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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.



Dear DAVE,

We’ve only had our Cellerciser trampoline for a few weeks, and I’m writing to tell you about some exciting changes that have already happened. I am a post-menopausal woman and have been suffering from ongoing hair loss the last 4 or 5 years. I have tried EVERYTHING: vitamins, a prescription for estrogen, exercise, you name it, and I eventually gave up because they didn’t work. TWO WEEKS into the Cellerciser program and my hair has stopped falling out! I have made no other changes. The hair falling slowed down in the first few days and now my hair feels healthier, shinier, and I’m not getting a tubful of hair every time I wash it. There are very few hairs falling now. YAY Cellercise! I will say, too, that I see an improvement in other post-menopausal complaints. I have also been suffering from depression after the deaths of my parents some years ago and I am happy to say I’m feeling MUCH better. I’m smiling at work and singing again. I’ve even started riding my bike just for fun, I am someone who had trouble getting up off the couch, so these are real and meaningful changes for me. I’m surprised they happened so quickly. I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm about your program. You really got me motivated.

Best wishes to you,


Dear DAVE,

Dear David,

I am truly amazed at what my Cellercise® has done for my body in the last 30 days-once I actually got motivated enough to use it daily. I added two 2-pound hand weights about 10 days ago for a little extra resistance, and I have experimented briefly with four 2- pound weights. My month-old size 10 jeans are “bagging” on me. Perhaps, I will be in a size 8 in another month. I am starting to see a hint of muscle definition in my arms. It is easy now for me to understand why you look the way you do after so many years of Cellercising! I imagine that there will come a day when I will have to limit myself to 10 minutes a day or I will become too thin, but in the meantime, I am usually Cellercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day-often double that. The time just flies by when I crank up the music. Watching my shape change daily, I can only imagine the positive changes going on inside my cells!



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