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Dear DAVE,

Being a type 1 diabetic, consistent daily exercise is a necessity. I’ve used the Cellerciser and no other form of exercise each day since I first bought it two weeks ago and have had near perfect blood sugar results each time I test! This product is remarkable, I’ve been telling everyone about it!

Thank you!


Dear DAVE,

Finally, here is the best thing to exercise with that I have ever found (other than walking). Exercise makes such a difference with my blood glucose control! And this I can do in good and bad weather. I have worked up a 15 minute routine which I try to do 5 days a week and I also try to take a 30-45 minute walk each day (don’t always succeed).

Good luck with your efforts. Diabetes is such a journey and so much to learn! See you at Whole Foods!


Dear DAVE,

Cellercise is especially useful for people with diabetes, because it helps balance blood sugar and regenerate normal function of the pancreas through detoxing every cell in the body of excess acidity. But that’s just the start of a long list of good things Cellercise does for your body.

Dr. Robert Young

Dear DAVE,

I am a 49 year old Type I diabetic who just purchased a Cellerciser. I am so glad to have a way to exercise for a short time each day that will really impact my health without bringing on low blood sugar or getting a snack to eat after 45 minutes. I am about 40 lbs. overweight. I have gained this in the last 9 years after going on an insulin pump. I became aware of the diabetes at age 36.

I also have always had foot problems. This was noticed as a toddler and has become painful in the last 4 years. This isn’t related to the diabetes. It is an alignment problem that has been helped in part by a wonderful chiropractor.

Thank you for making a safe dependable rebounder.



Dear DAVE,

When I was 64, I was 238 LBS a 42” waist, on 2 blood pressure meds, 2 meds for gout, 2000 MGS’ of Metformin for Type 2 diabetes, a stat in for high cholesterol, and had chronic fatigue. My doctor told me at an appointment that my blood sugar was at 810, I should be in a diabetic coma. Right there I decided things had to change. I started with dietary changes, keeping it simple going old school, absolutely no simple carbohydrates, all complex carbohydrates, about 75 carbs per meal, no bread, no dairy, a vitamin D supplement, I drink nothing else but 3 quarts of Culligan water a day, I shop around and won’t buy or eat GMO foods, given a choice. A friend once asked me why I won’t eat GMO foods, I replied, “well, read GMO backwards”. I snack on celery and peanut butter, triscuit crackers and avocado dip. Once my new diet was started, I started looking for a exercise routine. I borrowed a friend’s laptop and researched a lot of routines. Ran across rebounding, which I was somewhat familiar with and its effects on Lymphatics. Next went to consumer reports and researched rebounders. I ended up deciding between a couple, I was able to get the 800 number for Cellerciser and called. I liked the Cellerciser for the balance bar, and in talking to Jerry, he fronted me your video free. I bought my Cellerciser on October 5th, 2018. By about January 1st, 2019, I had worked up to advanced routines on my Cellerciser. At this writing, I’m 67, I’ve went from 238 LBS to 182 LBS, a 42” waist to a 34” waist, I’m off all my meds except one blood pressure pill, my AIC, uric acid, PH, C-Reactive Protein numbers are all normal, blood pressure is always around 60. The diet and Cellercising cleaned up my leaky gut which ended my chronic fatigue. There’s no doubt Cellercising is the best exercise in the world, just ask NASA! The second best exercise in the world is pushing yourself away from the table. Cellercising helped me beat Big Pharma, (for now), and at my last doctors’ appointment my doctor told me, “I don’t have any patients in your age range that are in the shape you’re in!”

Thank You! and Amen

Jay in Nebraska

Dear DAVE,

I don’t know how you can help more than you have with the Cellerciser. I have had high triglycerides most of my adult life, so high that I grew bumps on the outside of my skin, because there was no more room on the inside of my skin to put the fatty deposits. So, my body deposited them on the outside. It took a long time to get them down with medicines. At that time my triglycerides were up over 10,000. The time before last, when I had my blood work done, they were down in the 800 – 900 range. Of course, with it that high, my cholesterol was so high that it could not be recorded, and It seemed like an uphill battle all the time. I also became diabetic too and had high blood pressure. I tried all kinds of diets, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Program and I only seemed able to lose five pounds, then gain 10 pounds and then stay stuck at my weight.

A week before I saw you and Paul in Citrus Heights, I had changed to God’s original diet of nuts, fruit, vegetables and grains. The South Beach diet helped me to get off of all white products and helped me to bring down my blood sugars so much that I was able to get off of the insulin and one of my diabetic tablets. I now can eat fruit without my blood sugars being so constantly high all the time. My last blood tests showed my triglycerides down into the 300’s and finally my cholesterol was low enough to register too. I’ll be having my next blood work done next month and I’m anxious to see what the results are now that I have a routine on the Cellerciser.

I’m still just doing the basic program, because I’ve been so weak. When I stumble, I don’t have the muscle strength to pull me out of the stumble and I fall. When I fall, I break bones because I also have osteoporosis. Anyway, I’m feeling a lot stronger now and feel I now have muscles back in my legs. My 74 year-old mother also is gaining strength. So far, though, neither one of us can bounce off of the mat and hope to be able to bounce, off of the mat, once the bar gets here.

We’ve had the tramp for 3 weeks now. I have so much cellulite from the triglycerides that I could feel bumps all over my arms and legs, just below the skin. Some were so big that when I would rub them, they would actually hurt. Now, when I rub my skin, I can’t feel the knots of fat anymore. I feel that if I still have the cellulite, then it is melting away, finally.

All I’m doing on the Cellerciser is doing the basic bounce for two minutes and then marching in place for two minutes and then cooling down for one minute or more. I’m slowly adding the marching minutes 15 seconds at a time. I’m doing this at least twice a day and sometimes three times a day. Weekends I can fit in more.

Thanks again for everything,


Dear DAVE,

When I got my Cellerciser my husband scoffed because he didn’t think it was real exercise. Fast forward to just over a month ago. He ended up in the hospital for a month in ICU with undiagnosed diabetes and was going into diabetic keto acidosis, kidney infection, stones & more. Well since he has been home, he has been experiencing numbness in his feet. The doctor said he probably has nerve damage. I said to him why don’t you just try the Cellerciser it is supposed to be good for circulation. Since he started several days ago, he has seen a significant improvement. He is now Cellercising 3 times a day and had completely changed his mind.


Dear DAVE,

A few months ago, when I saw my doctor, she told me I was diabetic not the news I wanted to hear but I knew it was coming. She wanted to put me on medication right away I told her no I would find a way to turn this around knowing I only had a few months to accomplish this.

It was hard work looking for the right answers to turn this thing around and I prayed for the answers to help me! I was out of shape and overweight and weighed 201. In researching I came across the Cellerciser did my due diligence and decided to purchase it and received it on 5/16. I love my Cellerciser and I would health bounce every day for 10 minutes 2 and 3 times a day and sometime more, but I had more work to do on my diet which was another challenge along with not drinking enough water!

My diet is a work in progress and improving upon it every day and every way and drinking more water. I went to see my doctor this evening and she told me I was NO longer a diabetic and I lost 11 lbs. and my blood pressure was down!!! She was amazed I did it and told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing and will see her in 4 months! I LOVE this journey and this group!


Dear DAVE,

I used the Cellerciser a few minutes incredible… love it… I was doing crunches already bounced with my butt on the matt wow talk about heavy on the abs perfect.

Mom loves the Cellerciser she is more fanatic then I am when I did 3 sessions on a day she would already have done 6-7! Mom is 59 diabetic type 2 (no insulin shooting yet but uses 9 pills a day) she has severe bone material damage from working too hard in her life (she was a nurse and picked up lots of people by herself in her twenties to wash them… back then you didn’t have lift systems! So she lifted her with her arms thus lots of bone density she lost over the years) it fills my heart with joy every time I catch her on it… she has an inner smile when she jumps I can tell… awesome invention… everyone should have one at home! Beats a PlayStation 3 !!!!!

Greetings from Holland,


Dear DAVE,

It was delightful to have you answer when I called to place my order last week and my Cellerciser arrived two days later. My husband was very skeptical when I opened it up but I made him promise to try it for one month to see if he felt and difference. He is so pretty active so thought he didn’t need it but being diabetic the doctor of course wants him to lose weight. Since starting on Saturday his blood sugar readings have been consistently under 100, about 40 pounds lower than normally seen. Not sure the Cellerciser was supposed to affect that but we are thrilled. I will let you know at the end of the month if it has remained the same.

As for me, I have had trouble falling asleep for the last 6 or 7 years staying up until at least midnight and sometimes as late as 4am because even though I was exhausted as soon as I would lay down my whole body would be so alert I couldn’t fall asleep. Since beginning I have been in bed and quickly fall asleep by 10pm. If nothing else good comes from this but that I will be thrilled. Promise to send periodic updates to let you know our progress.

Thanks for your help



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