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Dear DAVE,

I’m a trainer/writer, other than walking and the Cellerciser, I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I haven’t been able to exercise due to injuries -left upper-arm amputation (1973), sprained left hip, right shoulder dislocation plus nagging back injuries from being rear-ended and having four vertebrae ripped lose from my mid-upper back bone in 1988. My condition at this time: weight 197 lbs. -age 67 -out of shape – dinged all over.

Cellerciser arrived Friday 21st of March 2008 -assembled and started – I actually watched the DVD and read the instructions – but did overdo it a bit to start.

Saturday March 22nd muscles felt a little sore, colon flush and VIBE machine treatment. My mantra while -bouncing is “Age 30, perfect DNA.”

Sunday March 23rd all four sides for before pictures – juicing -fruits and vegetables.

Monday March 24th ordered my Dad (93 years old with stroke and back problems) a Cellerciser. Bouncing multiple times per day -building up stamina and reducing recovery time daily.

Friday March 28th also walked four miles.

Monday 31st first 10-minute continuous bouncing -felt good -noticed the spider veins look like they’re reducing down.

Tuesday April 1st morning 12-minute bouncing exercises followed by a short walk, I noticed that my chronic back pain was not hurting.

Friday April 4th two weeks of Cellercising and my muscles are tightening-up all over my body. My stamina is increasing, and my recovery time based on how winded I am and how long it takes to regain my normal breathing rate is decreasing. I bounced using different exercises three times at least 10 minutes each time.

Friday April 11th doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking.

Saturday April 12th – weight 192 I have lost 5 pounds and one inch on my waist, muscle tone is getting better I feel better all over. I’m building up muscle quick and the fat will be coming off fast now. The four-year-old hip and shoulder injuries are healing fast.

Friday April 18th week four complete. Doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking. Any fat on my legs is gone -they are solid when I flex. Most of the fat layer is gone from my butt. I have six-pack abs under the layer of belly fat. The skin on my face is smoothing out and there is a noticeable reduction of fat on my face -still some but going away fast. I “feel” better all over. I did a five-mile walk, by accident, and was not tired afterwards.

Friday April 25th -week five complete. Ordered Barney (a friend with a serious balance problem) a Cellerciser on Thursday it will be drop-shipped to arrive on Monday. OK this is significant, the muscles in my stump are starting to tone-up. A left-upper-arm amputee for over 35 years and now the stump muscles are toning-up, WOW! The only “exercise” the stump muscles could possibly get would be isometrics, if I was doing them, I’m not. Spider veins are disappearing, and it looks like the “droopy” eye lids are going away. It’s hard to tell, but the age spots seem to also be lightening up on my forehead.

My Personal Fitness Goal is: Stronger, more stamina, faster recovery, improved balance, weight back to 160 + 5 lbs.

My Long-term Goal: is age-reversal to full maturity 30-years-old with: perfect DNA/RNA, perfect healing, perfect regeneration, perfect shape and perfect wellness till I decide it’s time to leave this plane of existence.

How I will know I have reached my Fitness Goa/: I was a SCUBA Instructor Trainer for over 20 years and had to retire in 2003, too out-of-shape and torn-up for diving. My goal is to make multiple dives on multiple days from the breakwater at Avalon on Catalina Island, California. This means I have to be able to walk up and down a 45-degree boulder-slope, enter and exit through surf while wearing over 80 pounds of dive gear. This will be possible by October 15th, 2008 or sooner. More Under Water adventures await-Yea!

I’ll be putting up an article about Cellercising on my website and pictures at each major phase (each 10-pound drop in weight) of my “re-engineered” body. I’d love to be the “poster boy” for the Cellerciser. If a one-armed, injured, old geezer can benefit and do the age-reversal thing -so can anyone! A-HO! So Be It! Get Back, Here I Come, with my Brain-On and Soul-On Seminars.

There’s no way I can write or tell you how much this means to me. Thank you Harv and David – again the right thing at the right time – I love serendipity.

Lance “The One-Armed Bandit”


Dear DAVE,

As Science Director for Millennium Healthcare: and Founder of the non-profit organization “Survive Until A Cure” it is a pleasure to lend my support to your cause to fully develop the concept of Cellercising. l have included a brief write up of the Foundation to provide an overview of the type and quality of project we support. Millennium Healthcare is recognized as one of the premier providers of healthcare in the Southeast United States.

One of the four cornerstones of holistic health is the ability to detoxify the body. Detoxification is the body’s natural process of climinating or neutralizing toxins via the liver, the kidneys, the urine; the feces, exhalation, and perspiration. We have the diagnostic tools required to determine each individual need for detoxification. These generally fall in the category of Bio-Terrain Analysis, Darkfield Microscopy, Electrodermal Screening, TMC Pulse, Hair Analysis and Intestinal Functioning. Over the past ten years, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the dangers to health from toxic bioaccumulation (a buildup in the body of foreign substances). Today people are exposed to chemicals in far greater concentrations then were generations. Over 69 million to Americans live in areas that routinely exceed smog standards. Drinking water must be tested for seven hundred chemicals. Over three thousand chemicals are added to our highly processed food supply. Everyday products such as gasoline, pain, household cleaners, cosmetics, pesticides and lawn fertilizers pose a serious threat because the body cannot easily break them down. Chronic exposure to everyday products leads to bioaccumulation.

People now carry within their bodies a modern-day chemical cocktail derived industrial chemicals, heavy metals, food additives and residues of both legal and illegal drugs. Fortunately, the body can handle a great deal of toxicity and still function at a high level. But there is no question our current levels of bioaccumulation have had the effect of lowering our threshold of resistance to disease and premature aging. Cancer, Arthritis and Heart Disease are no longer considered age related diseases.

The toxins tend to accumulate in a wide variety of locations and contribute to many serious illnesses. The major organs such as heart (bypass surgery), lung (emphyactna), liver (cirrhosis), kidney (stones), thyroid (hypothyroidism) and intestinal tract (Crohns) are prime targets. Aluminum toxicity in the brain has been related to Alzheimer’s. Fatty tissue such as the female mammary glands and the male prostate easily sequester toxic substances. Is it too surprising to find an explosion of breast and prostate cancer?

The major mechanism that brings on a disease state from the presence of the toxins is a cellular damage due to an excess of free radicals. The toxins are the catalysis to the generation of free radicals. Detoxifying the body stops the destruction brought on by free radicals. While many people are familiar with the concept of taking antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin F to help control or neutralize free radicals, the better solution is to eliminate the source of the problem. A healthy body free of oxidative stress does not degrade into chronic disease. The first step toward longevity is to detoxify the body from environmental pollutants such as trace heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead), accumulated long chain hydrocarbons (pesticides, insecticides, petroleum derivatives) and biologically active compounds like silicone. This process is a primary cornerstone of anti-aging medicine.

The second cornerstone is to insure proper intestinal and colon function. The digestive tract must be operating at a high level. The body can only utilize food that is properly digested, absorbed through the gut and excreted through the colon region. Many health problems such as allergies, yeast infection, fatigue, ulcers, migraines, obesity and constipation are signs of a poorly functioning digestive tract. The digestive tract is a complex organ in which many biological organisms reside. At any given time, the gut is the host to wide variety of bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses. It is also home to a wide array of extremely important enzymes. This environment can get so out of balance as to actually be a source of toxins to the body. For example, chronic fatigue can be closely correlated to systemic yeast infections that can be traced back to a gut overrun with the wrong type of bacteria and a diet loaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates. Many elderlies complain of the lack of energy. The underlying problem is a poor digestive tract. Restore the digestive tract to proper balance and you have an energetic client that will be able to stay in the assisted living program for many years.

The key to understanding the value of the exercise program you have developed is to look at the effect the Cellercise regimen has on the lymphatic system. Lymph is a clear fluid containing lymphocytes (T-cells and B-cells of the immune system) which circulate through the channels of the lymphatic system carrying waste away from all parts of the body to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter out the waste in the lymph, preventing it from entering the bloodstream, while at the same time allowing the lymphocytes to pass through. Jack Shields, M.D., a lymphologist from Santa Barbara, CA. conducted a study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Using cameras inside the body, he found that deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulated the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which sucked the lymph through the bloodstream. This increased the rate of toxic elimination by as much as fifteen times the normal pace.

Lymphatic circulation can be enhanced by lymphatic massage as well as osteopathic and chiropractic lymphatic drainage techniques. This is the application of an outside physical force on the lymph system. Any vigorous aerobic exercise also causes lymphatic flow to accelerate. This is accomplished by muscle contractions pushing lymph fluid through the system. The lymph system does not have a mechanical device like the heart to move the fluid. Lymph drainage requires assistance. This is where Cellercise is so efficient as a method to help detoxify the body. You can exercise hard enough to create deep diaphragmatic breathing without stressing the joints as in impact exercise, such as jogging, basketball and aerobic dancing. You get dynamic muscle tension die to the force created by the effects of acceleration and you get a physical compression of the cellular level. A systemic push that naturally helps eliminate toxins. The need to tackle toxic burdens before they manifest themselves as disease has never been greater. It is clear to many who examine the problem that the future of health care will have at its very core an absolute requirement for safe and effective detoxification procedures. Hopefully instated before the individual’s immune system and vital organs have ceased to operate adequately. Widespread use of your equipment would be a major step forward. I use the equipment myself and I have an artificial limb (below knee amputee on the right leg).

The effect on the digestive tract is also very important. It is difficult, if not impossible, to exercise the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract. These muscles very important to the elimination of waste from the digestive tract. Again, because of the unique physics behind the exercise, even these muscles can receive a daily tune-up with Cellercise. Efficient functioning of the digestive tract requires that the smooth muscles be able to contract forcefully enough to push the digestive product and waste material through the system. While not perhaps a glamorous claim to make about your equipment, it is a critical concept in how the body functions. The force exerted inside the body can also serve to help mechanically break up the mucous lining that often starts to form with age: coating the intestinal tract and hindering absorption of nutrients. A mild stress on this matter will gently detach it from the intestinal wall and then it can be flushed from the system.

Your equipment delivers a physically sound way to exercise the body in a systematic fashion. That has multiple benefits to the human body. I highly recommend it to the clients at Millennium Healthcare.

PHD Lawrence