Cellercise vs. Cancer

Cancer Customer Reviews

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Hello, David

I am so enjoying my unit — even though I've only been using it for a week, 1 look forward to bouncing every day. I feel like Tigger! (Seriously!) And though it's hard to keep myself from jumping around enthusiastically, I'm working up very slowly, as recommended. I'm keeping it in my office, and after every few hours of sitting, 1 do a few minutes of health bouncing. It's wonderful. And I can already feel my body starting to respond. I think I've finally found the exercise that I can stay committed to, because ifs so much FUN!

I remember that prior to my childhood back injury I had been completely in love with my pogo stick. I could pogo stick all the way to school, and all the way home again. Isn't it true that if we remember to return to what we always loved as children, we reconnect to our joy? I can’t *wait* to see what I look like a few months hence.

My compliments to you on everything about this - the quality with which it is made, how attractive and convenient it is, the integrity with which you present the benefits, how quickly I received the unit, how kind and sincere Jerry was on the phone, I can go on and on. Thank you.

I have a question for you. I am working with my father, an MD, to create an international integrated-approach center for the treatment of cancer and chronic disease (not to mention anti-aging, wellness and longevity!). We're presently researching locations, and it looks like we'll launch the project either in the Caribbean or Central /America. I am wondering if you do volume discounts for centers such as ours, and what your referral program entails. (My sense is that this would be an ideal exercise for cancer patients, that the lymphatic benefits alone could do wonders for their healing.)

Many thanks, and blessings to you and your family.


Hello David,

September 30, 2012

Thank you for the Cellerciser. It had a profound contribution to my staying alive!

In 2009, Stage 3 cancer had me unable to walk enough to effect my lymphatic and blood systems. I purchased a Cellerciser. All I could do was stand on it, hold the bar and jiggle it a wee bit. That little bit developed into a full routine which continues through today.

i attempted to resolve my Agent Orange induced bladder cancer through holistic means. Alas, the cancer was too established, so, in late stage 4 cancer I opted for surgery and chemotherapy.

As soon as possible, I resumed using my rebounder. Two years out of major surgery and chemo, I back packed in and out of the Grand Canyon - doctors exclaim "unheard of recovery", "a miracle".

The rebounder and my energy work are the reasons I am able to reach unheard of levels of recovery.

Next month I am off on another adventure - traveling along our Eastern coast - Chesapeake Bay, Outer Banks as I continue southerly for the winter. I will be traveling by car and exploring waterways and coastal Islands by rowboat.

It is my intention to network along this journey. Also, I am open to speaking about and demonstrating tine Cellerciser. lam leaving my rebounder with my daughter. I wonder If you are interested in supplying a Tri-fold Cellerciser for this purpose.

You can learn more about me by visiting www.bioenergetic-art:com..

Regardless of your response, I thank you for your efforts and contributions to my health and the health of others.


John C.


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