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Body Shape

Body Shape

These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

A couple years ago I was googling, of course, and I came across rebounding. Ok, and then all of a sudden, Dave Hall cellerciser pops up. I regret to say, I took 2 years before I purchased my cellerciser. I did, however, purchase a cheaper model.

Until this past April, I finally purchased from Dave hall. And zero comparison. My cellerciser is amazing!!! I have seen a lot of changes in my body, and also been taken off arthritis meds for my hands. No more pain.

Strange also. I have fewer wrinkles. So, cells in my body are repairing my skin as well. As the skin is the largest organ of the body. Amazing!!! Great job Dave and all of you at cellerciser!!


Dear DAVE,

I’m absolutely delighted with my Cellerciser! ! ! I’ve lost 13 lbs. in 5 weeks and better than that I’ve firmed up everywhere even on my hips. I’m getting results without killing myself as I did on my treadmill, even though I don’t sweat as much. God Bless you for this easy way to keep our lymphatic system doing its job



Dear DAVE,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

When I received my Cellerciser on Sep 26, 2020, I remembered you had asked me to contact you after 3 weeks of Cellercising to see how it was going. Well, that would have been right around Oct 17; unfortunately, I got hurt. I think I pulled a ligament that affected my left knee. I started doing the “Side to Side Kick”, which is in the Intermediate level. The pain got progressively worse, I was limping, it was painful, and the only thing I could do was the “Health Bounce” for the next few weeks. I was concerned at how long my recovery was taking.

How did I get hurt, you ask? Well, in the beginning, I opened up the App and started with the Health Bounce, the Twist, and then I thought; “These are too easy”, so I jumped to the “Intermediate” level, 4th Routine … BIG mistake! I hurt myself doing the “Side to Side Kick”. I said to myself, “OMG! Really?!”

Well, I learned a big lesson. After my recovery, I decided to be smart about it and start the routines from the very beginning. What a difference! I realized then that my body needed to adjust to these new types of moves, and that skipping the ‘Beginner” level and jumping to the “Intermediate” level was a mistake. I have been “Playing in” for three weeks now and loving it!

This is my routine: I do a routine 2 – 3 x a day; I am now in the Intermediate level, 4th Routine. I already see changes in my body. I’ve been struggling with my “love handles” for many years now. Keep in mind that I’ve been teaching Pilates for 14 years, and I could never get rid of my “love handles”, but since I started Cellercising, all that has changed: My waist has shrunk, legs are stronger, abs are stronger, agility is great, my level of energy is amazing, and I can’t believe that at age 60, my body looks better than ever.

Thank you again, Dave, for all your YouTube demonstrations, for explaining things, for reading comments and answering questions that we can all benefit from.

God bless,


Dear DAVE,

My mother in-law bought a Cellerciser about 8 years ago. It sat in her basement unused for quite a few years until my two-year-old son started jumping on it. He loved it, still jumps on it now and he is 8. A few years ago, my mother in-law sold her house as did we and we moved into a larger house together with her. The Cellerciser went into the backyard for my son to jump and play on. I hate to say it (now that I know how great this device is) but it sat outside for two straight years (we live in Ontario Canada) and our Cellerciser sat outside for 2 summers, two springs and two winters – snow storms, ice storms, buried in snow and rain and sun, you name it! About a year ago one of my husband’s cousins came over to visit from New York. He saw the Cellerciser in the backyard and started jumping on it. My husband’s cousin started rambling off all the amazing health benefits of this device. I had NO IDEA!! Needless to say, I cleaned it up and brought it back inside! I have been using it religiously for about a year. I have lost 18 pounds, feel great, my legs, arms, stomach all look good and I have so much more energy. After the abuse that our Cellerciser took, sitting outside in Canadian weather for two years, it still looks and functions 100%! No rust on any part of it, the trampoline mat is in perfect condition. The outer protective cover that sits over the springs is a tiny bit faded, but that is all. This device is amazing!


Dear DAVE,

All I can say is WOW. I have had been using my, Cellerciser for a little more than two weeks and my body is really starting to tone. I haven’t lost any weight yet and in fad have gained a couple of pounds but suspect that is because I am building some muscle. I started week one at 6 minutes, week two 12 minutes and now am up to 15 minutes (5 min x 3 times a day). I am very excited and most of this was just doing the health/baby bounce.

Thank you!


Dear DAVE,

I am 52 years old and 40 pounds overweight. My blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar test are perfect? Go figure!

I embarked on my program with the Cellerciser 4 days ago and am still at the Health Bounce. I already feel a difference in my body. I feel a “tightening” occurring in my skin. I also feel my hips unlocking.

I look forward to following the program and logging my juices along the way.

Thank You!


Dear DAVE,

I want you to know how much we use and appreciate our Cellerciser. (We call it -a bouncer and what we do on it Is bounce!)-Both my husband and I use it daily. We each have a routine that takes about 15 minutes to do.   Bouncing has made an amazing difference in how we feel… and look. It is not only energizing, but it reduces stress and creates a general overall feeling of well-being.

I was a walker and usually walked 30 minutes a day. In Cleveland in the winter, this was often difficult. The Cellerciser has solve the problem. In fact, I have found that 15 to 20 minutes on the bouncer is better than my former 30 minute walk! My heart rate, respiratory rate, and muscles all get a better workout on the bouncer.

My husband and I have both lost inches using the Cellerciser. This has been quite dramatic for my husband. (He likes his beer and food!) Now he has a trim stomach and looks really great. I have always been on the slim side, but as I got older, I put on inches where I least wanted them – across the belly and on the hips.   I have reduced these areas noticeably since I have been using the rebounder. I am in clothes I thought I would never wear again!

I kept telling my sister how wonderful the Cellerciser was. She was skeptical until she came to visit me this summer. Now she has one and loves it too. In fact, she noticed weight loss within two weeks of using the rebounder. She says her stomach is the flattest it has been in years. Mind you – this is a person who has at one time or another owned every type of exercise equipment on the market. I have seen all kinds of expensive and exotic machines come and go at her house. She says the rebounder is the best piece of exercise equipment she has ever owned.

When I first saw you at the Whole Life Expo in Cleveland a year ago (fall of 1998) I knew instinctively that what you were doing on the rebounder was something I would like to do (and would be able to do). And I was right. I have never regretted purchasing our Cellerciser.   A year later we are still using it regularly because it Is easy, fun, and produces results. I have to say though, that I think the real reason we keep on using it, beyond the weight control and reduction in inches, is the way we feel when we bounce. We just feel better all over when we use the Cellerciser regularly.

Thank you for introducing me to your program for fitness and health. I look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Whole Life Expo in Cleveland.



Dear DAVE,

Cellercise® Family! It’s been 6 months of fun, Cellercising with you all! I have been posting my minutes on this wonderful FB group! And I am not stopping!!! I Love to Cellercise®!

I must say the Cellercise® does its job, to perfection- working everybody part. Just sharing what happened to me. My hubby and I started back at his favorite old school, Olympic lifting gym (we got busy with life and the kids) and guess what, I fit right in, like we had never left! The gym owner was puzzled & came up to me personally asking if I had been working out 4 days a week at home!? He said to me that my biceps and triceps still had muscle. (We were away for 6 months).

I became in complete shock explaining to him … Well then, it must be my Cellercise® trampoline working my muscles to the core, because I haven’t lifted anything heavy ever since!”

And the funniest thing is, my hubby chimes in and says, “She does her bouncing every day!” (I really don’t- more like 4 days a week!)

The story is … sometimes we can’t see the results ourselves, but it’s visibly there!! “Keep on Cellercising!”


Dear DAVE,

We got a Cellerciser in December of 2003 and are so amazed at the ongoing results. We keep getting healthier, stronger, more agile, etc. We were encouraged in many ways by the excellent literature and the book. What encouragement!

We live in the country. I find carrying water, chopping wood, hiking up our driveway easier and more fun with increased strength, stamina, endurance and joy!

When swimming the other day at a pool, it was great to have increased vital force and strength. We’re amazed at how this helps my husband’s lower back to heal up quicker if he overexerted on his carpentry jobs.

This Cellerciser is part of our family, like our Norwalk juicer is. We are so thankful. God helped you to have the perseverance to design this. It goes along with the natural remedies that Heaven provides for healing, building, cleansing, rejuvenating and incredible improvement in every way.

Everything has improved – probably stronger, trimmer, more fit than I’ve ever been. My rear is firming up. I notice greater, easier endurance for hark work or hiking. This is incredible.

There’s real progress, continually. When I’ve overdone it a little and take a day or two off from the Cellerciser, I return to it with greater strength to do more and longer bouncing that I did before. I have seen these beautiful bounces just sit unused by several elderly lady friends. I didn’t want ours to end up like that just sitting around, not getting used.

Two days after I turned 50, I noticed my body was getting that “saggy” feeling. It felt disgusting as I have usually been pretty strong and fit. I had seen David’s bouncing enthusiasm shared with us at Danny’s health expo in Lodi, California. I’ve always been impressed that this was for real. I never really had the money as an unpaid housewife. But this year I had some money set aside for dental work, so when I realized the saggy – baggy feeling was creeping into my life. I knew that was the time to get a Cellerciser instead I haven’t regretted the decision – ever.


Dear DAVE,

I’ve received so many wonderful compliments on my latest profile photo and say another thank you for all the kind words. I really am feeling better than I ever have and thought I would share what I have been doing for the last few months that has so improved not only my body, my skin but has also made a difference in my mind clarity … which those in my age bracket can relate the importance of! lol

Those of you that know me well know that I always share whatever it may be that I find and strongly believe in that may be of help to you too.

What I have been doing is rebounding. Sharing a link for you to understand the health benefits.

It really is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve done for my health and well-being.


Dear DAVE,

I bought your Cellerciser about a year and a half ago. And have been bouncing on it every day, I have been watching various you tube rebounding videos during that time and noticed that my body was firming up a bit in places. But never really had the results I thought I should have by now.

2 weeks ago, I discovered there are various Mr. Rebounder routines on you tube and have been doing different ones daily. And in the past 2 weeks I have received faster results and have noticed more changes in my body then I have in the last year and a half using those other routines.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not compromising your Rebounder. It is truly a health changer.

I just purchased the app and can’t wait to design more workouts!



Dear DAVE,

I have used Dave Hall’s cellerciser for nearly 7 years now; it has been a life-saver for me, especially when I tore my Achilles tendon and was in a walking cast. I bounced for 30 minutes a day on my back because I was unable to walk and stayed fit and in shape during my 2-month recovery period. It’s portable and easy to take outside, but it’s the best indoor exercise on rainy or snowy days– when you can’t be outside and don’t want to go to the gym. Not only is it fun, but I have reduced my weight, maintained lean body mass and built sleek, beautiful, defined arm muscles on it by using only light weights 3 times a week. Everyone asks me if I life weights and when I tell them my secret, they can’t believe that I don’t spend hours in the gym! Many of my friends are getting them because of how I look. The most incredible thing about the cellerciser is that I know that it is helping my body in many other ways because of the gravity force that is exercising every cell in my body. I feel great using it and after I’m done; I will use one for the rest of my life!


Dear DAVE,

HI! My name is Marilyn. I am a mother and grandmother (59 years), who has a very busy schedule; and as a result, found it increasingly difficult to get to the gym even 3 or 4 days a week. Besides that, I was becoming more aware that my gym workouts (even with consistency) were not very effective. I have always been very careful with my diet, but still I was only maintaining and not losing weight. Through surfing the internet, I am so grateful for finding the Cellerciser. It absolutely does everything it is advertised to do. It is a solid, sturdy piece of equipment that takes up such little space. I look forward every day to my 15 min workout. Since it arrived April 2009 till now July 10, 2009, I have averaged using it 6 days a week. The results have been amazing to me, I am thinner and firmer all over (legs/ arms/ stomach/ back). My clothes are looser, and even my posture has improved. I am so happy, and I know now it is only a matter of time before I reach my goal of size 6! Thank you, David Hall, for a single, easy and effective workout, the Cellerciser. I am committed for life, I can’t stop telling everyone to try Cellercising, you will NOT be disappointed because it really works!!



Dear DAVE,

I cannot begin to put in words what a fabulous exercise piece of equipment the Cellercise® is and what an impact its had on my body in a relatively short time.

I started Cellercising for about 5 minutes a day and am now consistently jumping for 25 minutes with the last 5 minutes doing the gentle health bounce, while exercising my arms.

1 have experienced renewed strength and energy right from the beginning; and now that I have completed a month of Cellercsing (missing only 2 days), I have noticed slimming and tightening of my entire body – especially my legs, thighs, tummy, and now within the last 2 weeks a tightening and firming of my upper arms. I also noticed that when I go to stand up from a sitting position, a renewed strength in my legs that wasn’t there before.

After a few weeks into Cellercising, I started experiencing some slight discomfort in both my knees, however, Jerry informed me not to worry because Cellercising tends to target those weak areas in our body to strengthen them. So I cut back my jumping and did the gentle health bounce with marching in place. Ad that did the trick, within a couple of days, the discomfort was totally gone and I was back to my regular jumping routine.

I will be encouraging everyone I know to look into purchasing a Cellercise® and start reaping its many health/weight loss benefits. The science behind the Cellercise® is just amazing.

Thank you so much David Hall for your amazing Cellercise® – I LOVE IT!!! And also Jerry for all the help and support on the phone—I appreciate you both!!

P.S. After many years (decades actually) I cancelled my gym membership this week. NO REGRETS!!



Dear DAVE,

Hello to all here I am 71 and have had my Cellerciser for a few months, and my comments are not the same as so many. This thing really does work the whole body all the time. I was not in bad shape before, but was not truly exercising, but now this thing is whopping me. This is a good thing, my hope is that it does get better.


Dear DAVE,

I cannot fully express my delight and amazement with the Cellercise®! Initially I looked at it with some skepticism but thought it would make an “interesting” piece for my television show – especially with Dave’s individual energy. I was not, however, expecting such a life-altering personal experience!

I have come from 215 lbs./24% fat to 180 lbs./13%, with visible loss of girth, but increase in lean muscle. The overall effects of both body image and lifestyle have been astounding. This all while recovering from a broken leg!

It has the effect of not only toning muscle but making one’s effects “worthwhile”. One naturally starts seeking out time to bounce and modifying diet easily and repeatedly. It also is by far the most “organic” of any of the machines I have tried, in that one can put as much into a session as one wishes, and even when tired, a few minutes of “maintenance” bouncing can be achieved with ease, yet the benefits are manifold.

With just a little consistency, this “device” has become a “friend” inasmuch as I take it on remote shoots, to hotels, etc., and cannot imagine life before, and certainly not without.

Thanks Dave, and all over there at Cellercise®.


Dear DAVE,

I wanted to know how to join your community. I bought my Cellerciser and had to wait for it to be delivered 6 weeks out and I was so eager to get started. I found your original workout with an avatar and have been doing that program the second week out. Initially I found one on YouTube for women over 50. I started with that workout and honestly within a few sessions I could see my legs begin to tone up. I was sold on your product after watching many of your videos. You struck me as being very honest and real and even though I was tempted to buy a less expensive rebounder I knew that yours would be of superior quality. What sold me the most was that your feet would not pronate. That made so much sense to me, especially since I have back issues and dealing with some nerve damage and neuropathy.

So, as you know there are so many claims in marketing it’s hard to believe everything that is being told to you. One part of me was wanting all your claims the Cellerciser could do and the other part of me said “too good to be true” But it all made sense to me and I was looking to be able to continue to exercise well into my 80’s and beyond. I am 71 now and, in the past, I swam laps for over 36 years, consistently. Unfortunately, I tore my supraspinatus in my shoulder and the pain stopped my swimming. In my 40 and 50 I was a pretty avid runner and have always loved moving my body. At 69 I entered a bikini competition and got into competitive shape and actually was the only one in my age group. I didn’t know it at the time, I thought I would be competing with others my age. So, I competed with the 50’s and held my own.

So needless to say, I have been active and health conscious for many years. But I am not a fool when it comes to wear and tear and that is why I felt that I was going to give your Cellerciser a try. I am so excited with the results so far and honestly, I started on September 7th the day after its arrival. Today it is October the 11th and I am just so impressed with the progress I have made in such a short period of time. I found an easy video of yours online of beginning “how to” and then your original work out with the avatar. That is a great work out for me so far but would like to know about the community that you speak of. I can’t seem to find the community; I did sign up for your newsletter today it may be there and just didn’t know it.

Needless to say, I am telling others how wonderful the Cellerciser is and my husband has remarked on seeing a difference in my body too. I was doing some functional movements and weightlifting but have concerns about stressing my tear and of course my back. So, I have alternated somewhat but you’re winning the race. I have cut back on the weightlifting and giving your plan more time. How easy is 12 minutes a day to feel and see such a rapid improvement!

Also, I would like to mention how Impressed I am with you as a “good person” I could tell that it just comes across even online, that was another reason I was willing to take the chance. It was a money investment for me, but I can tell you that I am glad that I made that decision. I look forward to getting on and I bounce in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed most nights. I have stretched and use a Melt Roller in addition to your workout, but I have noticed I am not as tight as I was in the morning when I stretch and roll.

I know that you appreciate feedback and the gentleman I originally spoke with and ordered with is a good man as well. It truly comes across that you have your hearts in the right place. It is so nice to know that people like you are in the market for the right reasons and everything you have said can be experienced in a short period of time. Also, I have to say I am not easily impressed with many things and my expectations for my fitness levels are high. That is why I wanted you to know that I am happy with the progress I have seen in a very short period of time. Thank you for being who you are. This is what will let me keep on moving and staying healthy it is a big part of my lifestyle. Much appreciated.



Dear DAVE,

I’ve been using my Cellerciser for a few days now and I absolutely love it and feel very pleased to have made the investment in it, I’m struggling with a lot of stress incontinence, trying to tighten the pelvic floor while Cellercising, hope this can start to improve soon. I’m mainly interested in jumping up and down/dancing to music and getting into rhythm. After about 6 minutes on the Cellerciser my body feels like it has come alive, full of rhythm, wanting to move, my body feels full of pleasure with the movement and the feeling of vitality. I feel like it’s getting me fitter quicker than the Bellicon which I have used every day for the past year.

The result I have noticed most is the lovely firmness and tone in my arms, I enjoy looking at them and feel good wearing clothes that show my arms.



Dear DAVE,

I purchased my Cellerciser a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Turns out, I do not like it. I absolutely LOVE it. I’m 54 and in relatively good shape. But after just a couple of weeks, I want to tell you my ass is tight!! I can’t stop feeling myself up because I am just amazed that your device has allowed me to break through and wake up my lazy glutes.

Thank you,


Dear DAVE,

We’re coming out of COVID (I hope) and it became evident that I spent too much time on my butt. Time to get serious about using my Cellerciser with more intention than in the past. “Let’s give it 30 days to see what happens,” I said to myself. Times up. Result: Un(freakin’) believable. I am soooo much stronger. My balance is improved. I think more clearly. I also think I’m better looking. That’s a good thing because tomorrow I turn 68 and I haven’t felt this good in years.  Nice work Dave. I know you know that. But, you make a real difference in people’s lives. Keep up the good work.





Dear DAVE,

I have had my Cellercise® for about two weeks now. I’m absolutely blown away with the results so far. I can really see quite dramatic shifts in my body already. I love it and wishing I had ordered one years ago. I’m an acupuncturist In Auckland so I’m spreading the word to my patients here. You may have a few more orders from New Zealand coming your way.

Many thanks.


Dear DAVE,

Dear David,

I am truly amazed at what my Cellercise® has done for my body in the last 30 days-once I actually got motivated enough to use it daily. I added two 2-pound hand weights about 10 days ago for a little extra resistance, and I have experimented briefly with four 2- pound weights. My month-old size 10 jeans are “bagging” on me. Perhaps, I will be in a size 8 in another month. I am starting to see a hint of muscle definition in my arms. It is easy now for me to understand why you look the way you do after so many years of Cellercising! I imagine that there will come a day when I will have to limit myself to 10 minutes a day or I will become too thin, but in the meantime, I am usually Cellercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day-often double that. The time just flies by when I crank up the music. Watching my shape change daily, I can only imagine the positive changes going on inside my cells!


Dear DAVE,

Before the NordicTrack corporate bankruptcy a few years ago, I was a rising star in the company; I broke sales record after sales record, and I thrilled to go to work each and every day. I loved to SELL their equipment, but I also hated to USE it! Exercise on my NordicTrack equipment was just plain boring-and hard work. I own three different pieces of NordicTrack equipment-all of it has been collecting dust.

Throughout my life, I have battled with fatigue and depression. Historically, I have made few friends outside of work because I have always been too TIRED to do anything after hours-new friends soon quit calling-and a romantic relationship seemed like an impossible goal. Last fall, I finally sought the advice of a nutritional counselor. With his advice, I drastically improved my diet and I began an excellent supplement program. Still, I found that I had only enough energy to make it through my workday, drive the hour home, eat dinner, then crash in bed, only to get up the next morning and start the cycle all over again. My massage therapist said that my adrenals were “shot.” A naturopathic physician told me that I needed to improve my “life force.”

In April 2003, I discovered that I am gluten intolerant. For the first time I began to understand how gluten had ravaged my body-and STOLE my LIFE! Considered a genetic autoimmune disease, gluten caused my body to attack its small intestine so it cannot absorb its nutrients properly-and the lack of nutrients in my body’s cells caused my energy to become quickly depleted. To add insult to injury, gluten also formed a powerful toxin that made my brain swell, clouded my thinking, formed a cyst in my body, and made me depressed. Beginning a gluten-free diet was a monumental improvement!

The next piece of the health puzzle was purchasing and using my Cellerciser. With only TWO WEEKS of daily use, my energy DRAMTICALLY improved-just as you promised. In fact, I soon found that if I “Cellercise” too late in the day, I often have to walk a couple of miles to rid myself of EXCESS energy-just so that I can fall asleep! “Cellercise” has also given me a healthy outlet for stress in my life. I now crave the “buzz,” much like I used to crave sugar and caffeine for the same effect.

When I began, I could use “Cellercise” no more than two minutes at time–even then, I thought my internal organs would drop to the floor! Now I enjoy my Cellerciser so much that I often spend 20 or more minutes in a single session. I have recently begun a serious fat-burning routine on my Cellerciser; my body literally changes from day-to-day. In the last couple of weeks EVERYONE has noticed my brighter aura, smaller size, and improved shape. Everyone who knows me marvels at my transformation. Even the cashiers at the local grocery store are asking to be let in on the “secret.”

My Cellerciser is definitely one of the BEST investments that I have ever made! My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. I am 48 years old. The way things are going, I will soon have a better body than I did when I was 28!

Enthusiastically yours,


Dear DAVE,

I am truly amazed at what my Cellerciser has done for my body in the last 30 days – once I actually got motivated enough to use it daily. I added two 2-pound hand weights about 10 days ago for a little extra resistance, and I have experimented briefly with four 2-pound weights. My month-old size 10 jeans are “bagging” on me. Perhaps, I will be in a size 8 in another month. I am starting to see a hint of muscle definition in my arms. It is easy now for me to understand why you look the way you do after so many years of Cellercising! I imagine that there will come a day when I will have to limit myself to 10 minutes a day or I will become too thin, but in the meantime, I am usually Cellercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day – often double that. The time just flies by when I crank up the music. Watching my shape change daily, I can only imagine the positive changes going on inside my cells!