settings. Here you can change your payment email, as well as enable notifications whenever a new referral is generated!