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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

It was awesome to see you again at the Extreme Health. You inspire me a lot I cancelled my gym membership I held for 20 years. Now I can work out every part of my body all at once, I also tried to stop drinking coffee many times and every time I stop, I get a very bad headache and stiffness at the back of my neck. 5 minutes on the Cellerciser and it goes away. When I’m stressed, I crank up the music and get on the Cellerciser. The serotonin effect definitely worries. I’m 48 and my goal is to have a body like yours. Perhaps when I see you in the next extreme health.


Dear DAVE,

Hi Dave,

I watched a movie last evening and decided to Cellercise® gingerly, walking in place and light bouncing for 1 hr. Today, I did the same for 45 mins … this afternoon we had the warmth with sun (it has been cold like 40’s) so this early evening, I carried out solar lights and garden figurines from my basement with SUCH EASE … I am in awe!! Picked up and place items on the ground without lower back tugging and my surgical knee ’08 wasn’t stressing … I did not wear a knee brace. My husband is going to be floored when he sees what I did!! I have no residual, no stiffness, no tightness from my lower back or knee.

Thank you, Dave


Dear DAVE,

I’m here because Vicki was open about using her Cellerciser®. I had tried rebounding before, just not on the right one. I had been prowling around though, with a really great, true rebounder on my wish list. This isn’t easy to manage always, this budget for health, until you remember where else you’re saving by taking good care of yourself.

Yes, it’s love, me and my new Cellerciser. Granted, I had started adapting to this motion with my other choices and have worked out steadily for the past 31 years probably. But still, remember to be kind to yourself. If you have to let your body adjust by shuffling or rocking your bounce and then graduating to both feet, it is A-Okay. Adjust you will. Your spine will also love it. I have no more back tension. Whatever monster gets in my low back from a stationary bike is scared away with my Cellerciser. I’m not kidding … I’m up out of bed without any delay being able to MOVE. I have EVEN started WANTING to jump before COFFEE.


Dear DAVE,

You were so right about my back. Today it’s fine and I’m doing what you told me. I’ll call in a month to see what I can do next. The book is very good. I’m getting a lot out of it. I sure was blessed with our talk. Such a good work you are doing. I know the Lord is blessing.

God Bless


Dear DAVE,

My cellerciser is the best. To think you can do this from the comfort of your home and not ever need special clothes, what could be better, great in all kinds of weather.

My husband has to use it first thing in the morning for joint pain and it does wonders, and he is 75.

I have lost over 20 pounds and that is very hard for me to do. My clothes are all too big and I feel great.

The big bonus is you. You have helped me so much with my back, as you remember I had two slipped disks and its been 10 years. I still was having problems often, if I moved wrong or lifted, and soon after doing what you told me on the cellerciser I have no pain and no problem. Before about once a month I would be laid up with my back.

I could go on and on like its fun, safe, easy, good for you and works! Keep up the good work.

God Bless


Dear DAVE,

Thank you for your cellerciser. I used it almost every day in 2016 and I can’t even begin to express what a positive difference it has made in my life. I have a severe case of sleep apnea and insomnia so getting energy to my brain and body is an obsession for me because I love life and love serving others. But when my brain doesn’t get enough oxygen due to lack of sleep, it is hard to think clearly, be focused, and positive. But the cellerciser gives the jump start I need each morning. I feel my brain coming alive and energy flowing into me. While I do this exercise, I also will do affirmations, take breaks, read scriptures, and write goals. It truly is a transforming experience each day. I hurt my lower back when I was 18 (I’m now 60) which made running impossible. However, the cellerciser is so gentle I can exercise as long as I want. Thank you for making the world a better place, including mine.


Dear DAVE,

Oh, my goodness … I have been using your Cellerciser for only 2 weeks now … as of tomorrow will be 2 weeks. When I started using the Cellerciser I felt a little sore around the ribs and I could tell I was using muscles in my back and ribcage … I did not know I had.

The benefits of using the Cellerciser for around 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day, almost every day have already made a difference in my life! First of all, I dropped some inches and can fit into a size smaller pair of pants, and yesterday I was walking thru the malls and I noticed that the usual ache in my lower back was gone. I have been living with lower back pain for the past few years, I don’t have to be walking very long before the pain is felt, and just standing and looking at items on a shelf really affects my lower back, at times my knees would hurt even and the past 2 days I have felt no pain at all.

I feel stronger and more centered if you will, and my balance seems fantastic. This may seem a little crazy, but since I started rebounding, my left ear felt kind of weird inside the Eustachian tubes, and I only noticed when I stepped off the Cellerciser, and I was wondering what it could be. So today l went to the Doctors and he found I have an infected ear. How long I have had it, I could not say as I never felt any pain nor knew it was there, but after rebounding for 20 minutes or more, I could feel this pressure. So, I am now on an antibiotic ear drop meds and the infection should clear up in 7 days or less. Had it not been for the rebounder I might never have known I had any infection in my ear for they have felt just fine, until I stepped on the rebounder and off.

I am grateful to have caught it, for again, no symptoms and no pain was felt.

So, I am already noticing great results from using your Cellerciser! I love to bounce and so do my clients and my own grown children. One of my clients is expecting her rebounder next week as she saw mine and loved jumping on it sooo much she went home and ordered one for her family and for herself!

I am so happy!

Thank you so much for your DVD, and your creating this awesome Cellerciser! Thank you also for taking the time to write me when I had a question or 2 and for calling me. I told my friends, family, and clients … about the great customer service you give! They were impressed.

So, I just wanted to let you know how your Cellerciser is changing my life, my muscles, my whole self!


PS. My little cockatiel likes to sit on my shoulder when I do the baby bounce, his cage is just next to where I have the Cellerciser and when he sees me on it, chirps until I collect him and he loves it too!


Dear DAVE,

I know the phrase “changed my life” is overused and because of that can come off as hackneyed, but, because of your product and program, my life really has changed dramatically for the better. Please know again of my sincere gratitude.

I played basketball in high school with hopes of being a “walk on” when I went to college. However, during a summer league game, I came down with a rebound and heard a snap in my lower back, and by the time I got home, the pain shot down my leg and I was in tears because the pain was so bad. For the next three months, I was in traction because of a slipped disk on my spinal cord. I recovered, but I soon realized that lower back issues would stay with me the rest of my life. Fortunately, I discovered that weightlifting was a great therapy and as long as I consistently lifted (which I have for the past 40 years), it kept the muscles strong so as I didn’t experience anymore back pain.

To my dismay, I couldn’t run without it hurting my lower back. So, I turned to bicycling. I’ve biked to work for the past 29 years. The stationary bike works well too.
About a year ago I started to give the cellerciser a try. I loved it. For the first time since my injury (42 years ago) I was able to run and jump and try the exercises you do on your training video without pain.

But what I like even more than the physical benefits, was what it did to my brain and emotions. For the past ten years or so, I’ve dealt with severe sleep apnea and insomnia issues. Because of the lack of oxygen, this has made clear thinking, being able to focus, concentrate, and be sharp, an enormous challenge. The fatigue has also contributed to depression. Fortunately, I finally acclimated after many years to a C-Pap machine, which helped a lot, but it wasn’t enough. I was still experiencing way too much “brain fog” to be productive like I wanted to be.

But the cellerciser changed all of that. For some reason, (which I’m sure you can explain), the cellerciser jump starts by brain. Regardless of the mood or physical state I’m in, when I use the cellerciser my brain comes alive again with accompanying positive emotions.

So, yes, the cellerciser has changed my life in a big way, for which I am truly grateful to you and what you are doing to make the world a better place.


Dear DAVE,

My brother put together this Rebounder last night and we watched your DVD last night I was rather skeptical/frightened to get on the equipment this morning. It took a few minutes, trying to coordinate myself but after 5-10 minutes, I was gently bouncing as you instructed.

Let me explain my situation. On 10/18/04,1 was involved in a horrific auto accident in which I was thrown 40 feet into the air and came back down toward on-coming traffic. This resulted in a “burst fracture of the L-4vertebra, with 95% compression into the spinal canal. The neurosurgeon on call at that time stated that there was a possibility of me being paralyzed from the waist down, with no bladder or bowel control. A pretty gloom prognosis. With God guiding my surgeons hand, all the fragments were removed with only minimal permanent nerve damage. I learned how to walk again, after 6 months in a body brace, I learned how to drive again, go back to work, etc. I remain in pain 24/7 but I am so grateful for a second chance at life. My only ‘problem’ was that I could not brisk walk, jog, run, ride a horse again, go bowling and many other activities I used to do.

Then, I received this Cellercise®. After just 10 minutes on the equipment, I felt actually wonderful!!! My fear of hurting myself has lessened considerably, and my determination to use the equipment is now unbreakable. I’m sure it will take a little time to learn all the different positions/exercises but I finally have something to look forward to as far as getting healthy – mentally and physically – again. After 10 minutes, I have no pain in my lower back. During the time I was on the Rebounder, my lower back felt “funny” but absolutely NO pain. I am psyched!!! After I feel more sturdy on it, I would like to try 10 minutes – 2 times a day. Would this be OK? After not being able to do any real exercising, I have put on over 10 pounds in the last 2 years -10 pounds that I do not need, as I’m Type II Diabetic.

I can only thank you from you from bottom of my heart for what you have done for me emotionally -I really have something to look forward to and, like I said before, my determination is unbreakable! I’ll e-mail you every couple of weeks to fill you in on my progress. Again – THANK YOU!!



Dear DAVE,

I Cellercise® between 10 to 20 min per day.

Benefit of Cellercise®:

• Improvement of the bowels. Pain right side like kidneys, gone.
• Improvement of back pain.
• Improvement urination flow.
• Body shape changing.
• Successful 1st attempt to draw Blood for lab work. Usually 2 or 3 attempts
• Height 6 ft. I in. Height gained I inch.
• Sleeping better.
• Do not fall asleep while driving. I took a 600-mile trip without Cellercise®. Did very well staying awake until returning.
• Diagnosed as having sleep apnea since 1993. I have fallen asleep many, many times while driving since 1952. Only driven off the road once and have never been in an accident from sleep apnea. Wake up scared


Dear DAVE,

During my thirteen years as a practicing Chiropractic physician I have been keenly aware of the importance of proper biomechanics in the human arena of wellness and expression. Kinetic motion is absolutely imperative and necessary f6r true health in individuals. When the movement of joints and articulations become compromised through sedentary lifestyle, trauma, stress, poor nutrition, poor posture and the aging process itself then a host of physical problems ensue. Accelerated osteoarthritis is a result of a poorly functioning and moving joint or spinal disc. Impaired nerve function results when spinal vertebrae and discs are not mechanically functioning as they were designed. Therefore, the importance of a properly moving spine and joints cannot be underestimated in the overall health and wellness of an individual.

Dave Hall has amplified upon this well-known concept and has taken it to an even deeper level of application, that of the cellular level of motion: His cellerciser system employs concepts of biomechanics and kinetics that will be most helpful to people of all ages.

It is known that 90% of the brain’s active energy is expended on calculations and minor corrections in balancing and knowing where the body is in space at any given moment in time. Only 10% of the brain’s activity is used in actual cognitive or thinking functions. This reality truly demonstrates the importance the brain places on knowing how every part of the body is moving and what position it is in. This also illuminates how much fatigue and dysfunction result in a person when the mechanics of the body are not in balance. Our society to9ay would be much more vibrant; healthy and full of vitality if they paid more attention to getting enough kinetic exercise in a given day. Dave Hall’s cellerciser system is very proficient at focusing on this goal. Health and wellness will be the result of such activity if properly and consistently applied.

The CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) pumping action that is created by spinal joint movement is essential to proper brain function and fluid dynamics of the spinal cord. Spinal disc health is bereft without the constant movement of water into and out of the discs themselves. In fact, the discs of the human spine consist of 80 percent water. This imbibing of water and nutrients in the spinal discs is wholly accomplished by the body’s kinetic movements which act as a pump. Without such movement in the spine the discs starve, literally. Disc herniations and degeneration are highly intensified when improper or inadequate biomechanics of the joints exist. Dave Hall’s system goes a long way in inducing and maintaining this most necessary motion in the human body.

Dr. Jeffery

Dear DAVE,

I’ll be writing a review later but wanted to say thank you for this high-quality product. I have gone through several different rebounders and thought I had the best when I scored a preowned Bellicon. After replacing bungees trying to get the mat firmer, (couldn’t keep up with David Hall routines along with the IJI twins) I decided I needed a Cellerciser. When I first tried it, I thought oh boy I’m going to be sore as the mat felt quite a bit tighter, but shortly after starting my first routine I was IN LOVE! It is much less jarring for me; I feel it’s easier, yet I get a BETTER workout AND I feel rejuvenated after every workout and have been feeling better than ever (never felt like this with the other rebounders and would often have lots of upper back and neck tension). The plan was to put it away after each workout, but I find I want to use it so often throughout the day that it’s been staying out. So happy!!!! Thank you, David Hall and the entire team!


Dear DAVE,

My Cellercise® experience has been wonderful and a Godsend. I’ve always been an athlete and was a certified personal training in my late 20’s. I’ve always taken care of myself and ate well, but everything started to change in my late 30’s and things that I’ve always done stopped working. I started getting cellulite, even though I was thin, and in 2008 I started having severe abdominal pain and edema. The doctors could not help me or identify what was causing my symptoms. Though the years I would find things that would work a bit temporarily, but nothing helped long-term. Then, I started rebounding, but it hurt, so I could not understand why people said this was good for them. So, I started to do my research and I noticed better sleep almost right away. The nighttime health bounce to relax the entire body really works. One night I could not sleep and realized I forgot to bounce before bed. I got up at 1 :3 0am, bounced for 2-3 minutes, went back to bed, and the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning. I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for as long as I can remember and would often wake up in the morning with pain in these areas. After about a week I noticed I was no longer waking up with any pain. I still get pain some days, as the day goes on, but all I have to do is get on the Cellercise® for a few minutes and once the pain is gone, I’m good to go, again. I also have IBS and bloating and gas can come on when I least expect it. As soon as I feel any discomfort, which can be as bad as a sharp pain through my upper back and shoulder, I get on the Cellercise® for a few minute, sometime 10-15 minute if it’s really bad, and most, if not all of my discomfort is gone. I’m hoping over time that my symptoms will lesson and go away all together. I’ve had these issues for 8 years, so I’m sure it will take time. During my 3rd week of Cellercising I could not believe I was regaining my energy. I had to use stimulants just to get through the day and even then, I would have highs and lows. Each day I notice more energy, clarity of mind, focus, and find it easier to remember names and information I would normally forget right away. I also noticed I can concentrate better and articulate my message better during conversations. This is truly amazing, as I’ve struggled for years with these brain fog type issues. I had my hip pulled out of the socket 19 years ago while giving birth to our second daughter and it never completely went back into place. After a few days of doing the pendulum, swing, bounce my left hip popped back into place and my right pulled groin loosened up and stopped hurting. The lower back exercise helps relieve my back pain from my lordosis and mild scoliosis. I am laughing and enjoying life more, all without the need for stimulants. I know I have a long way to go, but seeing improvements here and there give me hope to someday be pain free and healthy once again. Thank you for creating the Cellercise®, the best rebounder/mini trampoline on the market! Because of how the Cellercise® has improved my health/life and my families, I want to tell everyone and work until every household and office has a least one Cellercise®. Thank you for letting me be a part of the Cellercise® Movement and I could not think of a better calling, other than parenthood, than helping others look and feel their best!

God bless,


Dear DAVE,

I cannot thank you enough for teaching me, through your DVDs, about Cellercising. My husband very graciously agreed to buy one for me when he saw how enthusiastic I was about what I had learned on your DVDs. I have been very limited in the amount of exercise I do on a daily basis, due to an injury I sustained to my foot about 17 years ago. At that time, I trod on a very large rusty nail and, while the injury healed, years later that area of my foot became very sore, often swelled and was so inflexible that I could not kneel with any comfort and bend it back. My worst difficulty was that any form of exercise involving my foot caused it to ache and often swell. Hence, I very rarely exercised and was terribly unfit I work in an office job full time and have suffered terribly with back and shoulder problems. I continually go to a bowen therapist/ chiropractor to help keep my aching back in alignment. I knew my problem was weak muscles but did not know what to do about it.

The idea that originally interested me in the Cellerciser was that I could exercise and not hurt my foot. It worked. I have had some pain, but it is improving at a rapid rate, so much so that it is ever so much more flexible than it was, and it does not hurt to use it on the Cellerciser at all.

The thing that has completely blown me away though is that when I commenced, I asked my husband to take a couple of photos of me in my bathing suit so that I could see the improvement in my physical appearance. Then last night, approx. 1 month after commencing, I again asked him to take a photo and see if I could see any improvement. Imagine my amazement to discover that in profile in the first photo I was standing leaning slightly forward – I had no idea I was doing it or that it was not normal until I compared it to the one taken last night when I am standing up straight. Then lo add to my delight, I looked at my back in the mirror this morning and noticed my spine had changed. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with kyphosis [curvature of the spine outward]. This is similar to scoliosis only the spine curves outward so that it was very visible through my skin [in the small of my back]. This morning I discovered that it has, unbelievably, straightened, or at least it appeared like that to me. It does not appear to protrude at all but while

I can still feel that it is curved and not yet normal the change is truly amazing. I thought Cellercising would help with my fitness, muscle development, toning and balance, but I had no idea it would help to straighten my spine or cause me to stand up straighter.

So, thank you a thousand times.

Many thanks and God bless you in the work of sharing your knowledge of health.

Kind Regards,


Dear DAVE,

I’m a trainer/writer, other than walking and the Cellerciser, I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I haven’t been able to exercise due to injuries -left upper-arm amputation (1973), sprained left hip, right shoulder dislocation plus nagging back injuries from being rear-ended and having four vertebrae ripped lose from my mid-upper back bone in 1988. My condition at this time: weight 197 lbs. -age 67 -out of shape – dinged all over.

Cellerciser arrived Friday 21st of March 2008 -assembled and started – I actually watched the DVD and read the instructions – but did overdo it a bit to start.

Saturday March 22nd muscles felt a little sore, colon flush and VIBE machine treatment. My mantra while -bouncing is “Age 30, perfect DNA.”

Sunday March 23rd all four sides for before pictures – juicing -fruits and vegetables.

Monday March 24th ordered my Dad (93 years old with stroke and back problems) a Cellerciser. Bouncing multiple times per day -building up stamina and reducing recovery time daily.

Friday March 28th also walked four miles.

Monday 31st first 10-minute continuous bouncing -felt good -noticed the spider veins look like they’re reducing down.

Tuesday April 1st morning 12-minute bouncing exercises followed by a short walk, I noticed that my chronic back pain was not hurting.

Friday April 4th two weeks of Cellercising and my muscles are tightening-up all over my body. My stamina is increasing, and my recovery time based on how winded I am and how long it takes to regain my normal breathing rate is decreasing. I bounced using different exercises three times at least 10 minutes each time.

Friday April 11th doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking.

Saturday April 12th – weight 192 I have lost 5 pounds and one inch on my waist, muscle tone is getting better I feel better all over. I’m building up muscle quick and the fat will be coming off fast now. The four-year-old hip and shoulder injuries are healing fast.

Friday April 18th week four complete. Doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking. Any fat on my legs is gone -they are solid when I flex. Most of the fat layer is gone from my butt. I have six-pack abs under the layer of belly fat. The skin on my face is smoothing out and there is a noticeable reduction of fat on my face -still some but going away fast. I “feel” better all over. I did a five-mile walk, by accident, and was not tired afterwards.

Friday April 25th -week five complete. Ordered Barney (a friend with a serious balance problem) a Cellerciser on Thursday it will be drop-shipped to arrive on Monday. OK this is significant, the muscles in my stump are starting to tone-up. A left-upper-arm amputee for over 35 years and now the stump muscles are toning-up, WOW! The only “exercise” the stump muscles could possibly get would be isometrics, if I was doing them, I’m not. Spider veins are disappearing, and it looks like the “droopy” eye lids are going away. It’s hard to tell, but the age spots seem to also be lightening up on my forehead.

My Personal Fitness Goal is: Stronger, more stamina, faster recovery, improved balance, weight back to 160 + 5 lbs.

My Long-term Goal: is age-reversal to full maturity 30-years-old with: perfect DNA/RNA, perfect healing, perfect regeneration, perfect shape and perfect wellness till I decide it’s time to leave this plane of existence.

How I will know I have reached my Fitness Goa/: I was a SCUBA Instructor Trainer for over 20 years and had to retire in 2003, too out-of-shape and torn-up for diving. My goal is to make multiple dives on multiple days from the breakwater at Avalon on Catalina Island, California. This means I have to be able to walk up and down a 45-degree boulder-slope, enter and exit through surf while wearing over 80 pounds of dive gear. This will be possible by October 15th, 2008 or sooner. More Under Water adventures await-Yea!

I’ll be putting up an article about Cellercising on my website and pictures at each major phase (each 10-pound drop in weight) of my “re-engineered” body. I’d love to be the “poster boy” for the Cellerciser. If a one-armed, injured, old geezer can benefit and do the age-reversal thing -so can anyone! A-HO! So Be It! Get Back, Here I Come, with my Brain-On and Soul-On Seminars.

There’s no way I can write or tell you how much this means to me. Thank you Harv and David – again the right thing at the right time – I love serendipity.

Lance “The One-Armed Bandit”


Dear DAVE,

We got a Cellerciser in December of 2003 and are so amazed at the ongoing results. We keep getting healthier, stronger, more agile, etc. We were encouraged in many ways by the excellent literature and the book. What encouragement!

We live in the country. I find carrying water, chopping wood, hiking up our driveway easier and more fun with increased strength, stamina, endurance and joy!

When swimming the other day at a pool, it was great to have increased vital force and strength. We’re amazed at how this helps my husband’s lower back to heal up quicker if he overexerted on his carpentry jobs.

This Cellerciser is part of our family, like our Norwalk juicer is. We are so thankful. God helped you to have the perseverance to design this. It goes along with the natural remedies that Heaven provides for healing, building, cleansing, rejuvenating and incredible improvement in every way.

Everything has improved – probably stronger, trimmer, more fit than I’ve ever been. My rear is firming up. I notice greater, easier endurance for hark work or hiking. This is incredible.

There’s real progress, continually. When I’ve overdone it a little and take a day or two off from the Cellerciser, I return to it with greater strength to do more and longer bouncing that I did before. I have seen these beautiful bounces just sit unused by several elderly lady friends. I didn’t want ours to end up like that just sitting around, not getting used.

Two days after I turned 50, I noticed my body was getting that “saggy” feeling. It felt disgusting as I have usually been pretty strong and fit. I had seen David’s bouncing enthusiasm shared with us at Danny’s health expo in Lodi, California. I’ve always been impressed that this was for real. I never really had the money as an unpaid housewife. But this year I had some money set aside for dental work, so when I realized the saggy – baggy feeling was creeping into my life. I knew that was the time to get a Cellerciser instead I haven’t regretted the decision – ever.


Dear DAVE,

It took me a couple of days to get back on the rebounder after reading the article you sent after listening to my doctor family and friends not to get on it, because it was probably what caused the problem in the first place. I decided not to listen to them and believe in trusting you and the article after being in pain that was now flowing down into my legs for the past two weeks. I decided to get on it and just do a five-minute bounce, within 30 seconds I was feeling amazing relief. The second day got up and did another five minutes which led into ten (because I love being on it). I was amazed that at the end of my day my back was pain free and my legs felt stronger. I want to thank you again for getting back to me and sending the article I was truly at a loss of what to do. Thanks to you I have another great story for telling people why they need to add rebounding to their lives. It’s the best!


Dear DAVE,

I ordered the Cellercise® around two months ago. Since the moment I got it I started jumping in it. In the beginning my back hurts so much. I have back problems so started with ten minutes them I increase to twenty and now I do half hour or more. Sometimes I do one hour. While I continue practicing my lower back it’s getting better. It’s still hurts but not as much as the first week. That was the main reason why I bought this excellent product. I love it. I have read all about the benefits and I’m hoping to get fit and tone and lose weight by continuing jumping on the Cellercise®. I just want to thank you for such a wonderful product.

A Cellercise® lover,


Dear DAVE,

I was introduced to rebounding in 1985, and then became a Certified Reboundologist. After rebounding for many years, I started having back problems, so I discontinued my rebounding. In the last several months I decided to try rebounding again. Every time I rebounded; I would start to have lower back problems. (My rebounder was an expensive unit). I was having to go to my Chiropractor one to two times a week to get relief. This started my search for answers as to why I was having back problems when I jumped. What I found out about Cellercising it was exciting and it made sense to me. I knew I had found the right rebounder. I ordered it and started jumping right away. I am happy to say since beginning to Cellercise® I haven’t had the slightest discomfort in my back. Thank you, Dave, for making a product with integrity. I love the integrity of your company and am excited to be one of your authorized distributors promoting what I think is the best mini trampoline available on the market.


Dear DAVE,

There is a major difference in other rebounders and the Cellercise®. I had 3 different ones, with one being an urban rebounder. My back and knees hurt a lot on them. After over 18 hrs. research on rebounding and reviewing the different rebounder I got a loan to purchase the Cellercise®. I felt the benefit to my health was worth it. The cellerciser doesn’t hurt my knees or back. Best decision I ever made.


Dear DAVE,

Just a quick note to tell you that after only 4 months of Cellercising, a bone density scan done yesterday revealed that I had a 4.6% increase in the bone density of my lumbar spine!!

This is seriously good news for me as I, paradoxically, have severe osteoporosis of my spine (-3.1), but my hips and femoral bone are strong as a 30 year old’s, at 61 years of age. Before I discovered the Cellerciser I was so discouraged about this and wondered how I was ever going to be able to increase the spine bone density without some kind of extreme exercise regime, which I knew I would not be able to be faithful to.

After I got my Cellerciser, I read on your website that a woman had a whopping 41% increase in bone density after close to a year of Cellercising. She happened to have the exact same osteoporosis score as me and was able to reverse it; she now has only osteopenia.

So, I am VERY hopeful to have similar great results when I have another DEXA scan next year at this time. My goal is to reverse the osteoporosis!

My Endocrinologist was highly skeptical that any natural means would increase my bone density and gave me a wry smile when I suggested it. He wanted me on some harmful bone building drug that has potential terrible side effects, like necrosis of the jawbone. Well, I showed him! And I will show him even more next year – ha ha!

Thank you, thank you, for your marvelous Cellerciser and for the wonderful, uplifting support you provide to the Cellerciser ‘Family’!

Best to you!


Dear DAVE,

Definite success – I have had pretty persistent back pain in the mornings for 8 months. I also have very bad circulation in my legs… I started the ‘baby bounce’ worked up to 10 minutes and no more back pain. I guess with worse back pain it may take longer. I think it is helping my neck which has a narrow disc too. I hope it may help my circulation as well.


Dear DAVE,

Went on a short vacation and my lower back hurt from the uncomfortable car seat, issue got worse and when I got home 6 min on my cellerciser brought me completely back into alinement. So thankful I have a unit! Just ordered one to have in my workplace for myself and clients I see. Nice to have some cellerciser breaks on long days.


Dear DAVE,

I also purchased Cellercise® out of desperation, as with micronutrients, silver solution and water ionizer. I injured my foot playing basketball in early 2014. I had metatarsalgia where the bone pushed through the tissue in the ball of my foot and gave me a lot of pain when I walked. I was becoming very lethargic. Then I discovered Cellercise®. After Cellercising for a week, I felt much better mentally and physically and at the same time my foot was healing because of the low impact. I have enjoyed Cellercising for 6 years now. My previous back, shoulder and neck pains are gone. Cellercise® also helped to practically eliminate arthritis in my hands.


Dear DAVE,

I purchased my Cellerciser last year in March and started using it until August 2020 when I had my knee replaced. I had to stop using it while I went through physical therapy. During this time, I had developed both hip and back pain while walking. I am 69 years old and when I went for my 6 months follow up I asked the surgeon if I could start using my Cellerciser again and he said yes. Well after 1 week on starting my workout both my back and hip pain are totally gone. It’s just amazing to me. The Cellerciser truly works. I look forward in working myself back up to where I started before my operation. Thank you, Dave, for all your help with your incredible product and videos on how to become more physically fit and happy.


Dear DAVE,

When we spoke a few weeks ago I told you I was contemplating purchasing your Cellercise® from BounceWell and asked how it would compare with my Needak. You said I might not notice a difference but then again, I might. I have used it faithfully for about 10 days and I can tell you I do see a difference. No more pain, the bounce is definitely softer and easier on my neck and back. It’s a great rebounder.


Dear DAVE,

This is my Cellerciser story. I am a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and I have a clinic near Ann Arbor, Michigan which specializes in chronic and health psychology and I have been working in this field for over 25 years. I lecture around the state and country regarding chronic pain and the opiate epidemic and I am very interested in the mind body connection.

Approximately 10 years ago I purchased a Cellerciser. I loved it. I was doing it every day. I have flat feet, so it is difficult for me to run and do aerobic exercise besides swimming. I was able to do this in the comfort of my home and my kids also loved the Cellerciser. I eventually purchased a kangaroo spring type shoe approximately five years ago. I thought it would be similar to the Cellerciser, a portable spring in my shoe, and I started running all around the area around my house and very shortly I severely damaged my ankle and I thought I was unable to jump on the trampoline. I was told by doctors that I needed to rest my ankle. I spent thousands to try to treat my ankle. I was seen by a physiatrist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, acupressure practitioner, chiropractor, kinesiologist, nutritionist. All of these treatments did provide some improvement, but I still have chronic pain and it severely limited by ability to enjoy travel and walking.

Eventually, two months ago, I was so frustrated seeing my kids jump on the trampoline and I was not able to jump on the trampoline and I was so jealous I decided I could not take it anymore. My ankle is not healing, and I was just going to jump very gently. I noticed after I had jumped that my ankle felt more energized. As I continued to jump over several days, I noticed the pain moving from one part of the ankle to a different part of the ankle, to the knee and eventually after 6 weeks all of my pain in my ankle completely left me.

Now it has been two months since I started jumping on the trampoline and I have forgotten I had an ankle injury that lasted over s years. In addition, I noticed as I jumped my mood improves after I jump, and I feel some of the same spiritual energy I feel when I meditate when I jump. I notice my mid back pain has improved. I also think my vision has improved.

I write with my hands constantly, I write reports all day long for 20 years and I have started to develop arthritis in my hands and since I started jumping, I do not know the mechanism but all of the arthritis symptoms in my hands are now gone. My hands are pain free. I feel born again. I am very grateful for your Cellerciser. Thank you for inventing it and I really appreciate the personal touch I experience whenever I call Cellerciser. I either speak to you or another gentleman and they try to be as free as possible to educate me about the Cellerciser.

Thank you.


Dear DAVE,

Here is the information I promised to send you on the Cellerciser – it would be great for you to get one to help you with your bone density.

It is a special kind of re-bounder that is really safe. Regular re-bounders are very dangerous and can cause severe and permanent nerve damage and I do not recommend them. The Cellerciser was carefully researched and designed with specially designed extra large springs that slow down and eliminate the jar and maximize the lift and strengthening of every cell fo the body. They are very safe and easy and so much fun.

I have explored many different kinds of exercise and exercise equipment over the last thirty years as a teacher of healthy ways of exercising and I have found nothing else that elevates changes your state and elevates your mood as quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

If you just put some nice music and start to gently bounce within minutes you start to smile and feel high and like a kid again. Just 10 minutes a day makes a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your health and well being and bone density. Cellercising is much more time efficient than yoga or going to the gym. 10 minutes a day is one of the most important investment you can make in keeping your youth and health.

If you look in the mirror while you are bouncing like I do you will see that you look so happy and beautiful when you are bouncing on it. Like a happy, healthy child full of joy. I could really see and feel this because I enjoy this wonderful feeling every morning.

It is one of my favorite things to do because it makes me feel so good. Cellercising has helped me to lose over 20 pounds this year it has strengthened my knees and whole body and I have noticed it really helps my posture and gives a delicious sense of lift and ease to my carriage and movement.

It is so much more safe, easy and pleasurable than running with even more benefit for the bones and with out damaging the joints and tissues like running does.

It’s amazing. If you put your hands on your stomach you realize that every bounce your stomach and back are working as powerfully as a sit-up! At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like 1000 sit-ups in 10 minutes! Amazing. Imagine doing 1000 sit-ups a day?

And it’s the same for our bones and every cell of your body. You can put your hands anywhere. On your back, arms, legs and you will feel how each and every muscle is working powerfully each bounce like you were lifting weights at the gym. At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like lifting weights 1000 in 10 minutes with each and every muscle of your entire body! Nothing else does that.

Medical researchers have found that Cellercising actually improves the strength of the bones and the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes. Nothing else does the except running which is too hard on the joints. Cellercising is much better because it has all the benefits of running but actually massages instead of damages the whole body.

I really have felt the difference and benefits. You can feel the benefits immediately from the first time.

This system is also totally congruent with your goals to stay young and healthy in a safe way. It is something you should use and something that is very beneficial for you to make available for your friends to purchase through you.

I also feel that I have responsibility as a teacher of more healthy ways of exercising to inform people that they should only rebound with a Cellerciser because it is safe because of its special design and because ordinaty re-bounders can cause severe and permanent nerve damage.

Nothing else exercises every cell in your body like a Cellerciser does. Nothing else actually improves the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes like a Cellerciser does. It makes every cell of your body younger and stronger without damaging any of the tissues.

I really feel the benefits and values of this over the last few years I have been using it and never miss a day. The benefits are just too great. For me this and my laptop are the two best things I’ve ever spent money on.

I care about you and really want to help you and really recommend this. It will really support and enhance your health and well being and help the other members of your family too.

It is one of the few exercises that would be safe for your mom. She just has to be very gentle and easy and be careful to keep her toes on the mat all the time and only just gently bounce her heals just a little.

I have recommended it to many of my clients and they all love it and are so happy with it. Some of my older clients are recovering from knee, back, and heart surgery and others are professional dancers and athletes. One of the beautiful things about the Cellercise is that it is safe and good for almost everyone.

It is a wonderful complement to walking, yoga, and other forms of exercise because it is so dynamic like running but massages your whole body instead of damaging the joints like running does. Exercise, walking and yoga are so good for the muscles but it also feels very important and valuable for me to do something fun and dynamic like strengthening the bones and massaging all the cells of my body by bouncing and dancing to drums on my Cellerciser.

Please check out the website: and consider integrating this into your life as soon as possible. This is important. This could be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

I know the owner and can help you have a special relationship with him like I do so you can get one for yourself for a special discount It is incredibly well made and has a lifetime guarantee.

Because your mom should be careful about her balance, I suggest you get the optional balance bar which is only $50. It will help her to feel much more safe and secure so she can enjoy how good it feels when she bounces.

I can call him and set up a special relationship for you. Or you can just call and speak with the owner, David Hall at 800 856 4863. He is really nice. Just mention my name and tell him you are my client.

I am so passionate about this because it has helped me and my friends and clients so much. And I wanted to share it with you because you are a really special woman and person who has given me so much. And because I really care about you and your evolution and want you to enjoy the benefits and stay young, healthy, and happy and want to share this wonderful thing that has helped me so much.


Dear DAVE,

I have acquired a Cellercise® unit within the last year and was astonished. What I have experienced was like no other machine or exercise process that I have become accustomed to using. It occurred to me later on, that this unit regulated every possible movement of your body. For instance, I was able to walk (back problem) further than usual. My bowel movement was better regulated. My appetite stems to be more consistent. I feel more energized and could measure my output. But most importantly, my blood pressure stabilized.

I had to thank Mr. David Hall for my new lease on life.