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Aug 1, 2012

Over the last few years I have been using your Cellerciser with my other cross training each week. If its cold or bad weather I set up your Cellerciser in front of my TV and a fan in my bedroom.

Then a go for about an hour to an hour and a half..... it's great.....easy to set up and put away.

Two years ago my son and his family moved out of the lower apartment of our house. And we rented it to an older lady in our area that we knew.

My son was visiting last week during the big storms and the lady down stairs had come up to pay her rent at the same time.

I hadn't heard the door bell because I was working out on your Cellerciser so he came in to tell me she was there. When he came in the bedroom, he saw me on you Cellerciser and started laughing very hard....and came back out laughing in front of Pat (The lady downstairs)

She wanted to know what was so funny too.....

So ....he told her that for the last few years he had lived here.... that when he heard the the sound of me on your Cellerciser.....that he thought it was me and mom making love.

And that he was very amazed and proud at how long and often he heard that noise......she started laughing and said she had thought the same thing.

So now........I'm not as famous as I was last week.


Mr. Hall,

Thank you for expediting my order for the tri-fold Cellerciser. I ordered the product on Monday, September 17 and received it on Friday, September 21.

You might say, "I'm up in the air" and even reaching "new heights" and appreciating the opportunity, now available, to improve the health of our family.

With appreciation,



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