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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


A valve in my heart went bad and I was seeing a cardiologist. I had to have several tests done as the valve worsened. A Nuclear test was performed and I was at 52%. I was so weak and achey. It was very hard to my job at ups unloading trucks and working ... but one day a gentleman picked up a package and inspected it at my office. It was one of your units. I was so impressed I got one too. I jumped to save my life ... and I certainly did not want open heart surgery to replace my valve. Didn’t have time for that! I am blessed and happy to say after jumping for several months another nuclear test was performed. I WAS AT 70 %!!! My cardiologist asked what I was doing. Jumping on your trampoline was the ONLY thing I was doing differently! She said 70 was the low end of normal range and I didn1 need surgery any more! I have continued to bounce because if I stop, I do find my heart weakens again along with several other symptoms of poor circulation. So I bounce to keep my heart strong and my feet pain free. I continue to work at ups and have gotten a second job too!People are always commenting on my spirit, energy and youthfulness. I am 52 but look younger.I am so very thankful to God for directing me to your rebounder and for His leading you to do what you have done. I know you were sick for awhile and that illness prompted you to begin your journey with rebounding. He truly does use everything together for good. I tell everyone I can about rebounding and you and your cellerciser! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! May God keep blessing you!

Camille S

Aug 16,2012

I did not think it was possible to build the strength in my two Hernia's without operating on it. I think it is better and strength is improving as well. Balance improving as well. Also digestion better which is interesting. I love my Cellerciser.

Thanks, Darin


Wed, Aug. 29, 2012


Something I did not mention is that my balance is getting better now and 12 years ago going on 131 had my knee operated on and no matter what I did my balance just was not there, my knee was what was causing my imbalance to occur. Now with this said I have more balance in my Karate moves with my lower body then I have had in going on 14 or 15 years. This was always my challenge with any Martial Arts because my balance just sucked the big one. Anyway my balance has improved greatly these days and my back kicks are working well.

Now some other interesting news I have had difficulty putting on strength muscle and I am putting on more weight then I have been able to keep on for month with my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) then I have been able to in months. So with my Vegan Diet or mostly Vegan Diet I seam to be doing very well with the combination of the Cellerciser and my diet I have almost no problems with my UC these days. I have had no problems for over two months now and no Pharmaceutical Drugs, which my specialist does not know yet The best part no side effects and I feel great.

Thanks, Darin

Dear Dave:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my friend, Carol S. Presently, she is going through the final process of completing her book,'Just Fine: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness and Pain', which is a topic that has been ignored for years. She interviewed over 150 participants for this book,and is profiling many of them. She also interviewed, and has quoted many physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, etc. All of the participants in her book live with a chronic condition, illness or pain. (I am one of them.) This is a unique book that I am sure will reach, and help a lot of people. I read it in its entirety, as I assisted in proofreading.

As I mentioned to you, I have been 'Cellercising', and have been able to improve every part of me. We have never met, so it is impossible for you to seethe before and after. I also do weight training, but I would never have been able to receive aerobic training and other benefits without your quality Cellerciser. Thank you for that gift.

I told Carol about the Cellerciser a couple weeks ago, and she became excited by it. She lives with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, and also has Crohn's disease. She also thought it would help many of the people she had interviewed for the book. She is in touch with them on a regular basis, and sends out mailings to them every few months. She wanted to try the Cellerciser herself, and if she liked it, she would recommend it to the participants in her book, both in letter form and during meetings.

* In order for that to happen, it would be a kind and honorable professional gesture to simply give a Cellerciser to Carol, or at least at a drastically reduced cost. It would not even matter if she had the money or not; it would be good business. This would definitely initiate more interest, as she has influence on a wide circle of personal and business associates.

* People with chronic concealed illnesses find it very difficult to work, work part- time, or are unable to work at all.. Most are barely surviving, as they are living on limited incomes. Also, it is not easy for them to get disability insurance because they look "just fine".

* People with concealed illnesses or diseases cannot do regular exercise without pain, so they do not do it If they cellercise, instead of exercise, then they can control the 1evel of jumping, and therefore the level of pain. There would also be an increase in stamina and health,promoting self-confidence. This is something Carol would point out to them.

* I realize that you need to make a profit, and that you cannot offer a discount to everyone, but perhaps a discount to those interviewed in the book, or to the writer of the book, would be an act of compassion.

I tell everyone that the Cellerciser is one of the single best investments I have ever made in my life.

In closing, I hope that you will consider my comments, and at least have the mind and heart to realize the benefits that will come to you in more ways than one.

Thank you for considering this request. I know that Carol and the many people she has interviewed for this important book will appreciate and be able to benefit from the Cellerciser.


Diane… your favorite fan

Dear Mr. Hall,


Thank you so much for your patience and the time you took to walk me through some advice on how to handle my weight loss difficulties, I will let you know how it is going in a couple of weeks.

As I explained on the phone despite my frustrations with my weight I would not return my Cellerciser for all the tea in China. My children and I have truly benefited from it.

I am a mother of six, our youngest is only 5 Vz months old. I first investigated getting a rebounder about two and half months ago when after a very slow recovery and many attempts at trying to get fit, which ended in much pain and discouragement, a friend suggested I get a mini tramp as he had read that they are supposed to be the safest most efficient way to get fit and healthy. Another very good friend had also been told by her naturopath to get a mini tramp to flush her lymphatic system to help her heal from a very serious infected abscess. So I started looking into it.....wow was it overwhelming!

There were tons of websites and adds from Walmart to ebay pushing some kind of tramp or another and no way of knowing who to buy from. Then I went to check the buy and sell online and there were a couple for between five and twenty-five dollars. I could not understand how there could.be such a great discrepancy in price, anywhere from over one thousand dollars to as little as 19.99 brand new. I started to look for websites and blogs that had commentary and reports on different brands. There were equally as many. I came across your website along with > websites for Needaks, Reboundairs, Urban rebounders, Bellicons, as well as tramps from Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and Germany. All claiming that they were the best value for the money, some claiming that others were overpriced, that you could get the same bounce and quality unit for forty dollars as you could four-hundred. Wow was it confusing...

The more I looked for unbiased reports the more confused I got until I began to see a general trend. While many companies criticized others for poor quality and many individuals did the same, Uie worst that was said about the Cellerciser was that it was expensive. The funny thing was that once I compared the prices, with the exception of the Urban rebounder and the really cheap sports store and retail store brands, the price difference between the Cellerciser and many of the other top selling makes was not all that significant. And when I read about the superior quality of the Cellerciser from the same people who criticized the unit for its cost it didn't seem to make sense to me that one would spend a few dollars less if you could get the best quality for not much more.

Now while I was doing all this investigating, which took me about two to three weeks, I was using my friends trampoline, a fifty dollar model she got at Canadian Tire. It was avi^l, I hated it Everywhere hurt, my head, my back, my hips, and my c-section incision, which I was very slowly and painfully trying to recover from. I talked to my good friend who had been using hers for about four months (she got hers at Walmart) and she said that at first she found jumping on it uncomfortable but now she found that it only bothered her head and neck for the first few minutes...she figured this was normal.

What I read about better quality models was that they should not cause pain, and I remembered what you wrote about your father's experience and injury on a cheap model. So I bit the bullet and bought one of your units. While I waited for it to am've I continued to look for testimonials and followed rebounding blogs to see what people had to say. Again I could not find anything negative about your unit except the comments about cost I contacted one blogger and asked him why he had reviews about almost all known rebounder models except yours and he said it was because yours was more than he could afford and he refused to spend money on an overpriced unit when he could get the same superior quality with Rebtoundair which was so much cheaper. Well I checked and here in Canada the price difference was only about twenty dollars Canadian. So I emailed him back and told him that it made no sense to me not spend the extra twenty dollars to get the 'Cadillac' of units. His final email was to tell me that customs and shipping would get me in the end. I called your offices and spoke to Jerry, who was very kind, and told him that I had recently purchased a unit and was worried as I was really not enjoying my time on the current tramp I had and was having a lot of discomfort. He promised me that my Cellerciser experience would be better or my money would be refunded.

Well the day I got the unit I was ecstatic pulled it out of the box, by the way not extra charges came with the unit debunking the Urban rebounder blogger's predictions, and I got right on it in the living room. I had to fight my children off so I could have a go, and what a difference. I dreaded getting on the cheap one and once on could not wait to get off. As soon as I got on this one I was having fun, and as my children begged me to get off so they could have a turn I kept shooing them away cause I did not want to get off this one, it was too dam much fun.

Since I have gotten the unit I have missed about five days in two months plus. I am on it pretty much every day for between ten minutes to an hour depending on how busy my day is. I feel stronger, my abdomen is healing and feels stronger, and while I still cannot seem to drop the extra inches and weight I am carrying, the benefits to my immune system and digestive track has been remarkable. I havef suffered from IBS since grad school almost fifteen years ago and have not had such positive results since I was first diagnosed. The symptoms would come and go and only a very restrictive diet seemed to alleviate the pain associated with it Until I started rebounding. But most interesting was just recently when my whole family came down with a horrible influenza, including the baby. High fever for several days and then an awful cough that had me convinced that a couple of them had whopping cough. When the last two of the children were finally coming to the end I thought now I am going to get hit, cause that is how it always happens. Sure enough I woke up a few days later with a headache that made me feel like the top of my head would explode and a foggyness I could not shake all day. By four in the afternoon I had to do something and I could not go to sleep as it was just about time to start getting dinner ready for my family, so I decided to go downstairs and jump for a while... Ouch it hurt like heck at first but within about two to five minutes my headache was gone, my sinus' were clearing and I never did get the flu. I am convinced it is the result of my stronger Immune system from Cellercising daily. I was getting little sleep and was surrounded by runny noses. When I did sleep it was usually with one or more sick feverish children. No matter how tired I was I made a point of forcing myself to get on the tramp at least once a day while everyone was sick.

Anyway this is my long winded way to say thank you for all the work you have put into making this unit what it is, for the research and time you have devoted to helping people like me on their road to health. Especially thank you for personally calling me and answering all my questions and providing me with a game plan to deal with the obstacles still ahead. As I mentioned on the phone I truly believe that all households should own a Cellerciser and I would like to reiterate that. Imagine the strain off the overtaxed health system, the reduction in absenteeism due to illness, and the general improvement to people's well being. 1 know that when I start my day on the Cellerciser I am a much nicer mom, a much more patient teacher to my children and a much more productive person in the home. It even helps me with my prayer life as in making time to cellercise I usually also use that time to pray the Rosary which otherwise does not get done in the crazyness of my often overly busy days.

Once again God Bless you and your family Mr. Hall, I look forward to continued correspondence with you and I hope one day soon to be able to write you and let you know that my weight struggles are also under control. Also please pass on my thanks to Gerry he too has been very helpful.

With much gratitude, Dominique Okotoks, Alberta

P.S. I realize this is very long but if you would like to use any parts of this letter, or all of it you are most welcome to.


Dear David,

Here is a little update on us after our purchase. All is well and I am still thoroughly satisfied with our tramp. My youngest daughter, who will be two in November and has downs syndrome, has been going on the tramp almost daily and loves it. Because of her downs she has a condition called Hypotonia, which I am sure you are aware is a decrease in muscle strength, which can be increased through regular exercise. Because of this she also has a little imbalance. After reading what rebounding does for increase muscle and balance I was eager to have her get used to being on it on her own so that when she is walking and stronger she will be jumping on it too. My other children, we have six in all, (for now) love to jump her as they call it They jump gently while she is on the tramp with them.

I am so happy that! had an opportunity to learn so much about the benefits of being on a tramp from you, and I try to stay faithful to my Cellerciser workouts daily...though as a mum of six and homeschooler it is sometimes difficult to find even just ten minutes. I do notice a huge difference in how I feel, and how my day tends to unravel when I neglect my jumping!

So thank you again for all your work, and keep plugging away (or should I say jumping away.) I am praying that sometime in the future I will have some extra money to purchase a few more from you and sell them as I truly believe that every home should have one!

God Bless you,

Dominique N

Dear David,

Here is a little update on us after our purchase. All is well and I am still thoroughly satisfied with our tramp. My youngest daughter, who will be two in November and has downs syndrome, has been going on the tramp almost daily and loves it. Because of her downs she has a condition called Hypotonia, which I am sure you are aware is a decrease in muscle strength, which can be increased through regular exercise. Because of this she also has a little imbalance. After reading what rebounding does for increase muscle and balance I was eager to have her get used to being on it on her own so that when she is walking and stronger she will be jumping on it too. My other children, we have six in all, (for now) love to jump her as they call it They jump gently while she is on the tramp with them.

I am so happy that! had an opportunity to learn so much about the benefits of being on a tramp from you, and I try to stay faithful to my Cellerciser workouts daily...though as a mum of six and homeschooler it is sometimes difficult to find even just ten minutes. I do notice a huge difference in how I feel, and how my day tends to unravel when I neglect my jumping!

So thank you again for all your work, and keep plugging away (or should I say jumping away.) I am praying that sometime in the future I will have some extra money to purchase a few more from you and sell them as I truly believe that every home should have one!

God Bless you,

Dominique N


My breathing has improved and I'm not so grumpy, no doubt because some oxygen is getting through to my bloodstream and cells.

I used to be a runner, jogging 3k or 6k each morning, but in 1988 I lost something that was more important to me than my own life, and never ran another step. When I did the first few jogs on your Cellerciser, and overwhelming surge of emotion flooded through me as I felt the elation and euphoria of that running feeling which I have not experienced for 23 years. tears spilled out of my eyes. I quickly wiped them off my cheeks so that no salty tear water could drip onto my lovely new bouncing mat.

Years of undiagnosed gluten intolerance (with its inevitable malabsorption) has left me very hunched over and terrifyingly thin. My goal is to be able to stand up straight again. I have been saying: Oh Divine, straighten my spine.

Now the following is for you, David:-

I will use the Ceilerciser My health It will maximiser From first day my breathing better (Must tell Dave by fax or letter) Jumping morning, noon and nighter Feeling chirpy - a bit brighter 'stead of glum, resentful, bitter Set my sights on getting fitter Only started very gentle Hope results are monumental Want my precious spine to straighten I'll be patient and a-wait-In' Must keep on with cellercise Dave Hall does deserve a prize

My brother wants to get one. My daughter is contemplating getting one. Is it any cheaper to get 2 at the one time, delivered to the one address


Hello Mr. Hall,

I have had my Cellerciser for just under 4 weeks and, I love it! I feel better already. I have been lifting weights for 14 months and due to a crushed sciatic nerve, I have had little progress in my legs, especially my calves.

With the Cellerciser, I am already seeing and feeling new growth, it is amazing! Doing cardio type workouts has never been enjoyable since my back injury, first in 79 the another in 88 but, keeping my hands high, gets my heart, lungs and everything going, as you know.

I have high hopes that this will “wake up” my crushed but not severed nerve. I’m getting a lot of sensation now, although temporary.

I’m telling everyone I know to give it a try!!

Thanks so much,


Dear Dave,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My testimony is a little different from the others. I was recovering for over 3 years from severe fracture injuries to my shoulder and both wrists and the surgeries I had. Also a fractured pelvis. I lost my balance, flexibility, and strength, and of course my confidence, and much independence. When I finally was able to build up my walking time, I was up to an hour or more several times per week, and even several hours at times. Then came the stress fractures in my feet which kept me from walking for weeks at a time. I couldn't walk without pain or risk for more than a short time around the block, and often had to stop and massage my feet or have someone come pick me up. It was terrifying to think that my feet could crumble out from under me. I also had severe foot cramps for 4 years.

Then I saw something about rebounders, can't remember what, but I started investigating and researching. I decided I needed a person to help answer my questions and help me wade through all the possibilities. I found Sharon R., who carefully listened to my specific needs and recommended the Cellerciser with the stability bar. I started with 5 minutes of jumping and my whole body hurt so badly, I couldn't do anything for a week. Then after to reading and "thinking", I gradually moved from 1 minute per day to 15 minutes in 2 months. I was up to 30 minutes for a couple weeks then left for over a month to travel in Utah. I had been gaining longer time walking and had less pain, but I was still wary of any irregularities in the road. During that month, I hiked where ever anyone else did, slowly, then more easily, over rough trails. I didn't take the rebounder with me as I didn't remember how it could be folded up. My mind was also badly affected by pain, drugs, inactivity, etc. When I returned, I started using the rebounder again, this time able to build up within a week or two. A month later we left it behind again and flew to Panama for 2 months. I walked constantly, and up and down very steep and rugged mountains. Rarely had foot pain, more discomfort like anyone else would have. I have had occasional foot cramps attributed to unwise dress shoes, and twice to dehydration. My balance and flexibility is good now, and I rarely have any body pain. I am so amazed and thrilled to have overcome my disability, but at age 71 with osteoporosis, I know I will have to continue to do all I can to maintain my health and good conditioning. When we returned from Panama, I wasn't as regular with my workout, and saw the results in my balance and overall strength. It is quickly corning back however including the good posture I so covet.

I had developed a program for myself for 15 - 30 minutes, but was becoming resistant and had trouble motivating myself. I would make myself bounce and exercise for 5 minutes, then tell myself I could do another 5 minutes, and so on. It was working fairly well, but I was frustrated with our scheduling irregularities. I finally looked at your DVD (for the first time), and decided to follow exactly your program, with a couple more favorite exercises thrown in, and not push myself to do more than the 10 minutes. I still walk a lot, so I do get good exercise anyway.

This shorter program works well for me. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back when it looked hopeless.

Kathy W 


I cannot fully express my delight and amazement with the Cellerciser!

Initially I looked at it with some skepticism, but thought It would make an "Interesting" piece for my television show • especially with Dave's individual energy. I was not, however, expecting such a life-altering personal experience!

I have come from 215 lbs/24% fat to 180lbs/13%, with visible loss of girth, but Increase in lean muscle. The overall effects of both body image and lifestyle have been astounding. This all while recovering from a broken leg!

It has the effect of not only toning muscle but making one's efforts "worthwhile".

One naturally starts seeking out time to bounce, and modifying diet easily and repeatedly. It also Is by far the most "organic" of any of the machines I have tried, in that one can put as much into a session as one wishes, and even when tired, a few minutes of "maintenance" bouncing can be achieved with ease, yet the benefits are manifold.

With Just a little consistency, this "device" has become a "friend" in as much as I take it on remote shoots, to hotels, etc., and cannot Imagine life before, and certainly not without.

Thanks Dave, and all over there at Cellercise.

n y k fry

Dear David,

I apologize for not writing yesterday as I had said. The wireless network in my building was down and just came back on today. It was great talking to you yesterday. I am excited about the forthcoming book(s) and video. This information is so important to get out to people but it is even more important to make sure that the finished product matches your vision. I wanted to write to let you know some of my experiences with the Cellerciser. I noticed a few really interesting changes when I first received it in late April and it was indispensable to me in recovering from a recent cycling accident in which I was hit by a car (photos attached) April: I work primarily with individuals to help them detoxify their bodies and rebuild their health. The system that I use is the nutritional cleansing program pioneered by Isagenix. I have seen massive differences in my self as well as others (one woman that my wife and I work with has lost over 130 lbs. and counting!!). One of the first differences that I felt with the Cellerciser was when cleansing symptoms came up when I wasn't on a cleanse. I also have had a long history of blocked eustacean tubes in my ears. I used to hear a crackling sound whenever anyone would talk. I found a couple of herbal remedies especially capsicum and ginger that would open them up but would never feel like they were completely open. One of the first things I noticed while on the Cellerciser was a low level clicking sound in my ears. Within a couple of days the sound had stopped and my ears felt wide open! I meditate and practice Qi Gong and the Chinese Internal Martial Arts daily. I noticed a significant difference in my energy level as well as my feeling of groundedness. The Cellerciser is also perfect for smoothing out energy after a session to make sure that there aren't any energy imbalances, everything is perfectly smoothed out and evenly distributed. Before I would jump, my body and specifically my spine would feel like a stack of bones and after only a few minutes of work it feels like a steel spring! Within only a few minutes my body feels more like a system of tensegrity rather than just nuts and bolts. I have found that bouncing on the Cellerciser for about 5 minutes or so in the morning fills me with energy and about 5 minutes or so of the baby bounce at the end of the day leaves my whole system feeling open and relaxed and ready for deep sleep. I generally do one longer and higher intensity session daily with a focus on different muscle groups, especially abdominals as well as twisting motions for massaging the intestines and liver.

The cycling accident, July 1st '08 On the 1st of this month, I was hit by a car while cycling. The driver hit me so hard that I not only needed 19 stitches (my wife could actually see my jaw bone before I was stitched up) my face was pretty banged up, my watch lens shattered...even the face of my cell phone was cracked and it was in my backpack!! I was in bad shape but I was grateful to have three powerful tools on hand to help me heal: Isagenix: complete nutrition that cleanses the body at a cellular level and would help my body rebuild! Cellerciser my sole source of exercise during recovery. It allowed my to help get the nutrients to where they needed to go as well as circulating the lymph to clean the old junk out of the damaged areas. It also served as my chiropractor to help me balance and open my badly wrenched neck and back, while also strengthening my cell walls!! Ritm Scenar: Stimulated the healing response where it was needed and took my pain level from an 8 out of 10 to a 0 in a day and a half without need for either of the pain prescriptions that the hospital had written for me! This device recharges the cell walls and re-starts the cellular pump! I knew that these tools were powerful, so I decided to take pictures while holding a paper to show the rate of healing that occurred. Not only was my neck and back badly twisted and in pain from the accident, but it was made worse by having to sleep sitting up so that the blood that had accumulated in my left eye wouldn't dot in my lens, causing me to need surgery. When I got up in the morning of the second day my neck and back felt even worse than the day of the accident, which is not an easy thing to pull off!! I didn't know how to deal with the pain and stiffness, so remembering how amazing the Cellerciser made my neck and back feel, I would put on a movie and do the baby bounce for a couple of hours while slowly and gently twisting side to side. I knew that the more I could do this throughout the process the quicker my spine would open and the sooner the lymph would dean the old blood from my injuries. I continued like this for the first couple of days before I was able to jump hard enough for my feet to leave the mat!! It felt slow in the moment, but looking back at the pictures I can see that everything happened so quickly! I would literally take Isagenix, treat my injuries with the Scenar and then bounce as long as possible! I felt a little like a cocktail shaker, like I was putting everything together and then activating them through bouncing on the Cellerciser. You can actually see in the last pictures how much the jumping helped the movement of the old blood out of the injured areas. If it weren't for the Cellerciser, those old cells would still be in the skin on my face. Instead they moved all the way down to my chest! I have decided to offer the Cellerciser and Ritm Scenar to individuals who I work with alongside of Isagenix. The three offer a perfect synergy. Isagenix cleanses and nourishes at the cellular level, not just the large filters of the body The Cellerciser aids the cleansing of Isagenix while strengthening the cell walls The Scenar restores the charge of the cell walls to 70mv which switches on the inflow and outflow of the cellular pump, which aids nourishment and detoxification. Thank you so much for what you offer. I am so grateful to be working with you to help people see a new way of healing. In Gratitude, Paul Nutritional Cleanse Coach 5

About my Life Line - My Cellerciser

Talk about money well spent, what better than making a small investment on one's own body.

Let's put it this way - have you ever seen a Hearst pulling a U-Haul? So we better realize our body needs to be appreciated!

I felt awful, I thought I was in early stage of Alzheimer's, my body felt sluggish, and my mind matched. I was truly worried about my health, I was afraid to take all the pills the Doctor suggested, and they wanted to give me cortisone shots into my joints to remove the pain I was in. I had put on 30lbs since I had not been able to exercise, or walk as I was able in the past. I have just made 60 and I felt like I was 200. When my trust -worthy Acupuncturist, Chantelle Deshazer, introduced me to my Cellerciser, I believe it has made such a impact on my quality of life, It has amazed my family and friends. I believe everyone should have one. It is a life-saver. If I can do it, anyone can. I look forward to using it. I never had this experience with a piece of exercise equipment. I have several conditions that should not allow me to exercise, but with the Cellerciser I am able to continue enjoying quality of life.

Between Acupuncture and my Cellerciser I wake up each day, excited about what the day will bring my way. I suggest to everyone to invest in yourself. Your worth it.



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