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Cellercise® Vs.

Cellercise® Vs.

These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

Back in 2003 I decided that I wanted to purchase a rebounder. I was new to this piece of equipment and studied the field.

Even back then the Cellerciser stood out as a premium choice. My only hesitation at the time was the price because so many competitors cost considerably less.

But then I realized that I should put the cost consideration aside. Quality, long-life and stability were what counted. And that has been my seventeen year experience with Cellerciser. Even after all these many years of use, my rebounder remains in prime condition not a flaw on it. It looks new and in mint condition.

The mat has retained its initial firmness and because it is stable, I don’t fall off. Now some personal comments on how I use it — I prefer to bounce to fast music. When the music speeds up, I speed up. When the music comes down, I slow down my bouncing.

I improvise and do a variety of moves, but always return to the basic bounce. Because I like a soft bounce, I put two pieces from a puzzle exercise mat (the kind that has interlocking pieces like a puzzle) under each leg. I experimented with three pieces, but that made the bounce too soft. One was not sufficient. In my case, two are perfect.

The sort of bounce you want is a personal preference. I also like to wear padded sports socks when I bounce — not any sort of shoe.

I have other exercise equipment — the Total Gym and a spin bike. But the rebounder stands alone. The other equipment, good as they are, cannot replicate the overall positive effects of bouncing on the body.


Dear DAVE,

Been meaning to let you know what a wonderful product you have in the Cellerciser.

I purchased my Cellerciser sometime in the 1990’s and (like many exercise ventures throughout the years I didn’t give it the time and commitment necessary to reap the full benefits. However, it traveled with me between office and home over the years and as a full-time psychotherapist I told clients and friends about it often.

During this past year of recovery and rebuilding my Cellerciser was always there in the living room – I knew it was the best possible exercise tool, the most obvious road to improve my health, strength, balance and immunity. Just to make things more interesting, I developed a few incisional hernias due to the surgery that were growing slowly, and I was told to be very careful with any exercise that could put pressure on the stomach area – walking appeared to be the only safe option but the weather in NY was not cooperating as we approached the holiday season.

I had spoken to Mr. Jerry last year in reference to a new balance bar and he couldn’t have been more helpful.

So I called again a few weeks ago to ask about what exercises (if any) would be safe with these hernias. Mr. Jerry was/is simply amazing – his passion and enthusiasm about the Cellerciser is palpable – only matched by his knowledge, kindness and generous spirit. His life experience as a Navy Seal has afforded him the ability to relate to so many things –

he knew about the hernias I’m challenged with and was able to make suggestions to keep it small and safe … but also shared my belief that keeping the immune system well-tuned was

key at this stage of healing. He listened, he cared, and he gave of his time.

The Cellerciser clearly speaks for itself as one of the most effective pieces of equipment out there on the market, but I believe there is no question that wonderful customer support from someone like Mr. Jerry is a huge plus – he’s much more than an asset to this company – he’s the kind, highly energetic voice on the other side of the phone who actually remembers you

and your story and makes you want to hop on that rebounder and get moving.

Thank you for this wonderful product and all that comes with it … l am most grateful.

Wishing a healthy and fruitful year to all.



Dear DAVE,

A few years ago, I read a book on the benefits of rebounding. That December I bought each of my married children & myself a ReboundAir (based from a friend’s recommendation) – I had not heard of David Hall or the Cellerciser brand at the time either.

At some point in 2018 I was searching for trampoline workouts on You Tube and someone did a review of the Cellerciser trampoline & mentioned David Hall. So, I searched for David Hall and saw the video that was done at a health expo. I was impressed and I shared the video link with my friend who had recommended the first trampoline. She proceeded to buy the Cellerciser trampoline & told me there was a difference between the two brands. I kept thinking, how can there be that much of a difference?

Well, I ordered a Cellerciser trampoline & it came a few weeks ago. I ended up getting very sick & wasn’t able to use the trampoline until this week. I used it on Saturday night for just a 2-minute health bounce and yesterday for a 3-minute health bounce. This morning I did Routine #2 in the senior section & I can tell you that the difference between the two brands is huge!!! I finally feel like I will begin to see results with using the Cellerciser trampoline. I’ve recorded my weight, measurements, and took starting photos to track my journey to a new me.



Dear DAVE,

I started with another spring rebounder before getting my Cellerciser®. That said, I noted that my body runs warmer in the day following rebounding in the am. I figured that was a good sign for metabolism and circulation. Earlier today I donated blood. Filled the bag in 8 minutes, a full two minutes better than my previous time. Yes, I keep track, I’m a data dork! For what it’s worth, I’m chalking it up to the Cellercising.


Dear DAVE,

I started with another spring rebounder before getting my Cellerciser®. That said, I noted that my body runs warmer in the day following rebounding in the AM. I figured that was a good sign for metabolism and circulation. Earlier today I donated blood. Filled the bag in 8 minutes, a full two minutes better than my previous time. Yes, I keep track, I’m a data dork! For what it’s worth I’m chalking it up to the Cellercising.


Dear DAVE,

We hope this letter finds you in good health, we were praying for a way to keep active in the safety of our own home during Covid-19. A friend suggested rebounding, so we ordered a cheap one but my wife didn’t feel right about it because of the huge difference in prices so she suggested we do some research and found we shouldn’t just buy any rebounder, and the more we research we realized how serious was this decision, that’s how we ended up investing on the Cellerciser, good thing we were able to cancel the other one. We were looking for workout equipment, but we couldn’t agree until we learned about rebounding.

I am glad we did the research. We have used our Cellerciser every day, I would not have done that with any other equipment. We even got one for my mother in law and we convinced my brother in law to get one too. We love it.


Dear DAVE,

I started off slow. And with an off brand. Then I purchased my Cellerciser. Thank you, Dave Hall. Now 11/2 year later, I’m 30-60 minutes a day 6 days a week. It’s been the best exercise for me!! Hands down. No other rebounder compares. None. I’ve had 4. I’ve lost 20 plus lb. And dropped clothing sizes. 10 minutes to start off with is a great way to start.


Dear DAVE,

I just want to say I love my new Cellerciser. I had been looking at Bellicon and so many reviews said the bungees had to be replaced at significant expense fairly regularly. That’s when I decided to look at Cellerciser and was pleasantly surprised at the pricing for what I had seen was the best brand out there according to many people. I didn’t find any complaints on customer service or product anywhere and only raw reviews. I am so happy I went with your product. I am fairly fit to begin with but have had trouble running for a few years after an Injury and have found It difficult to get in a cardio workout that makes me feel Uke I did something equivalent to the workout ruining gave me. I love that I need only one item that fits easily in my home gym and Is so versatile and fun. Already feeling more energy and less aches and pains.

Thank you so much! Glad I took the leap!


Dear DAVE,

You were definitely right about your Cellerciser. I put the Urban Rebounder in the dumpster and my knees are not suffering any longer. You should sue because I thought that was the exact same product and after months of physical therapy it definitely is not.



Dear DAVE,

I’ve been using another rebounder for the last year and lately have been doing the advanced workouts for Cellerciser app on it. After listening to Dave give his explanations on the benefits, I decided to spend the money on upgrading to a Cellerciser. I just set up my Cellerciser rebounder, WOW, this is a whole other ballgame. If anyone asks you if there is a difference between rebounders, I can testify to a YES. I can feel the difference of the effect after just 2 minutes of running. I’m super excited to see the new results in my body!


Dear DAVE,

I’m here because Vicki was open about using her Cellerciser®. I had tried rebounding before, just not on the right one. I had been prowling around though, with a really great, true rebounder on my wish list. This isn’t easy to manage always, this budget for health, until you remember where else you’re saving by taking good care of yourself.

Yes, it’s love, me and my new Cellerciser. Granted, I had started adapting to this motion with my other choices and have worked out steadily for the past 31 years probably. But still, remember to be kind to yourself. If you have to let your body adjust by shuffling or rocking your bounce and then graduating to both feet, it is A-Okay. Adjust you will. Your spine will also love it. I have no more back tension. Whatever monster gets in my low back from a stationary bike is scared away with my Cellerciser. I’m not kidding … I’m up out of bed without any delay being able to MOVE. I have EVEN started WANTING to jump before COFFEE.


Dear DAVE,

So happy… Just received my Cellerciser…It is so different from my cheap mini trampoline…I love it!! Thank you Dave Hall/ Cellerciser!!!


Dear DAVE,

Love love love my Cellerciser–it’s SILENT–I used plain ol’ petroleum jelly (with Q-tips) because I didn’t want any oily smell (or drippy mess) in my living room where it lives (I had to do it twice but haven’t touched it with oil in months and months). I’ve had it a year now and finally took my “training wheels” bar off now it’s easier to store upright when I have company (yes–it folds down, but it’s easier to just set it up against the wall–unless I’m traveling–in which case I fold it up and take it with me). If you’re on the fence at all about getting one, grab yourself one, it’s 1,000% better than my Urban Rebounder (the best one on the market YEARS ago when I got my first tramp).

This one is far and away better and ohhhh so worth it!


Dear DAVE,

I did lots of research to figure out which mini trampoline/rebounder was best for me and came upon the Cellerciser. What a great piece of equipment!!! I had a very cheap mini trampoline/rebounder that was very poorly made: springs kept breaking, seams were poorly sewn, and it was very, very noisy. I thought it was okay until I tried the Cellerciser. I try to do things on a budget but decided it was worth it to spend the money on the Cellerciser. I have not been disappointed. The Cellerciser has a better feel and bounce to it, it is more stable, it is very quiet, and overall, I feel better after I use it. I think that the spring design must be the reason for the great results. I’m feeling better physically, and my outlook is more positive. I think I will contact the company itself because I am so impressed with the Cellerciser. I think that the investment of a few hundred dollars now could save me thousands of dollars in the future.


Dear DAVE,

Good morning y’all… I just want to take a moment to do a REAL, unsolicited and un-biased experience of Bellicon vs Cellerciser® (and I’ve already tried JumpSport 55 0f next to Cellerciser when I didn’t know if I was going to go bungee or springs and already narrowed down the springs option to Cellerciser), but felt I NEEDED to compare them together to make a fully informed decision). If Dave Hall – Cellercise never existed, I said I’d choose JumpSport, and that was before getting my hands on a Bellicon this week (Marketplace). I still stand by JumpSport 550 as the top bungee option, and that’s because I could adjust the bungees to come close enough to my Cellerciser to find it as an acceptable option. Changing the tension on those bungees was a brutal experience for the fingers, so while the option to accommodate most weights/sizes for various users is there, it’s nice knowing that Cellercisers tridaptable springs does that for me, lol. Knowing I’ll NEVER have to replace a worn out part on my Cellerciser is also very comforting, but just in case there’s a random need to (Cellerciser wants to make sure they send you 2 w/ your unit, rather than ever having us go a moment w/out our Cellercisers waiting for arrival of a replacement on the very rare chance you’d need to replace a spring).

For what it’s worth, the used Cellerciser I found for mom that I drove 90 minutes each way for is about 14 years old (the 84 year old lady that had it treated herself to a trifold). The mat seems to have had a cat or something that also appreciated it, because there are little

“runs” in the mat. Mom has NEVER noticed them, and the mat is so well made that I wouldn’t notice if my OCD didn’t kick in for me to fully evaluate a 14 year old unit. I use it all the time when I visit with her in the evenings in the living room. I called the Cellercise office to see if I should replace it and was told “only if you want to spend the money for no reason”. THAT says something right there.

Is Bellicon a good mini trampoline? Yep, if you want to catch more air, and have an outdoor trampoline experience indoors, and feel like a kid again and a decent cardio workout – if that’s your only need … but why for the price? Cellerciser can provide the same (better, if I’m being honest) cardio option, only more stability, the mat is much more “receptive” and overall responsive for what I need it for. Catching air on it (if that was important) isn’t a “strength” in comparison, but since catching air isn’t what I’d consider an advantage, I’m still struggling to see any advantage that Bellicon has over Cellerciser. There just isn’t any comparison. My muscles were HARDLY engaged on the Bellicon, versus full resistance training that my Cellerciser gives me.


Dear DAVE,

In corresponding with a longtime friend in Korea with respect to physical health and wellbeing I told him that I like to put things in perspective using the analogy of a tripod; here are the three legs of the tripod:

1 ENVIRONMENT: live free of harmful agents.

2 DIET: consume food as close to the way that God made it.

-No refined sugar

-No processed food

A Waddell, PhD

3 EXERICISE: engage in a physical regimen to keep the body fit.

But tripods need three legs to stand. If even one leg is missing a tripod falls. And when any of those three legs above are missing, it almost certainly guarantees health disaster with a person ending up sick and enfeebled.

Interest in all this started with me as a young boy sixty-five years ago (I am now seventy-five) when I ordered a Charles Atlas exercise course out of one of my comic books to see if I could put some weight on my skinny frame. The next step came in the discovery that an electric blender made healthful drinks for my regimen. My interest in the health path occurred before anyone ever heard the phrase, “Health Food Store.” I have over twenty thousand pages in my library of books on the subject and that has acquainted me with just about every modality that has come along. Some is good. Much is worthless. After researching nearly every pathway in this field I am confident in what to practice, and why I believe what I practice.

It all has made me realize how the important things of life are things you are never taught in school. You learn a million useless facts that don’t help you to function properly, and essential things (one being the details within that tripod above) are totally neglected, or outright ignored.

Now the BIG emphasis these days is on diet, and to a lesser extent environment; however, the third leg of the tripod (exercise movement) is as vitally essential as the first two if one is to be healthy. So, when I came across Al Carter’s book, The Miracles of Rebound Exercise in 1982 I discovered the great health benefits of rebounding where each jump acts to not only stress and build muscles, but also, more importantly, to squeeze the lymph system clean.

What a deal! It enabled me to exercise every cell of my body quickly, easily and with low impact.

Back then, I found a Rebounder that was manufactured in Texas; it was rectangular, not round. In addition to the springs attaching the mat to frame, it had springs in telescoping legs to act as shock absorbers for additional cushioning. That is how I started rebounding, and I sold them to a number of my friends.

The trick, however, is to stay away from inexpensive, or cheap Rebounders; springs break, elongated holes in frames develop from the friction of bouncing; and frames and legs are wobbly. Additionally, because the springs in cheap Rebounders are not manufactured correctly, the bounce will be too stiff and will, of a certainty, develop in the user joint problems.

Well, during all those years I did a lot of research on which Rebounder incorporated the most positive qualities and by the early turn of the century I found Dave Hall’s Cellerciser. His Rebounder is the best. His information is the best. That is my opinion, but it is opinion based on evidence and nearly thirty-five years of experience. I have acquired numerous Cellerciser Rebounders for people I know because I know the quality that goes into Dave Hall’s product. The Rebounder market has seen some new “kids on the block” over the past few years, but I wouldn’t own anything, but a Cellerciser because no one has improved on the Cellerciser.

I am not affiliated with Cellerciser in any way, but that is my testimony-and here is another thirty-five-year-back testimony that is in lock step with mine: “Never in my 35 years as a practicing physician have I found any exercise method, for any price, that will do more for the physical body than rebound exercise.” (Henry Savage, M.D.).


Dear DAVE,

I’ve just purchased your Cellerciser as I learned about it from another site which is now my ultimate source for the food products. I’ve always been looking for. For the 1st time here’s something I can do for 10-15 minutes when I get up at 4:30 AM getting ready to go to the job. And I look forward to it. And, then when I get home and change into something comfortable, time for session #2. On days off, I’ll add a few more 10-minutes sessions.

I’m 58, pass for 48, took all the vital measurements and won’t do a check on measurements for 30 days, keep a log etc.  Having been a runner and various “relationships” w/gyms and equipment at home, the lack of mental obstacles and the lack of distractions (headphone music, etc.) that is involved w/ Cellercising is important and vastly under-rated. Two points – you know you’re working the core foundation of your body (cells) and you’re not experiencing any time segments of pain. So, you’re not looking for “distractions” during the proves of “exercising” as a “pleasant distraction.”

To me, it’s important to experience all the nuances while I’m Cellercising and this “exercise” will be very beneficial to integrating the seven Tibetans and my ancient Chinese exercises and also assisting in my work in Segway from the beta state towards the theta state (cycles of brain waves/ record.) I’m probably getting into the deep end of the pool, so I’ll stop here.

To me, now I see all those exercises that work on muscle groups (It’s all symbolism) whereas exercising the cells that’s substance.

Down the road I envision myself as going out and demonstrating the Cellerciser and showing people my driver’s license will be an integral part of the “show and tell”

I wish you indago felix!


Dear DAVE,

Oh my. What a difference! Mr. UPS delivered my Cellerciser a few minutes ago. It was a breeze to set up. There is no contest between it and whatever brand I have been using. It is tight, my feet stay flat, and my ankles were not the least bit stressed. Sooo glad I decided to purchase an in-stock item! My order was placed late on 7/19 and it arrived today, the 22nd. Utah to Michigan. Way to go Team Cellerciser!!

Edit: My husband didn’t know I bought this. He came in the room, and I asked him to bounce. He said, “I don’t like it, it makes my knees hurt.” I urged him to try it for a minute any way. He bounced and said, “This isn’t the same unit. It’s tighter and doesn’t bow toward the center.”


Dear DAVE,

Look what came in the mail today! Already had my first workout on it and all I can say is WOW!!! I found out about Dave and the Cellerciser family in November of 2020 and started pouring through the videos to become familiar with the moves and Dave’s ideology. What an amazing person! I had gotten a cheap rebounder for Christmas and I started Cellercising that day. Since then, I have been rebounding every day. After about 6 weeks, I started having problems with the cheap rebounder. I didn’t want anything to stop my workouts, so I made the Investment in the trifold. The old adage, “you get what you pay for”, sure holds true in this case. Rebounding on a Cellerciser is like night and day compared to my previous rebounder. The bounce is more firm and I felt more of a workout in all my muscles, especially in my calves and abs. My suggestion to anyone who has purchased a cheaper rebounder Is to buy a Cellerciser when you can. The difference is phenomenal!!!

Thank you, Dave Hall, and all of you for your support and kindness! I am now an official part of the Cellerciser family! Feeling blessed.


Dear DAVE,

Look what came in the mail today! Already had my first workout on it and all I can say is WOW!!! I found out about Dave and the Cellerciser family in November of 2020 and started pouring through the videos to become familiar with the moves and Dave’s ideology. What an amazing person! I had gotten a cheap rebounder for Christmas and I started Cellercising that day. Since then, I have been rebounding every day. After about 6 weeks, I started having problems with the cheap rebounder. I didn’t want anything to stop my workouts, so I made the investment in the trifold. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” sure holds true in this case. Rebounding on a Cellerciser is like night and day compared to my previous rebounder. The bounce is firmer and I felt more of a workout in all my muscles, especially in my calves and abs. My suggestion to anyone who has purchased a cheaper rebounder is to buy a Cellerciser when you can. The difference is phenomenal!!! Thank you, Dave Hall, and all of you for your support and kindness! I am now an official part of the Cellerciser family! feeling blessed.


Dear DAVE,

A few weeks ago, my wife bought a rebounder which introduced me to rebounding. I enjoyed the exercise so much I decided to do some research to see if that was the best possible product. To my dismay it was not! I just received the cellerciser and the bounce is so much less pounding on the body. The feet do not pronate in either on the mat which can cause feet, hip and knee problems. This customer service has been great as well.

Thank you so much!

Brian & Calvi

Dear DAVE,

Really enjoyed talking with you this morning and appreciated all your input concerning the problems I am having with my Rebound Air rebounder. I am just glad I researched new rebounders and found the info. on Dave Hall and the Cellerciser before my hip pain got any worse. Also, glad to know my hip pain is probably due to the inferior spring system on the Rebound Air upon just starting to do sprints on my rebounder. I have NEVER in my life had hip joint problems until I started running on my rebounder. That, plus the fact that my 4th spring in 3 yrs. just broke and the plastic coatings that have cracked/fallen off over the past three years have definitely put me in the market for a new and DIFFERENT rebounder. I will definitely be giving that old rebounder away, as you said, to someone I “don’t” like, HA!

In the meantime, I am staying off my Rebound Air and hopefully my hip joints will be feeling better by the time my Cellerciser arrives next week.




Hope your holiday was nice and not snowed in! I LOVE my new Cellerciser so far. After two weeks, my body is totally acclimated to it now, which is not surprising since I was already a rebounder. No more aches/pains anywhere except for some slight quad soreness from those intensive football type exercises… I do approx. 10 min. of baby bounces before breakfast, then a 15 min. workout late in the afternoon (I take a little longer for warm­up/cool-down than you), then another 10 min. of baby bounces (with feet NOT leaving the mat) after supper. Even in two weeks, I am losing weight at a very fast rate (2+ lbs. per week), which is the fastest I have ever lost before! The weight is just falling off and with very little effort, I might add. The Cellerciser doesn’t exhaust me at all like previous 45 min. aerobic weight workouts did. Before, I would have to take a nap during the day because the workouts wore my body so completely out. This is NOT the case with the Cellerciser. I am NOT following any type of particular diet except for higher protein and no sweets and nothing weird like drinking 10 glasses of water per day or anything like that. I am working out 5-6 days per week and on Sundays I just do baby bounces and nothing else. The bounce is SO comfortable – much more comfortable than the Rebound.


Dear DAVE,

Hope your holiday was nice and not snowed in! I LOVE my new Cellerciser so far. After two weeks, my body is totally acclimated to it now, which is not surprising since I was already a rebounder. No more aches/pains anywhere except for some slight quad soreness from those intensive football type exercises… I do approx., 10 min. of baby bounces before breakfast, then a 15 min. workout late in the afternoon (I take a little longer for warm-up/ cool-down than you), then another 10 min, of baby bounces (with feet NOT leaving the mat) after supper. Even in two weeks, I am losing weight at a very fast rate (2+ lbs. per week), which is the fastest I have ever lost before! The weight is just falling off and with very little effort, I might add. The Cellerciser – doesn’t exhaust me at all like previous 45 min. aerobic weight workouts did. Before, I would have to take a nap during the day because the workouts wore my body so completely out. This is NOT the case with the Cellerciser. I am NOT following any type of particular diet except for higher protein and no sweets and nothing weird like drinking 10 glasses of water per day or anything like that… I am working out 5-8 days per week and on Sundays I just do baby bounces and nothing else. The bounce is SO comfortable – much more comfortable than the ReboundAir. The springs were squeaking, so I oiled them on both ends and they are fine now…


I will keep in touch!


Dear DAVE,

Well, Dave, you are certainly the poster child to motivate us to stick with our Cellercise®s I used to have a Rebound Air rebounder, but ended up giving it away when I kept having to replace the springs (and I was way under the weight limit for it), plus, it just wasn’t that comfortable to bounce on. Every since doing more research and discovering your rebounder, I am much, much happier with your product and have not had a bit of trouble with it.

Thanks for your replies today,


Dear DAVE,

I use my Cellerciser almost every day and have sent a few people to you. It is still in great condition which is so nice after going through about 4 of the cheaper ones. They would only last about 8 months.

Great product!!!


Dear DAVE,

Oh my where to begin? I’ve had other cheap and expensive rebounders, and nothing comes remotely close to the feel and response of the Cellerciser. My feet do not pronate, and the bounce is much firmer than others without being jarring. Customer services is stellar! This is a company with passion and heart. If this is their life’s work, not a moment in this endeavor has been wasted. This is the best beauty & health product ever! If you could only spend your money on one thing, hands down it would be the Cellerciser! Better spend your money and time here than on lotions, creams or gizmos. Can you tell I’m sold?


Dear DAVE,

Oh my gosh! l I can’t praise your Cellerciser enough! l I’m 56 and have tried so many different pieces of exercise equipment and nothing comes close to how I feel after doing a Cellerciser session! I run 2-4+ miles every day, but I feel that I get even more out of a 20 minute session on your Cellerciser. When my girlfriend told me about hers, money was tight for us, so went to a local Sports Store and bought a mini trampoline. It was just awful. It hurt to use it and I actually injured myself on it. I just couldn’t understand how my girlfriend praised her Cellerciser so so much. I gave the mini to the grandkids.

Now with the real Cellerciser (it sure is NOT at all like any other rebounder!) I see what an incredible difference the real thing makes.

This is just wonderful -1 use muscles that running doesn’t employ and feel so much stronger in just 20 minutes rather than my usual 1/2 hour to an hour run.

Plus, I really love the fact that I can use it right here in my home and don’t have to go to the track.

If you have any hesitation about getting the Cellerciser, honestly, put them aside and get it. It’s the absolute best exercise equipment that I’ve ever owned!

Thanks so much for creating this superb exerciser, Dave keep up the good work!



Dear DAVE,

WOW! This piece of exercise equipment is fantastic! I cannot live without my rebounder! I have had it for years and every other rebounder I have had nothing but pop springs constantly. (And they were expensive. Not cheap.) And I am only 120 pounds! The springs on this one last and last and last and the bounce has almost no impact on the body. I can work out on this rebounder for well over two hours straight on a daily basis and feel wonderful! I live to exercise on this phenomenal piece of equipment! I not only exercise on It for my body, but also for my emotional health! If I am feeling worried or upset, I will get on my rebounder and start jumping. I will feel better within 10 minutes, or less! I am a real person. I was not paid to share this with you. I just thought you should have the opportunity to get a piece of equipment that will literally change your life if you use it regularly, (It really will help you lose weight, and in the areas that it is hardest to lose it in!) and will last and last and last! Every other piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned was literally used until it fell apart. And it was all expensive equipment. My advice to you: buy! And David is wonderful I have talked with him personally on the phone myself. How many companies can you buy from and literally be able to personally speak with the owner himself about what you purchased. I have dealt with no other company but this one that I could honestly say that about! A+ In every way possible for sure!


Dear DAVE,

I figured it out, bought the app and am bouncing and Cellercising with it already.

It’s fantastic to have such company. My sessions fly by now and I am just SO pregnant with big expectations.

– Already the Cellerciser has fixed my knee problem (from using a cheaper model originally)

-Controlled a slight bladder leaking

-Strengthened my legs so I can now do things I wasn’t able to before

-Is clearing my skin because people say I look 50 not 63

-And given me an all-round light and fit feeling that I’ve wanted and tried getting other ways, for years without success.

I left it alone for nearly 2 weeks at one stage and BOY did I start to feel the difference. I got back into it quick smart and went back to feeling great within two workouts (although a little sore in muscles again).

There is no doubt in my mind God has led me to the greatest invention for getting the body into tip top shape all round.

The app is now my closest friend and we are getting along fantastically. I love the variations in music and as I said, I fly through a routine and am finished before I know it.

May God continue to Bless you and your desire to see us in better health Dave.

Thank you for your acceptance to His call and I’m so happy that He brought you through to the other side of your own health issues back then.

All the best to everyone in my Cellerciser family also!

Never buy a cheaper re-bounder. It will set you back in months of pain, but if you have, the Cellerciser can gently fix it.



Dear DAVE,

I recently bought the tri-fold Cellercise® and within 2- 3 days the red raised puss filled spots on my rear end started healing up to no more, gone!! I was just waiting for some more eruptions to occur shortly after, because I constantly battle this and trust me my husband knows and sees these scars on my rear end from the breakouts and bleeding, tears on my skin. Well, it’s been 1 month now doing just 10 min bouncing and some of the routine stuff that David Hall shows us on his 10 min work out about 2 to 3x’s a day and no more red raised eruptions anymore!!! I couldn’t believe it, but my husband said wow, this must be the Cellercise® you are doing, since I have done nothing different in my life.

Anyways, also my digestion and my husband’s digestion is so much better!! We didn’t know having a bowel movement should be so easy! We are regular now and sometimes we go #2 … 2x’s a day!!

Also, I used to get frequent diarrhea and now this twist bouncing that Dave Hall teaches us I believe has really has made my bowels normal again! I have been battling this diarrhea for so long, like S years.

I am sharing this all to you all, so that everyone will know that this Cellercise® is different from all other rebounders, and I believe it’s the BEST! Trust me I do a lot a research. Also, what rebounder company do you know of that you get wonderful, humble, truthful people who will chat with you online or call their phone# and talk with Jerry. They are really not trying to sell anything , since the Cellercise® really sells itself! They just want you to get blessed and all the benefits!! And so do I! That’s why I am writing this.

And to top this all off my husband who is sort of a skeptic, after seeing my red spots disappear , tried the Cellercise® for 10 min. only 1 day in the morning and that day, all day he did not have any bottom foot pain (planterfacious) … he constantly needs to roll his foot on a golf ball to try to easy this bottom foot pain, mid day and the end of the day. He carried this golf ball in his pant pocket at all times for years. So, the next day he did this routine again on the Cellercise® and he felt so good energetic and no foot pain! My husband has so much energy … like me now and He is doing so much for me like wash my car, (which he is always too tired to do @) but now this Cellercise® has given him energy, oxygen to his cells, etc. He is helping with the dishes, etc. etc. Ladies, if your husband is tired and burned out …. or you are tired or burned out … Please get a Cellercise®! ! And who knows what else in your body will get improved or eliminated!

Lastly, we are getting more things done everyday, just by adding the Cellercise® to our daily regime, it gives us energy vs. taking away energy. I used to go on my stationary bicycle and jog. I would get a little energy rush, but then get some aches and then get tired. But, with the rebounding on the Cellercise®, we actually are oxygenating all our cells so that we have all day energy, constant and steady, we can breathe deeper too!

God bless Jerry for great customer service! And God bless Dave Hall for making this Cellercise® rebounder the

Best!!! and they both are so real. Q Real people. Hard to find in this world.

Love and THANK YOU!!!


Dear DAVE,

Bounced on a rebounder on and off for 20 years. Then got to late 50s and was wondering how I was going to continue working in a physical job. Looked up how to get fit in 10 minutes on the internet and found David Hall. I thought if I’m going to buy a really good rebounder, I’m going to do the research while I save. So, 8 months later after extensive research came to the conclusion Cellerciser is definitely the best and am so happy with it. Have also bought one for my daughter and her family.

Thank you, David Hall.


Dear DAVE,

I have tried the Jamba·Run and that is part of one of my routines. What a great exercise and you right what you said on your newest DVD, it works every part of your body. My friends and family are seeing the results cellercising is doing for me. I was doing the exercise program Insanity and other home exercises. I started in February at 205 pounds with those exercises and got to 190 pounds in April. However, the wear and tear on my body was growing and I knew I could not do those kinds of exercises long term. I remember my parents telling me about the cellerciser (which I admittedly laughed at when they first introduced it to me about a year ago). I figured it would not hurt to give it a try and have been doing it since the end of April. I am now 168 pounds and feel great. I think it is the greatest thing out there and people are seeing the results and asking questions. I get so excited telling them all about it, it’s like sharing the Gospel when it comes to health and bettering their lives. I just wish more people knew about it. Those friends I was telling you about yesterday went to your websites and were sold, so hopefully you will be getting some new purchases here soon.

Thanks again David for all that you do.


Dear DAVE,

Thank you so much for taking time to share your tips, stories and testimonies yesterday. I’m so glad that I chose the Cellerciser over the Bellicon (or any other)! I was very close to ordering the Bellicon but started watching your videos. It was very clear you weren’t just selling something (or should I say celling!).

Though I do own a used half-fold Cellerciser now, as I mentioned it is my plan to get a trifold in the future.

My testimony so far: After Christmas this year, I encountered vertigo for the first time. It was extremely frightening. For a few weeks, everything seemed unstable. I suffered dizziness, and when I would lie down to sleep, it was as if lying in a rowboat in the middle of the sea. Using the Cellerciser immediately cured me of all of these terrible and frightening episodes. One day I tripped on something outside and I could feel my body pull me back into balance. I knew this was from rebounding on my Cellerciser.

Another day, during flu “season” (I don’t subscribe to flu season!) I felt it coming on me. I gently bounced for a while before bedtime and the symptoms went away.

If this is not good enough, I am so thankful to find a company that is truly passionate about their product, almost like a true ministry. You personally displayed such kindness and generosity to me, even after finding out I own a Cellerciser.

I try to find every opportunity to tell everyone I know about the Cellerciser and the kind and extraordinary service of your company. I plan to own at least one all the days of my life, even if I live past 100!

I’m looking forward to the other benefits such as weight loss and expect to report great results in the future.

Thanks again for your journey, commitment, enthusiasm, and kindness.


Dear DAVE,

“As a past world trampoline champion and university gymnastics coach, I’ve always enjoyed jumping, but now I appreciate the profound health benefits of Cellercise® as described by David Hall, “Mr. Rebounder.” I find his enthusiasm and dedication both contagious and inspiring. I flex my cells regularly as an important part of my exercise regime, and I recommend you do the same.” – Dan Millman, author of Way of The Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives.

Dan Millman

Dear DAVE,

Since rebounding these past five months I’ve noticed improved mood, less impact on joints when exercising, and increased recovery time in between heavier workouts. I’ve literally tore the cover off of a measly mini trampoline that cost $40 at a local sporting goods store after one month of using it and decided it was time to get a Cellercise®. It has been well worth the investment.

Thank you, Dave Hall.


Dear DAVE,

It was a pleasure actually talking to you yesterday. I truly appreciate your personal involvement in getting UPS to respond to your company with regard to their inability to deliver the 2nd Day Air shipment on the 2nd business day, and for Cellerciser to refund the 2nd Day Air shipment charge to me. Because of this alone I will not have any hesitation in referring people to your company if they need a high-quality rebounder.

The bi-fold Cellerciser finally arrived today (3rd day after shipping), and I am very pleased with the quality of the rebounder. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I am quite new to rebounding, though I have been doing strength exercises for a while. My first rebounder was a cheap product that I bought from Big 5, and it was made in China. I used it every day for 40 minutes per session. I have a 5’11”, 160 lbs. frame and I just did regular bounce exercises indoor (our ceiling is of regular height, so I couldn’t bounce very high). Within 5 weeks, one of the springs broke, followed by the 2nd and 3rd, every other day. The bounce on this cheap rebounder was very hard/harsh, in fact I had to use my back-support belt to prevent injury.

Cellercisers quality is so good that I wish that I had known about it and started with Cellerciser. The size and shape of Cellercisers springs are so superior compared to the cheap rebounder’s springs. The bounce is soft, and I can exercise without the back support. I am very impressed with your product and having talked to you personally and had you assisted me in resolving the shipping issue with UPS, I do not have any worries about customer support if I ever need one in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend your rebounder to people, and to tell them to invest their money in good rebounders like Cellerciser, rather than buying cheap ones from sporting goods/department stores that will only last a short time and may even cause injury due to the harsh bounce. Cellerciser will give a good, smooth bounce, and a peace of mind that there is great company behind it, if you ever need any replacement parts or help.

Thank you again for your help and your follow up call today, and I look forward to enjoying my new Cellerciser for a long time.


Dear DAVE,

At age 68, my exercise regimen included going to a field and running eight 100-yard dashes at race speed, but it was pounding my body so much that I had to look for an alternative. That’s when I bought a Cellerciser and discovered that I could do the exceedingly beneficial sprinting at home (regardless of weather) with Km bodily jolting. I was ecstatic. I had found what is absolutely perfect for sprinting. But then lo & behold, it turned out to be the ideal whole-body exercise apparatus, and truly one of my best finds ever.

Thank you, Dave, for providing such an extremely high-quality product; especially those “gotta love ’em” springs that make me feel so lucky to have found out about them before buying some other rebounder, unawares. I’m glad I read those testimonials from people saying they had had a whatever brand before switching to Cellerciser; all of them tickled pink reporting, “sooooo much better” … and wishing they had known what a difference and better value.



Dear DAVE,

I could not wait another minute to tell you about what happened today. Remember my 85 year old friend, Clara Simuro (she said she talked to you, and you were sending her a brochure.)?

To make a long story short, I went to her house to help her put together her cheap “rebounder”, which she received yesterday. And that is what it was: cheap, cheap cheap! I checked out everything: the fabric, the springs, the fabric covering the springs, the rubber tips, the handlebar, the legs, the ease of putting it together and folding it up, the carry bag, etc. Every single thing was pathetic!

Clara bad some of it put together before I arrived. She mentioned that she is not the type of person who likes to return anything. Immediately, even before she opened the hos, she was unhappy that it was made in China. She wanted to continue putting it together, but I kept encouraging her to return it because of the very poor quality. I said, “What is the use of assembling it completely, when you already know that you do not like it?”

She first said, “For me, it does not make any difference, but I want to order from your people for my two daughters.” I told her that it DID make a difference for her, and that while I was there, I could help her take it apart, and box it up for UPS.

So, that is what we did. She is happy we did that, but she was not easy to convince because of her stubborn and opinionated attitude. So, she probably will order three Cellercisers from you. From what I know about Clara, she does not “let the grass grow under her feet”.

I guess one thing I am not very good at is “making a long story short.”



Dear DAVE,

I first investigated getting a rebounder about two and half months ago when after a very slow recovery and many attempts at trying to get fit, which ended in much pain and discouragement, a friend suggested I get a mini tramp as he had read that they are supposed to be the safest most efficient way to get fit and healthy. Another very good friend had also been told by her naturopath to get a mini tramp to flush her lymphatic system to help her heal from a very serious infected abscess. So, I started looking into it. …. wow was it overwhelming! There were tons of websites and adds from Walmart to eBay pushing some kind of tramp or another and no way of knowing who to buy from. Then I went to check the buy and sell online and there were a couple for between five and twenty-five dollars. I could not understand how there could_ be such a great discrepancy in price, anywhere from over one thousand dollars to as little as 19.99 brand new. I started to look for websites and blogs that had, commentary and reports on different brands. There were equally as many. I came across your website along with ” websites for Needaks, Reboundairs, Urban rebounders, Bellicons, as well as tramps from Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and Germany. All claiming that they were the best value for the money, some claiming that others were overpriced, that you could get the same bounce and quality unit for forty dollars as you could four hundred. Wow was it confusing …

The more I looked for unbiased reports the more confused I got until I began to see a general trend. While many companies criticized others for poor quality and many individuals did the same, the worst that was said about the Cellerciser was that it was expensive. The funny thing was that once I compared the prices, with the exception of the Urban rebounder and the really cheap sports store and retail store brands, the price difference between the Cellerciser and many of the other top selling makes was not all that significant. And when I read about the superior quality of the Cellerciser from the same people who criticized the unit for its cost it didn’t seem to make sense to me that one would spend a few dollars less if you could get the best quality for not much more.

Now while I was doing all this investigating, which took me about two to three weeks, I was using my friends’ trampoline, a fifty-dollar model she got at Canadian Tire. It was awful, I hated it. Everywhere hurt, my head, my back, my hips, and my C-section Incision, which I was very slowly and painfully trying to recover from. I talked to my good friend who had been using hers for about four months (she got hers at Walmart) and she said that at first she found jumping on it uncomfortable but now she found that it only bothered her head and neck for the first few minutes … she figured this was normal.

What I read about better quality models was that they should not cause pain, and I remembered what you wrote about your father’s experience and injury on a cheap model.

So, I bit the bullet and bought one of your units. While I waited for it to arrive, I continued to look for testimonials and followed rebounding blogs to see what people had to say. Again, I could not find anything negative about your unit except the comments about cost. I contacted one blogger and asked him why he had reviews about almost all known rebounder models except yours and he said it was because yours was more than he could afford and he refused to spend money on an overpriced unit when he could get the same superior quality with Reboundair which was so much cheaper. Well I checked and here in Canada the price difference was only about twenty dollars Canadian. So, I emailed him back and told him that it made no sense to me not spend the extra twenty dollars to get the “Cadillac” of units. His final email was to tell me that customs and shipping would get me in the end. I called your offices and spoke to Gerry, who was very kind, and told him that had recently purchased a unit and was worried as I was really not enjoying my time on the current tramp I had and was having a lot of discomfort. He promised me that my Cellerciser experience would be better or my money would be refunded. Well the day I got the unit I was ecstatic pulled it out of the box, by the way not extra charges came with the unit debunking the Urban rebounder blogger’s predictions, and I got right on it in the living room. I had to fight my children off so I could have a go, and what a difference. I dreaded getting on the cheap one and once on could not wait to get off. As soon as I got on this one I was having fun, and as my children begged me to get off so they could have a turn I kept shooing them away cause I did not want to get off this one, it was too darn much fun.

Since I have gotten the unit, I have missed about five days in two months plus. I am on it pretty much every day for between ten minutes to an hour depending on how busy my day is. I feel stronger, my abdomen is healing and feels stronger, and while I still cannot seem to drop the extra inches and weight I am carrying, the benefits to my immune system and digestive track has been remarkable. I have suffered from IBS since grad school almost fifteen years ago and have not had such positive results since I was first diagnosed. The symptoms would come and go and only a very restrictive diet seemed to alleviate the pain associated with it. Until I started rebounding. But most interesting was just recently when my whole family came down with a horrible influenza, including the baby. High fever for several days and then an awful cough that had me convinced that a couple of them had whopping cough. When the last two of the children were finally coming to the end, I thought now I am going to get hit, because that is how it always happens. Sure enough, I woke up a few days later with a headache that made me feel like the top of my head would explode and a fogginess I could not shake all day. By four in the afternoon I had to do something and I could not go to sleep as it was just about time to start getting dinner ready for my family, so I decided to go downstairs and jump for a while … Ouch it hurt like heck at first but within about two to five minutes my headache was gone, my sinus’ were clearing and I never did get the flu. I am convinced it is the result of my stronger immune system from Cellercising daily. I was getting little sleep and was surrounded by runny noses. When I did sleep it was usually with one or more sick feverish children. No matter how tired I was I made a point of forcing myself to get on the tramp at least once a day while everyone was sick.

Anyway, this is my long-winded way to say thank you for all the work you have put into making this unit what it is, for the research and time you have devoted to helping people like me on their road to health. Especially thank you for personally calling me and answering all my questions and providing me with a game plan to deal with the obstacles still ahead. As I mentioned on the phone, I truly believe that all households should own a Cellerciser and I would like to reiterate that. Imagine the strain off the overtaxed health system, the reduction in absenteeism due to illness, and the general improvement to people’s wellbeing. I know that when I start my day on the Cellerciser I am a much nicer mom, a much more patient teacher to my children and a much more productive person in the home. It even helps me with my prayer life as in making time to Cellercise I usually also use that time to pray the Rosary which otherwise does not get done in the craziness of my often overly busy days.

Once again God Bless you and your family Mr. Hall, I look forward to continued correspondence with you and I hope one day soon to be able to write you and let you know that my weight struggles are also under control. Also please pass on my thanks to Gerry he too has been very helpful.

With much gratitude,


Dear DAVE,

Thank you for your helpful advice on how to use the Cellerciser for my husband’s meniscus injury.

I so thoroughly enjoy using the Cellerciser. I have it set up in the living room and jump on it every opportunity I can, whether it is for only a minute or for a more extended workout. We had a Needak for years and it was a welcome addition then as we had previously had one of the hard bounce mini-trampolines. I really didn’t see how there could be that much of a difference between the Needak and the Cellerciser, but I was very pleasantly surprised when we set up our newly arrived Cellerciser and I tried it for the first time. Wow! What a nice smooth feel to the bounce! It is hard to explain, but I greatly prefer the Cellerciser over the Needak and in addition it seems to offer more stability. It has been a great help to me as it is my main mode of exercise.

Thanks so much!!!!

Jumping for Joy,


Dear DAVE,

I want to tell you I bought an Urban rebounder used. Used for it for a day to see if I would even like it and I did but I was leery since I read up on them beforehand. My neighbor saw it and offered me half again more than I paid, so I took her offer. She likes hers and now I have this wonderful trampoline that my husband and I now use every day. He does 10 mins and I do 20 (usually) but we’re very happy and I want to give you a testimony when we have used it for a while because we are seeing the healing benefits. Thank you kindly, Dave and for prompt service it came quickly, it’s quality, and we look forward to years of use.



Dear DAVE,

If I could only have one piece of exercise equipment, hands down it would be the Cellerciser.

I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for almost 40 years and have been in the Health and Fitness field most of my life. I initially started using mini trampolines many years ago but after wearing out three of them I did some research and found the Cellerciser. What a revelation!

Nothing like the “Big 5” versions, foldable, pliant and well made. I have had mine approximately 10 years and just recently needed to replace the mat.

I taught high impact aerobics in my 20s and developed a degenerative hip. The low impact exercise with the Cellerciser was ideal and also the perfect rehab equipment after recovering from a hip replacement seven years ago. I have recommended the Cellerciser to family, friends and patients for many years. All have been happy with their purchase. Get a Cellerciser, you’ll be happy you did.

Dr. Don

Dear DAVE,

“David Hall is the perfect testimonial for the tremendous and far-reaching benefits of regular use of the Cellercise®. In only ten minutes a day, muscle mass can be stimulated to grow without having to first tear it down through strenuous exercise. Without stressing the body or joints, using the Cellercise® increases circulation and activates your cells to absorb more oxygen and vital nutrients.” – Dr. John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Dr. John Gray

Dear DAVE,

I know you have been super busy since COVID and folks are looking for a method to boost immunity and to work out from home. The Cellerciser is what I recommend to my patients as it addresses both of these concerns. For some back history, despite knowing the health benefits of Cellercising and recommending the unit to my patients, I chose to purchase a cheap rebounder years ago and could feel the joint dysfunction that it was causing and so I stopped bouncing all together until I purchased a proper rebounder

(Cellerciser). The difference is incredible … so much so, that I created a YouTube video (see attachment) discussing why I recommend the Cellerciser and how it has helped me achieve my best health and fitness at the age of 45. I also wanted to share my personal interval training that I do. Here is my personal routine:


  • 1 minute health bounce
  • 1 minute hip rock
  • 1 minute gentle twist
  • 30 seconds Jamba run
  • 30 seconds health bounce
  • 30 seconds sprint in place
  • 30 seconds hip rock
  • 30 seconds Jamba run
  • 30 seconds gentle twist
  • 30 seconds tilted front kick as fast as I can go
  • 30 seconds health bounce
  • 30 seconds Jamba run
  • 30 seconds hip rock
  • 30 seconds tilted back leg kick as fast as I can go
  • 30 seconds gentle twist
  • 30 seconds Jamba run
  • 30 seconds health bounce
  • 30 seconds side kick as fast as I can go
  • 30 seconds hip rock
  • 30 seconds Jamba run
  • 30 seconds gentle twist
  • 30 seconds ski patrol as fast as I can go
  • 30 seconds health bounce


  • 1 minute hip rock
  • 1 minute gentle twist

Also, I have been SO incredibly pleased with the quality of the Cellerciser and the results that my patients are getting, that recently I wanted to broadcast my own testimonial and why I recommend the Cellerciser to my weight loss patients. As of today, my first rebounding video has 60,000 views and I am excited to share my findings with the viewers! I look forward to staying in touch and providing any support that I can in an effort to help spread the word!

In health with many blessings,

Dr. Linne

Dear DAVE,

I have used the cellerciser for over 10 years. I purchased a second cellerciser approximately four years ago to have at our winter home in Florida. Previously I had worn out/broken about 20 cheap rebounders and had nearly given up on having this type of conditioning available. (My mother-in law had given us a rebounder approximately 20 years ago.) I saw the cellerciser on the internet and decided that I would spend the extra money in hopes that it would maybe last a year or so. It turns out, I would have spent several times that money if I had kept buying the brand X rebounders and I would not have had the consistency I have experienced with the cellerciser.

I highly recommend the cellerciser as I use it as part of my exercise/conditioning routine every day. The great part of it is its consistency. It functions today exactly as it did 10 years ago.

(If anyone is having problems with their cellerciser making noise, a quick spray of silicone lubricant at each end of the springs quiets it immediately.)

Thank you for a great piece of equipment that has not only lasted all these years but has helped me lose 60 pounds and maintain for four years now.

With regards


Dear DAVE,

I want to share some of my initial thoughts as I have recently acquired a new bi-fold Cellerciser to replace my 44″ Bellicon rebounder.

Let me set the stage by describing myself to provide some context to what you’re about to read.

I’m a 69-year-old, physically active male, who unfortunately trashed his knees fairly early in life.

As a result, I’ve had a total of six knee surgeries which include two partial replacements and a subsequent reconstruction to a total knee replacement. The hospital refers to this as a “Joint Journey”. Worst trip you could ever go on!

I had purchased the Bellicon rebounder in the hope that it would be helpful in rehabbing my knees since it’s advertised as being the best bounce of all the rebounders. The Bellicon is presented as ‘the Mercedes Benz’ of rebounders. Swiss design and German construction. All that prestige comes at a hefty price of $879 plus $39 shipping … a little pricey for most people. Good thing I found a gently used one.

After spending some time in storage, I recently began to use the Bellicon daily only to find that instead of feeling better and stronger, I was feeling worse. My knees would ache for days afterwards and I was beginning to get very discouraged as I can no longer enjoy any type of impact exercise such as running or racquetball, etc. my hope of enjoying the Bellicon came to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, I came across the Cellerciser website, read all the reviews, had a wonderful phone conversation with David Hall and a new adventure in health has begun.

David explained to me that due to the large (44″) mat of the Bellicon and the deep bounce that it produces, it was actually causing my feet to pronate with each bounce putting undue lateral stress on my already stressed out knees.

I took his advice and ordered the bi-fold Cellerciser with support bar (very handy for those who require just a little bit more stability) and have been using it daily for the last week and a half.

I’m happy to report that Dave’s advice was spot on; my feet are not pronating like they did on the Bellicon and my knees are feeling stronger by the day. A deep or high bounce is not necessary as the three-stage patented spring design exclusive to the Cellerciser provides just the right resistance to produce a healthy, non-jarring bounce. Just be careful to start conservatively and allow your joints and ligaments a chance to adjust to the new regimen of Cellercising.

Here’s the bottom line, especially to those of you who are older and experiencing knee pain and soreness or who have undergone multiple surgeries like me, do yourself a huge favor. Forget all the other models of rebounders out there regardless of price and get yourself a genuine Cellerciser. Start with 10 minutes a day, have fun doing all the variety of moves that are shown on the DVD that’s included and start your own journey back to optimal cellular health.

You’ll never regret the purchase and you’ll start to enjoy the sheer joy of bouncing and movement that your body has been craving I Who would have thought that the power of positive and negative Gs’ could be so much fun!

By the way, these are my honest comments and I have not been paid to submit this initial review. My hope is that my experience will help you to make a proactive choice to get back into a state of health and vitality. Also, I will update my fitness journey from time to time with my Cellerciser.

David Hall’s Cellerciser is the best investment you can make in your health and the last piece of exercise equipment you will ever need!

Happy Bouncing (correction) Happy Cellercising!


Dear DAVE,

I recently acquired a new bi-fold Cellerciser to replace my 44″ Bellicon rebounder … Here’s the bottom line. Especially to those of you who are older and experiencing knee pain and soreness or who have undergone multiple surgeries like me … Do yourself a HUGE favor. Forget all the other models of rebounders out there regardless of price and get yourself a genuine Cellerciser. Start with 10 minutes a day, have fun doing all the variety of moves that are shown on the DVD that is included and start your own journey back to optimal cellular health.


Dear DAVE,

I have been rebounding for over twenty years. I have been doing your 10-minute workout on a rebounder for three years. I recently purchased a Cellerciser and have continued the 10-minute workout on it, only at a reduced level to allow for the greater effectiveness. I have been amazed at the difference in terms of challenge to my fitness level and of comfort/ease of recovery after exercise. There definitely is an incredible difference! I have several friends and relatives who got Cellercisers at my recommendation, and I am so glad I finally took my own advice!

I also want to commend your customer service guy, Jerry, for taking care of replacing the cover on the new Cellerciser even though it is not a warrantied item. The cover developed a rip sometime which I noticed in the second week. His genuine concern for looking out for my satisfaction and for the reputation of your company is special.

Thank you for all you have done to benefit the wellbeing of so many in such a fun way.


Dear DAVE,

I am a 60-year old retiree for the last 11 months. I got my first gym membership when I was 25 and I never looked back. 14 years ago, I became a Pilates instructor, but due to COVID-19, all gyms closed; therefore, ending my part-time job with them. I also stopped exercising and became lazy and unmotivated. Eventually, I did start exercising at home, but realized my ankle would hurt after exercising, as well as my lower back, so I stopped and ordered your Cellerciser. Truth be told, though, before ordering your Cellerciser, I had already ordered another brand, and as soon as I received it, I immediately checked the springs and it was just the typical springs that stretch out over time, so I immediately went on your website and ordered yours. I held back before because I was being “thrifty”, but I knew in my heart that I actually needed the Cellerciser, and so I ordered it and I don’t regret it. So today, 9-25-20, after waiting since July 31st, I have received my long-awaited Cellerciser, and I’m so excited!! I even put it together by myself with no problem at all! I also did my 10 minutes, and I’ll tell you what, I was perspiring in those short 10 minutes, but I loved it!!! I’m looking forward to tonight and for tomorrow morning, and so on, and so on …. When I first ordered my Cellerciser, you welcomed me to the “Cellercise Family”, and you also told me to check back with you after Cellercising for 3 weeks, to see how it was going. So, expect another email in three weeks. I have high hopes that I will feel some improvement on my ankles and toes (from past accidents), painful LS for the last 6 yrs. (from 3 falls that I had in the past), and other discomfort I feel in my joints.

Thank you so much and talk to you soon, and God bless you!!


Dear DAVE,

Received our Cellercise® today and I must say, there is a big difference between our old Needak rebounder and this one. The older one is kind of “mushy” or soft to the feel. This one has some support to it. The wife asked me if I‘m going to order one for me? LOL. I probably will


Dear DAVE,

I am 68 years old and ran another race today. But it wasn’t just any race. I ran it with only one four-mile workout over the last two weeks! And, even after taking a hard fall that stove my shoulder as I was going to the starting line, I was able to run my usual 8-9-minute mile with relative ease.

I have participated in athletics and tried to follow good nutritional guidelines since high school. I played basketball, ran track and cross country with regional and state championship teams in Tennessee. Belmont College in Nashville at that time did not have track and cross country so I tried my hand at tennis in college. I have continued playing and running throughout my adult life. · –

I am presently a member of an insurance company that has nationwide membership privileges for their members in health facilities. We have at least 8-10 clubs or Y’s that I can go to for multiple types of exercise. Occasionally I will go to the one that has the best indoor track when the weather is foul. But, my go to every day workout is the Cellerciser. I got the trifold and it goes with me on every trip I take. Even if I only go for one day, my Cellerciser goes with me.

It is just part of every day, two times a day.

My morning workout on the Cellerciser takes about 10-15 minutes and is intense with hand weights. I follow that with a 5-10-minute stretching and toning group of exercises known as the Five Rites. At night before I go to bed, I do a gentle bouncing routine followed by the rites, then I have a small portion of something like organic oatmeal, raisins, nuts, raw honey, cinnamon, and raw goat’s or cow’s milk.

I sleep really good and continue to work and play like a much younger man.

I have a Total Gym and other pieces of equipment in my home and have unlimited access to a number of very well-equipped exercise facilities.

My Cellerciser is the single best piece of workout equipment I have ever found! I will own a Cellerciser, if possible, for the rest of my life! There is just not any other workout that I have ever found that builds me up with less tear down. It keeps me in shape to do virtually anything physically I want to do.

Thank you for building a quality piece of equipment that can go with me anywhere!

From an avid fan!


Dear DAVE,

The attached video speaks for itself. It is an overdue “Thank You” and a brief demonstration of some of the benefits that have been received. You do not have to show this video to anyone but your staff however, if you choose to show it to the Cellerciser family, you have my permission to do so. My wife and I and many family members and friends are deeply grateful for you and the amazing product and process you were given insight to create.

Gord Brock

Dear DAVE,

I’ll be writing a review later but wanted to say thank you for this high-quality product. I have gone through several different rebounders and thought I had the best when I scored a preowned Bellicon. After replacing bungees trying to get the mat firmer, (couldn’t keep up with David Hall routines along with the IJI twins) I decided I needed a Cellerciser. When I first tried it, I thought oh boy I’m going to be sore as the mat felt quite a bit tighter, but shortly after starting my first routine I was IN LOVE! It is much less jarring for me; I feel it’s easier, yet I get a BETTER workout AND I feel rejuvenated after every workout and have been feeling better than ever (never felt like this with the other rebounders and would often have lots of upper back and neck tension). The plan was to put it away after each workout, but I find I want to use it so often throughout the day that it’s been staying out. So happy!!!! Thank you, David Hall and the entire team!


Dear DAVE,

Just bought Cellercise® from you 3 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome many years ago and used fascia and energy work to pull me out of it but could never regain my strength and knew something was missing. Muscles always hurt after exercise, felt awful. In 3 weeks with Cellercise® my body has changed dramatically, and I have used it every day without relapse. Bags under eyes gone, fat ratio decreasing, noticeably more toned, more energy and zip in my step. Breath and mood increased. Got one from Big5 at first and it hurt my knees, felt jolting. What a difference when I got the Cellercise®! I study fascia! release and everything you say aligns. Thank you!!


Dear DAVE,

Hello, I turned 48 this year, I served in the military. So, I did a lot of running. My knees, ankle and feet are constantly bothering me. So now I do a lot of walking, especially with my dogs. On one of my walks a couple of weeks ago, I picked up my neighbor’s Pure fun mini trampoline. I don’t know why I did. I jumped on it for a couple of days. I started to YouTubing about it trampolines and saw your videos. I was hesitant about spending so much on a “kid” mini trampoline, but the reviews were so positive, I figure I give it a shot. I needed an alternative to get back into shape and no longer can run. So, I ordered the Cellerciser. All I can say is WOW, as soon as I step on it, I felt the difference immediately. It feels amazing, from the way it bounces, to the feel of the material under my bare feet. When I bounce on the Cellerciser, it just makes me want me to keep bouncing. My knees didn’t hurt nor my feet or ankles. I hope to get many years out of your product.




Dear DAVE,

My research told me that a Cellerciser would be a much better rebounder. I sorted through testimonials, reports, videos, product literature; and came to the conclusion that the Cellerciser was my best choice and, on this faith alone, I ordered a half-fold model.

Out of the box there was an immediate difference in ease of opening the rebounder and simply pulling the legs up into place. I must say from the first “bounce” on my Cellerciser I was a convert from exercising to Cellercising. The product difference between less than fifty dollars and almost four-hundred dollars was immediately apparent. I felt like I just went from a “Yugo” to a “Rolls-Royce” model! The “feel” on the Cellerciser is so solid, the bounce is so smooth and rhythmic; I really look forward to my twice daily sessions. I am enthusiastic now about just where I will be physically in the next few months / years using my Cellerciser.

I am a 62-years old woman without any medical conditions, in good general health. But I am overweight and starting to feel the passive effects of aging. As a woman I have spent decades chasing the elusive “perfect figure”. At this time in my life my priorities are significantly different. I want fitness, balance, flexibility, stamina and good health! All things that the Cellerciser can help me attain and maintain. I plan on continuing to do a morning and evening routine of ten-minutes of brisk walking I jog on the Cellerciser every day.

Thank you, Mr. Hall and all the fine folks in your company, for developing such a well-made piece of exercise equipment. And, from everything I have read, your company fully stands behind your product. That was a crucial part of my purchase decision. My only regret with my recent purchase is that I did not order the bar attachment for added stability. After watching your DVD, I feel like I am missing out on the full range of movements I can achieve with my Cellerciser. But it is good to have something to look forward to!

P.S. I was so concerned about the lack of safely with my first rebounder that when I put it out with the garbage, I cut it completely apart so no one would pick it up and use it ever again!


Dear DAVE,

Absolutely I would recommend. He is an honest, kind, and very, very helpful. He knows what he’s talking about, and his Cellerciser is amazing. I had another kind a few years ago and it hung on the garage wall for a few years I am addicted to the Cellerciser- love it.

Thank you, Dave Hall, for your wisdom and kindness.


Dear DAVE,

I bought a Cellerciser on 12-28-20 to rehab myself following bypass surgery, and then gall bladder surgery and haven’t missed a single day of rebounding since it arrived. I play different pieces of music with varying beats and bounce continuously for anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour. it ‘s hard to overstate how good the body and mind feel, both during and following the daily workout.

Thank you sincerely for designing and producing an excellent piece of equipment. I’ve blown through 2 cheaper models within a few months of use but after 8 months of hard daily use the Cellerciser remains completely intact with no signs of wear at all.

If it ever does wear out I hope you’re still in business so I can replace it with another just like it…but I get the feeling this isn’t going to wear out in spite of all my effort! I’m only 78 and looking forward to many healthy years ahead…the Cellerciser is part of my “200 year plan!”

Thank you. You’ve made a difference that’s much appreciated. I am a grateful customer. Everyone on my contact list now has the link to your site. There is no hesitation in recommending your product.



Dear DAVE,

I already own a bifold … best piece of equipment ever! Haven’t missed a day in over a year since it arrived. Bouncing to music is the way to go … I’m almost 80 … I’d swear this rebounder is keeping me alive … and well! I’ll be making another purchase soon as a gift for a friend. I can’t thank you folks enough for the quality engineering design and construction of the Cellerciser. Having blown through 2 cheaper models I appreciate this one even more.


Dear DAVE,

This is a first impression of the Cellerciser. I recently purchased a Cellerciser and it arrived yesterday. After trying it I was quite surprised at its bounce. I found it jarring compared to the rebounder that I have which is made by Sundance trampolines where I live. I always thought the Sundance was a bit firm but compared to your unit it is positively spongy probably more like the bungee rebounders. The reason I got a second rebounder is the Sundance is too big, 50″ diameter and doesn’t fold, to take when traveling.  After much research I chose the Cellerciser but the two are so different. The exercises that you show on the DVD are so much easier to do on the Cellerciser because of its firmness. The Sundance excels doing high bounces and being less jarring but doing your exercises on it is very difficult. Not sure at this time what I am going to do with the Sundance rebounder. I thought I would use the Sundance at home and the Cellerciser on the road but the two are so different that is not possible.

I like very much your concept for using the rebounder. I have a video by J.D. Bern and Darren Carter which don’t interest me. L am not interested in doing that kind of aerobics on it. Yours is more meaningful workout I use to the Cellerciser as I have been using the Sundance for years. quite intend to carry on using the Cellerciser and following your workout it is going to take a bit of time to get used to the Cellerciser as I have been using the Sundance for years.


Dear DAVE,

Meeting the two of you was a high light of our trip: right up there with the Grand Canyon, I have begun to use the Cellerciser regular, it seems the time goes faster than on the rebounder. I use a five minute egg timer and sometimes it has already run out before I think to look at it.

Hope you’re both well and happy.

Best Wishes


Dear DAVE,

“In my opinion, exercising on the Cellercise® is one of the most effective ways for a person to experience optimum health at the cellular level.” – Karol K. Truman, Author of highly reviewed, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Karol K. Truman

Dear DAVE,

I want you to know how much we use and appreciate our Cellerciser. (We call it -a bouncer and what we do on it Is bounce!)-Both my husband and I use it daily. We each have a routine that takes about 15 minutes to do.   Bouncing has made an amazing difference in how we feel… and look. It is not only energizing, but it reduces stress and creates a general overall feeling of well-being.

I was a walker and usually walked 30 minutes a day. In Cleveland in the winter, this was often difficult. The Cellerciser has solve the problem. In fact, I have found that 15 to 20 minutes on the bouncer is better than my former 30 minute walk! My heart rate, respiratory rate, and muscles all get a better workout on the bouncer.

My husband and I have both lost inches using the Cellerciser. This has been quite dramatic for my husband. (He likes his beer and food!) Now he has a trim stomach and looks really great. I have always been on the slim side, but as I got older, I put on inches where I least wanted them – across the belly and on the hips.   I have reduced these areas noticeably since I have been using the rebounder. I am in clothes I thought I would never wear again!

I kept telling my sister how wonderful the Cellerciser was. She was skeptical until she came to visit me this summer. Now she has one and loves it too. In fact, she noticed weight loss within two weeks of using the rebounder. She says her stomach is the flattest it has been in years. Mind you – this is a person who has at one time or another owned every type of exercise equipment on the market. I have seen all kinds of expensive and exotic machines come and go at her house. She says the rebounder is the best piece of exercise equipment she has ever owned.

When I first saw you at the Whole Life Expo in Cleveland a year ago (fall of 1998) I knew instinctively that what you were doing on the rebounder was something I would like to do (and would be able to do). And I was right. I have never regretted purchasing our Cellerciser.   A year later we are still using it regularly because it Is easy, fun, and produces results. I have to say though, that I think the real reason we keep on using it, beyond the weight control and reduction in inches, is the way we feel when we bounce. We just feel better all over when we use the Cellerciser regularly.

Thank you for introducing me to your program for fitness and health. I look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Whole Life Expo in Cleveland.



Dear DAVE,

I bought the Cellercise® about 6 months ago. Before that I had a cheap Wal-Mart rebounder. I have noticed a lot of changes with my body. I am 50-years old and have suffered hormonal night swears and they have pretty much diminished. My knees are way stronger and pain free after certain activities I do. My entire body feels toned and strong. I have never felt this way. And I have exercised quite regularly in my life. I would highly recommend a Cellercise® for anyone wanting to improve their health and body.


Dear DAVE,

News flash: Not all rebounders are created equal. OK, you probably already know that. Anyone who has bounced on a high-quality rebounder and a cheap rebounder knows that the cheap rebounder feels more like bouncing on a cement block, and the high-quality rebounder feels much “softer” and more “gentle on the body”.

But what about the difference between different brands of high-quality rebounders? For instance, you might see some people on the web raving about the Cellerciser and some raving about the Needak. How do you choose? I wondered the same thing, and since I and one of my friends had both decided to purchase rebounders, my friend bought one kind and I bought another. I’m not going to tell you yet you bought which.

We put them next to each other, and took turns bouncing on each. We both agreed there was a difference. We both agreed which one we like better. And I, being a scientist, engineer, and Inventor couldn’t resist finding out exactly what the difference was between the two. So, I set out to do a more scientific comparison than just experiencing the feel of the two.

In many ways, the Needak and the Cellerciser appear to be of very similar construction. The taper on the springs is a little different, but when measuring the amount of vertical mat deflection with a 180-pound person standing on each, the total deflection was almost identical. Clearly this was going to require more sophisticated measurements, so I went down into my basement and unpacked some accelerometer instrumentation I used years ago in designing solar racing cars at MIT. Next, I designed a circuit to Interface the accelerometer to a data acquisition system…

With the data acquisition system hooked to a laptop computer and the accelerometer attached to my belt. I bounced some on each rebounder, adjusting my rate of bouncing and height of bouncing to be identical on each. Here are the acceleration waveforms:



Notice that for both the Needak, and Cellerciser rebounders, the peak g force is above 5gs. That means that briefly during each of these bounces, the force on my ankles, legs, back, etc. was five times the force from my normal weight. Of course, if you don’t bounce as vigorously as I was bouncing the force will be less. In any case, one quality measure of a rebounder is that it doesn’t keep your body at peak force stress for very long.

Let’s look at the acceleration profiles side-by-side.


Notice that while my body experienced a peak force of about 6gs on both the Needak and Cellerciser, the Needak had my body above 5gs for about twice as long as the Cellerciser. In this measure, the Cellerciser is significantly better.

Next let’s notice the rate at which the force on the body is ramped up on each bounce on the two rebounders:


Note that the time that it takes for your body to go from 1g to 5gs of is about twice as fast on the Needak as it is on the Cellerciser. Our bodies do not like stresses to change rapidly. Slower change is better. So, we see that in this aspect also, the Cellerciser is better for you.

Overall, the slower a rebounder can come to producing a sinusoidal acceleration waveform as you bounce, the less shock there is to your system. The Cellerciser comes significantly closer to producing a sinusoidal acceleration waveform when you bounce energetically. The less energetically you bounce, the less difference there is between the Needak and the Cellerciser, but even at a moderate-energy bounce, the difference is quite noticeable, and (as you see above) quite measurable.

So now I can tell you what I didn’t tell you to begin with. The Cellerciser feels better to bounce on. And now we can all see why! What I still haven’t told you is that when my friend and I flipped a coin to see who would buy what type of rebounder to begin with, my friend wound up buying the Cellerciser. Now I have done all this great work, and I need to get rid of my Needak and buy a Cellerciser. Anybody want a used Needak?


Dear DAVE,

I absolutely love listening to all the reasons Cellercising is so good for you. I bought a Leaps and Rebounds rebounder before I found you, but I am following your workouts. It’s amazing how good I feel!! I’m turning 65 next month and feel stronger than I have in years!


Dear DAVE,

My name is Lisa, and here is my experience so far with Covid-19 and the AMAZING tri-fold Cellerciser:

I am very overweight, much of it which happened when I suffered with long-haulers Covid. I travel full-time for my work, always flying (45+ weeks per year).

It had gotten to where I had to have wheelchair assistance for all my flights, as I would be so out of breath from even walking up the jet bridge, to where I had to sit down for 10 minutes, just to recover. I remember calling my husband from SLC one trip, when it all started, and telling him I didn’t know if I was going to make it. And I told him I don’t mean whether I’m going to make my connection or not, I meant if I was going to live or not. I eventually contacted my sister (she’s in South Carolina, and I live in Oregon).

She had, along with her Naturopath and Oncologist, researched for years and ended up curing herself of Stage 4 non-smokers lung cancer. The first thing she did was put me on a daily protocol of organic kale, and pure organic pineapple juice. I start every morning by filling up my nutribullet with the kale, pouring the pineapple juice up to the line, blending and drinking the entire jar.

Within 2 weeks, I knew I was well on the way to recovery. After a couple of months of my kale routine, and making significant progress, she then added a daily vitamin regimen, which I take with my kale concoction. After a couple of months of that, she said I needed to start rebounding.

I bought a less expensive rebounder off of Amazon, and I could literally not even jump/bounce for 30 seconds, as I was just too winded from that tiny little amount of time. Well, I kept at it, and slowly but surely, within just a couple of months, I was up to 10,000 bounces per day (rebounding 3 to 5 times a day, 2000 bounces per time).

Then came my having to start traveling for work again, and I missed my rebounding!

First, I point out these time frames, because I can’t tell you how MANY times over the DECADES I have tried to eat right, start a vitamin regimen, start a regular exercise program. I will do really well for the first week or two, and then I’ll miss a day, get back on track for couple of days, and within 2 months, it’s all over. So, my super smart sister knew this, and let me master one step, before she added another step. It’s now been at least 6 months, and although I miss a day or two here and there, I ALWAYS get back on track really quickly. I MISS it too much if I don’t!!!

So, I started researching rebounders I could travel with. I researched for at least a month, and everything ALWAYS brought be back to the Cellerciser as the best of the best, and then the real blessing, the tri-fold Cellerciser.

My prayers were answered. I ordered it just days before my weekly travel started back in earnest, it came in just days, and the rest is history. I travel with this beauty every single week and use it every single day. When I get home, I open it back up, and use it the two days I’m at home. The first time I traveled with it, I’ll admit I was a bit worried about being able to get it put together and then break it down and pack it up again. Traveling like I do, I have a routine, and adding extra time to that routine is always a challenge. Well, the first time I put it together, it took me a few minutes, and the same time when I broke it down and packed it in its case. But I did it!! Now, it’s nothing whatsoever. I pop it together is well less than a minute, and the same thing for breaking it down, and popping it back in its case. (It literally folds itself up once you fold it in half.) I lay it face down, fold the legs, stand on one side of it, and pull the other side back on itself. It is truly so easy after a few times of practice.

Lastly, I had some questions today, that I had been grappling with for a few weeks.

When I arrived at my hotel, I sat in the parking lot, and called the number for Cellercise.

Hearing and seeing David on so many YouTube videos, I knew exactly who it was when he answered. I was in awe. But I also wasn’t surprised after the TON’s of comments I had read about how he would answer or get on the phone when so many of you had called. I didn’t want to waste his valuable time, but in true David fashion, he made me slow down, asked how I was doing, and got to know me before letting me ask my questions.

It was so, so pleasant and so, so personal. He answered my questions, shared personal stories of his use of the Cellerciser, and gave me some suggestions for my program, that I’ll be adding here in just a few minutes when I finish this message.

I thanked David, not only for myself, but for how he has so positively impacted and helped the lives of so many of us.

I will never be without my Cellerciser. It is quite truly as important to me as the air I breathe.

Keep on keeping on. CELLERCISE!!!




Dear DAVE,

I purchased mine 10 years ago. But knew about Cellerciser longer than that. I had to convince myself to buy his after I went through many cheap ones. It was well worth it.


Dear DAVE,

I received my Cellerciser yesterday. Man, the quality of it is the best I love it and the springs are quiet compare to the one I had. Big! Big! Difference. It’s like night and day, I had purchased a competitor “maximuspro ” not bad but then I kept running into your website and your YouTube and was impress with the information and testimonies of your happy customers. So, I sold my rebounder after a month of use and ordered yours. It has changed my life in so many ways, I had numbness on my left foot and after just two sessions of 10 minutes issue was resolved. I sleep better, and before any weightlifting I rebound for ten minutes and my work outs are way better. It helps out with my sinus as well. I rebound 3 times a day for 10 sometimes 15 minutes. I will tell and share with friends and love ones.

Thank you so much and God bless.


Dear DAVE,

I was introduced to rebounding in 1985, and then became a Certified Reboundologist. After rebounding for many years, I started having back problems, so I discontinued my rebounding. In the last several months I decided to try rebounding again. Every time I rebounded; I would start to have lower back problems. (My rebounder was an expensive unit). I was having to go to my Chiropractor one to two times a week to get relief. This started my search for answers as to why I was having back problems when I jumped. What I found out about Cellercising it was exciting and it made sense to me. I knew I had found the right rebounder. I ordered it and started jumping right away. I am happy to say since beginning to Cellercise® I haven’t had the slightest discomfort in my back. Thank you, Dave, for making a product with integrity. I love the integrity of your company and am excited to be one of your authorized distributors promoting what I think is the best mini trampoline available on the market.


Dear DAVE,

First I want to say that Jenna is awesome. All your support people are amazing. AND, I’ve had a Cellerciser for probably I don’t know, maybe 13 -15 years. Is that possible? A tri-fold. I bought it after a cancer diagnosis when I was bouncing on another brand that popped a spring that hit me in the eye and scratched my face. They gave me a refund and I found Cellerciser!

I still have my same old tri-fold. It’s been on the airplane a few times. I just got a balance bar for it. I’ve abandoned it outside for a year in the rain and mist, and now it’s got rusty springs, but I use it daily for 20-30 minutes — plus every few hours I do a couple of 30 second bursts on it like jumping jacks or running in place hard, this helps the production of human growth hormone.

Also, about a month ago a friend was requesting on our neighborhood email list if anyone had a rebounder for sale (won’t mention the other name). I called and said no, no, don’t get that one, get a Cellerciser. And Jenna set her up with a phone call with someone who told her the benefits of the Cellerciser, and she emailed me a few days ago that she’s so happy I recommended the Cellerciser. Yay. Now if I could only get my abs to look like your 6 pack.


Dear DAVE,

I heard about rebounding and googled to get more info. Dave’s videos came up and I watched most of them. I did buy a cheaper one. I needed to save up for the Cellerciser. During Covid we received our stimulus. We received $500 for our 15yr old daughter. Thankfully my husband is still working through this pandemic so we told her she could use the money however she wished. She came to me and told me she had been praying and wants to buy the rebounder for me (my whole family uses it). I really hesitated as it was a lot of money, but she was so sure of it that I had to buy it!!! I’m so glad I did!!! We all love it and YES what a difference between the cheaper brand and the Cellerciser!!


Dear DAVE,

The Cellerciser is the real deal and it truly does offer the benefits that Dave Hall talks about!! My husband has a low functioning gall bladder and it will at times cause him much discomfort. Every morning he gets up and bounces for 15 minutes. This morning his gall bladder was causing him much discomfort, yet he still decided to bounce. Guess what?!!! The pain went away!!!!! He couldn’t believe it!! Also, his varicose veins are not as prominent!!

I have 5 children and because of that I at times will sneeze and pee (just a little and sorry for the TMI). I have been bouncing faithfully since I joined the I-jump-instead patreon which has been since the end of August and I have no issues with incontinence!!! I swear rebounding on a Cellerciser works!!!! My husband and I have used a cheap rebounder in the past and never had these results!!!!


Dear DAVE,

First week with my new Cellerciser! Cellerciser is like jumping on a cloud. Jumping on my previous rebounder is like jumping on concrete. I had no idea until I was able to compare them. No wonder my legs were in pain.


Dear DAVE,

There is a major difference in other rebounders and the Cellercise®. I had 3 different ones, with one being an urban rebounder. My back and knees hurt a lot on them. After over 18 hrs. research on rebounding and reviewing the different rebounder I got a loan to purchase the Cellercise®. I felt the benefit to my health was worth it. The cellerciser doesn’t hurt my knees or back. Best decision I ever made.


Dear DAVE,

I had ACL/meniscus repair surgery in 2017. After surgery, my old trampoline caused a lot of pain in my knee. I got rid of it and invested in my Cellerciser. I’m pain free, my knee (and whole body for that matter), is stronger. My knee is pain free when I’m on my Cellerciser. I was recently asked to jump on a regular rebounder, it was terrible! It was instantly painful on my knee. Confirmed for me that my Cellerciser is definitely superior!


Dear DAVE,

Thanks for the Cellerciser. I thought I was going to get a Cadillac, but instead, I received a Rolls Royce. I had my first 10 minutes session this morning, and it is was wonderful. It feels so much different than the Bellicon and the JumpSport I ended up sending it back. This one is definitely, a keeper; it is a serious machine, not a toy.

Thanks again,


Dear DAVE,

This is one HIGH quality rebounder. I have been doing the David Hall 10 minute workout for about a week and the benefits are amazing. I can say I am more than happy I purchased this product. Two of my friends also purchased one on my recommendation. The G force on the Cellerciser is WAY better than any other rebounder I have owned or used. That makes a big difference in the results.


Dear DAVE,

It’s been over 6 months since we purchased our Cellerciser. More than enough time has gone by to really know this product. Honestly, it is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever invested in (I own and regularly use a Pilates machine, a Schwinn exercise bike, a Nordic Track, Ab Rocket, Perfect Push-Up, Free Weights and work out bench, Dip Bar, Chin Up Bar, etc.)

The Cellerciser is used every day by my family, unlike the other equipment. We love it!! The Cellerciser is fun to use, and easy to use, unlike some of the other equipment that we own. The overall health of each one of us has improved. We all look better and feel better. We even have fewer colds now!

Although one of my children was highly skeptical in the beginning when we first purchased it, he now acknowledges that the Cellerciser was worth every penny.

The Cellerciser is additionally easy to assemble, easy to transport, and easy to store. And, the customer support was fantastic.

We are grateful to God that we made this purchase and that it has worked out so fabulously for each member of our family and wanted to thank you for a absolutely terrific, high quality product that has made such a positive difference in the life of each member of our household (two parents in their S0’s, and three kids in their early 20’s).

Thank you!!


Mrs. G

Dear DAVE,

I’ve been a rebounder for more than 16 years and have been through ALL the various rebounders. I now own two of Dave’s Cellercisers (one at each home) and they are simply the best! I use one at least once, sometimes twice, a day.


Dear DAVE,

I’ve been using a rebounder as my exercise regime since 2004. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was wanting to upgrade my previous rebounder, thinking it would help the pain that had developed in my ankles. Because of delays in shipping, etc., my order (from Bellicon) had stalled, and I had just sold my other rebounder (another Bellicon) in hopes of not losing any time away from my rebounding … that didn’t work out so well as I was ultimately without a rebounder for 11 (agonizing) days. While remaining positive I would get a “shipped” notice from Bellicon, I was looking around online for new routines, and that’s when I came across Dave Hall and his Cellerciser. I was fascinated with his examples of strength, his passion for promoting good health, his amazing body, and his integrity to stand behind the fabrication of his rebounder. Within 45 minutes, I had chatted with someone at Cellerciser, and when she said, “if you order it today, there’s a good chance it will be shipped today”, I was sold! I canceled my order with the other company, and within a few days, I had my new rebounder. What a difference, in everything! The bounce, the approach to the various exercises, and the results.

Thanks, Dave, for ALL you are and what you do, for everyone!


Dear DAVE,

I have been rebounding for many years and wanted a new one, after much investigation I discovered the two most expensive, The Cellerciser and the Bellicon rebounder, the Bellicon was much more expensive so I bought it , thinking it should be the best.

No way, it’s worse than anything else I have tried, it immediately hurt my feet, specifically my arches, because it made my feet pronate inwards. I tried many variations of bouncing, barefoot, anti-pronating runners, etc. no luck, still hurt me. The bungees also frayed after one week (it costs $75 to replace the bungees), the sellers said I needed the extra strong bungees, still no difference. So, next I bought the Cellerciser, this one was perfect it had a nice soft bounce but not too deep, and the pad moved downwards with my feet, rather than tilting into the center. I can easily jog or bounce high or low, because the pad seems to adjust to the exercise, it’s the best.

Many thanks.


Dear DAVE,

It was great to communicate with you this morning. I appreciate the Cellerciser information sent directly to my friend who needed it. Here is my experience with the Cellerciser rebounder and how I am able to see others reaction to my experience. I purchased a Cellerciser in fall of 2016 upon the recommendation of a friend. After a simple set up and use a little while before vacation and a surgery, I was able to slowly integrate its use into my rehabilitative exercises. Its use and duration increased quickly assisting a gentle but effective recovery. I took the Cellerciser with me during the holidays to use and share with family and friends. My goal was to leave it as a gift if it was enjoyed and useful to their exercise desires. It was and I did donate it to the household as everyone enjoyed it, especially my 4 year old Grand Niece. So cute and I admire the excess energy. The other visiting children were so interested, I had to time them for one minute each so everyone had a turn at fun. I ordered another one before returning home so time without a Cellerciser would be at a minimum.

Dropping by a friend’s home, I noticed a rebounder of the same size from a local commercial Sports store. After jumping for a minute, the difference between the two is amazing. It was stiff with greater impact on joints, especially the back compared with the Cellerciser. The quality of tramp bed itself and flexibility in the springs could not approach the performance of the Cellerciser Rebounder. I am very happy to have shared a Rebounder with family and expect one for me to be arriving shortly. Thank you for a great product and I am still spreading the word.


Dear DAVE,

I joined in the spring during Covid. I purchased a B Bounder from the Shopping Channel, but I didn’t like the bounce. I sold it and bought two used Cellercisers on Facebook! I will be taking one to my condo in Mexico to leave there as I spend 6 months in London, Ontario and 6 months near Huatulco, Mexico. I am looking forward to bouncing on my balcony, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of pics! I love the exhilaration of Cellercising. According to Fitbit, my cardio is now in the Excellent range for women of my age.


Dear DAVE,

I am a Master Herbalist student at Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. Through this education I have learned the importance of rebounding. I have a $35.00 mini trampoline and I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE A DIFFERENCE in other mini trampoline/rebounders. Low and behold my Cellercisers arrived yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to jump on. Of course, before doing so, I wanted to test the difference, so I rolled out my $35 model and gave it a go. About 2 minutes in, I jumped on the Cellerciser and HOLY SMOKES – I was at a loss for words!

Unbelievable difference between the two. It felt like I had gone from jumping on a bag rocks, to jumping on a marshmallow. Now, I look forward to rebounding every day.

Thank you very much and I just had to share this 😉

With kind regards,


Dear DAVE,

I wanted you to know how much we like your Cellerciser rebounder. We just purchased our second one. My sister took our first one with her recently when she moved to Costa Rica, In the meantime she ordered a different brand for us, I think “Rebound” on “Reboundair”. It looks very similar to yours, but I was not satisfied with the texture of the mat. It sinks in the middle, making the various exercises difficult or dangerous. I can’t use it. It was a big relief to receive yours. We use it every day.

Thank You!


Dear DAVE,

Love my new Cellerciser!! Have had it for couple weeks now. I have had a mini rebounder for years. The benefits are truly amazing! This one is definitely the best of the best!! Watch your videos over and over!!


Dear DAVE,

Almost every day! My wife and I rebound almost every day. I rebound 10 minutes and get that out of the way. Everything else is extra. Sometimes, I do 15 total. The best advice I would give to anyone, is to purchase your Cellerciser and just keep jumping! You will get results! Start slow and build your time.

Give your body a chance to catch up with your new exercise machine. You know, NASA says it’s one of the best ways to exercise! I have found that the Cellerciser is the difference maker! I have had one of the cheaper ones from a big-box store, it was not satisfactory. I sold it in the garage sale that summer. The Cellerciser is totally different.



Dear DAVE,

I purchased a cellerciser a few weeks ago and have been using it every day for about 10 days. Prior to this I have used some form of rebounder since the early 90’s. I had one cellerciser previously but wound up giving it away – can’t remember why. I always had good results in firming and toning with rebounders – some success with weight loss, too. About four years ago I decided I needed a really soft bounce. Had previously tried a Bellicon – worst experience I ever had -sore hips, legs and feet. Got rid of it immediately. What I have been using for the past four years is a “therapeutic” rebounder made by a company called Sundance. They make regular trampolines and rebounders for home use (there really is a point to this long e-mail). I noticed that I did not get the same toning results with the Sundance and forget about any weight loss. It was made with very long, springs. When I started using the new cellerciser, and even though it has only been 10 days, I am seeing amazing results. I can literally see the fat coming off my waist and belly. My legs are much more toned than they have been in four years.


Dear DAVE,

When we spoke a few weeks ago I told you I was contemplating purchasing your Cellercise® from BounceWell and asked how it would compare with my Needak. You said I might not notice a difference but then again, I might. I have used it faithfully for about 10 days and I can tell you I do see a difference. No more pain, the bounce is definitely softer and easier on my neck and back. It’s a great rebounder.


Dear DAVE,

I’ve been using my Cellerciser for a few days now and I absolutely love it and feel very pleased to have made the investment in it, I’m struggling with a lot of stress incontinence, trying to tighten the pelvic floor while Cellercising, hope this can start to improve soon. I’m mainly interested in jumping up and down/dancing to music and getting into rhythm. After about 6 minutes on the Cellerciser my body feels like it has come alive, full of rhythm, wanting to move, my body feels full of pleasure with the movement and the feeling of vitality. I feel like it’s getting me fitter quicker than the Bellicon which I have used every day for the past year.

The result I have noticed most is the lovely firmness and tone in my arms, I enjoy looking at them and feel good wearing clothes that show my arms.



Dear DAVE,

Can I really get fit in just 10 minutes a day?!


I have seen the results myself. David Hall (inventor of the Cellerciser) has an incredibly lean and muscular body. And says he doesn’t lift weights… just bounces… 10 minutes a day!

This April I have the fortune to be working a Jon Cotton’s booth at the Whole Life Expo, and we were across the path from David Hall. David was bouncing ALL DAY with maybe an hour break max! We were amazed! At the end of the day I decided to check out his product for myself. I got on his rebounder (Cellerciser) and noted immediately that what he had been saying all day was in fact true. That this was a far superior product to anything I had seen before. We have a $300+ rebounder at home and when I got back to it on Monday, I was ready to throw it out, give it away, and but the Cellerciser. I’m not in the retailing business, but I was so impressed with the quality and integrity of this product that I immediately contacted David Hall about being a rep.


Dear DAVE,

I was looking to replace another rebounder that I had purchased many years ago. As I looked at all the options on the market today, I decided on the Cellerciser, and I’m very happy with my decision. It is very sturdy and although the unit has springs, it is surprisingly quiet when in use. I’m delighted with my purchase.


Dear DAVE,

About 12 years ago, I was faced with a death sentence. Doctors said there was nothing left they could do and there was no hope left for me. I looked and felt like twice my age! As a result, I was forced into an early retirement looking for ways to stay ALIVE! I was not ready to leave this planet at the age of only 53 years old.

In my research, I learned that moving the lymphatic system was key to healing. So, I looked for the best ways to move the lymph along with changing my diet and lifestyle habits. There were studies stating how Rebounding was the best way to move the lymph. Since I had medical bills, I could only buy a CHEAP REBOUNDER. After using it for a while, I felt WORSE and it caused even MORE health issues! I thought Rebounding was not for me!

Yet articles from experts kept ‘appearing’ for me to read everywhere that talked about the healing effects of Rebounding. Therefore, it was obvious that I had to search for another Rebounder and hope it would help heal instead of hurting me this time. I tried various re bounders over the months to see & feel the differences in them so I could pick the right one this time which I was willing pay whatever price to just to get the best one! After much experimentation & more research, I chose the Cellerciser and ordered it immediately.

The Cellerciser arrived quickly yet I was scared to use it! I remembered feeling horrible after using the CHEAP rebounder. Plus, more time had passed of not moving the lymph, so I had more aches & pains, more bone & muscle loss, more labored breathing, and weighed only 76 pounds! The Cellerciser set up easily despite being so weak. The challenge was to finally get back on a Rebounder again. It was good that I had ordered the Cellerciser with a Balance Bar as it gave me confidence to climb on it & the support I needed to do some movement with less anxiety!

I played MUSIC to help motivate me to MOVE since it makes me happy. I began to slowly move my body doing just a ‘bounce’ to the music. It FELT GOOD and NOTHING LIKE THE CHEAP REBOUNDER did! There were no rules that I could find on how to use the rebounder, so I made up my own. It is a tool to move the lymph. I just needed to figure a way to MOVE my sick body in ANY way possible. For me it had to be fun and not boring! After about 5 minutes, I was DANCING that I hadn’t done in years.

Now after 9 years of Cellerciser ‘dancing’ I have a better quality of life! EACH YEAR I FEEL YOUNGER & HEALTIDER instead of OLDER & SICKER as in the past!

In June I tum 65! Because I LEARNED HOW TO MOVE THE LYMPH SYSTEM naturally using my Cellerciser, my health issues are more manageable. I feel physically have more energy, mentally have decreased brain fog & emotionally have eliminated depression. The Cellerciser is an astonishing piece of apparatus that assisted in creating miracles in my health as part of my new lifestyle and helped me live long past the few months that doctors predicted 12 years ago!

Thank you, Dave, for designing the best rebounder that gives me hope instead of fear to stay on my healing journey!


Dear DAVE,

Talk about money well spent, what better than making a small investment on one’s own body, Let’s put it this way- have you ever seen a Hearst pulling a U-Haul? So, we better realize our body needs to be appreciated! I felt awful, I thought I was in early stage of Alzheimer’s, my body felt sluggish, and my mind matched. I was truly worried about my health, afraid to take all the pills the Doctor suggested, and they wanted to give me cortisone shots into my joints to remove the pain I was in. I had put on 30lbs since I had not been able to exercise or walk as I was able in the past. I have just made 60 and I felt like I was 200. When my trust -worthy Acupuncturist, Chantelle, introduced me to my Cellerciser, I believe it has made such a impact on my quality of life, It has amazed my family and friends. I believe everyone should have one. It is a life-saver. If I can do it, anyone can. I look forward to using it. I never had this experience with a piece of exercise equipment. I have several conditions that should not allow me to exercise, but with the Cellerciser I am able to continue enjoying quality of life. Between Acupuncture and my Cellerciser I wake up each day, excited about what the day will bring my way. I suggest to everyone to invest in yourself. Your worth it.


Dear DAVE,

We were in Hawaii and sought out buying a rebounder by searching on YouTube (our dad and gramma used them as we were kids). There was a video comparing all rebounders and this one had better things to say about the CC over the other units, so we ordered two! This was January 2016. Jerry was super friendly, and we fell in love with the DVD’s and the whole concept immediately.

It took us 1.5 years to work out all the kinks in our minds (mental blocks) and our bodies (physical blocks) and finally became consistent in mid-2017. We’ve never looked back!


Dear DAVE,

I thought about purchasing a cheaper rebounder. I looked around, and found some reviews, and lucky for me, I decided to purchase the Cellerciser! It came fully assembled, and I started right away! I noticed it would lower my blood sugar 30-60, back into a normal range, when I would rebound after I ate stuff diabetics shouldn’t eat in the first place!!! lot. I am grateful that it has helped me control my diabetes, because it’s not always easy to go to the gym, or a long walk after a good meal. 10 minutes and I’ve got a full body workout blood sugar level eliminator!

Thanks Dave!


Dear DAVE,

Just wanted you to know how much your Cellerciser has meant to me and my family. Before we purchased your Cellerciser, we accumulated a nice collection of other exercise machines. We have the “Power walker”, the CardioGlide, the Stationary bike, and some others that I’m almost too embarrassed to mention. Needless to say, we never used them much, and we don’t even think about them anymore. (They did make good clothes hangers, I think I heard that _one from you, but it’s true) Well when I went to that Chicago Health Expo and saw that guy (David) jumping like a kid and having fun and saw what kind of shape he was in, I said, “If he can look that good by just jumping on that thing I gotta have it!

David it’s been everything you said it would be and more. We keep it right in our TV Room and my wife and I and my 3 boys all jump on it daily.

One of the things that I really like about it is even if I don’t feel so motivated some days, when I get on it and just start with the “health bounce”, before you know it I just get going and 10 or 15 minutes just fly by.

I love the feeling of strength and balance I feel in my legs and body. I really can’t say enough about how much me, and my family love this Cellerciser.

(Believe it or not my 7 year old is jumping right at this moment) Thanks again David for your great contribution and your enthusiasm toward great health.



Dear DAVE,

I want to comment your associate “Jerry.” Over about a 10 day period I made numerous calls to your company asking questions about your product and how it compared to others. Jerry was always patient, polite, professional, and best of all, very informative about Cellerciser advantages.

I have been rebounding for 2 years on low-cost “hard bounce” rebounders marketed under the “Stamina” name brand. They can be found at Walmart and other outlets. I burned through 3 of them, along with one replacement mat/pad. They last at most 6 months before they are unsafe to use for a 200+ lb. person. I jog in place almost daily for 45 to 60 minutes as a normal aerobic rebounder routine. So, clearly, a cheap rebounder is for limited use by lightweight people.

STITCHING: Low-cost rebounders cannot last long despite light use by light people. Jerry helped me understand why. The stitching is nylon – an inflexible material that if stretched and stressed too much will simply break. Cheap rebounders all use nylon stitching. The rebounders I have been using have 7 rows of nylon stitching to secure the “bullhorn” loops to the mat. I was very surprised to discover in my product investigations that the same nylon stitching material that fails so quickly is featured on the Needak website. It is featured there as a selling point. Needak features 8 rows of the same sure-to-fail nylon stitching as the $20 rebounders that I was destroying via normal daily use.

MY EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Add the spring failure to the eventual pulling away from the mat of one “bullhorn” securing loops after another – due to the ever-breaking nylon stitching, and you have the potential for real injury. As the stitching keeps pulling apart, the loops pull completely away from the mat, the surviving springs become completely useless, and the rebounder becomes too unsafe to use even for the bravest. I decided about 5 weeks ago, “No more cheap rebounders! I need one that endures NO MATTER WHAT I PUT IT THROUGH! I need a SAFE one NO MATTER WHAT PUNISHMENT I HAMMER TO IT!  And I do want one that folds up for TRAVEL!”

I got online, I look carefully at Needak, Urban Rebounder, all “Stamina” rebounder products – trying to find a cheap, yet superior one they might offer, and at Cellerciser before making my next rebounder purchase. I made telephone calls to ask questions. Stamina did not even know what their stitching was made of, but told me it was on all that they offered. I thought that maybe the cheapest ones used cotton thread. This would explain the fast failure of the stitching. I thought that nylon having seen that Needak touted this, might be better than the “cotton” that the cheap rebounders I was buying must be using. I burned a piece of frazzled, failed stitching from the wreck of my final low-cost rebounder. It melted and beaded up just like a nylon cord does when one bums it to stop it from fraying. That is when I knew Jerry was right – The stitching that fails on other rebounders is nylon. This is exactly what stitching had repeatedly kept failing on my $20 rebounders! I had to say, “No” to Needaks entire product line.

HARD BOUNCE: Jerry let me know about long-term dangers to the “hard bounce” of low-cost

rebounders. I had to admit to a certain amount of knee area soreness from time to time after a session of what I now think of as “serious aerobic stitch-and-spring snapping” on my cheap 6-month rebounder. I told Cellercisers Jerry that I like the hard-bounce feel — not a “big up, up and away” trampoline feel. Jerry assured me that the softer bounce was not extreme, would provide a pleasing workout experience, and that I would benefit in terms of long-term comfortable aerobic exercise.

I have indeed found a big advantage – my aerobic jog-in-place workouts are not only more comfortable, but the softer bounce is more like running on grass or in sand. It has always been a little harder for me to run on grass or sand than on hard surfaces. I am getting BETTER aerobic workouts on the Cellerciser due to the softer bounce! The hard bounce rebounders give more of a “running on pavement!’ feel. I see now that this has required LONGER workout time to get a same aerobic benefit than softer bounce jogging now gives me on the Cellerciser! Also, I feel no knee aches from the Cellerciser. Intuitively, I sense that I will experience less joint and/or tendon damage from Cellerciser use than I was experiencing after each jog on my short-lived “hard bounce” units.

I purchased the Cellerciser Tri-fold kit with all the bells and whistles. Jerry is the consummate salesperson. It was all about making me feel comfortable and free to call Cellerciser back at any time. It was all about, “go see and compare and call me back with more questions.” It was all about good, factual, hard-reality facts about the advantages of Cellerciser. Jerry provided in-depth information about the Cellercisers superior materials and innovations. He gave frank product information about a quarter-fold product currently on the market, stitching qualities, and the shortcomings of various common spring types when I insisted on fine-point comparisons. I DID appreciate his doing me a BIG favor by “closing the door” on inferior product choices I was considering. I checked out everything he told me and found it to be true in every case where public information could be found. Jerry also pointed out the added value of the stabilizing bar-something I thought was “wussy” but am now very glad to have with my Tri-fold.

Due to Jerry’s knowledgeable sales professionalism with its very high “value for the customer” accent I must declare that I am very happy to own and use my Tri-fold Cellercise with more enjoyment than I anticipated. I use it daily with confidence. I have even found new, creative exercises of my own that the stabilizer bar enables me to invent and execute.



Dear DAVE,

I have a Cellerciser, Bellicon and JumpSport rebounder. For the last year, I’ve been using only the Bellicon and JumpSport. Recently, I got back on my Cellerciser and my body said: “What took you so long!!” I immediately realized what I had been missing.



Dear DAVE,

Received my Cellerciser on Thursday, (the first day of my expected delivery date range!) and was rebounding that night. Since I’ve been rebounding on a bungee-based model for the last three years, my body is already used to the movement. The problem was, I’d been trying to do David’s exercises on it the whole time without the same springy energy on the return or matt tension which is a comfortable flexible firmness! I rebound barefoot and my feet love it! It is hard to describe! I do NOT feel my brain hitting my skull like with my first spring-based model. I LOVE the Cellerciser. I had hit a plateau as far as weight loss was concerned. My Scales moved on Saturday!! I feel like things are flowing again. In a good way. I love that I can jog on this and do all of David’s exercises effectively. The matt surface is actually bigger than my bungee model. I just feel more going on in my body than with the other rebounder. NO pronating going on, either. I do FEEL, in my body, after I’ve done my 10 minutes that I am DONE for the day and can mark exercise off of my list. I have not heard even one squeak on it either, and it’s been 6 days thus far, and I’ve been giving it a workout. I have been super-productive at work, too! Mental clarity, spring in my step, completing task after task, super organized. And sleeping really well! If this is just after 6 days, I can’t wait to see what another 30 does for me! I took before pictures and measurements, too! Will post an updated review when I have measurable results that are visible to the eye. I was afraid I’d be sorry to have spent $$ on another rebounder when I already had one, but I am SO glad I did. On the bungee based model, trying to jog was exhausting and unfulfilling. This just feels good! It is the newest model with the black carry bag, etc. I’ll keep the other one for bouncing-only in another room, but for my main workout space and allotted exercise time, the Cellerciser is the one!!


Dear DAVE,

Received my Cellerciser on Thursday, (the first day of my expected delivery date range!) and was rebounding that night. Since I’ve been rebounding on a bungee-based model for the last three years, my body is already used to the movement. The problem was, I’d been trying to do David’s exercises on it the whole time without the same springy energy on the return or matt tension which is a comfortable flexible firmness! I rebound barefoot and my feet love it! It is hard to describe! I do NOT feel my brain hitting my skull like with my first spring-based model. I LOVE the Cellerciser. I had hit a plateau as far as weight loss was concerned. My Scales moved on Saturday!! I feel like things are flowing again. In a good way. I love that I can jog on this and do all of David’s exercises effectively. The matt surface is actually bigger than my bungee model. I just feel more going on in my body than with the other rebounder. NO pronating going on, either. I do FEEL, in my body, after I’ve done my 10 minutes that I am DONE for the day and can mark exercise off of my list. I have not heard even one squeak on it either, and it’s been 6 days thus far, and I’ve been giving it a workout. I have been super-productive at work, too! Mental clarity, spring in my step, completing task after task, super organized. And sleeping really well! If this is just after 6 days, I can’t wait to see what another 30 does for me! I took before pictures and measurements, too! Will post an updated review when I have measurable results that are visible to the eye. I was afraid I’d be sorry to have spent $$ on another rebounder when I already had one, but I am SO glad I did. On the bungee-based model, trying to jog was exhausting and unfulfilling. This just feels good!! It is the newest model with the black carry bag, etc. I’ll keep the other one for bouncing-only in another room, but for my main workout space and allotted exercise time, the Cellerciser is the One!!


Dear DAVE,

“I have one in every one of my homes. I even took one to Asia for a month of traveling. If you want to take your health and well-being to another level, get a Cellercise®.” – T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 NY Times bestselling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

T. Harv Eker

Dear DAVE,

Well I started rebounding a few months ago, did it for about 6 weeks. Was loving it!! I was using a Walmart special, so I started searching for a better one. And in fact, my knees were starting to hurt using the cheap one … after I read your site …. l stopped using the cheap one and got me a Cellerciser, but I have a complaint. My problem is that when I am doing my daily, well thought out routine, I always want to do more!! I have to stop myself because I know from years of experience that any workout routine has to be eased into. But l Love this thing! I have already told a bunch of people why they should be doing this. After yesterday’s workout it felt like I have done pushups and I didn’t. Anyhow, I believe strongly in the benefits from this and I am always the guy that buys quality stuff. Hate stuff that is made cheap on purpose.

Thanks a bunch, and stay happy


Dear DAVE,

I had heard how good rebounding is for you, so I started researching. Somehow, I came across a video talking about the Cellerciser … I looked for anything I could find about it online. After many hours of research, I was convinced Cellerciser was the right one for me! So, I made my purchase in March of2019 and love it! I use it every day … only missed maybe 10 days since I have bad it.

After I got it, my mom was staying with me. She had sciatic pain. I bad her bounce a few different times before she left to go back home. She couldn’t believe how much better she felt. She decided she needed one! So, she got one in April 2019. My sister ended up buying one this past winter … she also loves hers.


Dear DAVE,

I have acquired a Cellercise® unit within the last year and was astonished. What I have experienced was like no other machine or exercise process that I have become accustomed to using. It occurred to me later on, that this unit regulated every possible movement of your body. For instance, I was able to walk (back problem) further than usual. My bowel movement was better regulated. My appetite stems to be more consistent. I feel more energized and could measure my output. But most importantly, my blood pressure stabilized.

I had to thank Mr. David Hall for my new lease on life.


Dear DAVE,

I am looking forward to your Cellerciser as I’ve been looking into studying the lymphatic system and was directed by Dr. Robert 0. Young and his work on the blood cells, so I was quite intrigued that you went that way in promoting Cellercising.

I have been sharing this knowledge with my sister and her whole family, husband and 3 kids who need a major health kick.

I too purchased an AUS$60 rebounder from the local sporting store and yes, only bounced on it once before it went into storage. I became quite disillusioned by all the claims in the market and am hoping that Cellerciser will surpass my expectations.

My sister seems convinced by the testimonies I’ve shared and is even planning on purchasing one from you as well (she was hesitant at the cost and shipping of the unit) however I have purposely pulled the old rebounder out of storage (and will keep it) as a reminder and for friends and family to experience the difference in quality of experience. So, if all goes well, you’ll be receiving further orders for the professional tri-fold.

I am grateful to finally find the missing link in longevity in not only health but also a complement to my levels of physical fitness and conditioning. Having spent years working on the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system – I will experience a paradigm shift in exercising the lymphatic system and all the trillions of cells in my body. How amazing is that!

I am excited about how it will bolster my immune system and every major organ, postural muscles and improve the body’s ability to quickly heal itself. As an avid practitioner of Pilates, gyro tonics, martial arts, Latin American dancing, kettlebell training, club bells and CST, gymnastics and the many exercise tools that expediate that ability to flow and express through movement, I am pleased to know that Cellercising is fundamentally a change in the bodies composition at a cellular level and the understanding that we are only as healthy as our cells (and what they are bathed in) makes for a compelling reason to place ‘Cellercising’ at the front of any exercise program as an absolute must and minimum for health and longevity and the integrity of the bodies harmonious system.

I admire pioneers like yourself who move forward courageously and boldly to trace a path few others dare to go.



Dear DAVE,

Before the NordicTrack corporate bankruptcy a few years ago, I was a rising star in the company; I broke sales record after sales record, and I thrilled to go to work each and every day. I loved to SELL their equipment, but I also hated to USE it! Exercise on my NordicTrack equipment was just plain boring-and hard work. I own three different pieces of NordicTrack equipment-all of it has been collecting dust.

Throughout my life, I have battled with fatigue and depression. Historically, I have made few friends outside of work because I have always been too TIRED to do anything after hours-new friends soon quit calling-and a romantic relationship seemed like an impossible goal. Last fall, I finally sought the advice of a nutritional counselor. With his advice, I drastically improved my diet and I began an excellent supplement program. Still, I found that I had only enough energy to make it through my workday, drive the hour home, eat dinner, then crash in bed, only to get up the next morning and start the cycle all over again. My massage therapist said that my adrenals were “shot.” A naturopathic physician told me that I needed to improve my “life force.”

In April 2003, I discovered that I am gluten intolerant. For the first time I began to understand how gluten had ravaged my body-and STOLE my LIFE! Considered a genetic autoimmune disease, gluten caused my body to attack its small intestine so it cannot absorb its nutrients properly-and the lack of nutrients in my body’s cells caused my energy to become quickly depleted. To add insult to injury, gluten also formed a powerful toxin that made my brain swell, clouded my thinking, formed a cyst in my body, and made me depressed. Beginning a gluten-free diet was a monumental improvement!

The next piece of the health puzzle was purchasing and using my Cellerciser. With only TWO WEEKS of daily use, my energy DRAMTICALLY improved-just as you promised. In fact, I soon found that if I “Cellercise” too late in the day, I often have to walk a couple of miles to rid myself of EXCESS energy-just so that I can fall asleep! “Cellercise” has also given me a healthy outlet for stress in my life. I now crave the “buzz,” much like I used to crave sugar and caffeine for the same effect.

When I began, I could use “Cellercise” no more than two minutes at time–even then, I thought my internal organs would drop to the floor! Now I enjoy my Cellerciser so much that I often spend 20 or more minutes in a single session. I have recently begun a serious fat-burning routine on my Cellerciser; my body literally changes from day-to-day. In the last couple of weeks EVERYONE has noticed my brighter aura, smaller size, and improved shape. Everyone who knows me marvels at my transformation. Even the cashiers at the local grocery store are asking to be let in on the “secret.”

My Cellerciser is definitely one of the BEST investments that I have ever made! My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. I am 48 years old. The way things are going, I will soon have a better body than I did when I was 28!

Enthusiastically yours,


Dear DAVE,

Good morning! I received my ½ fold Cellerciser today, and I love it. Years ago, I had a Reboundair model and this one is so much nicer. That one was, although a sturdy, quality product – bulkier and very hard to open/close with one person (it had a dangerous tendency to snap shut with some force). It also squeaked noisily from day one.

Fast forward to today- here I am very out of shape, although I have been building up stamina over the last six weeks with dally cardio and light weight training sessions. I set it up quickly by myself then spent 1O minutes doing baby bounce and side to side hip rocks while watching your DVD. It was quiet so I had no trouble hearing the video. I was sweating profusely within four minutes. Wow l I normally don’t sweat until 20 minutes into my cardio sessions. I’m also glad I bought the balance bar. I never used one previously, but I was glad to have it there today as my legs were a little shaky after the ten minutes.

Now, I do have a question. This metal washer slid out of the shipping box when I pulled the foam out. I’m not sure if it belongs somewhere on the unit or not. Kindly advise.

Thank you!


Dear DAVE,

It’s me Wanda (from MO). Wanted to let you know that the Cellerciser has been a great way to workout (I’m 55) and my daughter (who is a 400m Sprinter in High School). We use it daily. Don’t have to make an effort to drive to the gym 3x a week. My daughter Dayna has used it more than I have. It keeps her legs nice and strong and she’s able to stay in shape when the weather is “crappy” or during the off season. I recently saw my son (16-year-old football player) bouncing on it – he has noticed that his sister and I get a great workout and the workout can be more challenging than it looks. He thought the jumping Up & Down was super easy.

I originally owned a Bellicon – I had to stop using the Bellicon because my ankles would hurt after jumping on it – didn’t realize that while jumping on the Bellicon my ankles (particularly my left ankle) would pronate. Unfortunately, I ended up at the Podiatrist office because my left ankle was swollen and painful. Had to wear a brace on my foot just to walk the dog for months. The podiatrist sent me to physical therapy to strengthen my ankles. FINALLY, I no longer have to wear the brace.

Because I enjoyed the results of jumping, I continued to do my research. That’s when I decided to try The Cellerciser and have been a fan ever since. It’s been about a year since I’ve owned mine and it is one for the best purchases I’ve ever made. Love it! Love it!

This is one SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanda & Dayna

Dear DAVE,

I had a Maximus pro rebounder and my knees and back were starting to hurt. My Cellerciser came today and oh my land what a difference, it is so much more sturdy, better quality, and so easy to jump on than the other one I had, the material is amazing.


Dear DAVE,

I had a knee scrapping (broken cartilage pieces around my kneecap) removed and shaved to smooth. So, after recuperating, my workouts had to change. I was a lover of Insanity by Shaun T. Lots of jumping. But the Dr. said not for me. No running either. So, I research the best way for me to cross train without the hard impact on my knee. I watched a YouTube video on how good of a cardio workout you can get from a mini trampoline. So, I bought one for $50 at Walmart. Big mistake. I had such a hard time assembling it(bands), I gave up and went back to YouTube. I found a review of David Hall’s Rebounder. Yes, an appropriate name for an adult tramp. When I heard how important it was to use a quality tramp, so you do not hurt yourself, mainly your back, I looked at the piece of crap I bought in Walmart and immediately returned it. Though I found the Cellerciser a little pricey, in good faith, I trust the creator of this great product and the quality in it. I love this thing. It’s mine. I don’t allow the grand kids to use it so they understand it’s my toy. The benefits are incredible. I feel tightness in my core. I love feeling light on my feet. And my greatest achievement is the 291 cholesterol is now 229. That’s why I need the cardio aspect. No damage to my knee. Yay!!! I’ll never stop.

Thank you David Hall and God Bless You and Yours,