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Dear Dave,

My name is Austin and I am a 48-year old male serious weight lifter and aerobics advocate. I purchased my Cellerciser from Dave in New York at the New Life Expo almost a year ago. I wanted a simple, reliable and durable apparatus in which to augment my existing fitness routine. I am infinitely pleased with the results of my Cellerciser and Cellercising.

Dave's Cellerciser is exceptionally versatile, well made solution whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete looking for additional challenges. I utilize it either as a stand-alone for quick and effective workouts when I am pressed for time, or as pan of an integrated anaerobic program. There is no time consuming or labor intensive setup to dissuade or inhibit your exercise goals and objectives.

CelIercising afford for the comfortable, measurable and most important consistent individual progress for self-improvement. You are only limited by your imagination as to the variations on. Dave's-,easily followed core routines. I have been dedicated to a fitness and-wellness lifestyle for the past 30 years and whole-heartily recommend this exceptional product to anyone who wants a safe, effective, enjoyable fitness and wellness solution.





I never have seen my testimony on your testimony pages, so I guess it hasn't been updated lately? You asked me about putting it on your site a month or two ago. Anyway, I never would've thought just bouncing would give me muscle strength, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak... Just less than three months ago, I could only do 2 (from the knee) pushups without collapsing. Now, just from using my Cellerciser at least 10-20 min./day, for the last two months, I did 40 (from the knee) pushups last night before giving out Quite an improvement, I'd say I haven't had the nerve to try full body pushups yet, but will try soon. I'm sure I won't be able to do nearly as much as the front the-knee pushups, but, still going from 2 to 40 in less than three months is a major improvement! I always try to do that quad exercise on the Cellerciser (where you quickly go from one leg to the other, with knees bent) and I can definitely see some quad definition at this time also!

Previously, I had trouble sticking with exercise for years as I thought I "had" to work out for 45 min- an hour each time, and that always seemed a hard goal to reach. But, knowing that I oniy need to do 10 min/day makes it so much more doable. No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I can always manage to do 10 min. of bounding and oftentimes do 15-20 min. just because it feels so good and I don’t want to quit!


Dear Dave:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my friend, Carol S. Presently, she is going through the final process of completing her book,'Just Fine: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness and Pain', which is a topic that has been ignored for years. She interviewed over 150 participants for this book,and is profiling many of them. She also interviewed, and has quoted many physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, etc. All of the participants in her book live with a chronic condition, illness or pain. (I am one of them.) This is a unique book that I am sure will reach, and help a lot of people. I read it in its entirety, as I assisted in proofreading.

As I mentioned to you, I have been 'Cellercising', and have been able to improve every part of me. We have never met, so it is impossible for you to seethe before and after. I also do weight training, but I would never have been able to receive aerobic training and other benefits without your quality Cellerciser. Thank you for that gift.

I told Carol about the Cellerciser a couple weeks ago, and she became excited by it. She lives with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, and also has Crohn's disease. She also thought it would help many of the people she had interviewed for the book. She is in touch with them on a regular basis, and sends out mailings to them every few months. She wanted to try the Cellerciser herself, and if she liked it, she would recommend it to the participants in her book, both in letter form and during meetings.

* In order for that to happen, it would be a kind and honorable professional gesture to simply give a Cellerciser to Carol, or at least at a drastically reduced cost. It would not even matter if she had the money or not; it would be good business. This would definitely initiate more interest, as she has influence on a wide circle of personal and business associates.

* People with chronic concealed illnesses find it very difficult to work, work part- time, or are unable to work at all.. Most are barely surviving, as they are living on limited incomes. Also, it is not easy for them to get disability insurance because they look "just fine".

* People with concealed illnesses or diseases cannot do regular exercise without pain, so they do not do it If they cellercise, instead of exercise, then they can control the 1evel of jumping, and therefore the level of pain. There would also be an increase in stamina and health,promoting self-confidence. This is something Carol would point out to them.

* I realize that you need to make a profit, and that you cannot offer a discount to everyone, but perhaps a discount to those interviewed in the book, or to the writer of the book, would be an act of compassion.

I tell everyone that the Cellerciser is one of the single best investments I have ever made in my life.

In closing, I hope that you will consider my comments, and at least have the mind and heart to realize the benefits that will come to you in more ways than one.

Thank you for considering this request. I know that Carol and the many people she has interviewed for this important book will appreciate and be able to benefit from the Cellerciser.


Diane… your favorite fan

Testimonial of Experiences of Kathleen C Using the Cellerciser

Testimonial of Experiences of Kathleen C using the Cellerciser

On the urging of a.parent of one of my piano students, I purchased a Cellerciser from Dave Hall In December of 2007. She just bought one and said that it promotes good health by mild stimulation of all organs of the body.

I read a book Dave gave me about the value of rebounding and watched his DVD and studied the page of exercises. I started the beginning exercises and gradually added the ones I felt would be most beneficial to me.

In July of 2008 I turned 70 yrs. old. I have enjoyed good health all my life, but lead a rather sedentary life style of teaching piano lessons five days a week. I had tried going to a health spa and doing aerobic exercise classes, but I really didn't like either of them. Exercising at my own pace and in my own home really appealed to me.

This year I suffered from a very serious virus infection and had CT scans to try to diagnose severe back pain and illness. I had massages and chiropractic treatments to no avail. My blood work and hospital check ups showed all to be fine with my internal organs. Throughout all the problems, I kept on doing my exercises for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

I have a timer set near me and change every minute to jump the rope (without a rope) shuffling, offing cross hands, sitting and bounding, etc. The last 5 minutes I hold a 5 lb. weight in each hand and do various movements with them. I also spend a minute exercising my eyes.

I have gone to a cranial chiropractor and had my spine adjusted and head aligned with my spine. He has dismissed me and said all adjustments are holding.

Also, in January X-rays of my neck showed what appeared to be severe osteoporosis. After six months, I had a bone scan of my spine and hips that reported I only have a mild case of osteoporosis. I know that exercise is beneficial to that condition and feel it has helped me a great deal.

All pain is gone, and I feel wonderful. People say I look very healthy, and I have lots of energy. I take care of flowers and mow a very large lawn every week in the summer. I teach piano to 30 students and play the piano and organ myself. Life is good.


For Client Review Contact: Lisa M

Take a cue from the kids... Bounce your way to health and happiness

Many new parents have gratefully discovered that a gentle bouncing and rocking motion often calms their baby. And as the newborn becomes a toddler, he or she often expresses excitement by jumping up and down on his or her crib mattress. As they grow older, children are often scolded for jumping on beds and couches. But when you think about it, most of these bouncy children are happy and healthy. Do they have some profound, hidden wisdom that adults have forgotten?

In a way, they do. The up-and-down motion of jumping is exhilarating. It makes them feel good - and with good reason. Unfortunately, as we get older, we forget the pure joy of bouncing. As gravity pulls down on the body, the internal organs get weaker and begin to drop. We build up stress and tension between bones, joints and the lower back.

What's the best way to combat the forces of gravity on the human body? The answer is simple. Jump! The up-and-down motion of jumping allows health-conscious individuals to use gravity to their advantage. The movement applies weight to cell membranes and/or protein fibers, causing cells to respond to the increase of weight by strengthening their membrane with more protein.

Traditional exercises play on the definition of exercise as the application of weight or stress to a part of the body so that it steadily becomes stronger or develops further. Most exercise programs focus on a specific body part, like the abdomen, triceps or calves. Dave Hall, Certified Cellologist, has developed a program that incorporates the youthful joy of bouncing. It is geared toward strengthening every part of the body — inside and out.

Hall's program, appropriately named Cellercise®, revolves around the Cellerciser®, a modern, ergonomic version of the mini-trampoline. He has developed a series of exercises designed to increase gravitational weight throughout the body, promoting overall strength and development. Cellercise® incorporates isotonic, isometric, calisthenic, aerobic and cardiovascular workouts for maximum benefit. The workout itself only takes about ten minutes. But be prepared - it is a very intense ten minutes that will leave the body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

"Vertical movement is necessary, as it challenges the proprioceptors which regulate balance, rhythm, timing, dexterity, and the learning process," Hall explains. "As we get older, especially in our American culture, we lose this desire for vertical movement and begin to live a horizontal existence. With gravity pulling down, we build up stress and tension. The body tends to break down. Vertical movement sets gravity against all of the human frame's cells in unison, strengthening every muscle, connective tissue, ligament, tendon and collagen."


Hi David

I am a female firefighter and I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the Cellerciser has been for me. I was at the Feb. Peak Potential Extreme Health and purchased your Cellerciser. Before it arrived, we had our annual physical fitness evaluations from our fire dept. coach. I told him I was going to start with your program and wanted to be re-evaluated in 8 weeks. Because of prior issues with my arms, I had not been weight training for months. After 8 weeks, I went from 13 push ups to 25, my grip strength went from 90 pounds to 100 pounds in my right hand, the left stayed the same at 95 pounds. I had a 5% overall increase in my max bench press and my aerobic capacity was significantly increased. Coach hasn't calculated by how much yet, I should know next week. I have lost over 7 pounds (3% body fat percentage) by the coach's meter. I am only eating more awarely and trying to be organic, but I am not doing any "special" dieting.

I just want you to know, I started somewhat inconsistently with the 10 minutes a day (not every day) but within two weeks had increased the time to 20 minutes and regularly exercised every shift at work so it was about every other day. I now do a thirty minute intense workout about 13 times a month. I do very active arm movements and for about two minutes (one slow songs worth) I carry a 1 pound weight in my hands. I am having fun exercising with my IPOD to music I love and having EXTREMELY good results. An unexpected surprise to me was that after 3 weeks, I had no more urinary leakage. It had become such a problem for me I was wearing a pad all the time. Now it is non-existent. How can I become an affiliate of yours & refer folks to you with a benefit to me for being such (good pudding) and salesperson? Everything at the Extreme Health was great, but your product is the absolute best!!

My college son Robert remarried the last time he visited that I was just flat out moving much faster. I have a farm and there is always much to be done, but I notice getting up and moving is also pretty much painless now. I am 51 years old and feel like! have de-aged already 10 years! I had knee surgery a year ago and the Cellerciser also has helped that healing process immensely.

Feel free to call me and use my "story"

Love and Blessing!!

PS The dog ate the spring cover off my sister's cellerciser. How can I replace it for her?

Thanks. P

Dear David,

From the first time I tested you Cellerciser at the whole life expo in Chicago this last October I knew your Cellerciser was qualitatively different from any other mini-trampoline I’ve ever used.

In the past I used Cellercising as a way of warming up before I really worked out. Now the centerpiece of my workout is Cellercise. I was an athlete in college and have worked out my whole life. Recently I started to become interested in finding a convenient form of exercise that would develop flexibility, endurance and strength. A complete workout on the Cellerciser has been the answer to my search. I do the exact workout you outline in your video and finish with some stretching and dumbbell exercises. The whole workout takes no more than 20-30 minutes.

Thanks for you determination and enthusiasm in educating the public about the health benefits of Cellercise.


James J. J.D.


Dear Sirs,

I have used Dave Hall’s Cellerciser for about one month. Currently, the only technique I perform on the Cellerciser is an advanced bounce for four to six minutes. When I finish this technique, I am breathing heavily which is a testament to the tremendous aerobic benefits the unit provides.

I have been lifting weights on and off for approximately 10 years. Since using the Cellerciser, I have noticed an overall increase in my strength level. I am currently able to bench-press 270 pounds using the Hammer bench press machine. I can do four repetitions at this weight. I am 41 years of age and currently weigh 185 pounds.

I currently do not do any abdominal exercises at my gym. However, since I have been using my Cellerciser, my abdominal muscles are stronger than any time in my life. What is really amazing is that I have not targeted my abdominals with the Cellerciser. Since Cellercising works every cell in the body, I am automatically working the abdominal muscles every time I perform an advanced bounce.

I whole-heartedly recommend Dave Hall’s Cellerciser to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her level of fitness and well being. We should all be grateful to David for making the Cellerciser and cellular technology available to the general public.

Yours truly,

Philip R. New York, New York


To Whom It May Concern:

For the past 4 years, we have used the Cellerciser in our clinics to help our patients get excellent aerobic exercise while protecting the joints of the body from harm.

Dr. Brian B., Salt Lake City, Utah


Denver, CO 80220 September 1, 2008

I want to commend your associate "Jerry." Over about a 10-day period I made numerous calls to your company asking questions about your product and how it compared to others. Jerry was always patient, polite, professional, and best of all, very informative about Cellerciser advantages. I have been rebounding for 2 years on low-cost "hard bounce" rebounders marketed under the "Stamina" name brand. They can be found at WalMart and other outlets. I burned through 3 of them, along with one replacement mat/pad. They last at most 6 months before they are unsafe to use for a 200+ lb. person. I jog in place almost daily for 45 to 60 minutes as a normal aerobic rebounder routine. So clearly, a cheap rebounder is for limited use by lightweight people.

STITCHING: Low-cost rebounders cannot last long despite light use by light people. Jerry helped me understand why: The stitching is nylon- an inflexible material that if stretched and stressed too much will simply break. cheap rebounders all use nylon stitching. The rebounders I have been using have 7 rows of nylon stitching to secure the ‘bullhorn’ loops to the mat. I was very surprised to discover in my product investigations that the same nylon stitching material that fails so quickly is featured on the Needak website. It is featured there as a selling point. Need features 8 rows of the same sure-to-fail nylon stitching as the $20 rebounders that I was destroying via normal daily use.

SPRINGS: The short springs on low-cost rebounders also DO BREAK. Hearing that "Snap!" and feeling a very sudden sag to one or another direction on the mat is a little disconcerting while one is working out! Haying to stay away from where one spring is suddenly missing takes concentration- assuming one is willing to risk a fall just to try to get a few more days of added utility out of an unsafe rebounder. MY EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Add the spring failure to the eventual pulling away from the mat of one "bullhorn" securing loops after another - due to the ever-breaking nylon stitching, and you have the potential for real injury. As the stitching keeps pulling apart, the loops pull completely away from the mat, the surviving springs become completely useless, and the rebounder becomes too unsafe to use even for the bravest. I decided about 5 weeks ago, "No more cheap rebounders! I need one that endures NO MATTER WHAT I PUT IT THROUGH! I need a SAFE one NO MATTER: WHAT PUNISHMENT I HAMMER TO IT! And I do want one that folds up for TRAVEL!

I got online to look at Needak, Urban Rebounder, all "Stamina"'rebounder products trying to find a cheap, yet superior one they might offer, and at Cellerciser before making my next rebounder purchase. I made telephone calls to ask questions. Stamina did not even know what their stitching was made of, but told me it was on all that they offered. I thought that maybe the cheapest ones used cotton thread. This would explain the fast failure of the stitching. I thought that nylon —having seen that Needak touted this, might be better than the "cotton" that the cheap rebounders I was buying must be using. I burned a piece of frazzled, failed stitching from the wreck of my final low-cost rebounder. It melted and beaded up just like a nylon cord does when one bums it to stop it from fraying. That is when I knew Jerry was right - The stitching that fails on other rebounders is nylon. This is exactly what stitching had repeatedly kept failing on my $20 rebounders! I had to say, "No" to Needak's entire product line.

HARD BOUNCE: Jerry let me know about long-term dangers to the "hard bounce" of low-cost rebounders. I had to admit to a certain amount of knee area soreness from time to time after a session of what I now think of as "serious aerobic stitch-and-spring snapping" on my cheap 6-month rebounders. I told Cellerciser's Jerry that I like the hard-bounce feel — not a "big up, up and away" trampoline feel. Jerry assured me that the softer bounce was not extreme, would provide a pleasing workout experience, and that I would benefit in terms of long-term comfortable aerobic exercise.

I have indeed found a big advantage-my aerobicjog-in-place workouts are not only more comfortable, but the softer bounce is more like running on grass or in sand. It has always been a little harder for me to run on grass or sand than on hard surfaces. I am getting BETTER aerobic workouts on the Celluciser due to the softer bounce! The hard bounce rebounders give more of a "running on pavement!' feel. I see now that this has required LONGER workout time to get a same aerobic benefit than softer bounce jogging now gives me on the Cellerciser! Also, I feel no knee aches from the Cellerciser. Intuitively, I sense that I will experience less joint and/or tendon damage from Cellerciser use than I was experiencing after each jog on my short-lived "hard bounce" units.

I purchased the Cellerciser Tri-fold kit with all the bells and whistles. Jerry is the consummate salesperson. It was all about making me feel comfortable and fi^e to call Cellerciser back at any time. It was all about, "go see and compare and call me back with more questions." It was all about good, factual, hard-reality facts about the advantages of Cellerciser. Jerry provided in-depth information about the Cellerciser's superior materials and innovations. He gave frank product information about a quarter-fold product currently on the market, stitching qualities, and the shortcomings of various common spring types when I insisted on fine-point comparisons. I DID appreciate his doing me a BIG favor by "closing the door" on inferior product choices I was considering. I checked out everything he told me and found it to be true in every case where public information could be found. Jerry also pointed out the added value of the stabilizing bar—^something I thought was 'wussy" but am now very glad to have with my Tri-fold.

Due to Jerry's knowledgeable sales professionalism with its very high "value for the customer”accent, I must declare that I am very happy to own and use my Tri-fold Cellerciser with more enjoyment than I anticipated. I use it daily with confidence. I have even found new, creative exercises of my own that the stabilizer bar enables me to invent and execute. I AM HAVING A BLAST on my CELLERCISER!!!!


Denver, C


When you buy a Cellerciser®, you’re forever part of the family. We’re always available at (800) 856-4863 or email to answer your questions & teach you the best exercises for your unique situation. This program can change your life, guaranteed.