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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.



Dear DAVE,

I’ve been Cellercising since Nov 2018 and my legs have literally transformed!! The cellulite is almost all gone, my calves, thighs and hamstrings have awesome muscle definition and I’ve lost 81 lbs. My knees used to hurt, and I struggled to stand up from a chair and now, WOW, not one bit of pain or struggle! I actually have biceps and triceps, a much smaller stomach, and glutes and all I use is my Cellerciser. I recently started hiking, but the radical change is only from the Cellerciser. Stay consistent and you will see the results too! I have no doubt that it helps the bones too but haven’t studied it out for myself. I’m thrilled at the results!!


Dear DAVE,

I wanted to share this fantastic experience with you.

Yesterday a sharp pain shot into my right elbow while putting my weight on it lying on the couch. Every time I bent it more than 90 degrees, the sharp pain was there, and it got worse over time. Today in the morning it was still there, I had to shave and brush my teeth with my left hand because I couldn’t bend my right elbow.

I then Cellercised for 25 minutes (basically just fun freestyle jumping) and afterwards the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it. I could bend my elbow again absolutely pain free. I still feel some residue of the pain when I push against something but I’m sure that’s just the nerve that has been enduring the pain for a day.

This was so unexpected and so amazing. I laughed with joy and relief.

Have a great day everyone! And keep Cellercising, even if it’s just fun freestyle jumping. You never know what it might heal.


Dear DAVE,

I cannot begin to put in words what a fabulous exercise piece of equipment the Cellercise® is and what an impact its had on my body in a relatively short time.

I started Cellercising for about 5 minutes a day and am now consistently jumping for 25 minutes with the last 5 minutes doing the gentle health bounce, while exercising my arms.

1 have experienced renewed strength and energy right from the beginning; and now that I have completed a month of Cellercsing (missing only 2 days), I have noticed slimming and tightening of my entire body – especially my legs, thighs, tummy, and now within the last 2 weeks a tightening and firming of my upper arms. I also noticed that when I go to stand up from a sitting position, a renewed strength in my legs that wasn’t there before.

After a few weeks into Cellercising, I started experiencing some slight discomfort in both my knees, however, Jerry informed me not to worry because Cellercising tends to target those weak areas in our body to strengthen them. So I cut back my jumping and did the gentle health bounce with marching in place. Ad that did the trick, within a couple of days, the discomfort was totally gone and I was back to my regular jumping routine.

I will be encouraging everyone I know to look into purchasing a Cellercise® and start reaping its many health/weight loss benefits. The science behind the Cellercise® is just amazing.

Thank you so much David Hall for your amazing Cellercise® – I LOVE IT!!! And also Jerry for all the help and support on the phone—I appreciate you both!!

P.S. After many years (decades actually) I cancelled my gym membership this week. NO REGRETS!!



Dear DAVE,

Cellercise® Family! It’s been 6 months of fun, Cellercising with you all! I have been posting my minutes on this wonderful FB group! And I am not stopping!!! I Love to Cellercise®!

I must say the Cellercise® does its job, to perfection- working everybody part. Just sharing what happened to me. My hubby and I started back at his favorite old school, Olympic lifting gym (we got busy with life and the kids) and guess what, I fit right in, like we had never left! The gym owner was puzzled & came up to me personally asking if I had been working out 4 days a week at home!? He said to me that my biceps and triceps still had muscle. (We were away for 6 months).

I became in complete shock explaining to him … Well then, it must be my Cellercise® trampoline working my muscles to the core, because I haven’t lifted anything heavy ever since!”

And the funniest thing is, my hubby chimes in and says, “She does her bouncing every day!” (I really don’t- more like 4 days a week!)

The story is … sometimes we can’t see the results ourselves, but it’s visibly there!! “Keep on Cellercising!”



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