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Doctors have been impressed with what the Cellerciser rebounder has been able to do for their patients. Read more about what they’ve seen and learn just a few of the benefits of Cellercise.

30 Benefits of Cellercise

The following benefits have been attributed to Cellercising by Dr. Morton Walker. Dr. Walker is the author of Jumping for Health.

Increase balance and coordination

Reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Increase red blood cell production

Aid in lymphatic circulation

Strengthen heart

Lower resting heart rate

Strengthen muscles

Reduce cholesterol levels

Reduce triglyceride levels

Stimulate metabolism

Improve vision

Promote growth and repair

Increase breathing capacity

Increased oxygenation of tissues

Tone the glandular system

Increase thyroid output

Expand capacity for fuel storage

Increase muscle vigor

Tone muscle fibers

Reduce headaches

Relieve back pain

Reduce aches & pains from inactivity

Improve digestion/elimination

Allow for deeper, easier sleep

Stimulate mental performance

Stimulate learning process

Lessen PMS symptoms

Slow the aging process

Reduce chances of obesity


I recommend the Cellerciser to all of my patients. It is the one and only, original mini trampoline that I trust to recommend. This product has literally changed the lives of many of my patients.

You could bounce on this all day and only feel more energized and strong. Your joints will never hurt and it complements any other exercise routine a person has. It is great for those who are old and feel they have trouble moving, it builds strength and suitability. It helps people who are cleansing or in a detox by increasing circulation and moving the lymph. For those who want to lose weight, get in shape or just firm up it is a must to their routine. I have even reports of it's natural face lift ability. It firms under amis. neck, and butt sags. It is especially good for those needing to start exercising but have little energy and strength; nothing is better at building energy and strength without stress on any level.

This Cellerciser is amazing and the only one I have recommended for years. There is no comparison to the others out there. Here Is a test I give to those who have another small trampoline. Jump on your tramp for 5 minutes and see how your joints feel immediately after and the next day then try the Cellerciser. The more you bounce the more you want to, it actually gets easier the longer you bounce and your joints will never hurt. I trust the Cellerciser gets results fast and is fun; I look forward to bouncing to health. I trust the Center for Cellular Health to provide me with the best, safest and original Cellerciser.

Dr. Moira


I recommend all my patients add David Hall's Cellerciser to their health care regime.

It is fun and easy to use, it relaxes, strengthens, and tones all the body without stress to the joints.

We have one in the office for all ages to use and try.

Dr. Moira

Dear David,

July 7, 2010

We just got this cellerciser today. While I was reviewing your paper, a picture caught my eyes. It was you on the front cover of Natural Health & Fitness magazine featured Expo'98. I was one of the five medical doctor interviewed in that magazine - MD's Go Natural. So, we met 12 years ago in the same magazine.

I practiced integrative holistic medicine in Toledo, Ohio for about 13 years and moved to Hawaii in 2004. i have been thinking about having a work out equipment for a while but did not have time to shop around. When I heard you talk about Cellerciser at Extreme Health workshop I know I will have fun with this equipment. I will tell my patients to use it and hope one day you can come to Hawaii to promote this amazing health equipment.

My husband is already jumping up and down in the living room, t have to wait until he finish it and it will be my turn. We both believe this equipment will help him trim off his extra weight. I will take his photo tomorrow for "before and after" comparison.

Will keep in touch,

Best Regards,

Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD

PS, My husband Edward B Christenson, MD was the guy on the stage of your talk for domo. He was very impressed with the quick result. He mentioned to you at the workshop that you should tell people that if their doctor prescribe this equipment as part of fitness or weight lose program that they can write off from income tax as a legitimate medical device.

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Jeffery G. Hanks


May 9,1999

During my thirteen years as a practicing Chiropractic physician I have been keenly aware of the Importance of proper biomechanics in the human arena of wellness and expression. Kinetic motion is absolutely imperative and necessary fOr true health in Individuals. When the movement of joints and articulations become compromised through sedentary lifestyle, trauma, stress, poor nutrition, poor posture and the aging process itself then a host of physical problems ensue. Accelerated osteoarthritis is a result of a poorly functioning and moving joint or spinal disc. Impaired nerve function results when spinal vertebrae and discs are not mechanically functioning as they were designed. Therefore, the importance of a properly moving spine and joints cannot be underestimated In the overall health and wellness of an Individual.

Dave Hall has amplified upon this well known concept and has taken it to an even deeper level of application, that of the cellular level of motion. His Cellercise system employs concepts of biomechanics and kinetics that will be most helpful to people of all ages.

It is known that 90% of the brain's active energy is expended on calculations and minor corrections in balancing and knowing where the body is in space at any given moment in time. Only 10% of the brain's activity is used in actual cognitive or thinking functions. This reality truly demonstrates the Importance the brain places on knowing how every part of the body is moving and what position it is in. This also illuminates how much fatigue and dysfunction result in a person when the mechanics of the body are not in balance. Our society today would be much more vibrant, healthy and full of vitality if they paid more attention to getting enough kinetic exercise in a given day. Dave Hall's cellercise system Is very proficient at focusing on this goal. Health and wellness vAW be the result of such activity if properly and consistently applied.

The CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) pumping action that is created by spinal joint movement is essential to proper brain function and fluid dynamics of the spinal cord. Spinal disc health is bereft without the constant movement of water into and out of the discs themselves. In fact, the discs of the human spine consist of 80 percent water. This imbibing of water and nutrients in the spinal discs is wholly accomplished by the body's kinetic movements which act as a pump. Without such movement in the spine the discs starve literally. Disc herniations and degeneration are highly intensified when improper or inadequate biomechanics of the joints exist. Dave Hall's system goes a long way in inducing and maintaining this most necessary motion in the human body.


Jeffrey G. Hanks, D.C.

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Author: The pH Miracle for Diabetes The revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics

Cellercise is especially useful for people with diabetes, because it helps balance blood sugar and regenerate normal function of the pancreas through detoxifying every cell in the body of excess acidity. but that's just the start of a long list of good things cellercise does for your body.

Dr. Robert O. Young

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Dear Dave,

As a Science Director for Millennium Healthcare and Founder of the non-profit organization “Survive Until A Cure” it is a pleasure to lend my support to your effort to fully develop the concept of Cellercising. I have included a brief write up of the Foundation to provide an overview of the type and quality of project we support. Millennium Healthcare is recognized as one of the premier providers of holistic healthcare in the Southeast United States.

One of the four cornerstones of holistic health is the ability to detoxify the body. Detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins via the liver, the kidneys, the urine, the feces, exhalation and perspiration. We have the diagnostic tools required to determine each individuals need for detoxification. These generally fall in the category of Bio-Terrain Analysis, Darkfield Microscopy, Electrodermal Screening, TCM Pulse, Hair Analysis and Intestinal Functioning. Over the past ten years, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the dangers to health from toxic bioaccumulation (a buildup in the body of foreign substances). Today people are exposed to chemicals in far greater concentrations then were previous generations. Over 69 million Americans live in areas that routinely exceed smog standards. Drinking water must be tested for some seven hundred chemicals. Over three thousand chemicals are added to our highly processed food supply. Everyday products such as gasoline, paint, household cleaners, cosmetics, pesticides and lawn fertilizers pose a serious threat because the body cannot easily break them down. Chronic exposure to everyday products leads to bioaccumulation.

People now carry within their bodies a modern-day chemical cocktail derived from industrial chemicals, heavy metals, food additives and residues of both legal and illegal drugs. Fortunately the body can handle a great deal of toxicity and still function at a high level. But there is no question our current levels of bioaccumulation have had the effect of lowering our threshold of resistance to disease and premature aging. Cancer, Arthritis and Heart Disease are not longer considered age related diseases.

The toxins tend to accumulate in a wide variety of locations and contribute to many serious illnesses. The major organs such as heart (bypass surgery), lung (emphysema), liver (cirrhosis), kidney (stones), thyroid (hypothyroidism) and intestinal that (Crones) are prime targets, Aluminum toxicity in the brain has been related to Alzheimers. Fatty tissue such as the female mammary gland and the male prostate easily sequester toxic substances. Is it too surprising to find an explosion of breast and prostrate cancer?

The major mechanism that brings on a disease state from the presence of the toxins is cellular damage due to an excess of free radials. The toxins are the catalysts to the generation of free radicals. Detoxifying the body stops the destruction brought on by free radicals. While many people are familiar with the concept of taking anti-oxidants like the vitamin C and vitamin F to help control or neutralized free radicals, the better solution is to eliminate the source of the problem. A healthy body free of oxidative stress does not degrade into chronic disease. The first step towards longevity is to detoxify the body from environmental pollutants such as trace heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead), accumulated long chain hydrocarbons (pesticides, insecticides, petroleum derivatives) and biologically active compounds like silicone. This process is a primary cornerstone of anti-aging medicine.

The second cornerstone is to insure proper intestinal and colon function. The digestive tract must be operating at a high level. The body can only utilize food that is properly digested absorbed through the gut and excreted through the colon region. Many health problems such as allergies, yeast infections, fatigue, ulcers, migraines, obesity and constipation are signs of a poorly functioning digestive tract. The digestive tract is a complex organ in which many biological organisms reside. At any given time the gut is the host to wide variety of bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses. It is also home to a wide array of extremely important enzymes. This environment can get so out of balance as to actually be a source of toxins to the body. For example, chronic fatigue can be closely correlated to systemic yeast infections that can be traced back to a gut overrun with thew wrong type of bacteria and a diet loaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates. Many elderly complain of the lacy of energy. The underlying problem is a poor digestive tract. Restore the digestive tract to proper balance and you have an energetic client that will be able to stay in the assisted living program for many years.

The key to understanding the value of the exercise program you have developed is to look at the effect the cellercise program you have developed is to look at the effect the c cellercise regimen has on the lymphatic system. Lymph is a clear fluid containing lymphocytes (T-cells and B-cells of the immune system) which circulate through the channels of the lymphatic system carrying waste away from all preventing it from entering the bloodstream, while at the same time allowing the lymphocytes to pass through. Jack Shields, M.D., a lymphologist from Santa Barbara, CA conducted a study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Using cameras inside the body, he found that deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulated the cleaning of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which sucked the lymph through the bloodstream. This increased the rate of toxic elimination by as much as fifteen times the normal pace.

Lymphatic circulation can be enhanced by lymphatic massage as well as osteopathic and chiropractic lymphatic drainage techniques. This is the application of an outside physical force on the lymph system. Any vigorous aerobic exercise also causes lymphatic flow to accelerate. This is accomplished by muscle contractions pushing lymph fluid through the system. The lymph system does not have a mechanical device like the heart to move the fluid. Lymph drainage requires assistance. This is where celery use is so effe went was a method t help detoxify the body. You can exercise hard enough to create deep diaphragmatic breathing without stressing the joints as in impact exercise, such as jogging, basketball and aerobic dancing. You get dynamic muscle tension due to the force created by the effects of acceleration and you get a physical compression at the cellular level. A systemic push that naturally helps eliminate toxins. The need to tackle toxic burdens before they manifest themselves as disease has never been greater. It is clear to many who examine the problem that the future of health care well have at its very core an absolute requirement for safe and effective detoxification procedures. Hopefully instituted before the individual’s immune system and vital organs have ceased to operate adequately. Wide spread use of your equipment would be a major step forward. I use the equipment myself and I have an artificial limb.[below knew amputee on the right leg].

The effect on the digestive tract is also very important. It is difficult, if not impossible to exercise the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract. These muscles are very unimportant to the elimination of waste from the digestive tract. Again, because of the unique physics behind the exercise, even these muscles can receive a daily tune-up with cellercise. Efficient functioning of the digestive tract requires that the smooth muscles be able to contract forcefully enough to push the digestive products and waste material through the system. While not perhaps a glamorous claim to make about your equipment, it is a critical concept in how the body functions. The force exerted inside the body can also serve to help mechanically break up the mucous lining that often starts too form with age; coating the intestinal tract and hindering absorption of nutrients. A mild stress on this matter will gently detach it from the intestinal wall and then it can be flushed from the system.

Your equipment delivers a physically sound way to exercise the body in a systemic fashion. That has multiple benefits to the human body. I highly recommend it to the clients at Millennium Healthcare.

Best regards,

Dr. Stowe

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