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To: Center for Cellular Health

Subject: Testimonial for sleep apnea and back pain

We talked by phone on 5-6-05. Purchased a Cellerciser by Dave Hall 12-10-04 and used it every day until May 24,2005. Weight 01-01-05,240 Ib....03-22-05,231 Ib....05-10-05,235 lb. I Cellercise between 10 to 20 min per day.

Benefits of Cellercising.

  • Improvement of the bowels.
  • Pain right side like kidneys. Gone.
  • Improvement of back pain.
  • Improvement urination flow.
  • Body shape changing.
  • Successful 1" attempt to draw Blood for lab work. Usually 2 or 3 attempts Height 6 ft I in. height gained 1 inch.
  • Sleeping better.
  • Do not fall asleep while driving. On Sunday May 24,2005 took a 600 mile trip without Cellerciser. Did very well staying awake until returning May 28,2005,

Diagnosed as having sleep apnea since 1993.1 have fallen asleep many, many times while driving since 1952. Only driven off the road once and have never been in a accident from Sleep Apnea. Wake up scared.


Donald L. S.

Now playing tennis and pitching horseshoes without Back Pain.

Hi David,

I am a female firefighter and I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the Cellerciser has been for me. I was at the Feb. Peak Potential Extreme Health and purchased your Cellerciser. Before it arrived, we had our annual physical fitness evaluations from our fire dept. coach. I told him I was going to start with your program and wanted to be re-evaluated in 8 weeks. Because of prior issues with my arms, I had not been weight training for months. After 8 weeks, I went from 13 push ups to 25, my grip strength went from 90 pounds to 100 pounds in my right hand, the left stayed the same at 95 pounds. I had a 5% overall increase in my max bench press and my aerobic capacity was significantly increased. Coach hasn't calculated by how much yet, I should know next week. I have lost over 7 pounds (3% body fat percentage) by the coach's meter. I am only eating more awarely and trying to be organic, but I am not doing any "special" dieting.

I just want you to know, I started somewhat inconsistently with the 10 minutes a day (not every day) but within two weeks had increased the time to 20 minutes and regularly exercised every shift at work so it was about every other day. I now do a thirty minute intense workout about 13 times a month. I do very active arm movements and for about two minutes (one slow songs worth) I carry a 1 pound weight in my hands. I am having fun exercising with my IPOD to music I love and having EXTREMELY good results. An unexpected surprise to me was that after 3 weeks, I had no more urinary leakage. It had become such a problem for me I was wearing a pad all the time. Now it is non-existent. How can I become an affiliate of yours & refer folks to you with a benefit to me for being such (good pudding) and salesperson? Everything at the Extreme Health was great, but your product is the absolute best!!

My college son Robert remarried the last time he visited that I was just flat out moving much faster. I have a farm and there is always much to be done, but I notice getting up and moving is also pretty much painless now. I am 51 years old and feel like! have de-aged already 10 years! I had knee surgery a year ago and the Cellerciser also has helped that healing process immensely.

Feel free to call me and use my "story"

Love and Blessings!

PS The dog ate the spring cover off my sister's cellerciser. How can I replace it for her?

Thanks. P

Dear Dave,

After a little over one week on the Cellerciser, I have a lot of good things to say about it!

First, I started out slowly because, 1) it felt like I was using a lot of different muscles that I don't get in my regular exercise program, and 2) I was experiencing loss of urinary control.

After only 3 days, I was able to Cellercise for 10 minutes with urinary control at short jumping only (no high jumping). After 1 week, I was able to Cellerclse fast, hard and high with full urinary control. I can go for longer periods of time without having to find a bathroom. And, I no longer loose urinary control when I sneeze! It Is totally amazing to me that something like this can work so quickly.

I also noticed that my digestion has improved even more. For years, I have had digestion problems. I have found several things that have helped improved my digestion immensely. However, I have found the Cellercise to positively Improve the digestion system with fast results.

My husband packs, loads, and unloads households and offices for a living. He does not like to exercise. After receiving the Cellerciser and setting-it up, he tried It for only 3 minutes just before bed. He woke the next day and found that he had a more restful sleep. So, he tried It again and again just before bed.and found that It absolutely gives him a better nights sleep and feels more refreshed In the morning. And...only Cellercising for 3 minutes! After selling these benefits, he now uses the Cellerciser more regularly, for a longer time, and feels physically and mentally better.

Thanks, David, for the Cellerciser. A terrific product!



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