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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.



Dear DAVE,

Thank you for allowing me into this group! I am 52 years old and I just started Cellercising on December 25 when I got a rebounder for Christmas. I just learned about Dave Hall and the Cellerciser family in November. I liked to run outside and lift weights at the gym but due to Covid and my dislike of running in the cold, I was prompted to find a new way of working out. I feel so blessed to have found Dave and this program! I bought the Mr. Rebounder app and I have been Cellercising every day since the 25. It feels great! I didn’t initially purchase a Cellerciser because I wanted to see if I was going to like this type of workout. I am now a believer and hooked! I love Cellercising! When I can, I will definitely purchase a Cellerciser. I can see from the videos that the matt seems a bit stiffer than the rebounder I have plus I believe in Dave and would like to support his cause!

Again, thanks and blessings to all!


Dear DAVE,

I bought mine 7 years ago and have LOVED using it!! Many of my friends and family have purchased one as well! I had 6 babies in 12 years, combined w/ LOTS of blood clotting issues, bad veins, plantar fasciitis, overweight, etc. Needless to say, I was a mess!!

The Cellerciser was a literally answer to prayer and helped me lose 65 pounds and improved my health tremendously. Just wanted to pop in and say you got this!!


Dear DAVE,

This may be long, so I apologize in advance.

I was in a bad car accident about 23 years ago, my head injury caused me to have to learn to walk, talk and function again, so much of who I was lost on that day, basic tasks like tying my own shoes or even remembering how to do laundry was a chore I had to accomplish with many many sticky notes pasted up on the walls of my home to remind me how to do the task. I overcame a lot of it but was still stuck with side effects of the crash. One of the big ones was balance, I had to give up driving because of it and walking was also difficult for me. My brain would say when I was walking that I was going in a straight line, but my body would always wander off to the left. My family would just say, there goes mom again and pull me back out of the way. I walked into many many a wall, that has all changed and I cry writing this, I was shopping with my husband and just didn’t even notice until he kept looking at me strangely and said wait here, he then ran to the end of the aisle and said walk to me, I thought he’d lost his dang mind lol. But I did it, and I made it, straight as an arrow!!! I was crying in Walmart I was so over the moon happy!!! I then started running around the store like a crazy teenager, at 60 I think I scared some folks lol And after we left the store I asked if I could try driving home, it was the most wonderful freeing blessed drive I ever did in my entire life!!!

David Hall saying thank you will never be enough to tell you. My lost life is now back again, and I AM FREE!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – My Cellerciser BDay is Jan 10,2021


Dear DAVE,

Rebounding is such a great exercise! I have been using my Cellerciser for 6 weeks, and I notice my body is getting noticeably more toned. I am 57 and I am feeling really good! I look much younger than my years say, and rebounding is helping out with my cause! I hope to have a beach body by summer – I might just reach my goal!


Dear DAVE,

Just a note to let you know how much I love my Cellerciser.

I’ve had a lymphatic condition for several years and this has had a profound effect on my condition. I have searched for years to find something that would correct this problem. My condition at this point has improved enough that I believe that it will be less of an issue as long as I consistently use the Cellerciser.

Thank You,


Dear DAVE,


The cellerciser has been an integral part of my training for the past year as I prepare for the worlds.

I am a firm believer in the miracles of the Cellercise®. Tried the Jamba run. Interesting! It works!


Dear DAVE,

Knowing where we want to be and getting there are two different stories. Until I put my picture side by side, I still saw the same person in the mirror. Sure my clothes size had changed… in fact I’ve had to buy a few things and a belt even!!!! But I didn’t see it until I compared the two. I think the hardest thing for me is the BMI charts. I don’t like them. In my world (according to Christine) they aren’t always right. Feeling good in what I wear and how I feel should be my determination on where I am. I can’t this has been easy. Lots of ups and downs, but I think I’ve got this figured out. Diet is key to losing weight.  You can Cellercise all you want but if you eat junk like I have, you just become a hamster in a wheel going no where. Eating healthy will help with so many things, exercising will help me maintain and improve even more. I love my Cellerciser. It has helped me tone, maintain and lose, clear my head, and keep me going. Having a Cellercise family that encourages you, is the icing on the cake! From the start of my journey to now, I am down 45 lbs. I will probably stay where I am because I am happy here. Thanks everyone and “you’ve got this”!!!


Dear DAVE,

Ok … so for a few months now I have been Cellercising every day. I’ve had to modify the twist and ski patrol because they bothered my knees. Well, the past few days I am twisting and skiing like nobody’s business! (Not too whippy). So, I just wanted to share that and encourage patience to anyone with the same problem. Hang in there! Best exercise ever! Also had a finger prick at the doctor and bled so much I needed a band aid! Hahaha whattt?

Keep bouncing!


Dear DAVE,

This part of my journey I started in May 2016 when I chose to live. I was turning 55 in October of that year and knew if I did not change some things I would not be around as long as I wanted to be. So, I changed my diet, and started running! I could only run for about 30 seconds and then I’d have to walk. I was 60 pounds heavier than I am now! In May of 2017 I did my first SK. One month later I did my first 70.3 Half lronman Triathlon. Did my second SK in July and my first marathon in October. Then I found out about the Cellerciser® … so before I did my next event in May of 20181 was using the Cellerciser®. It has been a game changer for me! ” In 2018 I did 10 events several of which I place first in my age group. In 2019 I did about 12 events and got first place in many of my age groups. Also, in 2019 I did my first 103 mile ultramarathon and finished in qualifying time! 2020 was a tough year as a lot of events were cancelled but I did very well in the ones I competed in! In 2020 I have done very well this year and just finished my fifth 70.3 Half lronman distance triathlon. I came in first place in my age group! The end of September I do my first full lronman Triathlon … looking forward to it! 􀀧. Many people are totally amazed that I am able to finish those distances and do not have the time to exercise like most people. My 30 minutes every morning workout {Pia yin] on my Cellerciser® is 98% of what I do. Working as a truck driver 14 hours a day (70-hour week) makes it pretty hard to be able to do any other exercise so thank you so very much. I really appreciate having this to help keep me being able to do the things I want to do.

Now that I am turning 60 in October, this is awesome, I feel better now than I did when I was in my thirties … May the Lord bless each one of you in this wonderful Cellercise® family!

*Grace has completed several additional races since the writing of this letter. 144.6 mile race: 116 miles on a bike, 2.4 miles on a swim, and 26.2 miles running .. all within the 17 hour limit. She is an inspiration and help to so many others and has a heart of gold. Thanks for being a part of the Cellercise® family Grace!


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Grace D Weight Loss Inspirational Muscles Endurance Strength 5of5

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Dear DAVE,

Just celebrated Grandma Millie’s 96th birthday …… Here is a photo of 4 generations that use the Cellerciser!

Hope all is well


Dear DAVE,

I loved your videos. Best I have seen yet! I purchased my first rebounder when I was 19. I will be 62 June 30 and I agree it is the best exercise ever. Thank you for sharing your positive communication and exercise gift with the world.

Gratefully yours


Dear DAVE,

I purchased a Cellerciser from David Hall about 6 months ago. I had problems from a horizontal abdominal incision (hysterectomy) for 5 years. David taught me step by step how to use the Cellerciser to strengthen the area and break up the scar tissue. I had dramatic results within the first week. What I thought could be a worsening life-long problem is gone!

Thank you, David!


Dear DAVE,

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to Jerry who answered my questions this morning on the phone about Cellercise. Not only was he able to help me understand the science of things, but he really brought tears to my eyes with the way he ministered encouragement and the love of God. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I also want to say thank you to Dave Hall who took time to help me understand more about Cellercise and recovering from Lyme, and who rally cut to the heart of the matter and encouraged me to focus on the good instead trying to fight the negative. It confirmed what God has been encouraging me to do lately and put in way that I will always remember.

God bless you all for running a business that cares about people! I know that I will be able to invest in my own Cellercise unit.


Dear DAVE,

I hope you are well. In some ways my Cellerciser journey began over 45 years ago when my Aunt was with a company that sold rebounders and she gave me one. I used it for a while, and enjoyed it, but I was young and “macho”, so I eventually gave it up for miles of running, other excessive types of training, and crash dieting. I carried this regiment on through the years and I now have an artificial hip, and two artificial knees. I am not complaining …. I thank the Lord for good Doctors, and the technology, that allows me not to be a total cripple. I retired from teaching and coaching a few years ago (42 year career) and I realized I had given more concern to my athletes and students than myself. Almost a year ago I finally had that moment where I had a very serious conversation with the man in the mirror. I had a physical. I weighed 411 pounds. My A 1 c was almost 10. My blood Pressure was 170/95. My Cholesterol was through the roof as well. I was taking medication for all of these things already and my physician wanted me to take more including adding shots of insulin. I simply said I was not going to do that and that I would take care of the problem. Actually, that was not that bright, but I was finally fed up. I would not recommend anyone do that, but I knew myself, and my problem has never been not knowing what to do, but rather simply doing it. That evening I went home, and I prayed that the Lord would give me strength to proceed and be with me as I went. The next day, I began doing it. I started slowly. I made the decision that initially I would set a goal of working out four times per week. I could work out more days, but the baseline was four. I figured that if I said I was doing it every day I was setting myself up to fail because sometimes cares of life get in the way. The first day I did fifteen easy minutes on a treadmill and fifteen easy minutes on a bike. The next day I did that again and added a few rounds of 3-5 exercises with light weights I have at home and a TRX. I would do the walking and riding at least four times a week and on at least two of those days I would add the other exercises. I also tried to cut down on sugar and other “bad” carbs, but I did not just deny myself everything. I would also sauna 3-4 times per week. I did all of this for a month and was under 400 pounds and feeling better. I was ready to work a bit harder, so I alternated days of biking and walking with two of my biking days including some intervals and one of my walks being a longer one. I started going to our local club and began a reasonable lifting program twice a week. I began some bouts of intermittent fasting and watch my carbs a bit closer. I was feeling better and better. I also added one thing, a Rebounder. I still had the one my Aunt gave me stored in my garage. Each day after my workout I would bounce (not all that hard) for 5-10 minutes and I found that it made me recover better. I also began revisiting the benefits of rebounding and I discovered your material on YouTube. As I watched, and studied, I decided that a Cellerciser would be much better than the unit I had. I noticed that the suggested maximum weight for the Cellerciser was 350 pounds so I kept working with the goal of getting to the point where I could use the Cellerciser. Finally, when I got to September, I was near 350 pounds and I ordered a Cellerciser. When it came the unit was even better than I imagined. I started using it after my workouts, but then I decided I would get on it every morning, and so I began playing on the Cellerciser for 5-10 minutes every morning. It only took a few sessions before I was looking forward to getting on the unit each morning because I felt so good after I did it. If I felt stiff when I got out of bed the Cellerciser took care of that. I can tell you that I have done a lot of physical things over the years that have damaged my body and I have a lot of orthopedic issues, but 100% of the time when I get off the Cellerciser I feel better, even when I hit it hard. Since I received the Cellerciser I have continued to work out. I have replaced one walking session with Cellerciser and added another Cellerciser session. These are in addition to my morning ritual. I am now down to 300 pounds and maintaining that while I am stuck in the house due to Covid-19. I am on the Cellerciser every day. It not only helps me physically, but the mental benefits are huge. I plan to let my body lose some more weight once this lock-in is over. Right before the lockdown I had a Doctor’s appointment. My A 1 c is at 5.2, my cholesterol and other blood markers are all excellent, and my blood pressure has been in the 120/75 range for 2-3 months now. The benefits I have gotten from rebounding, and a healthier lifestyle, are simply phenomenal. If I was still coaching, I would have several Cellercisers in my wrestling room for warm-up, recovery, and conditioning as well as for training around injuries. I have worked with a lot of young athletes and one group that I think would benefit immensely from the Cellerciser is the female athlete. They have an inordinate number of ACL tears and I think working on the Cellerciser would strengthen the muscular and ligamental structure of their knees in ways that traditional weight training cannot touch. If I could go back in time, I would base my fitness program on rebounding which is what I am moving towards as I approach my post work life. Cellerciser has helped me get healthy. You have helped me as well Dave. I have watched your YouTube videos and, learned a great deal from you. Plus, the motivation you provide in your presentations is priceless. Thanks for your help. I am so sorry this was so long. There is actually much more because God has really transformed me, and blessed me, along the way in this journey … but another time maybe. By the way, I am 63 years old.




Dear DAVE,

May I call your attention to the wealth of publicity you might use to enhance the Cellerciser through this article in the Seattle Times (Seattle’ Daily Newspaper). It expresses how I feel about what it has done for me. I really think it has saved my life. After being very ill, I could not seem to get better. It was most discouraging, one evening your voice came over the radio telling about the Cellerciser. Immediately I knew it was for me. On September 29, 2000 it was delivered to my home. There has been so much interest in the Cellerciser and Feldenkrais since the article was printed that the Seattle Times has had more requests for copies of that paper and duplications of the article than of any other it has ever printed. I attend the Lifetime Learning Center, in Seattle. The an educational organization for adults 50 and over. There are 300 students and 40 or more classes, with 3-8 week quarters. The non-profit school has operated for 25 years in the Seattle area. The instructors, many of whom are Ph.D.’s or with master’s degree are all volunteers. As our life span is increasing, many of us would rather care for ourselves than be cared for. We are learning about ourselves through the Feldenkrais course at Lifetime Learning Center. Dr. Feldenkrais was one of the first healers through movement, as he healed himself that way. The class I attend has increased in size from 4 to 14 since this article was published. The office phone never stopped ringing, folks were interested in both the Cellerciser and Feldenkrais. You will also note that I was born in Alaska! How frequently Alaska awakens a gleam in the eye. Most women want to lose weight. Your method is the first and only one I have found that suggests one can gain weight. That is what sold me.


Dear DAVE,

Good evening, this is Silva. Normally you don’t hear much from me. I watch your live show on Mondays, but sometimes I can’t figure the timing. I live in Southern California, please let me know what the timing of your show California time is.

I Cellercise every day since I got it in June 14,2019 using the DVD that came with the unit.

6-15-19 was my first day using the DVD for 10 minutes up to August.

I watched different trampoline exercise on YouTube to learn the foot lifting. I still did baby bounce but wanted to be able to lift feet.

I have muscle tension in right leg also weak knees. Am careful not to injure self by wrong feet lifting.

Since August my daily routine is:

Baby bounce, then arm routine finish it with Jamba walk.

First time did 5 Jamba walks, increased it to 10 after arm routine. Increased to 15 Jamba walks. Once I got the hang of it, increased it more.

Baby bounce, arm routine, (3) times Jamba walk each counting to 40. Rest in between. Finish it with holding bar jumping twice followed by 4 jumps with legs lifting to the sides.

Not bad for 70 years old who never did trampoline exercise. Bear in mind I already had exercise routine since I was 50 years old but was floor routine. Have many DVDs, each different instructors.


Dear DAVE,

This is WORKING for me and I want each and every one of you to experience this too, NOW!!


Dear DAVE,

Talk about money well spent, what better than making a small investment on one’s own body.

Let’s put it this way – have you ever seen a Hearst pulling a U-Haul? So we better realize our body needs to be appreciated!

I felt awful, I thought I was in early stage of Alzheimer’s, my body felt sluggish, and my mind matched. I was truly worried about my health, I was afraid to take all the pills the Doctor suggested, and they wanted to give me cortisone shots into my joints to remove the pain I was in. I had put on 30lbs since I had not been able to exercise, or walk as I was able in the past. I have just made 60 and I felt like I was 200. When my trust -worthy Acupuncturist, Chantelle Deshazer, introduced me to my Cellercise®, I believe it has made such a impact on my quality of life, It has amazed my family and friends. I believe everyone should have one. It is a life-saver. If I can do it, anyone can. I look forward to using it. I never had this experience with a piece of exercise equipment. I have several conditions that should not allow me to exercise, but with the Cellercise® I am able to continue enjoying quality of life.

Between Acupuncture and my Cellercise® I wake up each day, excited about what the day will bring my way. I suggest to everyone to invest in yourself. Your worth it.


Dear DAVE,

Shortly after I bought my Cellercise®, I tore a muscle in my hip. I couldn’t run, roller blade, ride my bike, I couldn’t even swim. Walking hurt. Even my routine on the Cellercise® hurt. This went on for about a month. Then, it occurred to me to just bounce very gently on the Cellercise®, my feet never even leaving the fabric. I did that for 10 minutes, and when my hip did not hurt more the next day, I continued it every day. After a couple weeks, I bounced a little higher. After a few months, I was walking completely pain-free and I let myself jump gradually higher and higher. After several months, I added one minute of running at the end of my 10 minutes. Lateral movement is what hurt my hip the most, so it was with some trepidation that I added one minute of side-to-side jumping.

After nearly a year, I tried some rollerblading, limited amounts, limited speed. Yesterday afternoon, I was on my ‘blades for half an hour, including a small hill. ‘Blading is nothing but lateral movement, especially up hills, and my hip feels fine.

I don’t know why the Cellercise® promoted healing when nothing else would, but it did.

And, after over a year of nothing but 10 minutes a day of the Cellercise®, I still have my cut, runner’s legs and nearly all of my aerobic conditioning. It saved my sanity, too. I do not know how I would have survived over a year of not working out at all.

I thought you might want to know that. And thank you.



Dear DAVE,

Last Sunday 10/27/19, I completed a 4,500 foot hike to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto Peak, Ca with some great friends. I can’t praise and recommend the Cellercise® enough! I know it got me in probably the best condition I’ve ever been in and prepared for this hike. I was strong and focused, didn’t suffer any breathing problems, had excellent endurance and stamina and felt great after hiking about 14 hours. I started Cellercising Nov. 26, 2018 and it along with a healthy diet has changed my life and I’m down 85 lbs. since 07/06/18. The Cellercise® is the single best piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever used!


Dear DAVE,

I am an Emergency Room physician. I am 65 years old. I purchased a Cellerciser at the urging of my daughter, Anna, who highly admires you. And more recently, purchased your Mr. Rebounder app.

A week ago, I fell 7 feet and fractured my left pelvis (lateral compression pelvis fracture type 1, avulsed my greater trochanter, and] fractured my sacrum. Also, a triquetrum (carpal) fracture.

I also incurred a moderate concussion. I love my Cellerciser, and like Anna, I highly admire you, and your team. You shall play a vital part of my recovery. I shall keep you in the loop. If at the end you wish to use my story and progress for advertising or promotional, or, I hope, inspirational and encouragement purposes, you may.

Talk soon,


Dear DAVE,

A material possession I just can’t live without for the last 15+ years! Thank you, Dave, from and ex-runner that didn’t know what he was going to do when I was forced to stop running because of hip, ankle, and knee issues from running. This gorgeous piece of equipment was a God-send for my body, mind, and soul! Bless you; keep the great work!


Dear DAVE,

A material possession I just can’t live without for the last 15+ years! Thank you, Dave, from and ex-runner that didn’t know what he was going to do when I was forced to stop running because of hip, ankle, and knee issues from running. This gorgeous piece of equipment was a God-send for my body, mind, and soul! Bless you; keep the great work!



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