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Cellerciser for the last year pictures of Cellercising with “Ms. Waddles”. She purrs and licks a bit. - she loves to do my warm up with me. - Normally grumpy cat, she becomes playful and I know happier - still chubby the - Will work on intake next.

Valerie C.

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Mar. 8, 2013

My dog loves to Cellercise! I've had the Cellerciser for less than a month. I packed it up a few days ago to share it with a friend. When he saw that I was taking it down, he wouldn't leave me alone! When I put it back up a week later, he wouldn't get off of it for me to remove it from its case! His favorite is to be between my feet during the Health Bounce. Sometimes he will put his front feet on my knees and bounce with me that way. He knows what's good for him, and I do, too!

P.S. He's a Jack Russell and his name is Jumping Bean (for good reason). We call him Bean. I just realized that OF COURSE he loves to bounce with a name like that!

Thanks for the help today!


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