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Arthritis Customer Reviews

If you suffer from arthritis, you are not alone! These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.

Dear David,

March 10, 1998

I want to take a few minutes-to share with you what I think about your rebounder and the great addition it has been to my life.

I have Chronic Active Hepatitis C. The way that it effects me is that I battle with fatigue and joint/muscle pain on a daily basis. It was very difficult for me to exercise. I loved walking but it took its tole on my joints and seemed to increase my fatigue. Also, it was impossible for me to do during inclement weather, which, in Missouri is often. When I heard about the rebounder it seemed to be too good to be true. Exercise, easy on joints and better than walking. I had to see this.

In December I gave myself a rebounder for Christmas and 1 was off and jumping. Now for the results so far. As I was hitting midlife I felt like everything was drooping, heading south so to speak instead of north. When I started jumping my muscles started firming and now everything is once again heading north. The exercise is gentle and does not fatigue me. In fact, it seems to really aid in circulation, giving me more energy. I was bothered with what felt like congestion in my liver area and now I can jump a short, gentle period and this congestion even clears.

It truly has been a great addition to my life. My entire family, husband, 13 year old son, and my mother have now started jumping too. My mother, at (oops, guess I better not tell her age) over 80 liked mine so well that she purchased one for herself.

Thank you David for the time you took to explain the rebounder to me and to help me get started 'jumping for life'.

Barbara W.


Dear Dave,

At my suggestion, Carol gave me permission to cut and paste these words to you, from her notes that she will hand out at her meeting on April 5. She is expecting 35 people. I wish I could go, so that I could be your roving reporter, but I will do the best I can of site.

Cellerciser — This easy to use piece exercise equipment is for those who are out of condition or can only do only minimal movement or exercise, such as those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, or any type of chronic pain or condition. It can easily be used by seniors as well. Those lucky souls who are in good condition, but who want to become even more fit with an easy, fun and extremely low impact program that works every part of the body with minimal effort.

BEST QUALITY: For a Cellerciser, contact: Dave Hall at the Center for Cellular Health: www.cellercise.com or by phone: 800-856-4863. Ask for Dave Hall and tell him you are affiliated with Carol book project. This is the top of the line half-fold (portable) rebounder available on the market today and is a hight quality product.

It prevents injury and gives you an effective but easy-to-do exercise program with minimal impact to joints. Especially good for those with joint problems, chronic pain, recovering from injuries, or those with chronic illness who are out of condition.

Cellerciser -A wonderful woman (That's me; I mean That's I!) who participated in this book raved about a product I thought I was familiar with years ago, but I wasn't aware of how much it had been improved on over the years, and especially geared for those with chronic conditions, chronic pain, or who are out of condition for a variety of reasons, including chronic illness.

Didn't think you would hear from me for a while, did you?

God bless your day, DI

Aug. 26 2003,

I recommend all my patients add David Hall’s Cellerciser to their health care regime.

It is fun and easy to use. It relaxes, strengthens, and tones all the body without stress to the joints.

We have one in the office for all ages to use and try.

Dr. Moira Casey D.C. San Francisco, CA.

Hi Dave,

I bought my rebounder from you in Denver at a Whole Life Expo, so it’s been a while. But for various reasons, I have not consistently used it since last mid-August, I have been consistently jumping from an average ranging from 15 to 30 minutes a day. I use a timer and track my minutes for morning, afternoon and evening jump fames. I had the test for osteoporoses done last July and my T-score was -3.1, which meant i had osteoporoses. I just had the test redone at the Health Fair in mid-April and my T-score had improved to -1.7, into the range of osteopenia.

Doctors say you can't improve your score and even alternative medical professional usually say the score can only be Improved by .2 or .3 if you're lucky. I just improved mine 1.4 pts In less than 9 months, a 45% improvement I have been tracking my T-scores since January 2000 and this is the best score I have ever had. It was -2.4 in January 2000.

I credit the Cellerdser rebounder for my improvement because this was the major consistent lifestyle change I made beginning last August I did not change my calcium intake, which comes only from foods, except for the month of March,when I was making sesame milk daily. Sesame milk is a naturally high calcium food. Jumping on my rebounder is the only exercise I get Oh, and to make it fun, I turn on the radio, use the remote to change channels and jump to the beat that feels good that day. I set the timer when I start and jump as long as I feel like it, with a goal of an average of 20 minutes daily. So sometimes I jurnp 40 minutes at one time, other times maybe only 3 minutes. With my tracking chart I can see I'm still on target so I don’t worry if one day I only jump 3 minutes. Feeling good about the times I'm jumping is what’s most important.

FYI, I'm 51 years old and have been in menopause for a while, but have refused to take hormones. I also had rheumatoid arthritis in the eariy 90's, which the doctors also say can’t be healed. So, i do know nothing is impossible.

Thanks so much for such a great rebounder! Kathleen


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