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News & Press: Cellercise® is Redefining Exercise Following 100% Re-Acquisition of Proprietary Rebounder Technology

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-‘We’re Back!’ Says Dave Hall, Founder and Inventor of Unique Mini Trampoline

Products and Programs Distributed Through Cellular Health Innovations, LLC and Its Related Cellology® Brand –

MANTI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fitness company Cellular Health Innovations, LLC, of Manti, Utah, is back in business and expanding with a vengeance. CEO Dave Hall, innovator and inventor of the world’s only Cellercise® rebounder, is accelerating his mission to redefine exercise and health for exercisers of every variety in as little as 10 minutes a day. To be fair, however, the company and founder never really went away.

Reinvent the way you exercise with the Cellercise® rebounder, from Dave Hall

As of May 2016, Hall and his company Cellular Health Innovations have re-acquired 100% rights to his proprietary rebounder technology from the global company that has been his exclusive distribution partner since 2013, allowing the company to now expand Hall’s innovations to their fullest potential worldwide. As he’s done from the beginning, Hall is providing exercisers ranging from over-busy executives, moms, and exercise enthusiasts to professional athletes and workout celebrities (“anybody with a body”) with advanced patented rebounding equipment and easy-to-learn techniques, to reinvigorate their health and dramatically increase their fitness in a non-intrusive and enjoyable way. Hall asks listeners, “Why exercise just your muscles when you can exercise every cell in your body? With Cellercise®, you not only tighten, tone, and build muscle, but can strengthen and tone skin, connective tissue, ligaments and bone tissue, as well.” Hall’s muscle and strength test challenges users before and after a two-minute personal experience on his specially-designed trampoline. His patented and unique Tri-flex™ triple-tiered tapered springs create a “bounce” (g-force) that amplifies the power of gravity with nearly 100 flexes a minute, without the micro-tears and jarring traditional exercise (or inferior equipment) can cause. Hall makes exercise fun, convenient, economical and portable. He encourages people of all ages to Cellercise® while watching their favorite TV program, at work, in private or in the company of friends. Hall is currently presenting his innovation to audiences throughout the world, as well as launching videos, introducing a proprietary Virtual Trainer product for users, and is in the process of writing a rebounding book. To learn more about Cellercise®, attend a presentation or book Dave Hall to speak at your next event, readers can visit his new website at www.cellercise.com. About Cellercise® Cellercise®, an advanced form of rebounding, is the innovation of Dave Hall, a passionate health and fitness enthusiast who is revolutionizing fitness, exercise, well-being and health. Cellercise® redefines exercise by strengthening all of the body’s cells in as little as 10 minutes a day. When you Cellercise®, your body’s cells flex nearly 100 times per minute, producing optimal fitness and health through stronger and more efficient muscles, organs and body functions. Cellercise® optimizes weight and increases vitality, fitness, energy and immunity functions while also increasing strength, flexibility, circulation, balance and more. Cellercise® is a component of Cellology®, which redefines health and fitness by maximizing the ability of every cell of the body to invigorate, heal and strengthen itself in every way. Cellercise®, Cellerciser®, Cellology®, The Tri-flex Spring™ and the Virtual Trainer™ program are trademarks of and are the exclusive intellectual property of David Hall and Health & Beyond LLC. All rights reserved.


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NOTE: Remember to always consult with a doctor or health professional before starting any new exercise routines.

About Dave Hall

Dave launched Cellular Health Innovations LLC in 1990 and is dedicated to teaching and promoting David’s Cellology® Technology. Founder and entrepreneur, Dave Hall has been a high-impact lecturer, speaker, trainer and motivator for over 30 years.

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