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Dear DAVE,

I just purchased the Cellercise and absolutely love it! About 5 years ago I injured my knees while exercising (go figure) and have been in pain since. AFTER 4 DAYS OF LIGHT rebounding, my knees are pain free, mobility has returned, even high heels are not a problem!!

Thank you!!



Dear DAVE,

I’ve been Cellercising since Nov 2018 and my legs have literally transformed!! The cellulite is almost all gone, my calves, thighs and hamstrings have awesome muscle definition and I’ve lost 81 lbs. My knees used to hurt, and I struggled to stand up from a chair and now, WOW, not one bit of pain or struggle! I actually have biceps and triceps, a much smaller stomach, and glutes and all I use is my Cellerciser. I recently started hiking, but the radical change is only from the Cellerciser. Stay consistent and you will see the results too! I have no doubt that it helps the bones too but haven’t studied it out for myself. I’m thrilled at the results!!


Dear DAVE,

Been using it pretty consistently for a year. Wonderful piece of equipment! have terrible knees – bone on bone arthritis from Lyme Disease – this is the ONLY piece of equipment I am safely manage. I stick in a video and bounce away.

Love it.


Dear DAVE,

It’s the videos you folks post. It’s done the job of getting my bum off my chair and on the Cellerciser. I’ve only been doing the health bounce for the last week (because my balance is still not quite there) but I am noticing HUGE gains for a 63-year-old who mostly sits around the house. I used to have trouble going up and down the stairs to do laundry. (Blew out one knee years ago.) Now I am bouncing (bah ha!) down the stairs. There’s an improvement to small muscle movement, too. Just ordinary things like bending over to load the dishwasher is no longer a (“creak”, “snap”, “pop”) tiresome ordeal. This is pretty amazing. I seriously love you, my new tribe.


Dear DAVE,

I just had knee surgery back in November. When cleared by my PT to do so, I will be incorporating my Cellerciser into my recovery routine. They are awesome!


Dear DAVE,

Aug 16,2012

I did not think it was possible to build the strength in my two Hernia’s without operating on it. I think it is better and strength is improving as well. Balance improving as well. Also digestion better which is interesting. I love my Cellerciser.

Thanks, Darin

Wed, Aug. 29, 2012


Something I did not mention is that my balance is getting better now and 12 years ago going on 131 had my knee operated on and no matter what I did my balance just was not there, my knee was what was causing my imbalance to occur. Now with this said I have more balance in my Karate moves with my lower body then I have had in going on 14 or 15 years. This was always my challenge with any Martial Arts because my balance just sucked the big one. Anyway my balance has improved greatly these days and my back kicks are working well.

Now some other interesting news I have had difficulty putting on strength muscle and I am putting on more weight then I have been able to keep on for month with my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) then I have been able to in months. So with my Vegan Diet or mostly Vegan Diet I seam to be doing very well with the combination of the Cellerciser and my diet I have almost no problems with my UC these days. I have had no problems for over two months now and no Pharmaceutical Drugs, which my specialist does not know yet The best part no side effects and I feel great.



Dear DAVE,

Just a note to let you know I purchased the “Bouncer” at the Yoga Expo in L.A. Sept. 28th 2003. I didn’t unwrap it until Friday Oct. 17, I have been using it for only 5 days. What a difference in my energy level! I am thinking I will be able to give up coffee in the morning now, this works great.

Also I have very recently been diagnosed with a non-existent disc and a poorly healed spinal fracture. Every morning I am bent over and find it hard to move and in discomfort. With 10 min of bouncing in the a.m. I get rid of my back ache and I am straight again and out of pain. In addition to good energy level.

Also I have experienced torn cartilages and pain in my knees for the last 15 years. My knees feel really good. I am truly amazed.

By the way I will be 71 years old in February. Thanks a million for your fantastic rebounder, I am very grateful.



Dear DAVE,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and provide you with some initial impressions and feedback of the Cellercise® I purchased in October of 2007. I have been an avid rebounder for many years but never a Cellercise®. I’m afraid I never knew what I was missing. The Cellercise® is rugged, sturdy, and most important, appears to really be giving me a good workout Admittedly, without rebounding side by side with my old rebounders, which have long since past away, I can’t be as scientific in my assessment as I would like to be. However, what I have noticed is the knee issues I have had for several years appear to be no issue with the Cellercise®. Having played softball for a number of years I have a collection of knee and other body part injuries that would be aggravated by using my previous rebounders. In fact I would usually use a brace so that my knee would remain in a more stable position, sometimes a brace on both knees. I have had no such need since using the Cellercise®. ! am starting to also see some muscle definition on my arms that I have never noticed before.

Living in Ohio, I rely on a rebounder for my primary aerobic exercise in the cold winter months when I choose not to run outside. Watching the instructional/informational DVD that came with the Cellercise®, I have learned to “run” on it I am amazed at how much I sweat and how vigorous a workout I get by running for 30 minutes or more. The real test will be in the spring as I am scheduled to run the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon in May. I have my two previous marathons but not this one. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I won’t hold it against you or your Cellercise® if I don’t make it, but I believe I have a much better edge then ever before having it to keep me fit during the winter months.

Thank you for such a wonderful product and I look forward to many years of gratifying use.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Dear DAVE,

Hi Dave,

I watched a movie last evening and decided to Cellercise® gingerly, walking in place and light bouncing for 1 hr. Today, I did the same for 45 mins … this afternoon we had the warmth with sun (it has been cold like 40’s) so this early evening, I carried out solar lights and garden figurines from my basement with SUCH EASE … I am in awe!! Picked up and place items on the ground without lower back tugging and my surgical knee ’08 wasn’t stressing … I did not wear a knee brace. My husband is going to be floored when he sees what I did!! I have no residual, no stiffness, no tightness from my lower back or knee.

Thank you, Dave


Dear DAVE,

There is a major difference in other rebounders and the Cellercise®. I had 3 different ones, with one being an urban rebounder. My back and knees hurt a lot on them. After over 18 hrs. research on rebounding and reviewing the different rebounder I got a loan to purchase the Cellercise®. I felt the benefit to my health was worth it. The cellerciser doesn’t hurt my knees or back. Best decision I ever made.


Dear DAVE,

I ordered my bifold Cellercise® in August of 2017 with the stabilizer bar.

Initially I could only do the health bounce for a couple of minutes before my ankles started hurting, then my knees.

After about a week, my ankles no longer hurt, and I was able to move on to about 5 minutes then 1O minutes. Then my knees no longer hurt.

Throughout 2018 I would use the cellerciser when short on time which was more often than not. I definitely felt so much better when I did my 10- 15 minute workouts. About Sept 2018 I took the bar off be It just got in my way.

Also, after August of ’18, I began a gym membership and started doing intervals on the treadmill 3 days/week (which was a combination of a really fast walk, then a normal walk, which progressed to a slow jog with a walking interval, to a semi fast jog to a slow jog interval). Then I got all excited because I was working out, so I decided to “run” outside, and It was slow progress because running on pavement is not the same as a treadmill. The other thing is my shoes were very old (3 yrs. old), and so, my feet would hurt, then my knees would hurt, so I’d take breaks from exercising, because my knees were so sore. Then the only thing I could do was jump on the cellerciser despite my knee pain. The great thing was that even though I could not run with that knee pain (and at times I could barely walk), I found I COULD Cellercise®, get my fitness on, AND recover from my knee pain.

Fast forward to now. Right before the new year, I’d decided to attempt a nonstop run for about 25-30 minutes which is far different than intervals with resting between short jogs. On my most recent nonstop run, the day after I felt a slight pain in my left hip and didn’t think anything of it, so I went out the next day and began my run. I only got 1/2 way and had to stop because the pain in my hip became unbearable. I could only run if I pushed on my left hip which in turn pushed my body to the right. I didn’t think this was good practice, even though the pain was alleviated, so I walked all the way home and called it a day. All the rest of the day it hurt to walk anywhere, and I couldn’t help but limp. I prayed and claimed healing over my hip and then next day I was 90% better with no meds – praise the Lord! Still feeling slight pain, I decided to do a health bounce to test out the pain intensity. Feeling no pain, I went ahead and did an all-out routine and felt fine the whole rest of the day!

I love the fact that I can get my cardio workout in despite the recent kind of pain that immobilizes me in the running arena. Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Mark & Mary

Dear DAVE,

I bought the Cellercise® about 6 months ago. Before that I had a cheap Wal-Mart rebounder. I have noticed a lot of changes with my body. I am 50-years old and have suffered hormonal night swears and they have pretty much diminished. My knees are way stronger and pain free after certain activities I do. My entire body feels toned and strong. I have never felt this way. And I have exercised quite regularly in my life. I would highly recommend a Cellercise® for anyone wanting to improve their health and body.


Dear DAVE,

I started exercising with my rebound and I can’t thank you enough, all my body and lifestyle is changing!!! For me doing physical exercise was hard because my knees hurt a lot, but not with my rebound. Also my bowel system is working as never before, thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!! God bless you always,



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