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Energy Endurance

Energy Endurance

These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

I just want to say I love my new Cellerciser. I had been looking at Bellicon and so many reviews said the bungees had to be replaced at significant expense fairly regularly. That’s when I decided to look at Cellerciser and was pleasantly surprised at the pricing for what I had seen was the best brand out there according to many people. I didn’t find any complaints on customer service or product anywhere and only raw reviews. I am so happy I went with your product. I am fairly fit to begin with but have had trouble running for a few years after an Injury and have found It difficult to get in a cardio workout that makes me feel Uke I did something equivalent to the workout ruining gave me. I love that I need only one item that fits easily in my home gym and Is so versatile and fun. Already feeling more energy and less aches and pains.

Thank you so much! Glad I took the leap!


Dear DAVE,

Recently I purchased a Rebounder from your company, and I cannot say enough good things about this product!

All my life I have been physically active and athletically inclined. I have tried every product and method available today including running, jogging, aqua aerobics, conventional aerobics, swimming, bicycling, power walking, stair master, treadmill, nautilus, free weights. You name it – l have tried it!

My Rebounder is the absolute ultimate in an “optimum” physical exercise program and I love it! Within one week of using the Rebounder my energy level increased considerably and I am sleeping better. I absolutely make feel great. This product is so sensational I can feel every cell in my body being detoxified during and after my rebounding sessions. This may sound like an absurd statement, but I have been a vegetarian for a very long time, and I am a highly sensitive person. I am a student of Hand and Foot Reflexology and feel that I am well attuned to messages my body tells me. The message I am continually receiving is this: I can literally feel the “aging process” in my body retreating due to the benefits of my rebounding program.

David, I have become a Rebound fanatic for life.

You can give my number to anyone who wants to speak with me about the value of this product I would have paid twice what I did and not blinked an eye because this product is fabulous and makes me feel so wonderful.

Thank you, David, for introducing me to the many benefits of the amazing Rebounder. God Bless you for marketing a product that will serve humanity in countless positive ways.

Many Smiles,


Dear DAVE,

The Cellercise® has literally changed me. I have only been using it for 11 days and I can feel and see a change in my energy, posture, clarity, in my thought process, my abs, thighs … I could go on and on, but you get the point.

P.S. I only recently went from 2 minutes a day to 6 minutes a day! This is like no other and a must have investment in YOU!


Dear DAVE,

March 10, 1998

I want to take a few minutes-to share with you what I think about your rebounder and the great addition it has been to my life.

I have Chronic Active Hepatitis C. The way that it effects me is that I battle with fatigue and joint/muscle pain on a daily basis. It was very difficult for me to exercise. I loved walking but it took its tole on my joints and seemed to increase my fatigue. Also, it was impossible for me to do during inclement weather, which, in Missouri is often. When I heard about the rebounder it seemed to be too good to be true. Exercise, easy on joints and better than walking. I had to see this.

In December I gave myself a rebounder for Christmas and 1 was off and jumping. Now for the results so far. As I was hitting midlife I felt like everything was drooping, heading south so to speak instead of north. When I started jumping my muscles started firming and now everything is once again heading north. The exercise is gentle and does not fatigue me. In fact, it seems to really aid in circulation, giving me more energy. I was bothered with what felt like congestion in my liver area and now I can jump a short, gentle period and this congestion even clears.

It truly has been a great addition to my life. My entire family, husband, 13 year old son, and my mother have now started jumping too. My mother, at (oops, guess I better not tell her age) over 80 liked mine so well that she purchased one for herself.

Thank you David for the time you took to explain the rebounder to me and to help me get started ‘jumping for life’.


Dear DAVE,

Thank you for your cellerciser. I used it almost every day in 2016 and I can’t even begin to express what a positive difference it has made in my life. I have a severe case of sleep apnea and insomnia so getting energy to my brain and body is an obsession for me because I love life and love serving others. But when my brain doesn’t get enough oxygen due to lack of sleep, it is hard to think clearly, be focused, and positive. But the cellerciser gives the jump start I need each morning. I feel my brain coming alive and energy flowing into me. While I do this exercise, I also will do affirmations, take breaks, read scriptures, and write goals. It truly is a transforming experience each day. I hurt my lower back when I was 18 (I’m now 60) which made running impossible. However, the cellerciser is so gentle I can exercise as long as I want. Thank you for making the world a better place, including mine.


Dear DAVE,

I recently bought the tri-fold Cellercise® and within 2- 3 days the red raised puss filled spots on my rear end started healing up to no more, gone!! I was just waiting for some more eruptions to occur shortly after, because I constantly battle this and trust me my husband knows and sees these scars on my rear end from the breakouts and bleeding, tears on my skin. Well, it’s been 1 month now doing just 10 min bouncing and some of the routine stuff that David Hall shows us on his 10 min work out about 2 to 3x’s a day and no more red raised eruptions anymore!!! I couldn’t believe it, but my husband said wow, this must be the Cellercise® you are doing, since I have done nothing different in my life.

Anyways, also my digestion and my husband’s digestion is so much better!! We didn’t know having a bowel movement should be so easy! We are regular now and sometimes we go #2 … 2x’s a day!!

Also, I used to get frequent diarrhea and now this twist bouncing that Dave Hall teaches us I believe has really has made my bowels normal again! I have been battling this diarrhea for so long, like S years.

I am sharing this all to you all, so that everyone will know that this Cellercise® is different from all other rebounders, and I believe it’s the BEST! Trust me I do a lot a research. Also, what rebounder company do you know of that you get wonderful, humble, truthful people who will chat with you online or call their phone# and talk with Jerry. They are really not trying to sell anything , since the Cellercise® really sells itself! They just want you to get blessed and all the benefits!! And so do I! That’s why I am writing this.

And to top this all off my husband who is sort of a skeptic, after seeing my red spots disappear , tried the Cellercise® for 10 min. only 1 day in the morning and that day, all day he did not have any bottom foot pain (planterfacious) … he constantly needs to roll his foot on a golf ball to try to easy this bottom foot pain, mid day and the end of the day. He carried this golf ball in his pant pocket at all times for years. So, the next day he did this routine again on the Cellercise® and he felt so good energetic and no foot pain! My husband has so much energy … like me now and He is doing so much for me like wash my car, (which he is always too tired to do @) but now this Cellercise® has given him energy, oxygen to his cells, etc. He is helping with the dishes, etc. etc. Ladies, if your husband is tired and burned out …. or you are tired or burned out … Please get a Cellercise®! ! And who knows what else in your body will get improved or eliminated!

Lastly, we are getting more things done everyday, just by adding the Cellercise® to our daily regime, it gives us energy vs. taking away energy. I used to go on my stationary bicycle and jog. I would get a little energy rush, but then get some aches and then get tired. But, with the rebounding on the Cellercise®, we actually are oxygenating all our cells so that we have all day energy, constant and steady, we can breathe deeper too!

God bless Jerry for great customer service! And God bless Dave Hall for making this Cellercise® rebounder the

Best!!! and they both are so real. Q Real people. Hard to find in this world.

Love and THANK YOU!!!


Dear DAVE,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. I purchased a rebounder from you when I was approximately 315 lbs. You gave me advise on using it at a show you were demonstrating your rebounder at. I took your advice and started doing the health bounce and gradually worked up to more rigorous exercise. I found it to be one of the easiest exercises I ever did in spite of my weight. I found no stress on my joints. With a sensible eating plan and using your rebounder I lost approximately 98 lbs. I found I had more energy and zest.

Yours truly,


Dear DAVE,

By Dr. Morton
Dr. Morton has long been an advocate of the benefits achieved from Cellercise®. He has been our customer and friend for many years. He states the following:

1. It increases the capacity for respiration
2. It circulates more oxygen to the tissues
3. It establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available.
4. It causes muscles to perform work in moving fluids through the body to lighten the heart’s load.
5. It tends to reduce the height to which the arterial pressures rise during exertion.
6. It lessens the time during which blood pressure remains below normal after severe activity.
7. It holds off the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
8. It increases the functional activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
9. It aids lymphatic circulation, as well as the flow in the veins of the circulatory system.
10. It encourages collateral circulation.
11. It strengthens the heart and any other muscle being used in the body so that they work more efficiently.
12. It allows the resting heart to beat less often.
13. It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
14. It stimulates the metabolism.
15. It promotes body growth and repair.
16. It tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output.
17. It adds to the alkaline reserve of the body which may be of significance in an emergency requiring prolonged effort.
18. It chemically attains absolute potential of the cells.
19. It reserves bodily strength and physical efficiency.
20. It expands the body’s capacity for fuel storage and endurance.
21. It improves coordination through the transmission of nerve impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibers.
22. It affords muscular vigor from increased muscle fiber tone.
23. It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise.
24. It enhances digestion and elimination processes.
25. It allows for better and easier relaxation and sleep.
26. It results in a better mental performance, with keener learning processes.
27. It curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
28. It minimizes the numbers of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
29. It tends to slow down aging.
30. It reduces the likelihood of obesity.

Dr. Morton

Dear DAVE,

I received my Cellercise® 8 days ago and I have been using it every day mostly twice a day! Being a high level martial artist for 30 + years, I have pretty much tried every form of exercise, from running, jump rope, swimming, calisthenics, pull ups dips, biking, stair master, stretching, weight training and using the Cellercise® has surpassed all of them in my humble opinion! In 8 days! I feel energized, happier, more flexible, abs and legs are firmer! Almost all advertised products rarely deliver on their hype! This one actually goes far and above what I expected!! Much respect to all of you! P.S. The staff is fantastic!!!


Dear DAVE,

This part of my journey I started in May 2016 when I chose to live. I was turning 55 in October of that year and knew if I did not change some things I would not be around as long as I wanted to be. So, I changed my diet, and started running! I could only run for about 30 seconds and then I’d have to walk. I was 60 pounds heavier than I am now! In May of 2017 I did my first SK. One month later I did my first 70.3 Half lronman Triathlon. Did my second SK in July and my first marathon in October. Then I found out about the Cellerciser® … so before I did my next event in May of 20181 was using the Cellerciser®. It has been a game changer for me! ” In 2018 I did 10 events several of which I place first in my age group. In 2019 I did about 12 events and got first place in many of my age groups. Also, in 2019 I did my first 103 mile ultramarathon and finished in qualifying time! 2020 was a tough year as a lot of events were cancelled but I did very well in the ones I competed in! In 2020 I have done very well this year and just finished my fifth 70.3 Half lronman distance triathlon. I came in first place in my age group! The end of September I do my first full lronman Triathlon … looking forward to it! 􀀧. Many people are totally amazed that I am able to finish those distances and do not have the time to exercise like most people. My 30 minutes every morning workout {Pia yin] on my Cellerciser® is 98% of what I do. Working as a truck driver 14 hours a day (70-hour week) makes it pretty hard to be able to do any other exercise so thank you so very much. I really appreciate having this to help keep me being able to do the things I want to do.

Now that I am turning 60 in October, this is awesome, I feel better now than I did when I was in my thirties … May the Lord bless each one of you in this wonderful Cellercise® family!

*Grace has completed several additional races since the writing of this letter. 144.6 mile race: 116 miles on a bike, 2.4 miles on a swim, and 26.2 miles running .. all within the 17 hour limit. She is an inspiration and help to so many others and has a heart of gold. Thanks for being a part of the Cellercise® family Grace!


Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 2of5

Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 3of5

Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 4of5


Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 5of5

Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 1of5


Dear DAVE,

I’ll be writing a review later but wanted to say thank you for this high-quality product. I have gone through several different rebounders and thought I had the best when I scored a preowned Bellicon. After replacing bungees trying to get the mat firmer, (couldn’t keep up with David Hall routines along with the IJI twins) I decided I needed a Cellerciser. When I first tried it, I thought oh boy I’m going to be sore as the mat felt quite a bit tighter, but shortly after starting my first routine I was IN LOVE! It is much less jarring for me; I feel it’s easier, yet I get a BETTER workout AND I feel rejuvenated after every workout and have been feeling better than ever (never felt like this with the other rebounders and would often have lots of upper back and neck tension). The plan was to put it away after each workout, but I find I want to use it so often throughout the day that it’s been staying out. So happy!!!! Thank you, David Hall and the entire team!


Dear DAVE,

Want to say thanks again to Jerry for your assistance and patience with me on more than one occasion when I’ve called. You have helped me immensely and given me confidence in my Cellercise® workout. Definitely appreciate your kind demeanor and the encouragement you offer. Excellent instructions on the phone translated well to my workout.

I’ve had my Cellercise® for 2 weeks now and in that short time I already notice a tremendous difference over the bungee rebounder I’ve had for 5+ years. I’m sleeping better, my energy levels are noticeably improved, and I just feel better overall throughout the day, more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I love it! I was beginning to think rebounding just wasn’t for me. Boy was I wrong! Best birthday present ever and so glad I asked for this one. My husband is Cellercising now and I am passing the word on to family and friends. Hoping to increase your sales! Please share my heartfelt thanks with David Hall. Appreciate everything you all do and are doing at Cellercise®. Looking forward to many more healthy updates.

Thanking the Lord for you guys! God bless!


Dear DAVE,

When I was 64, I was 238 LBS a 42” waist, on 2 blood pressure meds, 2 meds for gout, 2000 MGS’ of Metformin for Type 2 diabetes, a stat in for high cholesterol, and had chronic fatigue. My doctor told me at an appointment that my blood sugar was at 810, I should be in a diabetic coma. Right there I decided things had to change. I started with dietary changes, keeping it simple going old school, absolutely no simple carbohydrates, all complex carbohydrates, about 75 carbs per meal, no bread, no dairy, a vitamin D supplement, I drink nothing else but 3 quarts of Culligan water a day, I shop around and won’t buy or eat GMO foods, given a choice. A friend once asked me why I won’t eat GMO foods, I replied, “well, read GMO backwards”. I snack on celery and peanut butter, triscuit crackers and avocado dip. Once my new diet was started, I started looking for a exercise routine. I borrowed a friend’s laptop and researched a lot of routines. Ran across rebounding, which I was somewhat familiar with and its effects on Lymphatics. Next went to consumer reports and researched rebounders. I ended up deciding between a couple, I was able to get the 800 number for Cellerciser and called. I liked the Cellerciser for the balance bar, and in talking to Jerry, he fronted me your video free. I bought my Cellerciser on October 5th, 2018. By about January 1st, 2019, I had worked up to advanced routines on my Cellerciser. At this writing, I’m 67, I’ve went from 238 LBS to 182 LBS, a 42” waist to a 34” waist, I’m off all my meds except one blood pressure pill, my AIC, uric acid, PH, C-Reactive Protein numbers are all normal, blood pressure is always around 60. The diet and Cellercising cleaned up my leaky gut which ended my chronic fatigue. There’s no doubt Cellercising is the best exercise in the world, just ask NASA! The second best exercise in the world is pushing yourself away from the table. Cellercising helped me beat Big Pharma, (for now), and at my last doctors’ appointment my doctor told me, “I don’t have any patients in your age range that are in the shape you’re in!”

Thank You! and Amen

Jay in Nebraska

Dear DAVE,

I bought the Cellerciser from you few years ago in NY at the Life Expo. I was trying to recover from my mono. This was an amazing machine and Immediately jump started my energy. After seeing many doctors to help me boost some of my energy level and spent thousands of dollars in search of a cure, this machine gave me my energy and my life back. I am completely over my mono, but once in a while when I overdo it, I feel sore lymph glands in my neck, I Cellerciser and feel renewed. To me, this machine has become like natural medicine with quick results and no side effects.

So, thank you Dave.


Dear DAVE,

I bought a Cellerciser on 12-28-20 to rehab myself following bypass surgery, and then gall bladder surgery and haven’t missed a single day of rebounding since it arrived. I play different pieces of music with varying beats and bounce continuously for anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour. it ‘s hard to overstate how good the body and mind feel, both during and following the daily workout.

Thank you sincerely for designing and producing an excellent piece of equipment. I’ve blown through 2 cheaper models within a few months of use but after 8 months of hard daily use the Cellerciser remains completely intact with no signs of wear at all.

If it ever does wear out I hope you’re still in business so I can replace it with another just like it…but I get the feeling this isn’t going to wear out in spite of all my effort! I’m only 78 and looking forward to many healthy years ahead…the Cellerciser is part of my “200 year plan!”

Thank you. You’ve made a difference that’s much appreciated. I am a grateful customer. Everyone on my contact list now has the link to your site. There is no hesitation in recommending your product.



Dear DAVE,

I am a Cellercise user since August 12th. Have been Cellercising 1 day short of one month and I am super excited about the improvements in the way I feel, the strength, the stamina, energy levels, better posture, less aches and pains, better mood, etc.

I am very excited also on what is to come because I am still going slow and giving it time for the whole body to adjust and strengthen.

I have a quick question? Is there a YouTube video or a video that shows Dave’s full routine? I have been doing some simple moves for 5-6 minutes in the morning and then 1 O minutes in the afternoon. It would be great to get the whole 10-12 minutes that Dave follows.

We all want to look like him!!!

Thank you,



Been Cellercising for 80 days straight. 5 mins in the am and 1O in the PM.

I’m noticing more definition on my legs for sure. My neck and my shoulders too, I’m even noticing more muscularity and vascularity on my forearms.

Feel more agile and the skin feels tighter. My goal is to get to 6 months non­stop in order to experience the max benefits. Looking forward to it.


Dear DAVE,

I want you to know how much we use and appreciate our Cellerciser. (We call it -a bouncer and what we do on it Is bounce!)-Both my husband and I use it daily. We each have a routine that takes about 15 minutes to do.   Bouncing has made an amazing difference in how we feel… and look. It is not only energizing, but it reduces stress and creates a general overall feeling of well-being.

I was a walker and usually walked 30 minutes a day. In Cleveland in the winter, this was often difficult. The Cellerciser has solve the problem. In fact, I have found that 15 to 20 minutes on the bouncer is better than my former 30 minute walk! My heart rate, respiratory rate, and muscles all get a better workout on the bouncer.

My husband and I have both lost inches using the Cellerciser. This has been quite dramatic for my husband. (He likes his beer and food!) Now he has a trim stomach and looks really great. I have always been on the slim side, but as I got older, I put on inches where I least wanted them – across the belly and on the hips.   I have reduced these areas noticeably since I have been using the rebounder. I am in clothes I thought I would never wear again!

I kept telling my sister how wonderful the Cellerciser was. She was skeptical until she came to visit me this summer. Now she has one and loves it too. In fact, she noticed weight loss within two weeks of using the rebounder. She says her stomach is the flattest it has been in years. Mind you – this is a person who has at one time or another owned every type of exercise equipment on the market. I have seen all kinds of expensive and exotic machines come and go at her house. She says the rebounder is the best piece of exercise equipment she has ever owned.

When I first saw you at the Whole Life Expo in Cleveland a year ago (fall of 1998) I knew instinctively that what you were doing on the rebounder was something I would like to do (and would be able to do). And I was right. I have never regretted purchasing our Cellerciser.   A year later we are still using it regularly because it Is easy, fun, and produces results. I have to say though, that I think the real reason we keep on using it, beyond the weight control and reduction in inches, is the way we feel when we bounce. We just feel better all over when we use the Cellerciser regularly.

Thank you for introducing me to your program for fitness and health. I look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Whole Life Expo in Cleveland.



Dear DAVE,

We have purchased three units from you, but we find that the trifold is our favorite. The unit seems to have a gentler feel during the exercise and also it is so easy to manage, to fold, and to put away. We also prefer the size and the placement of the balance bar. Both of us believe that the Cellerciser regimen is strengthening our 75-year-old bodies. We are thankful that we found you guys and your product, and we plan on utilizing your system until the day we leave this earth.



We are sending you an update regarding our joining the Cellerciser family. (we have purchased 4 units for ourselves and other members of our family.) Last November at the age of 75 we started Cellercising and have observed several changes:

–              We have not had a cold or any kind of sickness since November of last year.

–              Our endurance has improved.

–              Varicose veins have diminished.

–              Hernia is just about healed.

–              Have noticed a general tightening of muscles.

–              After Cellercising a general improvement in mood.

There are probably other improvements taking place that we have yet to identify but look forward to observing. We are convinced that your product and program has hit a “sweet spot” in the physical fitness world. Where else can you eliminate expensive equipment, simplify your routine, save time, and enjoy the activity?  We also appreciate your commitment to amazing customer service and the willingness to take your valuable time to answer individual questions. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you, your family and your Cellerciser family.

Lance & Lana

Dear DAVE,

Just a note to let you know I purchased the “Bouncer” at the Yoga Expo in L.A. Sept. 28th, 2003. I didn’t unwrap it until Friday Oct 17, I have been using it for only 5 days. What a difference in my energy level! I am thinking I will be able to give up coffee in my morning now, this works great.

Also, I have very recently been diagnosed with a non-existent disc and a poorly healed spinal fracture. Every morning I am bent over and find it hard to move and in discomfort.

With 10 min of bouncing in the a.m. I get rid of my back ache and I am straight again and out of pain. In addition to good energy level.

Also, I have experienced torn cartilages and pain in my knees for the last 15 years. My knees feel really good. I am truly amazed.

By the way I will be 71 years old in February. Thanks a million for your fantastic rebounder, I am very grateful.



Dear DAVE,

Just a little over 3 weeks and I can do things for longer. Example!! When I would wash the floors. I used to have to stop part way through and rest. Now I go straight through. Keep in mind that the whole house is flooring no carpeting. House is about 1800 square feet. That’s a lot of flooring. I also seem to get more tasks done. Where before I would just ignore it but no… I get it done with no breaks. Loving this. My Cellercising is getting better as well. Trying to go without the balance bar. Still rely on it a lot but getting there. Just wanted to share my progress.


Dear DAVE,

I cannot begin to put in words what a fabulous exercise piece of equipment the Cellercise® is and what an impact its had on my body in a relatively short time.

I started Cellercising for about 5 minutes a day and am now consistently jumping for 25 minutes with the last 5 minutes doing the gentle health bounce, while exercising my arms.

1 have experienced renewed strength and energy right from the beginning; and now that I have completed a month of Cellercsing (missing only 2 days), I have noticed slimming and tightening of my entire body – especially my legs, thighs, tummy, and now within the last 2 weeks a tightening and firming of my upper arms. I also noticed that when I go to stand up from a sitting position, a renewed strength in my legs that wasn’t there before.

After a few weeks into Cellercising, I started experiencing some slight discomfort in both my knees, however, Jerry informed me not to worry because Cellercising tends to target those weak areas in our body to strengthen them. So I cut back my jumping and did the gentle health bounce with marching in place. Ad that did the trick, within a couple of days, the discomfort was totally gone and I was back to my regular jumping routine.

I will be encouraging everyone I know to look into purchasing a Cellercise® and start reaping its many health/weight loss benefits. The science behind the Cellercise® is just amazing.

Thank you so much David Hall for your amazing Cellercise® – I LOVE IT!!! And also Jerry for all the help and support on the phone—I appreciate you both!!

P.S. After many years (decades actually) I cancelled my gym membership this week. NO REGRETS!!



Dear DAVE,

I’d love to give you a little more background info, and you can use as much or little of it as you’d like for testimony material.  A year or so ago, I became convinced that I needed a regular exercise routine, in  addition to the changes I’d made in my nutritional habits (about 3 years ago, I began  incorporating the Weston Price traditional food preparation techniques and other supplementation based on his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” and Sally Fallon’s cookbook, Nourishing Traditions). I became familiar with the Radiant Life Company and remembered with interest their recommendation of the Cellerciser. So, I finally got one. Once I received it. I became a little concerned, because since the birth of my 3rd child in 2005, I suffered from some pelvic relaxation (also known as pelvic organ prolapse). I was, with the help of a website and information begun by Christine Kent ( determined to not have surgery for this condition. With the help of Christine’s program, I had stabilized the condition. When I first got the Cellerciser and jumped on it, I felt a jarring in the pelvic organs, and was disconcerted, thinking I might not be able to rebound. That’s when I contacted you. You encouraged me to use a sitting back slightly posture, and that it could strengthen the muscles in that area. I also read in the book that came with the Cellerciser that women who had pelvic relaxation could do it, with gentle bouncing (not jumping). So, I began developing my own exercise routine, first in sitting posture, then very gentle bouncing. Gradually I worked up to my current 20 minutes per day. Sometimes its 20 minutes twice per day. Paying careful attention to my posture, the positioning of my organs over the pubic bone, and using sitting and standing exercises on the Cellerciser, I have improved my condition. I feel stronger than ever. Not only do I feel stronger with respect to this condition (I can even run now with no discomfort, and I can gently jump on the unit), where I was previously having some cracking in my knees. that is completely gone, and my joints feel better than when I was in my 20’s. Also, I have improved circulation -some veins that were beginning to protrude in my feet are completely gone, and some other veins in my legs are reduced. I have better tone and definition overall, but especially in my upper body. Finally, I have SO MUCH MORE energy, which is required as I homeschool my 3 young children and run a part time law practice. I need that energy!! I have thought of writing so many times. I love the Cellerciser because it’s fun, it’s efficient, and it is so convenient, which I also need for my lifestyle. I couldn’t drag myself out to run, nor could I get to a gym. And, I have never had a form of exercise that I’ve been able to stick to doing like this every day with such ease. Our 69 year old aunt (a cloistered Benedictine Nun from Kent, England) came here for a 3 month visit late last year –she tried the Cellerciser and thought what a wonderful thing it would be for the aging nuns in her community. I can’t thank you enough for making such an incredible health product. Personally, I think everyone would benefit by having a Cellerciser in their home. I tell everyone about it! And, to those who think it’s expensive, I say compare it with the cost of a gym membership or think of all the money you will save by being well and feeling great. What would you pay for that?? Thanks again, David, and I’ll email you my sister’s address tomorrow. We’re going to get her a Cellerciser.



Dear DAVE,

It’s been about 14 months since I bought the rebounder from you when you were in Austin at the Whole Life Expo. At that time, you told me that if I used l for 10 minutes a day for 60 days, I wouldn’t believe the difference.

Well, I can say that it didn’t take me 60 days to see an amazing difference in my body! I have worked out all my life since my early 20’s (I’m 46 now) and was in fairly good shape when I started bouncing. But after only 1 week, I began to see my body changing. I started to lose weight and muscles started to pop out all over. It has now been 4 months and I have lost 22 lbs. and my muscles have all become very defined.

I’m addicted to the trampoline and use it for 10-20 minutes each and every morning as soon as I wake up. Not only have I lost weight and become more defined, but my energy level has reached a new high. I no longer get tired in the afternoons and sleep much better at night.

I have people telling me how great I look and asking how I’ve done it. When I tell them, they say … “That’s all?” Yes, it’s hard to believe that in only 10 minutes a day you can change the way you look all over. I have stopped lifting weights and have cancelled my health club memberships. In all the years I went to the clubs, I never had the type of results I’ve seen from rebounding, nor as quickly.

I intend to keep bouncing the rest of my life.


Dear DAVE,

This is my Cellerciser story. I am a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and I have a clinic near Ann Arbor, Michigan which specializes in chronic and health psychology and I have been working in this field for over 25 years. I lecture around the state and country regarding chronic pain and the opiate epidemic and I am very interested in the mind body connection.

Approximately 10 years ago I purchased a Cellerciser. I loved it. I was doing it every day. I have flat feet, so it is difficult for me to run and do aerobic exercise besides swimming. I was able to do this in the comfort of my home and my kids also loved the Cellerciser. I eventually purchased a kangaroo spring type shoe approximately five years ago. I thought it would be similar to the Cellerciser, a portable spring in my shoe, and I started running all around the area around my house and very shortly I severely damaged my ankle and I thought I was unable to jump on the trampoline. I was told by doctors that I needed to rest my ankle. I spent thousands to try to treat my ankle. I was seen by a physiatrist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, acupressure practitioner, chiropractor, kinesiologist, nutritionist. All of these treatments did provide some improvement, but I still have chronic pain and it severely limited by ability to enjoy travel and walking.

Eventually, two months ago, I was so frustrated seeing my kids jump on the trampoline and I was not able to jump on the trampoline and I was so jealous I decided I could not take it anymore. My ankle is not healing, and I was just going to jump very gently. I noticed after I had jumped that my ankle felt more energized. As I continued to jump over several days, I noticed the pain moving from one part of the ankle to a different part of the ankle, to the knee and eventually after 6 weeks all of my pain in my ankle completely left me.

Now it has been two months since I started jumping on the trampoline and I have forgotten I had an ankle injury that lasted over s years. In addition, I noticed as I jumped my mood improves after I jump, and I feel some of the same spiritual energy I feel when I meditate when I jump. I notice my mid back pain has improved. I also think my vision has improved.

I write with my hands constantly, I write reports all day long for 20 years and I have started to develop arthritis in my hands and since I started jumping, I do not know the mechanism but all of the arthritis symptoms in my hands are now gone. My hands are pain free. I feel born again. I am very grateful for your Cellerciser. Thank you for inventing it and I really appreciate the personal touch I experience whenever I call Cellerciser. I either speak to you or another gentleman and they try to be as free as possible to educate me about the Cellerciser.

Thank you.


Dear DAVE,

So, I purchased a “knock-off” Cellercise® from years ago that I rarely used for obvious reasons – it caused pain. After I saw David Hall, I pulled it out and decided to do only small baby bounces on it while waiting for my Cellercise®. Since I’m working with a bad knee, I mean VERY gentle bounces, but a LOT of Jamba Run. I cannot believe the improvement in my knee only using the Jamba Run (I don’t want to pronate that knee!!!) I am no longer using the brace, have lost 2 1/2 lbs. in a week and a half, huge boost in energy, and a huge reduction in cellulite! I pray that I’m getting an early delivery for the REAL DEAL and not something hugely disappointing like tires. LOL!!!

All that to say that I know I am going to get some huge results with my Cellercise® whenever it comes and will post as I have been sick with Lyme most of my life and have had nothing but deterioration throughout my entire body.

Thank you,


Dear DAVE,

I just want to say Thank You to all of you at the Cellercise® company. I have so much more energy and feel so much better after purchasing the cellercise trampoline and using it faithfully every day. 1 have been on Synthroid for 22 years and have done a lot of different things but none have made a difference with my thyroid. However recently I have been able to lower my dose on the Synthroid and I put it down to the Cellercise® since it is the only change I have made in recent months Thank You All So Much. And a special thank you to Jerry for taking the time to talk to me on so many occasions you are always so helpful I will continue to refer people your direction.

God Bless

A Very Satisfied Customer,


Dear DAVE,

I have acquired a Cellercise® unit within the last year and was astonished. What I have experienced was like no other machine or exercise process that I have become accustomed to using. It occurred to me later on, that this unit regulated every possible movement of your body. For instance, I was able to walk (back problem) further than usual. My bowel movement was better regulated. My appetite stems to be more consistent. I feel more energized and could measure my output. But most importantly, my blood pressure stabilized.

I had to thank Mr. David Hall for my new lease on life.


Dear DAVE,

Before the NordicTrack corporate bankruptcy a few years ago, I was a rising star in the company; I broke sales record after sales record, and I thrilled to go to work each and every day. I loved to SELL their equipment, but I also hated to USE it! Exercise on my NordicTrack equipment was just plain boring-and hard work. I own three different pieces of NordicTrack equipment-all of it has been collecting dust.

Throughout my life, I have battled with fatigue and depression. Historically, I have made few friends outside of work because I have always been too TIRED to do anything after hours-new friends soon quit calling-and a romantic relationship seemed like an impossible goal. Last fall, I finally sought the advice of a nutritional counselor. With his advice, I drastically improved my diet and I began an excellent supplement program. Still, I found that I had only enough energy to make it through my workday, drive the hour home, eat dinner, then crash in bed, only to get up the next morning and start the cycle all over again. My massage therapist said that my adrenals were “shot.” A naturopathic physician told me that I needed to improve my “life force.”

In April 2003, I discovered that I am gluten intolerant. For the first time I began to understand how gluten had ravaged my body-and STOLE my LIFE! Considered a genetic autoimmune disease, gluten caused my body to attack its small intestine so it cannot absorb its nutrients properly-and the lack of nutrients in my body’s cells caused my energy to become quickly depleted. To add insult to injury, gluten also formed a powerful toxin that made my brain swell, clouded my thinking, formed a cyst in my body, and made me depressed. Beginning a gluten-free diet was a monumental improvement!

The next piece of the health puzzle was purchasing and using my Cellerciser. With only TWO WEEKS of daily use, my energy DRAMTICALLY improved-just as you promised. In fact, I soon found that if I “Cellercise” too late in the day, I often have to walk a couple of miles to rid myself of EXCESS energy-just so that I can fall asleep! “Cellercise” has also given me a healthy outlet for stress in my life. I now crave the “buzz,” much like I used to crave sugar and caffeine for the same effect.

When I began, I could use “Cellercise” no more than two minutes at time–even then, I thought my internal organs would drop to the floor! Now I enjoy my Cellerciser so much that I often spend 20 or more minutes in a single session. I have recently begun a serious fat-burning routine on my Cellerciser; my body literally changes from day-to-day. In the last couple of weeks EVERYONE has noticed my brighter aura, smaller size, and improved shape. Everyone who knows me marvels at my transformation. Even the cashiers at the local grocery store are asking to be let in on the “secret.”

My Cellerciser is definitely one of the BEST investments that I have ever made! My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. I am 48 years old. The way things are going, I will soon have a better body than I did when I was 28!

Enthusiastically yours,


Dear DAVE,

I love my Cellerciser! It took me a while during the beginning of the pandemic! Now I cannot stay off it! My energy has totally improved! I am 68 years young and people say to me, I wish I looked and felt as good as you! You surely don’t look your age! What a wonderful Complement!! I tell them about my Cellerciser! Get one you won’t be sorry!! Just check out the website!!

Thank you so much Dave Hall