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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.



Dear DAVE,

My husband researched and then bought us a Cellerciser a few years ago. I did it inconsistently for a while but now I hardly ever miss a day! When I had to go stay with my daughter for an extended period of time my husband bought me the travel Cellerciser.

My daughter now has one too and she is enjoying it.


Dear DAVE,

Let me preface by saying that I have been doing daily push-ups since high school. I am now 47. Anytime I would skip doing push-ups for five days or more, I would lose a significant amount of muscle mass. That’s just how it’s always been.

I had used my Cellerciser probably I0-15 times after I first purchased it before I pinched a nerve in my neck. Subsequently, I wasn’t able to do any physical activity for three and a half months. In fact, for the first ten nights, I slept on a chair, held in perfect position by pillows, not moving an inch all night.

I noticed, after a week, it seemed that I hadn’t lost any muscle mass, although I hadn’t done anything physical at all. At the end of my three-and-a-half months of no exercise, I had lost a moderate amount of muscle mass. It was probably the amount I would have lost after 5 days before my Cellerciser! Also remarkable was that I gained my muscle mass back very quickly when I resumed my push-ups and Cellercising.

This led me to another discovery. Normally, I would be sore the day after doing an 80 push-up set. I decided that I would try Cellercising after my push-ups. The next day, I noticed that I wasn’t sore. That night, I did two sets of push-ups with 5 minutes of Cellercising after each set. The next day, I experienced no soreness, and only felt stronger. My guess is that the Cellerciser was probably moving the lactic acid out of my muscles.

All I know is that I love my Cellerciser! I have used it every day for a year-and-a-half now. Every time I go out of town, it is opened up and ready to go in my hotel room. I feel great using it to start my morning, even if it’s only for 2-5 or 10 minutes. Every night, I am on it for 10-45 minutes, depending on how interesting the news is to me that night!

Thank you, David for an important addition to my health, physical condition, and quality of life.


Dear DAVE,

I joined in the spring during Covid. I purchased a B Bounder from the Shopping Channel, but I didn’t like the bounce. I sold it and bought two used Cellercisers on Facebook! I will be taking one to my condo in Mexico to leave there as I spend 6 months in London, Ontario and 6 months near Huatulco, Mexico. I am looking forward to bouncing on my balcony, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of pics! I love the exhilaration of Cellercising. According to Fitbit, my cardio is now in the Excellent range for women of my age.


Dear DAVE,

My husband requested his own Cellerciser for his birthday so that he can continue to bounce when I travel. We’ve just set it up today and I’ve been bouncing between the two this afternoon 🙂 I feel like a kid on a moonwalk carnival ride!


Dear DAVE,

It’s been over 6 months since we purchased our Cellerciser. More than enough time has gone by to really know this product. Honestly, it is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever invested in (I own and regularly use a Pilates machine, a Schwinn exercise bike, a Nordic Track, Ab Rocket, Perfect Push-Up, Free Weights and work out bench, Dip Bar, Chin Up Bar, etc.)

The Cellerciser is used every day by my family, unlike the other equipment. We love it!! The Cellerciser is fun to use, and easy to use, unlike some of the other equipment that we own. The overall health of each one of us has improved. We all look better and feel better. We even have fewer colds now!

Although one of my children was highly skeptical in the beginning when we first purchased it, he now acknowledges that the Cellerciser was worth every penny.

The Cellerciser is additionally easy to assemble, easy to transport, and easy to store. And, the customer support was fantastic.

We are grateful to God that we made this purchase and that it has worked out so fabulously for each member of our family and wanted to thank you for a absolutely terrific, high quality product that has made such a positive difference in the life of each member of our household (two parents in their S0’s, and three kids in their early 20’s).

Thank you!!


Mrs. G

Dear DAVE,

Meeting the two of you was a high light of our trip: right up there with the Grand Canyon, I have begun to use the Cellerciser regular, it seems the time goes faster than on the rebounder. I use a five minute egg timer and sometimes it has already run out before I think to look at it.

Hope you’re both well and happy.

Best Wishes


Dear DAVE,

Thank you for this wonderful piece of equipment! I am enjoying my Cellerciser very much and it’s good to know you take such pride in the workmanship of your products. I walk for an hour every day and then I get on the Cellerciser. It’s a great addition to my exercise routine. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was so kind and knowledgeable and I received my Cellerciser so quickly, just two days! This has been a great experience for me all the way around.

Thanks again


Dear DAVE,

One of my warmest memories of this year is the professional and generous help received at your place of business. The Cellerciser is a godsend, and I’ve been educating my family about it. It’s been a life saver for me, grandma, to my limited space when the grandchildren with their cousins arrive!

Have a wonderful and choice holiday season,

Gratefully Yours


Dear DAVE,

Oh my gosh! l I can’t praise your Cellerciser enough! l I’m 56 and have tried so many different pieces of exercise equipment and nothing comes close to how I feel after doing a Cellerciser session! I run 2-4+ miles every day, but I feel that I get even more out of a 20 minute session on your Cellerciser. When my girlfriend told me about hers, money was tight for us, so went to a local Sports Store and bought a mini trampoline. It was just awful. It hurt to use it and I actually injured myself on it. I just couldn’t understand how my girlfriend praised her Cellerciser so so much. I gave the mini to the grandkids.

Now with the real Cellerciser (it sure is NOT at all like any other rebounder!) I see what an incredible difference the real thing makes.

This is just wonderful -1 use muscles that running doesn’t employ and feel so much stronger in just 20 minutes rather than my usual 1/2 hour to an hour run.

Plus, I really love the fact that I can use it right here in my home and don’t have to go to the track.

If you have any hesitation about getting the Cellerciser, honestly, put them aside and get it. It’s the absolute best exercise equipment that I’ve ever owned!

Thanks so much for creating this superb exerciser, Dave keep up the good work!



Dear DAVE,

Finally, here is the best thing to exercise with that I have ever found (other than walking). Exercise makes such a difference with my blood glucose control! And this I can do in good and bad weather. I have worked up a 15 minute routine which I try to do 5 days a week and I also try to take a 30-45 minute walk each day (don’t always succeed).

Good luck with your efforts. Diabetes is such a journey and so much to learn! See you at Whole Foods!


Dear DAVE,

I never would’ve thought just bouncing would give me muscle strength, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak… Just less than three months ago, I could only do 2 (from the knee) pushups without collapsing. Now, just from using my Cellerciser at least 10-20 min./day, for the last two months, I did 40 (from the knee) pushups last night before giving out Quite an improvement, I’d say I haven’t had the nerve to try full body pushups yet, but will try soon. I’m sure I won’t be able to do nearly as much as the front the-knee pushups, but, still going from 2 to 40 in less than three months is a major improvement! I always try to do that quad exercise on the Cellerciser (where you quickly go from one leg to the other, with knees bent) and I can definitely see some quad definition at this time also!

Previously, I had trouble sticking with exercise for years as I thought I “had” to work out for 45 min- an hour each time, and that always seemed a hard goal to reach. But, knowing that I only need to do 10 min/day makes it so much more doable. No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I can always manage to do 10 min. of bounding and oftentimes do 15-20 min. just because it feels so good and I don’t want to quit!


Dear DAVE,

About 10 years ago I had Lupus. After being diagnosed, I began changing my eating habits to eating more fruits and vegetables. I would exercise 2-3 hours a day and eventually lost 4 dress sizes. I eventually started teaching others about health, however, the more involved I became in teaching others the less time I would have to go to the gym. That’s where David came not the picture. It was at the New Life Expo that I saw David rebounding for about 2 years straight. He always looked great. His claim of “10 minutes a day made me think I have to get a rebounder. finally, after 2 years of procrastinating, I bought a rebounder. (Cellerciser) The results were FANTASTIC and immediately noticeable. In about two weeks all the cellulite on my legs were gone, in about two months my new and face were wrinkle free. I achieved results from 10 minutes a day of rebounding that I did not achieve from being in the gym 2-3 hours a day.

What a wonderful invention!


Dear DAVE,

My name is Marilyn. I am a mother and grandmother (59 yrs), who has a very busy schedule; and, so as a result, found it increasingly difficult to get to the gym even 3 or 4 days a week. Besides that, I was becoming more aware that my gym workouts (even when consistent) were not very effective. I have always been very careful with my diet, but still I was only maintaining and not losing any weight. Through surfing the internet, I am so grateful for finding the Cellercise®. It absolutely does everything it is advertised to do. It is a solid, sturdy piece of equipment that takes up such little space. I look forward every day to my 15 min workout. Since it arrived April 2009 until now Jul 10, 2009, – I have averaged using it 6 days a week. The results have been amazing to me. – I am thinner and firmer all over (legs/arms/stomach/back). My clothes are looser – and even my posture has improved. I am so happy and I know now it is only a matter of time before I reach my goal of size 6. Thank you David Hall for a simple, easy and effective workout – the Cellercise®- I am committed for life – I can’t stop telling everyone, “Try Cellercising – you will NOT be disappointed because it really works!!

P.S. – Please thank Jerry (sales rep) for all the great information. It was really because of him I purchased the Cellercise® – Thanks so much Jerry!!



Dear DAVE,

About 10 years ago I had Lupus, after being diagnosed, I began changing my eating habits, to eating more fruits & vegetables. I would exercise 2-3 hours a day and eventually lost 4 dress sizes. I eventually started teaching others about health, however, the more involved I became in teaching others the less time I would have to go to the gym. That’s where David came into the picture.

It was at the new life expo that I saw David rebounding for about 2 years straight, he always looked great. His claim of “10 minutes a day” made me think. I have to get a rebounder. Finally, after 2 years of procrastinating, I bought a rebounder. The results were FANTASTIC and immediately noticeable. In about two weeks all this cellulite on my legs were gone, in about two months my neck and face were wrinkle free. I achieved results from 10 minutes a day of rebounding that I did not achieve from being in the gym 2-3 hours a day.

What a wonderful invention!


Dear DAVE,

Despite the fact I had gym membership. I found that I was not utilizing it as much as I would like so I decided to invest in this piece of equipment which is a Cellercise®. It is a minute, trampoline that is compact and easy to store away because it can be folded up. I had to gradually build up to a ten minute work out because the body cannot take more than that as a beginner. I no longer have any excuse not to exercise! I do five minutes in the morning daily and ten or more minutes in the evening at least five days a week.  Nine months on I have lost some weight too!

Thank you


Dear DAVE,

I cannot fully express my delight and amazement with the Cellercise®! Initially I looked at it with some skepticism but thought it would make an “interesting” piece for my television show – especially with Dave’s individual energy. I was not, however, expecting such a life-altering personal experience!

I have come from 215 lbs./24% fat to 180 lbs./13%, with visible loss of girth, but increase in lean muscle. The overall effects of both body image and lifestyle have been astounding. This all while recovering from a broken leg!

It has the effect of not only toning muscle but making one’s effects “worthwhile”. One naturally starts seeking out time to bounce and modifying diet easily and repeatedly. It also is by far the most “organic” of any of the machines I have tried, in that one can put as much into a session as one wishes, and even when tired, a few minutes of “maintenance” bouncing can be achieved with ease, yet the benefits are manifold.

With just a little consistency, this “device” has become a “friend” inasmuch as I take it on remote shoots, to hotels, etc., and cannot imagine life before, and certainly not without.

Thanks Dave, and all over there at Cellercise®.



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