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Cellerciser Rebounder Named “Best Rebounder of 2017” by Fit&Me.com

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Fit&Me is a team of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts that help people like you and me achieve our fitness and health goals. Recently they ranked the Cellerciser® as the very best in the market. Here is what they had to say about the Cellerciser® Rebounder.

When it comes to exercising on a rebounder, one of the best options to go with without a doubt is David Hall’s Cellerciser® Rebounder. This thing is very durable, it offers you a great workout, and it will definitely help tone your whole body from top to bottom.

To read the full article see the review.  Click here.

NOTE: Remember to always consult with a doctor or health professional before starting any new exercise routines.

About Dave Hall

Dave launched Cellular Health Innovations LLC in 1990 and is dedicated to teaching and promoting David’s Cellology® Technology. Founder and entrepreneur, Dave Hall has been a high-impact lecturer, speaker, trainer and motivator for over 30 years.

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