A better exercise for diabetes.

Diabetes Customer Reviews

Diabetes can sometimes make it difficult to exercise. But with Cellerciser®, you just have to bounce! And since it just takes 10 minutes a day, you’ll have plenty of time left in the day. These customers say Cellercise helped them deal with diabetes. Enjoy their stories below!

Being a type 'I diabetic, consistent daily exercise is a necessity. I've used the Cellerciser and no other form of exercise each day since I first bought it two weeks ago, and have had near perfect blood sugar results each time I test! This product is remarkable, I've been telling everyone about it! Thank you!

Andrew R.


I don't know how you can help more than you have with the Cellerciser. I have had high triglycerides most of my adult life, so high that I grew bumps on the outside of my skin, because there was no more room on the inside of my skin to put the fatty deposits. So my body deposited them on the outside. It took a long to get them down with medicines. At that time my triglycerides were up over 10,000. The time before last, when I had my blood work done, they were down in the 800 - 900 range. Of course, with it that high, my cholesterol was so high that it could not be recorded and it seemed like an uphill battle all the time. I also became diabetic too and had high blood pressure. I tried all kinds of diets. Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Program and I only seemed able to lose five pounds, then gain 10 pounds and then stay stuck at my weight.

A week before I saw you and Paul in Citrus Heights, I had changed to God's original diet of nuts, fruit, vegetables and grains. The South Beach diet helped me to get off of all white products and helped me to bring down my blood sugars so much that I was able to get off of the insulin and one of my diabetic tablets. I now can eat fruit without my blood sugars being so constantly high all the time. My last blood tests showed my triglycerides down into the 300's and finally my cholesterol was low enough to register too. I'll be having my next blood work done next month and I'm anxious to see what the results are now that I have a routine on the Cellerciser.

I'm still just doing the basic program, because I've been so weak. When I stumble, I don’t have the muscle strength to pull me out of the stumble and I fall. When I fall, I break bones because I also have osteoporosis. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot stronger now and feel I now have muscles back in my legs. My 74 year-old mother also is gaining strength. So far, though, neither one of us can bounce off of the mat and hope to be able to bounce, off of the mat, once the bar gets here.

We've had the tramp for 3 weeks now. 1 have so much cellulite from the triglycerides that I could feel bumps all over my arms and legs, just below the skin. Some were so big that when I would rub them, they would actually hurt Now, when I rub my skin, I can't feel the knots of fat anymore. 1 feel that if I still have the cellulite, then it is melting away, finally.

All I'm doing on the Cellerciser is doing the basic bounce for two minutes and then marching in place for two minutes and then cooling down for one minute or more. I'm slowly adding the the marching minutes 15 seconds at a time. I'm doing this at least twice a day and sometimes three times a day. Weekends I can fit in more.

Thanks again for everything,


I thought about purchasing a cheaper rebounder. I looked around, and found some reviews, and lucky for me, I decided to purchase the Cellerciser! It came fully assembled, and I started right away! I noticed it would lower my blood sugar 30-60, back into a normal range, when I would rebound after I ate stuff diabetics shouldn't eat in the first place!!! lol. I am grateful that it has helped me control my diabetes, because it's not always easy to go to the gym, or a long walk after a good meal. 10 minutes and I've got a full body workout blood sugar level eliminator! Thanks Dave!


PS - Here's the reviews I found about a cheaper rebounder from walmart.com, for the JB Bums Urban

I purchased my Cellerciser from a distributor, and I have called up the Cellercise directly, and they (Jerry & Dave) have always been extremely helpful! You can tell they really care!!! I GIVE THE CELLERCISER 5 STARS!

Thanks Stephen

Dear David,

It was delightful to have you answer when I called to place my order last week and my Cellerciser arrived two days later. My husband was very skeptical when I opened it up but I make him promise to try it for one month to see if he felt any difference. He is pretty active so thought he didn’t need it but being diabetic the doctor of course wants him to lose weight.

Since starting on Saturday his blood sugar reading has been constantly under 100, about 40 points lower than normally seen. Not sure the Cellerciser was supposed to affect that but we are thrilled. I will let you know at the end of the month if it has remained the same.

As for me, I have had trouble falling asleep for the last 6 or 7 years staying up until at least midnight and sometimes as late as 4am because even though I was exhausted, as soon as I would lay down my whole body would be so alert I couldn’t fall asleep. Since beginningI have been in bed and quickly fallen asleep by 10 pm. If nothing else good comes from this but that, I will be thrilled.

Promise to send periodic updates to let you know our progress.

Thanks for your help,

Suzie B.


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