Tri-Fold Pro Cellerciser® Plus Rebounder with Balance Bar & Dave Hall Group Coaching

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  • Tri-Fold Cellerciser®
  • Carrying case
  • Balance bar
  • Intro kit includes DVD, “Don’t Exercise…Cellercise®”, and support material
  • 4 hours of Live Group Coaching over 2 months.)
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TRI–FOLD PRO CELLERCISER® Plus Rebounder with Balance Bar – The Dave Hall Cellerciser® and LIVE Personal Coaching* with Dave Hall, renown the world over as Mr. Rebounder. Get off to the right start with this premium package and learn from Dave himself how to get the most from your investment in time and in his unique exercise equipment. (*4 hours of Live Group Coaching over 2 months.) Dave Hall’s Cellerciser® is the #1 choice of rockstars, celebrities, fitness coaches, and doctors worldwide. The Tri-Fold Pro Plus is the ultimate portable Cellerciser® rebounder. Perfectly designed and built for professionals who travel and demand the best in performance, safety, and durability. Dave Hall’s “10 Minutes a Day” fitness revolution can only be accomplished on the world’s highest quality, affordable mini-trampoline, the Dave Hall Cellerciser®! Invest in your fitness today, risk-free! The Cellerciser® is not your typical rebounder. The typical rebounder is lacking the dynamic performance and safety needed to deliver great health and fitness results. The proven 25-year track record of Dave’s Cellerciser® delighting the many professionals who trust him to support their outstanding fitness and health consistently and safety has made Dave’s Cellerciser® their #1 choice, year after year. For those who understand and value the essential relationship between performance and safety in fitness equipment, there is only one rebounder that meets their high standards. All the rest, made by the “jumping fad” faceless manufactures are not even a close second. Don’t be deceived by other companies claiming to have a Triple-tiered tapered spring design like the Cellerciser’s Tri-flex spring. Our spring design is patented and only available through Cellercise® . It is the only self adjusting adaptive spring of its kind on the market.

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