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Dear DAVE,

Thank you so much for my Cellerciser! I love it!! Muchas Gracias and Mahalo!



Dear DAVE,

So happy… Just received my Cellerciser…It is so different from my cheap mini trampoline…I love it!! Thank you Dave Hall/ Cellerciser!!!


Dear DAVE,

Cellercise is helping to open up circulation and pumping oxygen and nutrients to my brain, my scalp, my eyes, my face, my ears, throat, neck, my shoulders, arms, chest, lungs, my heart, my abdominal are, my back and spinal column, my hips, my libido, my thighs and buttocks, calves, feet and toes.

Light is filling each of my cells. My whole body is being filled with light. Thank you, body, for the love you have shown me. I love and appreciate this body. I will work with this body to help us both enjoy our journey as we pursue our greater health potential. (P,M,S,E) My cells are transmitters and receivers, my body is a transmitter and receiver, I am transmitting and receiving love, hope, desire, gratitude, confidence, faith. I think positive thoughts. I surround myself with positive influences. I am happiness. I am joy.


Dear DAVE,

Cellercise is my best friend!!! The only workout until the rest of my life!!!!! I ADORE IT. So many benefits and muscles are getting stronger!!


Dear DAVE,

One of my psychology clients, who knew that I was into holistic health from previous academic study and personal interest, lent me her 10 DVDs on I think it was called the Longevity Tour of just a few years ago. The content on the DVDs is magnificent! You were my star of the presenters. I have been interested in trampolines to jump for joyous health, but never went further than a passive interest. So, after seeing you with your Cellerciser, I explored more. Both my client and I tried to buy one directly from you, but the communications were faulty. So, I eagerly sought out suppliers here in Australia and bought the half-fold with balance bar from a Western Australia supplier. I’ve now read all the material provided (pretty much every single word, not skipping parts) and highlighted certain areas. I am now less than one week into my “jumping for joy” Dave Hall Cellerciser and very much the “joy” is there.

Dr. Donna

Dear DAVE,

I’ve had mine for almost 6 months. Best investment I made. I use it every day for 10 mins, and some days a few mins longer. Sometimes I will miss one day a week. I feel fantastic, and I certainly don’t feel 60, that’s for sure.


Dear DAVE,

Greetings from the far north! We just wanted to thank you for all the years of hard work you’ve done bringing the Cellerciser to people in need ALL OVER THE WORLD. We promote it everywhere we go. My wife and I came across your rebounder a little over a year ago on a YouTube video. After a little research we purchased one. We live in Alaska but spend our winters now (after raising a large family) in Austin Texas with my 94-year-old mother- on the remains of an old ranch that Austin city limits swallowed up. After my wife and I were jumping for about a month we took a gait belt and put it on my mom and with one of us on each side of her and a stabilizer bar for her to hold onto- we got her up on it and started bouncing her every day sometimes two or three times a day for a short period of 2 to 3 minutes. Her health & stamina improved dramatically. We have eight children so last summer I purchased EIGHT more Cellercisers and distributed them to each of our eight children (including five spouses and 17 grandchildren!). Now we’re all a GREAT BIG HAPPY HEALTHY BOUNCING FAMILY. Today I wanted to share with you an exercise we like to do that is not on your app. We call it the DOUBLE SKI-POLE BOUNCE. Imagine cross country skiing by propelling yourself with your ski poles across flat ground. As you bounce on your rebounder you swing your arms straight out in front of you, together so they’re parallel with the floor and then on the next bounce you swing them down and behind you so they’re sticking straight out behind you- again parallel to the floor. A couple of my sons really like this exercise and so do I because it works out your entire upper core torso- your arms, shoulders, back and abs. I hope you can eventually work this exercise into your app.

Thanks again for all the good work that has benefited my entire family.

James & Betsey

5 spouses

17 grandchildren

James & Knox

Dear DAVE,

We spoke a couple of weeks ago. I just placed an order for my second trampoline. As I indicated during our chat, I literally can’t live without it. It brings joy to my day to use it. I  spend more time jumping like a crazy kid that I can admit. It’s more than just exercise which I am glad am getting, the trampoline changes my mood instantly. The second place is so tiny that I have to hide the trampoline right away after I use it but I can’t live without it so I have to find a way to hide it 😉

I cant thank you enough And I am looking forward to receiving it !


Dear DAVE,

I have rebounded on other trampolines. Some benefits came from that. But not what I wanted. Have rebounded on the Cellerciser off and on for about a year. Saw results but not dramatic and would kind of let it slide and stop doing it. Because of this group, I really committed to 6 months. I knew in my gut this was right. I just knew it but would quit early because I didn’t get my “drama” results. I decided to commit to 6 months. I knew I needed to get past my mental roadblocks and allow my body to find the right course for itself and not focus on the results I wanted. The first two months were painful. I gained weight and inches. Honestly, I think it was just muscle over the fat. I hung in there. Trusting Dave when he said to work out on the Cellerciser, and it would work on you. That it couldn’t do anything else. So, I hung in there. Now, 4 months in, I have lost the 10 pounds I set out to lose and have lost 80 percent of my cellulite. Feeling pretty darn happy. Thinking about doing the Jamba run every other day now. But I don’t know. Still want to keep that success going. Just checking in because all of your success stories on here and Dave’s LIVES are really what inspired me to commit and push through my doubts the first two months! Thank you EVERYONE. Also, wish I had taken some before and after shots of my rear. I did not. And you few brave folks who did were my heroes. Still might, because I have more strength to gain and more improvements to come. By the way, I did not change my diet. I am kind of stubborn and wanted to see if the Cellerciser would work on me even while eating pizza and taking my kids to the state fair and enjoying family movie night with buttered popcorn. I didn’t give any of that up. I am sure I would have gotten quicker results if I had, but I didn’t want to. However, I do find I am more aware and choosing to make better choices with my food because of the positive results Cellercising alone has given me. So, thank you everybody. Can’t wait to see what the next month’s bring me!


Dear DAVE,

I received my Cellerciser yesterday, thank you very much!!

That is exactly what my body and my brain need now! So simple and so effective!

My friends from Vancouver ordered it for me and now I am one of lucky persons from Finland who can test it! Fantastic!

First morning after my first experience with rebounder was like a rebirth … slowly rebirth. I woke up and felt myself relaxed and peaceful … in my stressful and extremely busy life it is a new feeling believe me!

Thanks to my dear friends from Vancouver Igor and Margarita!! I can be happy again!!

Good morning my new life and Good bye my old one 🙂


Dear DAVE,

I have ordered from you before but maybe I phone ordered It. I am ordering a new trampoline for my son who has profound autism. He loves his trampoline, so we are ordering another for him to use at his Dad’s house. Thank you for a very durable product. I hope you visit my face book page as there Is a video of Carmen on It. He jumps on it for 5-6 hours a day and all day on the w/e!!


Dear DAVE,

I’ve been meaning to mail this card in and let you know I am doing great with the Cellerciser. In fact, my boyfriend wants one now.

Thank you again for your loving support.



Dear DAVE,

Dear Dave and Jerry,

I am super happy customer writing to you about the wonderful experience we had with your customer service rep Mr. Jerry. He has been always so upbeat and helpful when it comes to anything about Cellercise and I ordered the first time because of his positivity and he took the time to explain everything in detail. He totally convinced me and I have no regrets. Best decision we made in a long time.

We are so so happy with our Cellercise and it’s has done wonders for our 13 year old daughter. During covid she barely had anything to do with the constant online class and that’s where Cellercise became our savior. She daily jumps on it without fail for minimum 20 min, 3 times a day – before and after school and just before sleeping. We in fact have argument that she needs to stop and do her homework! I am attaching a video of her and how happy we are. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of Cellercise and Jerry is simply amazing.



Dear DAVE,

Wanted to give you my 2 year update on using the Cellerciser. First off I love it! I’m 30 pounds lighter! I’ve given away all my exercise equipment because with the Cellerciser it’s all you really need. Anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes a day that I bounce and I feel great and look so much better. The added benefit and I don’t understand it is I feel so happy! when I’m Cellercising. I feel happy afterwards as well. It’s truly addicting. Who doesn’t want to feel happy? Money cannot buy happiness, I know I’ve tried. This thing is truly something special. Sometimes I refer to it as my Happyciser.

Thank you Dave for perfecting the trampoline. It’s worth every penny.

Sign me Happy Robin


Dear DAVE,

I enjoyed bouncing on the Cellerciser at the Longevity Now Conference in April and meeting Dave and his son-in-law.

I’m happy with my unit, and I also think the DVDs are very good. Actually, I decided I wanted a Cellerciser after watching Dave on DVD from an earlier Longevity Now Conference.

I had owned a rebounder since 1996. I considered it my most important piece of furniture.