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Dear DAVE,

8 months now. Still holding up great. I love this indoor top grade aerobic exercise machine.


Dear DAVE,

Good morning! I received my ½ fold Cellerciser today, and I love it. Years ago, I had a Reboundair model and this one is so much nicer. That one was, although a sturdy, quality product – bulkier and very hard to open/close with one person (it had a dangerous tendency to snap shut with some force). It also squeaked noisily from day one.

Fast forward to today- here I am very out of shape, although I have been building up stamina over the last six weeks with dally cardio and light weight training sessions. I set it up quickly by myself then spent 1O minutes doing baby bounce and side to side hip rocks while watching your DVD. It was quiet so I had no trouble hearing the video. I was sweating profusely within four minutes. Wow l I normally don’t sweat until 20 minutes into my cardio sessions. I’m also glad I bought the balance bar. I never used one previously, but I was glad to have it there today as my legs were a little shaky after the ten minutes.

Now, I do have a question. This metal washer slid out of the shipping box when I pulled the foam out. I’m not sure if it belongs somewhere on the unit or not. Kindly advise.

Thank you!