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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

I have been using a “Cellerciser” for three years. It is truly a wonderful invention. By using the Cellerciser I have greatly improved my cardio-vascular function and overall physical health. I only work out for 8-10 minutes each morning. I high recommend this form of exercise for anyone interested in improving their health.


Dear DAVE,

A valve in my heart went bad and I was seeing a cardiologist. I had to have several tests done as the valve worsened. A Nuclear test was performed and I was at 52%. I was so weak and achey. It was very hard to my job at ups unloading trucks and working … but one day a gentleman picked up a package and inspected it at my office. It was one of your units. I was so impressed I got one too. I jumped to save my life … and I certainly did not want open heart surgery to replace my valve. Didn’t have time for that! I am blessed and happy to say after jumping for several months another nuclear test was performed. I WAS AT 70 %!!! My cardiologist asked what I was doing. Jumping on your trampoline was the ONLY thing I was doing differently! She said 70 was the low end of normal range and I didn1 need surgery any more! I have continued to bounce because if I stop, I do find my heart weakens again along with several other symptoms of poor circulation. So I bounce to keep my heart strong and my feet pain free. I continue to work at ups and have gotten a second job too! People are always commenting on my spirit, energy and youthfulness. I am 52 but look younger. I am so very thankful to God for directing me to your rebounder and for His leading you to do what you have done. I know you were sick for awhile and that illness prompted you to begin your journey with rebounding. He truly does use everything together for good. I tell everyone I can about rebounding and you and your cellerciser! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

May God keep blessing you!


Dear DAVE,

I have had my Cellerciser for just under 4 weeks and I love it! I feel better already, I have been lifting weights for 14 months and die to a crushed sciatic nerve, I have had little progress in my legs, especially my calves.

With the Cellerciser, I am already seeing and feeling new growth, it is amazing! Doing cardio type workouts has never been enjoyable since my back injury, first in 79’ then another in 88’ but keeping my hands high, gets my heart, lungs, and everything going, as you know.

I have high hopes that this will “wake up” my crushed but not severed nerve, I’m getting a lot of sensation now, although temporary.

I’m telling everyone I know to give it a try!!

Thanks so much


Dear DAVE,

March of last year I had a pacemaker and defib because my heart was only operating at 20%. I slowly was able to use the trampoline with health bounce only. My last echo came back that they wanted to up the pacemaker but with doing 5 minutes x3 a day, I was able to get my heart stronger enough that they didn’t have to up the pacemaker and I got an extra year out of the pacemaker before they change the battery. There is a lot more to my story that I will share at some time. The baby bounce is giving me the results that I want, so I am happy, and my doctor is ecstatic. He tells me that talking to me now is like talking to a whole different woman. I only wish that I had known about the Cellerciser before and maybe I wouldn’t have had to have a pacemaker at all.