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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

What a difference!! LOVE this thing! I’ve been rebounding for several years, and all this time was using a cheapo version I got at a sporting goods store. I’ve spent 2-3 years reading up and researching on better “tramps” and have wanted a Cellerciser for quite a while. I’d also decreased my use of the cheapo tramp because of not wanting to cause permanent damage. After a trip to the ER for a first-time heart that was acting up and a resulting BP through the roof, I decided that I needed to get serious about rebounding and took the plunge to spend the $ on getting the Cellerciser. Wow! I’m so very glad I did!! It makes a major difference in my workouts and the difference in the bounce is incredible. You feel like you’re floating in the middle of the frame with a firm, but soft bounce. It’s addicting! 🙂 I took this over to show my folks, and my dad (who is in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s) noticed enough of a difference in his balance after just doing gentle bouncing for only a couple of minutes, that they too took the plunge and made the investment to get one!


Dear DAVE,

This may be long, so I apologize in advance.

I was in a bad car accident about 23 years ago, my head injury caused me to have to learn to walk, talk and function again, so much of who I was lost on that day, basic tasks like tying my own shoes or even remembering how to do laundry was a chore I had to accomplish with many many sticky notes pasted up on the walls of my home to remind me how to do the task. I overcame a lot of it but was still stuck with side effects of the crash. One of the big ones was balance, I had to give up driving because of it and walking was also difficult for me. My brain would say when I was walking that I was going in a straight line, but my body would always wander off to the left. My family would just say, there goes mom again and pull me back out of the way. I walked into many many a wall, that has all changed and I cry writing this, I was shopping with my husband and just didn’t even notice until he kept looking at me strangely and said wait here, he then ran to the end of the aisle and said walk to me, I thought he’d lost his dang mind lol. But I did it, and I made it, straight as an arrow!!! I was crying in Walmart I was so over the moon happy!!! I then started running around the store like a crazy teenager, at 60 I think I scared some folks lol And after we left the store I asked if I could try driving home, it was the most wonderful freeing blessed drive I ever did in my entire life!!!

David Hall saying thank you will never be enough to tell you. My lost life is now back again, and I AM FREE!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – My Cellerciser BDay is Jan 10,2021


Dear DAVE,

Oh, my goodness … I have been using your Cellerciser for only 2 weeks now … as of tomorrow will be 2 weeks. When I started using the Cellerciser I felt a little sore around the ribs and I could tell I was using muscles in my back and ribcage … I did not know I had.

The benefits of using the Cellerciser for around 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day, almost every day have already made a difference in my life! First of all, I dropped some inches and can fit into a size smaller pair of pants, and yesterday I was walking thru the malls and I noticed that the usual ache in my lower back was gone. I have been living with lower back pain for the past few years, I don’t have to be walking very long before the pain is felt, and just standing and looking at items on a shelf really affects my lower back, at times my knees would hurt even and the past 2 days I have felt no pain at all.

I feel stronger and more centered if you will, and my balance seems fantastic. This may seem a little crazy, but since I started rebounding, my left ear felt kind of weird inside the Eustachian tubes, and I only noticed when I stepped off the Cellerciser, and I was wondering what it could be. So today l went to the Doctors and he found I have an infected ear. How long I have had it, I could not say as I never felt any pain nor knew it was there, but after rebounding for 20 minutes or more, I could feel this pressure. So, I am now on an antibiotic ear drop meds and the infection should clear up in 7 days or less. Had it not been for the rebounder I might never have known I had any infection in my ear for they have felt just fine, until I stepped on the rebounder and off.

I am grateful to have caught it, for again, no symptoms and no pain was felt.

So, I am already noticing great results from using your Cellerciser! I love to bounce and so do my clients and my own grown children. One of my clients is expecting her rebounder next week as she saw mine and loved jumping on it sooo much she went home and ordered one for her family and for herself!

I am so happy!

Thank you so much for your DVD, and your creating this awesome Cellerciser! Thank you also for taking the time to write me when I had a question or 2 and for calling me. I told my friends, family, and clients … about the great customer service you give! They were impressed.

So, I just wanted to let you know how your Cellerciser is changing my life, my muscles, my whole self!


PS. My little cockatiel likes to sit on my shoulder when I do the baby bounce, his cage is just next to where I have the Cellerciser and when he sees me on it, chirps until I collect him and he loves it too!


Dear DAVE,

Aug 16,2012

I did not think it was possible to build the strength in my two Hernia’s without operating on it. I think it is better and strength is improving as well. Balance improving as well. Also digestion better which is interesting. I love my Cellerciser.

Thanks, Darin

Wed, Aug. 29, 2012


Something I did not mention is that my balance is getting better now and 12 years ago going on 131 had my knee operated on and no matter what I did my balance just was not there, my knee was what was causing my imbalance to occur. Now with this said I have more balance in my Karate moves with my lower body then I have had in going on 14 or 15 years. This was always my challenge with any Martial Arts because my balance just sucked the big one. Anyway my balance has improved greatly these days and my back kicks are working well.

Now some other interesting news I have had difficulty putting on strength muscle and I am putting on more weight then I have been able to keep on for month with my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) then I have been able to in months. So with my Vegan Diet or mostly Vegan Diet I seam to be doing very well with the combination of the Cellerciser and my diet I have almost no problems with my UC these days. I have had no problems for over two months now and no Pharmaceutical Drugs, which my specialist does not know yet The best part no side effects and I feel great.



Dear DAVE,

Has anyone else experienced this? From my car accident I have one side of my body smaller than the other. My medical team says it’s atrophied from my head injury, the weird part is, today’s checkup when I get mostly my leg measured to make sure it’s not getting worse, I now have equal balance and measurements on both sides of my body. I was handing out information right and left about the Cellerciser website lol because we are all stunned at the results.


Dear DAVE,

Bought my wife a Cellercise® for Mother’s Day and it arrived yesterday. We watched the DVD and she recognized you, she thinks, for a Health Show we attended in Chicago in 1995.

Too bad we didn’t buy it then; I may look like you if I had used it all these years. LOL

The reason for this email is twofold.

1). Your daughter, Jenna, has been a real joy to work with. She answered all questions and concerns and was a really great help. (She deserves a raise) 😉

2). Have you ever thought of having a “12” week transformation contest or something similar? I know there are many companies that do such things bU1 thought it might be interesting to see the transformations. Just a thought. I would definitely enter it.

I’m not going to go into a long story here, but my wife and I were both involved in separate car accidents and we both have lingering effects from it.

Last night, she tried the Cellercise® tor the first time. I hadn’t put the balance bar on it yet, so I had to help her up. The accident really screwed up her sense of balance. She only lasted about 30 seconds before she got really dizzy and couldn’t go on.

We then watched the DVD in its entirety.

This morning, she got on it and did about two minutes of the baby bounce. She lasted the entire two minutes before starting to get dizzy. That in Itself was a great boost to her confidence that this might work where nothing else has.

So, enough rambling on my part.

Thanks again for a quality product. We have a 30 year old Needak rebounder and the difference in the two is amazing. I might give the one to my daughter to let her dog jump on it as he loves to bounce.

Take care and if you do start a contest, I’ll be the first to join.



Dear DAVE,

We wanted to share with you how wonderful the Cellerciser has been for our family.

Our whole family of seven uses the Cellerciser almost every day. Our four older children have been delighted with the muscle and strength they have gained from it.

We have a story to share with you about our fifth child. Melody, who has Trisomy 18 (an extra copy of the 18th chromosome). About 90%- of babies with Trisomy 18 do not make it out of the womb alive. If they survive the time in the womb, 50% die in the first week. Of those only 5-10% make it to a year. Little Melody is six years old. Her health is very good other than her propensity to get colds lately. We are working on her development diligently. Children with full Trisomy 16 have severe developmental delays. Melody does not walk a talk in words. Yet. I can definitely say Melody is doing far better than she should be, given her condition.

A couple of years ago we bought a Cellerciser with her in mind. Back then she did not have the strength to stand up or the height to hold the bar. Occasionally we would lay her on the Cellerciser and jump her or help her stand and jump her, but nothing consistent

About a month ago I was listening to you talk about how someone could be in a wheelchair, put their feet on the Cellerciser, and have someone else jump. You noted how beneficial that could be. We decided to try Melody on there again. We realized that she is now tall enough to hold the bar.

The results have been amazing. Just in one month she is stronger and has better balance. Trisomy 18 children tend to be very weak. Melody now has definition in her muscles! It is impacting her development in countless other areas. She is making more connections cognitively, as well.

Melody has a website. In our latest post we talked about how beneficial the Cellerciser has been for her. I thought I would share it with you. The link is below.

The main reason Melody does not walk is because of a lack of balance. She has the pattern of walking in her brain. and she has the strength to do it, just not the balance. We have seen that the Cellerciser has helped her with that some. We are hoping it will continue to do so to the point of her being able to walk on her own. I have never come across a full Trisomy 18 child who walks independently. We have hope that Melody could potentially do that if you have any suggestions for us beyond what we are already doing (having her stand on the Cellerciser with the help of the bar as well as lying her down on her back and bouncing) please let us know.

We are immensely grateful for you and for the Cellerciser.

Thank you


Dear DAVE,

Hello! Just want to take a minute and tell you how much I love and appreciate my Cellerciser. I’ve had it for one month and have already experienced such positive results ie balance, circulation, lung capacity and strength. I’m 70 years old and was starting to see a decline in my strength, balance and endurance in spite of daily walking and exercise classes to build bone mass etc. Rebounding is something that I can do in my home at any time of the day and I love it!

Thank you for the weekly emails, YouTube videos, and the information you freely share. My friend, Missy, ordered her Cellerciser last week and I have another friend that is also going to order one. We’re all looking forward to getting healthier and stronger and also encouraging each other along the way.

You are an inspiration and a rare find in today’s business world.



Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser brought me back to health. 3 ½ months ago I had a horrendous bike accident which left me with a brain concussion, cracked face, shoulder, hip and pelvis. After 2 ½ weeks in the physical therapy floor of the hospital I came home still using a walker. I started on my tramp just sitting and raising my legs. I gradually increased adding standing and adding baby bounce. After 3 ½ months my balance and vision have returned. My doctors have been amazed at my recovery which normally takes 6 to 8 months. I still have some hearing loss which may not correct but my body feels back. Hooray for my Cellerciser.

Thank you David


Dear DAVE,

Just wanted you and Dave to know how much I LOVE my Cellercise®!

I first noticed benefits about 6 weeks after I’d started using it, when I was standing on a chair outside adjusting the awning and lost my balance. Instead of fall, I was limber enough to jump over the arm and land safely without any hassle or pain!

Then after about 4 months of bouncing I was able to dig a 3’x3′ hole outside to replant a fir tree, and had NO soreness the next day, even though I only bounce 10-15 minutes a day!

I turned 65 in Sept and for the first time since I was young, I’ve got musculature definition in my arms, which are firming up, as well as my thighs, and my old rear end is no longer flat as a pancake!

So, I thought you should know just how well I’m doing, so much so, that my husband is now using it, and has improved his balance, tone and digestion.

As far as gifts go, you can’t beat a Cellercise®!

Oh! And the only reason I got a new one this year is because the 14-year-old one I’d previously had (and stopped using because I was lazy,) had been accidentally run over by a neighbor since it was outside. Now we’ve got more room inside, and it’s so easy to use, that it’s part of our daily routine. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


Dear DAVE,

My wife and I purchased the Cellerciser in April and have been using it since. Being an Engineer I could see that you have made a quality product and I expect it to go for many miles. We love it and enjoy this method of exercising; it’s non- jarring and fun to use. In the beginning I was too enthusiastic and did too much, it was tiring. We have taken your advice and built up slowly. We are in our late 50’s and finding this equipment tailor made for us, our bodies are getting toned inside and outside, just that 6 to 10 minute time makes a big difference of how you feel for the rest of the day and it does improve flexibility and confidence in mobility, I find my balance improved and can do things again that I’ve not done in a few years. In short, we love it! We have always done some daily exercise and we have a healthy diet but the Cellerciser and routine has taken us to a new level and on we shall go with it. Glad too that we bought the full package with a rail and carry case. We tell everyone about it, and should we return to our native England we will take it with us, by the way does anyone sell it there? ·

Many thanks! Money well spent.



Dear DAVE,

I am so thankful for the Cellerciser I have and the little bit of information I understand about using it. We’ve had our Cellercisers for eight months now. We do our 10 minute Cellerciser routines every day just like you would take a supplement. Any “exercising” anyone wants to do after that is great, but we find the Cellerciser to be enough.

Some of the health benefits I have noticed are:

  • relaxes mind and body
  • elevates mood/helps attitude, outlook on life
  • releases muscle tension
  • helps digestion
  • seems to make other supplements/whole foods I take more effective
  • sleep aid
  • gives balance to the body/puts the body in proper alignment
  • increases balance
  • a good remedy for people who are always cold
  • increased strength, endurance, stamina

The best part is you don’t have to wait for these health benefits to come along. They are noticeable the first time/first few times you Cellercise.

Thank you!

Lynette & Darin

Dear DAVE,

I have had MS for 25 years and use a walker but for the last 8 months I have had to use a wheelchair because of excruciating knee pain.

When I was introduced to the Cellercise® I could not get on or off without help. Starting off with 3-5 minutes, within 2 weeks I was able to go for 10 minutes and get on by myself but had help getting off. Now after 3 months I get on and off with NO help.

My balance was so bad dressing had to be done in stages. Now I can stand for at least 5 minutes without hanging on to something.

Circulation was so bad both my feet were a dark purple color with much swelling and pain. Now swelling is gone and feet are a healthy pink color with very little pain. Overall, I feel so good.

This is the only piece of exercise equipment that I have been able to use, and I have tried many.

For the first time I am seeing a reversal of the effects of MS.

I am so grateful for the Cellercise® and expect continued results as I bounce away.



Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser is amazing. My balance and fine tune motor functions have improved dramatically. As a teenager, I used to do a lot of backflips on the trampoline and even on the ground. For several years now, I have been too scared to try it in fear that I could hurt myself. But I must say, after using the Cellerciser for somewhere in between 2&3 months, I am starting to feel tempted to do a backflip again. It’s not that I’m “thinking” I could do this. It’s that I’m literally beginning to “feel” my central nervous system memory desiring to pull a backflip again. I feel YOUNG again. I’ll be 39 in March. Haven’t cut a backflip since I was 34. Even then I felt like it hurt my body to do it. But this Cellerciser has me feeling the same type of confidence and physical ability of my mid 20’s. Fairly soon once the time and feeling is just right, I’m gonna cut a backflip on the Cellerciser. Maybe I’ll do it for my 40th birthday to celebrate.


Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser arrived one week ago. Here is my first week’s experience.

I am 71. I am overweight, and in serious need for exercise. I happened to see one of Dave’s videos, and was especially drawn to the Cellercisers impact on the lymph system, and the benefits gained even with low impact exercises. My lower back, hips, and knees rejoiced at the thought of helpful exercise without pain.

I have done two ten-minute basic routines a day for a week. Health Bounce, Wide-stance deep walk, Twists, Jamba walk, and Health Bounce, 2 min each. I could not lift off the mat. And I certainly could not do those amazing straight leg kicks Dave does (I could not support my weight on one leg and bounce, let alone kick.) But the encouragement that “bouncing builds strength and adds health” was a great motivation. And Dave is right — jumping on the Cellerciser is just plain fun.

Each day I have started my routine, I have felt stronger. After 2-3 days, I felt more stable, more solid, even as I walked across the room. After 5 days, my jumping jacks had me clearing the mat. Balance has improved every day. The first day, the bar was a must I bounced all over the thing. Now one week in I use it for bending exercises.

On day 5, I began hopping on one leg while holding the other out –front, back, side — for 50 hops each. In an amazing way, I could feel the areas of weakness I was working.

This morning — Day 7 — I was able to hop-kick to the front for a count of 20, and then hop-kicked (with two hops for each kick for stability).

Running was out for me 20 years ago. Walking was too painful. Body weight exercises left me stiff. Cellerciser is helping me grow stronger by the day and increasing my flexibility at the same time. I’m not burning many calories because I cannot generate the intensity yet, but that will come in time, I have no doubt.

Love my Cellerciser!




So far, within my capabilities, everything Dave said has proven true. I had a trampoline years ago and like many, I finally gave it to goodwill because it did not seem to help, and I did not know what to do. The video you and Dave make are very helpful. I have also researched other “neutral sites” regarding rebounding and all the science underscores what Dave is sharing. I have real hope for increasing strength and flexibility now than any time in years.

In the two weeks I’ve had and used my Cellerciser, I have found Dave is exactly right about the Health Bounce. It looks so simple, so elementary, and yet –no matter how unmotivated I feel, morning or evening, to do my Cellerciser routine, 15 seconds of the Health Bounce changes everything. The rest of my 10-15 minute free style routine is a given. A second thing the Health Bounce does psychologically is — when I try a new more intense exercise and get winded or lactic acid build-up — all I have to do is drop into a gentle Health Bounce and 1) rest and recuperate and 2) know that I am not slacking off, but continuing to do something that has a positive impact on my body. That is a win-win. At 71, I’ve gained so much in terms of leg strength and balance — far more than I ever dreamed that first day. I could not bounce on one leg — too weak and uncomfortable. My right hip was painful, and so I backed off into the Health Bounce. The next day, hops were less painful. Today, I’m doing 150 hops on each leg straight (while holding the other leg as high as I can front, back, and side). This is strengthening my core, hips, and legs so that in a few weeks or months I can do kick-outs. I saw Dave’s suggestions on neck and spine stretches while Health Bouncing, including the backward lean, a few days ago, and have incorporated all of those. I am feeling a real difference already. The Bicep/Triceps combos and chest pull/pushes while health bouncing, I’ve also started.

I understand why some folks on Facebook call Cellerciser “magic.”

I also appreciate Dave’s positive take on chiropractors. Good chiropractors have helped me over the years, but the problem was I didn’t have an efficient way to strengthen the muscles around the re-arranged bones to hold them in place. Now I do 15 days, 26 sessions (I missed two days this week with a bad sinus infection/ cold — was it lymph overflow?) and I am stronger, more stable, have no lingering hip pain. I haven’t lost much weight, but my whole torso is tighter, and I keep “automatically” tucking in my stomach. The simplicity of the health bounce also makes it the perfect relaxing exercise, as Dave says. When I’m grading papers and nearly burned out, I can go into the sun room and bounce for a few minutes, and then I’m ready to go back to grading.

Great video. Looking forward to the next 11 days!


Dear DAVE,

I am 83 years old. Approximately. 1 ½ years ago I had a heart valve replaced and a pacemaker installed, which left me walking and moving very slow and my brain seemed fuzzy.

Approximately, 4 months ago, I purchased a Cellerciser and have been using it daily. The results were incredible!! I have regained my balance and flexibility and my brain “fuzzy” seems to have disappeared. I feel like a new person.

Dave, thank you so much for your innovated spirit and your dedication in helping others have a new life.

Your grateful friend,


Dear DAVE,

We’re coming out of COVID (I hope) and it became evident that I spent too much time on my butt. Time to get serious about using my Cellerciser with more intention than in the past. “Let’s give it 30 days to see what happens,” I said to myself. Times up. Result: Un(freakin’) believable. I am soooo much stronger. My balance is improved. I think more clearly. I also think I’m better looking. That’s a good thing because tomorrow I turn 68 and I haven’t felt this good in years.  Nice work Dave. I know you know that. But, you make a real difference in people’s lives. Keep up the good work.





Dear DAVE,

I bought one last year, lost 50 lbs. and got my balance back after three brain surgeries! That convinced my senior parents to get one!


Dear DAVE,

Just wanted you to know how much your Cellerciser has meant to me and my family. Before we purchased your Cellerciser, we accumulated a nice collection of other exercise machines. We have the “Power walker”, the CardioGlide, the Stationary bike, and some others that I’m almost too embarrassed to mention. Needless to say, we never used them much, and we don’t even think about them anymore. (They did make good clothes hangers, I think I heard that _one from you, but it’s true) Well when I went to that Chicago Health Expo and saw that guy (David) jumping like a kid and having fun and saw what kind of shape he was in, I said, “If he can look that good by just jumping on that thing I gotta have it!

David it’s been everything you said it would be and more. We keep it right in our TV Room and my wife and I and my 3 boys all jump on it daily.

One of the things that I really like about it is even if I don’t feel so motivated some days, when I get on it and just start with the “health bounce”, before you know it I just get going and 10 or 15 minutes just fly by.

I love the feeling of strength and balance I feel in my legs and body. I really can’t say enough about how much me, and my family love this Cellerciser.

(Believe it or not my 7 year old is jumping right at this moment) Thanks again David for your great contribution and your enthusiasm toward great health.