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Brain Health

These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.



Dear DAVE,

Somehow a written note feels like the best way to express my gratitude to you and your wonderful product. I purchased mine five years ago for my 50th birthday gift to myself. I have used it intermittently over the years, along with other workouts. Now that we are in Covid-19 days, it has completely been my physical and emotional outlet. So fabulous for physical exercise and mood boosting.

Thank you for your ingenuity and your authenticity in sharing best practices – love your FB lives!

All the best in health and happiness.


Dear DAVE,

I received my Cellerciser yesterday, thank you very much!!

That is exactly what my body and my brain need now! So simple and so effective!

My friends from Vancouver ordered it for me and now I am one of lucky persons from Finland who can test it! Fantastic!

First morning after my first experience with rebounder was like a rebirth … slowly rebirth. I woke up and felt myself relaxed and peaceful … in my stressful and extremely busy life it is a new feeling believe me!

Thanks to my dear friends from Vancouver Igor and Margarita!! I can be happy again!!

Good morning my new life and Good bye my old one 🙂


Dear DAVE,

After a little over one week on the Cellerciser, I have a lot of good things to say about it!

First, I started out slowly because, 1) it felt like I was using a lot of different muscles that I don’t get in my regular exercise program, and 2) I was experiencing loss of urinary control.

After only 3 days, I was able to Cellercise for 10 minutes with urinary control at short jumping only (no high jumping). After 1 week, I was able to Cellercise fast, hard, and high with full urinary control. I can go for longer periods of time without having to find a bathroom. And, I no longer loose urinary control when I sneeze! It is totally amazing to me that something like this can work so quickly.

I also noticed that my digestion has improved even more. For years I have had digestion problems. I have found several things that have helped improved my digestion immensely. However, I have found the Cellercise to positively improve the digestion system with fast results.

My husband packs, loads, and unloads households and offices for a living. He does not like to exercise. After receiving the Cellerciser and setting it up, he tried it for only 3 minutes just before bed. He woke the next day and found that he had a more restful sleep. So, he tried it again and again just before bed and found that it absolutely gives him a better night’s sleep and feels more refreshed in the morning. And only Cellercising for 3 minutes! After seeing these benefits, he now uses the Cellercise more regularly, for a longer time, and feels physically and mentally better.

Thanks David for the Cellerciser, a terrific product!


Dear DAVE,

Greetings to all health activists. Briefly, AGE seems to have NO bearing at 55 years young! Starting slowly as first, incredible improvements, rapidly appeared mental clarity, posture, gait of a child, a look like a teenager again! WOW! Cellercising is the most WONDERFUL experience I’ve seen in many years! My favorite saying now is bounce till there’s no tomorrow, it may very well be the incredible truth to excellent health all in one simple bounce!

For me! Daily Cellercising works Best!


Dear DAVE,

I am so thankful for the Cellercise® I have and the little bit of information I understand about using it. We’ve had our Cellercise®’s for eight months now. We do our 10 minute Cellercise® routines every day just like you would take a supplement. Any “exercising” anyone wants to do after that is great, but we find the Cellercise® to be enough.

Some of the health benefits I have noticed are:

  • relaxes mind and body
  • elevates mood/helps attitude, outlook on life
  • releases muscle tension
  • helps digestion
  • seems to make other supplements/whole foods I take more effective
  • sleep aid
  • gives balance to the body/puts the body in proper alignment
  • increases balance
  • a good remedy for people who are always cold
  • increased strength, endurance, stamina

The best part is you don’t have to wait for these health benefits to come along. They are noticeable the first time/first few times you Cellercise®.

Thank you!

Lynetta & Darin

Dear DAVE,

During my thirteen years as a practicing Chiropractic physician I have been keenly aware of the importance of proper biomechanics in the human arena of wellness and expression. Kinetic motion is absolutely imperative and necessary f6r true health in individuals. When the movement of joints and articulations become compromised through sedentary lifestyle, trauma, stress, poor nutrition, poor posture and the aging process itself then a host of physical problems ensue. Accelerated osteoarthritis is a result of a poorly functioning and moving joint or spinal disc. Impaired nerve function results when spinal vertebrae and discs are not mechanically functioning as they were designed. Therefore, the importance of a properly moving spine and joints cannot be underestimated in the overall health and wellness of an individual.

Dave Hall has amplified upon this well-known concept and has taken it to an even deeper level of application, that of the cellular level of motion: His cellerciser system employs concepts of biomechanics and kinetics that will be most helpful to people of all ages.

It is known that 90% of the brain’s active energy is expended on calculations and minor corrections in balancing and knowing where the body is in space at any given moment in time. Only 10% of the brain’s activity is used in actual cognitive or thinking functions. This reality truly demonstrates the importance the brain places on knowing how every part of the body is moving and what position it is in. This also illuminates how much fatigue and dysfunction result in a person when the mechanics of the body are not in balance. Our society to9ay would be much more vibrant; healthy and full of vitality if they paid more attention to getting enough kinetic exercise in a given day. Dave Hall’s cellerciser system is very proficient at focusing on this goal. Health and wellness will be the result of such activity if properly and consistently applied.

The CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) pumping action that is created by spinal joint movement is essential to proper brain function and fluid dynamics of the spinal cord. Spinal disc health is bereft without the constant movement of water into and out of the discs themselves. In fact, the discs of the human spine consist of 80 percent water. This imbibing of water and nutrients in the spinal discs is wholly accomplished by the body’s kinetic movements which act as a pump. Without such movement in the spine the discs starve, literally. Disc herniations and degeneration are highly intensified when improper or inadequate biomechanics of the joints exist. Dave Hall’s system goes a long way in inducing and maintaining this most necessary motion in the human body.


Dear DAVE,

David Hall the inventor travels introducing his Cellercise® to many people all around the country. Just like you do with the Reed procedure. This is not sold through info commercials or telephone info! It’s directly sold by David! In fact, when you call the phone# he’s the person you will talk to! Or his assistant Jerry. This has brought great relief in my life dealing with my daily chronic pain!! I actually can’t say enough about this and what it’s done for me mentally & physically over the last three months. Every day is a cellerciser day for me now!! I Hope Dr Reed will take the time to talk to David Hall. David knows that I’ve passed this information on to Dr Reed. He’s looking forward to hearing from him. I truly … believe this can help so many patients living with daily chronic pain!!


Dear DAVE,

My Cellercise® experience has been wonderful and a Godsend. I’ve always been an athlete and was a certified personal training in my late 20’s. I’ve always taken care of myself and ate well, but everything started to change in my late 30’s and things that I’ve always done stopped working. I started getting cellulite, even though I was thin, and in 2008 I started having severe abdominal pain and edema. The doctors could not help me or identify what was causing my symptoms. Though the years I would find things that would work a bit temporarily, but nothing helped long-term. Then, I started rebounding, but it hurt, so I could not understand why people said this was good for them. So, I started to do my research and I noticed better sleep almost right away. The nighttime health bounce to relax the entire body really works. One night I could not sleep and realized I forgot to bounce before bed. I got up at 1 :3 0am, bounced for 2-3 minutes, went back to bed, and the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning. I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for as long as I can remember and would often wake up in the morning with pain in these areas. After about a week I noticed I was no longer waking up with any pain. I still get pain some days, as the day goes on, but all I have to do is get on the Cellercise® for a few minutes and once the pain is gone, I’m good to go, again. I also have IBS and bloating and gas can come on when I least expect it. As soon as I feel any discomfort, which can be as bad as a sharp pain through my upper back and shoulder, I get on the Cellercise® for a few minute, sometime 10-15 minute if it’s really bad, and most, if not all of my discomfort is gone. I’m hoping over time that my symptoms will lesson and go away all together. I’ve had these issues for 8 years, so I’m sure it will take time. During my 3rd week of Cellercising I could not believe I was regaining my energy. I had to use stimulants just to get through the day and even then, I would have highs and lows. Each day I notice more energy, clarity of mind, focus, and find it easier to remember names and information I would normally forget right away. I also noticed I can concentrate better and articulate my message better during conversations. This is truly amazing, as I’ve struggled for years with these brain fog type issues. I had my hip pulled out of the socket 19 years ago while giving birth to our second daughter and it never completely went back into place. After a few days of doing the pendulum, swing, bounce my left hip popped back into place and my right pulled groin loosened up and stopped hurting. The lower back exercise helps relieve my back pain from my lordosis and mild scoliosis. I am laughing and enjoying life more, all without the need for stimulants. I know I have a long way to go, but seeing improvements here and there give me hope to someday be pain free and healthy once again. Thank you for creating the Cellercise®, the best rebounder/mini trampoline on the market! Because of how the Cellercise® has improved my health/life and my families, I want to tell everyone and work until every household and office has a least one Cellercise®. Thank you for letting me be a part of the Cellercise® Movement and I could not think of a better calling, other than parenthood, than helping others look and feel their best!

God bless,


Dear DAVE,

Since rebounding these past five months I’ve noticed improved mood, less impact on joints when exercising, and increased recovery time in between heavier workouts. I’ve literally tore the cover off of a measly mini trampoline that cost $40 at a local sporting goods store after one month of using it and decided it was time to get a Cellercise®. It has been well worth the investment.

Thank you, Dave Hall.


Dear DAVE,

I know the phrase “changed my life” is overused and because of that can come off as hackneyed, but, because of your product and program, my life really has changed dramatically for the better. Please know again of my sincere gratitude.

I played basketball in high school with hopes of being a “walk on” when I went to college. However, during a summer league game, I came down with a rebound and heard a snap in my lower back, and by the time I got home, the pain shot down my leg and I was in tears because the pain was so bad. For the next three months, I was in traction because of a slipped disk on my spinal cord. I recovered, but I soon realized that lower back issues would stay with me the rest of my life. Fortunately, I discovered that weightlifting was a great therapy and as long as I consistently lifted (which I have for the past 40 years), it kept the muscles strong so as I didn’t experience anymore back pain.

To my dismay, I couldn’t run without it hurting my lower back. So, I turned to bicycling. I’ve biked to work for the past 29 years. The stationary bike works well too.
About a year ago I started to give the cellerciser a try. I loved it. For the first time since my injury (42 years ago) I was able to run and jump and try the exercises you do on your training video without pain.

But what I like even more than the physical benefits, was what it did to my brain and emotions. For the past ten years or so, I’ve dealt with severe sleep apnea and insomnia issues. Because of the lack of oxygen, this has made clear thinking, being able to focus, concentrate, and be sharp, an enormous challenge. The fatigue has also contributed to depression. Fortunately, I finally acclimated after many years to a C-Pap machine, which helped a lot, but it wasn’t enough. I was still experiencing way too much “brain fog” to be productive like I wanted to be.

But the cellerciser changed all of that. For some reason, (which I’m sure you can explain), the cellerciser jump starts by brain. Regardless of the mood or physical state I’m in, when I use the cellerciser my brain comes alive again with accompanying positive emotions.

So, yes, the cellerciser has changed my life in a big way, for which I am truly grateful to you and what you are doing to make the world a better place.


Dear DAVE,

Thank you for your cellerciser. I used it almost every day in 2016 and I can’t even begin to express what a positive difference it has made in my life. I have a severe case of sleep apnea and insomnia so getting energy to my brain and body is an obsession for me because I love life and love serving others. But when my brain doesn’t get enough oxygen due to lack of sleep, it is hard to think clearly, be focused, and positive. But the cellerciser gives the jump start I need each morning. I feel my brain coming alive and energy flowing into me. While I do this exercise, I also will do affirmations, take breaks, read scriptures, and write goals. It truly is a transforming experience each day. I hurt my lower back when I was 18 (I’m now 60) which made running impossible. However, the cellerciser is so gentle I can exercise as long as I want. Thank you for making the world a better place, including mine.



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