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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

I wanted to write to let you know what a miracle your Cellerciser has been for me. For the past couple of years, I have had leg and knee pain that has gotten worse over time. By March of 2020 my leg was aching so much I could no longer drive or walk more than a block or so.

I went to several doctors over the past year getting MRls, CT scans, and even switched medical plans to see if the new doctor could help. After spending over $2000 the only answer was physical therapy at $40 per visit and drugs. I am not on any drugs and did not want to start now, especially since there was no cause found other than a bit of Osteoarthritis.

At this point I was helping a renter (I have an Airbnb) and noticed a mini trampoline set up in the bedroom. The renter told me all about the Cellerciser she has been using for over 7 years and even brought it with her on vacation – it helped her back problems so much. She saw my pain and loaned it to me. After just 3 days, I felt better, and I decided to invest in one and purchased a Cellerciser for myself.

I received it and started with a simple 5 to 10 minute routine each day and watched many of your YouTube videos. After only 2 months, my leg went from 7 to 1 o pain level to a o to 3. I was so amazed! I able to drive and go for walks once again after at least a year of not being able to without pain.

This week it will be 5 months and my leg is no longer hurting. I believe in this so much I signed up for your affiliate program and am recommending to everyone. After seeing the change in me, 3 of my friends have also purchased.

At 62 I even began to wakeboard this summer for the first time (see photo). I just want to thank you so much for giving my life back. I’m now stronger than I have been in at least 10 years. From not being able to walk without pain to wakeboarding with NO PAIN! THANK YOU!! Now I’m off to Jump for Joy on my Cellerciser!


Dear DAVE,

I started exercising with my rebound and I can’t thank you enough, all my body and lifestyle is changing!!! For me doing physical exercise was hard because my knees hurt a lot, but not with my rebound. Also my bowel system is working as never before, thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!! God bless you always,


Dear DAVE,

Hi Dave,

I watched a movie last evening and decided to Cellercise® gingerly, walking in place and light bouncing for 1 hr. Today, I did the same for 45 mins … this afternoon we had the warmth with sun (it has been cold like 40’s) so this early evening, I carried out solar lights and garden figurines from my basement with SUCH EASE … I am in awe!! Picked up and place items on the ground without lower back tugging and my surgical knee ’08 wasn’t stressing … I did not wear a knee brace. My husband is going to be floored when he sees what I did!! I have no residual, no stiffness, no tightness from my lower back or knee.

Thank you, Dave


Dear DAVE,

Oh my. What a difference! Mr. UPS delivered my Cellerciser a few minutes ago. It was a breeze to set up. There is no contest between it and whatever brand I have been using. It is tight, my feet stay flat, and my ankles were not the least bit stressed. Sooo glad I decided to purchase an in-stock item! My order was placed late on 7/19 and it arrived today, the 22nd. Utah to Michigan. Way to go Team Cellerciser!!

Edit: My husband didn’t know I bought this. He came in the room, and I asked him to bounce. He said, “I don’t like it, it makes my knees hurt.” I urged him to try it for a minute any way. He bounced and said, “This isn’t the same unit. It’s tighter and doesn’t bow toward the center.”


Dear DAVE,

I just had knee surgery back in November. When cleared by my PT to do so, I will be incorporating my Cellerciser into my recovery routine. They are awesome!


Dear DAVE,

I figured it out, bought the app and am bouncing and Cellercising with it already.

It’s fantastic to have such company. My sessions fly by now and I am just SO pregnant with big expectations.

– Already the Cellerciser has fixed my knee problem (from using a cheaper model originally)

-Controlled a slight bladder leaking

-Strengthened my legs so I can now do things I wasn’t able to before

-Is clearing my skin because people say I look 50 not 63

-And given me an all-round light and fit feeling that I’ve wanted and tried getting other ways, for years without success.

I left it alone for nearly 2 weeks at one stage and BOY did I start to feel the difference. I got back into it quick smart and went back to feeling great within two workouts (although a little sore in muscles again).

There is no doubt in my mind God has led me to the greatest invention for getting the body into tip top shape all round.

The app is now my closest friend and we are getting along fantastically. I love the variations in music and as I said, I fly through a routine and am finished before I know it.

May God continue to Bless you and your desire to see us in better health Dave.

Thank you for your acceptance to His call and I’m so happy that He brought you through to the other side of your own health issues back then.

All the best to everyone in my Cellerciser family also!

Never buy a cheaper re-bounder. It will set you back in months of pain, but if you have, the Cellerciser can gently fix it.



Dear DAVE,

Ok … so for a few months now I have been Cellercising every day. I’ve had to modify the twist and ski patrol because they bothered my knees. Well, the past few days I am twisting and skiing like nobody’s business! (Not too whippy). So, I just wanted to share that and encourage patience to anyone with the same problem. Hang in there! Best exercise ever! Also had a finger prick at the doctor and bled so much I needed a band aid! Hahaha whattt?

Keep bouncing!


Dear DAVE,

Aug 16,2012

I did not think it was possible to build the strength in my two Hernia’s without operating on it. I think it is better and strength is improving as well. Balance improving as well. Also digestion better which is interesting. I love my Cellerciser.

Thanks, Darin

Wed, Aug. 29, 2012


Something I did not mention is that my balance is getting better now and 12 years ago going on 131 had my knee operated on and no matter what I did my balance just was not there, my knee was what was causing my imbalance to occur. Now with this said I have more balance in my Karate moves with my lower body then I have had in going on 14 or 15 years. This was always my challenge with any Martial Arts because my balance just sucked the big one. Anyway my balance has improved greatly these days and my back kicks are working well.

Now some other interesting news I have had difficulty putting on strength muscle and I am putting on more weight then I have been able to keep on for month with my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) then I have been able to in months. So with my Vegan Diet or mostly Vegan Diet I seam to be doing very well with the combination of the Cellerciser and my diet I have almost no problems with my UC these days. I have had no problems for over two months now and no Pharmaceutical Drugs, which my specialist does not know yet The best part no side effects and I feel great.



Dear DAVE,

I got my trifold. No complaints from hubby, so I do another method called block therapy. Basically, it’s a piece of cedar wood and you can lay on any part of your body, face, head etc. It helps with fascia. had been bringing out an old injury after I blocked my knees. My whole left leg just hurt in different places. I strained it years ago with weights. So, I’ve been blocking my feet leg calves. What I find interesting is I’m using the Cellerciser which David Hall has said will bring out weaknesses, imbalances. And it did more so in the same leg so I turned down my time on it to 5-10 min instead of 20. Did some stretching for the legs. Did some bounce for both legs. Took it easy. Just the inner part of my knee and ankle are a bit sore. Same old injury working itself out. I did 5 min today watching my feet shifting back on my heels. Got off and the knee feels like it’s getting stronger and less painful now. Very interesting to see this old injury heal up. I’m finding both methods to be very complimentary. Loving it!


Dear DAVE,

I want to share some of my initial thoughts as I have recently acquired a new bi-fold Cellerciser to replace my 44″ Bellicon rebounder.

Let me set the stage by describing myself to provide some context to what you’re about to read.

I’m a 69-year-old, physically active male, who unfortunately trashed his knees fairly early in life.

As a result, I’ve had a total of six knee surgeries which include two partial replacements and a subsequent reconstruction to a total knee replacement. The hospital refers to this as a “Joint Journey”. Worst trip you could ever go on!

I had purchased the Bellicon rebounder in the hope that it would be helpful in rehabbing my knees since it’s advertised as being the best bounce of all the rebounders. The Bellicon is presented as ‘the Mercedes Benz’ of rebounders. Swiss design and German construction. All that prestige comes at a hefty price of $879 plus $39 shipping … a little pricey for most people. Good thing I found a gently used one.

After spending some time in storage, I recently began to use the Bellicon daily only to find that instead of feeling better and stronger, I was feeling worse. My knees would ache for days afterwards and I was beginning to get very discouraged as I can no longer enjoy any type of impact exercise such as running or racquetball, etc. my hope of enjoying the Bellicon came to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, I came across the Cellerciser website, read all the reviews, had a wonderful phone conversation with David Hall and a new adventure in health has begun.

David explained to me that due to the large (44″) mat of the Bellicon and the deep bounce that it produces, it was actually causing my feet to pronate with each bounce putting undue lateral stress on my already stressed out knees.

I took his advice and ordered the bi-fold Cellerciser with support bar (very handy for those who require just a little bit more stability) and have been using it daily for the last week and a half.

I’m happy to report that Dave’s advice was spot on; my feet are not pronating like they did on the Bellicon and my knees are feeling stronger by the day. A deep or high bounce is not necessary as the three-stage patented spring design exclusive to the Cellerciser provides just the right resistance to produce a healthy, non-jarring bounce. Just be careful to start conservatively and allow your joints and ligaments a chance to adjust to the new regimen of Cellercising.

Here’s the bottom line, especially to those of you who are older and experiencing knee pain and soreness or who have undergone multiple surgeries like me, do yourself a huge favor. Forget all the other models of rebounders out there regardless of price and get yourself a genuine Cellerciser. Start with 10 minutes a day, have fun doing all the variety of moves that are shown on the DVD that’s included and start your own journey back to optimal cellular health.

You’ll never regret the purchase and you’ll start to enjoy the sheer joy of bouncing and movement that your body has been craving I Who would have thought that the power of positive and negative Gs’ could be so much fun!

By the way, these are my honest comments and I have not been paid to submit this initial review. My hope is that my experience will help you to make a proactive choice to get back into a state of health and vitality. Also, I will update my fitness journey from time to time with my Cellerciser.

David Hall’s Cellerciser is the best investment you can make in your health and the last piece of exercise equipment you will ever need!

Happy Bouncing (correction) Happy Cellercising!


Dear DAVE,

I recently acquired a new bi-fold Cellerciser to replace my 44″ Bellicon rebounder … Here’s the bottom line. Especially to those of you who are older and experiencing knee pain and soreness or who have undergone multiple surgeries like me … Do yourself a HUGE favor. Forget all the other models of rebounders out there regardless of price and get yourself a genuine Cellerciser. Start with 10 minutes a day, have fun doing all the variety of moves that are shown on the DVD that is included and start your own journey back to optimal cellular health.


Dear DAVE,

Hello, I turned 48 this year, I served in the military. So, I did a lot of running. My knees, ankle and feet are constantly bothering me. So now I do a lot of walking, especially with my dogs. On one of my walks a couple of weeks ago, I picked up my neighbor’s Pure fun mini trampoline. I don’t know why I did. I jumped on it for a couple of days. I started to YouTubing about it trampolines and saw your videos. I was hesitant about spending so much on a “kid” mini trampoline, but the reviews were so positive, I figure I give it a shot. I needed an alternative to get back into shape and no longer can run. So, I ordered the Cellerciser. All I can say is WOW, as soon as I step on it, I felt the difference immediately. It feels amazing, from the way it bounces, to the feel of the material under my bare feet. When I bounce on the Cellerciser, it just makes me want me to keep bouncing. My knees didn’t hurt nor my feet or ankles. I hope to get many years out of your product.




Dear DAVE,

I just purchased the Cellercise and absolutely love it! About 5 years ago I injured my knees while exercising (go figure) and have been in pain since. AFTER 4 DAYS OF LIGHT rebounding, my knees are pain free, mobility has returned, even high heels are not a problem!!

Thank you!!



Dear DAVE,

It’s the videos you folks post. It’s done the job of getting my bum off my chair and on the Cellerciser. I’ve only been doing the health bounce for the last week (because my balance is still not quite there) but I am noticing HUGE gains for a 63-year-old who mostly sits around the house. I used to have trouble going up and down the stairs to do laundry. (Blew out one knee years ago.) Now I am bouncing (bah ha!) down the stairs. There’s an improvement to small muscle movement, too. Just ordinary things like bending over to load the dishwasher is no longer a (“creak”, “snap”, “pop”) tiresome ordeal. This is pretty amazing. I seriously love you, my new tribe.


Dear DAVE,

I bought the Cellercise® about 6 months ago. Before that I had a cheap Wal-Mart rebounder. I have noticed a lot of changes with my body. I am 50-years old and have suffered hormonal night swears and they have pretty much diminished. My knees are way stronger and pain free after certain activities I do. My entire body feels toned and strong. I have never felt this way. And I have exercised quite regularly in my life. I would highly recommend a Cellercise® for anyone wanting to improve their health and body.


Dear DAVE,

Just a note to let you know I purchased the “Bouncer” at the Yoga Expo in L.A. Sept. 28th, 2003. I didn’t unwrap it until Friday Oct 17, I have been using it for only 5 days. What a difference in my energy level! I am thinking I will be able to give up coffee in my morning now, this works great.

Also, I have very recently been diagnosed with a non-existent disc and a poorly healed spinal fracture. Every morning I am bent over and find it hard to move and in discomfort.

With 10 min of bouncing in the a.m. I get rid of my back ache and I am straight again and out of pain. In addition to good energy level.

Also, I have experienced torn cartilages and pain in my knees for the last 15 years. My knees feel really good. I am truly amazed.

By the way I will be 71 years old in February. Thanks a million for your fantastic rebounder, I am very grateful.



Dear DAVE,

I ordered my bifold Cellercise® in August of 2017 with the stabilizer bar.

Initially I could only do the health bounce for a couple of minutes before my ankles started hurting, then my knees.

After about a week, my ankles no longer hurt, and I was able to move on to about 5 minutes then 1O minutes. Then my knees no longer hurt.

Throughout 2018 I would use the cellerciser when short on time which was more often than not. I definitely felt so much better when I did my 10- 15 minute workouts. About Sept 2018 I took the bar off be It just got in my way.

Also, after August of ’18, I began a gym membership and started doing intervals on the treadmill 3 days/week (which was a combination of a really fast walk, then a normal walk, which progressed to a slow jog with a walking interval, to a semi fast jog to a slow jog interval). Then I got all excited because I was working out, so I decided to “run” outside, and It was slow progress because running on pavement is not the same as a treadmill. The other thing is my shoes were very old (3 yrs. old), and so, my feet would hurt, then my knees would hurt, so I’d take breaks from exercising, because my knees were so sore. Then the only thing I could do was jump on the cellerciser despite my knee pain. The great thing was that even though I could not run with that knee pain (and at times I could barely walk), I found I COULD Cellercise®, get my fitness on, AND recover from my knee pain.

Fast forward to now. Right before the new year, I’d decided to attempt a nonstop run for about 25-30 minutes which is far different than intervals with resting between short jogs. On my most recent nonstop run, the day after I felt a slight pain in my left hip and didn’t think anything of it, so I went out the next day and began my run. I only got 1/2 way and had to stop because the pain in my hip became unbearable. I could only run if I pushed on my left hip which in turn pushed my body to the right. I didn’t think this was good practice, even though the pain was alleviated, so I walked all the way home and called it a day. All the rest of the day it hurt to walk anywhere, and I couldn’t help but limp. I prayed and claimed healing over my hip and then next day I was 90% better with no meds – praise the Lord! Still feeling slight pain, I decided to do a health bounce to test out the pain intensity. Feeling no pain, I went ahead and did an all-out routine and felt fine the whole rest of the day!

I love the fact that I can get my cardio workout in despite the recent kind of pain that immobilizes me in the running arena. Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Mark & Mary

Dear DAVE,

There is a major difference in other rebounders and the Cellercise®. I had 3 different ones, with one being an urban rebounder. My back and knees hurt a lot on them. After over 18 hrs. research on rebounding and reviewing the different rebounder I got a loan to purchase the Cellercise®. I felt the benefit to my health was worth it. The cellerciser doesn’t hurt my knees or back. Best decision I ever made.


Dear DAVE,

I had ACL/meniscus repair surgery in 2017. After surgery, my old trampoline caused a lot of pain in my knee. I got rid of it and invested in my Cellerciser. I’m pain free, my knee (and whole body for that matter), is stronger. My knee is pain free when I’m on my Cellerciser. I was recently asked to jump on a regular rebounder, it was terrible! It was instantly painful on my knee. Confirmed for me that my Cellerciser is definitely superior!


Dear DAVE,

Been using it pretty consistently for a year. Wonderful piece of equipment! have terrible knees – bone on bone arthritis from Lyme Disease – this is the ONLY piece of equipment I am safely manage. I stick in a video and bounce away.

Love it.


Dear DAVE,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and provide you with some initial impressions and feedback of the Cellercise® I purchased in October of 2007. I have been an avid rebounder for many years but never a Cellercise®. I’m afraid I never knew what I was missing. The Cellercise® is rugged, sturdy, and most important, appears to really be giving me a good workout Admittedly, without rebounding side by side with my old rebounders, which have long since past away, I can’t be as scientific in my assessment as I would like to be. However, what I have noticed is the knee issues I have had for several years appear to be no issue with the Cellercise®. Having played softball for a number of years I have a collection of knee and other body part injuries that would be aggravated by using my previous rebounders. In fact I would usually use a brace so that my knee would remain in a more stable position, sometimes a brace on both knees. I have had no such need since using the Cellercise®. ! am starting to also see some muscle definition on my arms that I have never noticed before.

Living in Ohio, I rely on a rebounder for my primary aerobic exercise in the cold winter months when I choose not to run outside. Watching the instructional/informational DVD that came with the Cellercise®, I have learned to “run” on it I am amazed at how much I sweat and how vigorous a workout I get by running for 30 minutes or more. The real test will be in the spring as I am scheduled to run the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon in May. I have my two previous marathons but not this one. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I won’t hold it against you or your Cellercise® if I don’t make it, but I believe I have a much better edge then ever before having it to keep me fit during the winter months.

Thank you for such a wonderful product and I look forward to many years of gratifying use.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Dear DAVE,

I hope you are well. In some ways my Cellerciser journey began over 45 years ago when my Aunt was with a company that sold rebounders and she gave me one. I used it for a while, and enjoyed it, but I was young and “macho”, so I eventually gave it up for miles of running, other excessive types of training, and crash dieting. I carried this regiment on through the years and I now have an artificial hip, and two artificial knees. I am not complaining …. I thank the Lord for good Doctors, and the technology, that allows me not to be a total cripple. I retired from teaching and coaching a few years ago (42 year career) and I realized I had given more concern to my athletes and students than myself. Almost a year ago I finally had that moment where I had a very serious conversation with the man in the mirror. I had a physical. I weighed 411 pounds. My A 1 c was almost 10. My blood Pressure was 170/95. My Cholesterol was through the roof as well. I was taking medication for all of these things already and my physician wanted me to take more including adding shots of insulin. I simply said I was not going to do that and that I would take care of the problem. Actually, that was not that bright, but I was finally fed up. I would not recommend anyone do that, but I knew myself, and my problem has never been not knowing what to do, but rather simply doing it. That evening I went home, and I prayed that the Lord would give me strength to proceed and be with me as I went. The next day, I began doing it. I started slowly. I made the decision that initially I would set a goal of working out four times per week. I could work out more days, but the baseline was four. I figured that if I said I was doing it every day I was setting myself up to fail because sometimes cares of life get in the way. The first day I did fifteen easy minutes on a treadmill and fifteen easy minutes on a bike. The next day I did that again and added a few rounds of 3-5 exercises with light weights I have at home and a TRX. I would do the walking and riding at least four times a week and on at least two of those days I would add the other exercises. I also tried to cut down on sugar and other “bad” carbs, but I did not just deny myself everything. I would also sauna 3-4 times per week. I did all of this for a month and was under 400 pounds and feeling better. I was ready to work a bit harder, so I alternated days of biking and walking with two of my biking days including some intervals and one of my walks being a longer one. I started going to our local club and began a reasonable lifting program twice a week. I began some bouts of intermittent fasting and watch my carbs a bit closer. I was feeling better and better. I also added one thing, a Rebounder. I still had the one my Aunt gave me stored in my garage. Each day after my workout I would bounce (not all that hard) for 5-10 minutes and I found that it made me recover better. I also began revisiting the benefits of rebounding and I discovered your material on YouTube. As I watched, and studied, I decided that a Cellerciser would be much better than the unit I had. I noticed that the suggested maximum weight for the Cellerciser was 350 pounds so I kept working with the goal of getting to the point where I could use the Cellerciser. Finally, when I got to September, I was near 350 pounds and I ordered a Cellerciser. When it came the unit was even better than I imagined. I started using it after my workouts, but then I decided I would get on it every morning, and so I began playing on the Cellerciser for 5-10 minutes every morning. It only took a few sessions before I was looking forward to getting on the unit each morning because I felt so good after I did it. If I felt stiff when I got out of bed the Cellerciser took care of that. I can tell you that I have done a lot of physical things over the years that have damaged my body and I have a lot of orthopedic issues, but 100% of the time when I get off the Cellerciser I feel better, even when I hit it hard. Since I received the Cellerciser I have continued to work out. I have replaced one walking session with Cellerciser and added another Cellerciser session. These are in addition to my morning ritual. I am now down to 300 pounds and maintaining that while I am stuck in the house due to Covid-19. I am on the Cellerciser every day. It not only helps me physically, but the mental benefits are huge. I plan to let my body lose some more weight once this lock-in is over. Right before the lockdown I had a Doctor’s appointment. My A 1 c is at 5.2, my cholesterol and other blood markers are all excellent, and my blood pressure has been in the 120/75 range for 2-3 months now. The benefits I have gotten from rebounding, and a healthier lifestyle, are simply phenomenal. If I was still coaching, I would have several Cellercisers in my wrestling room for warm-up, recovery, and conditioning as well as for training around injuries. I have worked with a lot of young athletes and one group that I think would benefit immensely from the Cellerciser is the female athlete. They have an inordinate number of ACL tears and I think working on the Cellerciser would strengthen the muscular and ligamental structure of their knees in ways that traditional weight training cannot touch. If I could go back in time, I would base my fitness program on rebounding which is what I am moving towards as I approach my post work life. Cellerciser has helped me get healthy. You have helped me as well Dave. I have watched your YouTube videos and, learned a great deal from you. Plus, the motivation you provide in your presentations is priceless. Thanks for your help. I am so sorry this was so long. There is actually much more because God has really transformed me, and blessed me, along the way in this journey … but another time maybe. By the way, I am 63 years old.




Dear DAVE,

I want to comment your associate “Jerry.” Over about a 10 day period I made numerous calls to your company asking questions about your product and how it compared to others. Jerry was always patient, polite, professional, and best of all, very informative about Cellerciser advantages.

I have been rebounding for 2 years on low-cost “hard bounce” rebounders marketed under the “Stamina” name brand. They can be found at Walmart and other outlets. I burned through 3 of them, along with one replacement mat/pad. They last at most 6 months before they are unsafe to use for a 200+ lb. person. I jog in place almost daily for 45 to 60 minutes as a normal aerobic rebounder routine. So, clearly, a cheap rebounder is for limited use by lightweight people.

STITCHING: Low-cost rebounders cannot last long despite light use by light people. Jerry helped me understand why. The stitching is nylon – an inflexible material that if stretched and stressed too much will simply break. Cheap rebounders all use nylon stitching. The rebounders I have been using have 7 rows of nylon stitching to secure the “bullhorn” loops to the mat. I was very surprised to discover in my product investigations that the same nylon stitching material that fails so quickly is featured on the Needak website. It is featured there as a selling point. Needak features 8 rows of the same sure-to-fail nylon stitching as the $20 rebounders that I was destroying via normal daily use.

MY EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Add the spring failure to the eventual pulling away from the mat of one “bullhorn” securing loops after another – due to the ever-breaking nylon stitching, and you have the potential for real injury. As the stitching keeps pulling apart, the loops pull completely away from the mat, the surviving springs become completely useless, and the rebounder becomes too unsafe to use even for the bravest. I decided about 5 weeks ago, “No more cheap rebounders! I need one that endures NO MATTER WHAT I PUT IT THROUGH! I need a SAFE one NO MATTER WHAT PUNISHMENT I HAMMER TO IT!  And I do want one that folds up for TRAVEL!”

I got online, I look carefully at Needak, Urban Rebounder, all “Stamina” rebounder products – trying to find a cheap, yet superior one they might offer, and at Cellerciser before making my next rebounder purchase. I made telephone calls to ask questions. Stamina did not even know what their stitching was made of, but told me it was on all that they offered. I thought that maybe the cheapest ones used cotton thread. This would explain the fast failure of the stitching. I thought that nylon having seen that Needak touted this, might be better than the “cotton” that the cheap rebounders I was buying must be using. I burned a piece of frazzled, failed stitching from the wreck of my final low-cost rebounder. It melted and beaded up just like a nylon cord does when one bums it to stop it from fraying. That is when I knew Jerry was right – The stitching that fails on other rebounders is nylon. This is exactly what stitching had repeatedly kept failing on my $20 rebounders! I had to say, “No” to Needaks entire product line.

HARD BOUNCE: Jerry let me know about long-term dangers to the “hard bounce” of low-cost

rebounders. I had to admit to a certain amount of knee area soreness from time to time after a session of what I now think of as “serious aerobic stitch-and-spring snapping” on my cheap 6-month rebounder. I told Cellercisers Jerry that I like the hard-bounce feel — not a “big up, up and away” trampoline feel. Jerry assured me that the softer bounce was not extreme, would provide a pleasing workout experience, and that I would benefit in terms of long-term comfortable aerobic exercise.

I have indeed found a big advantage – my aerobic jog-in-place workouts are not only more comfortable, but the softer bounce is more like running on grass or in sand. It has always been a little harder for me to run on grass or sand than on hard surfaces. I am getting BETTER aerobic workouts on the Cellerciser due to the softer bounce! The hard bounce rebounders give more of a “running on pavement!’ feel. I see now that this has required LONGER workout time to get a same aerobic benefit than softer bounce jogging now gives me on the Cellerciser! Also, I feel no knee aches from the Cellerciser. Intuitively, I sense that I will experience less joint and/or tendon damage from Cellerciser use than I was experiencing after each jog on my short-lived “hard bounce” units.

I purchased the Cellerciser Tri-fold kit with all the bells and whistles. Jerry is the consummate salesperson. It was all about making me feel comfortable and free to call Cellerciser back at any time. It was all about, “go see and compare and call me back with more questions.” It was all about good, factual, hard-reality facts about the advantages of Cellerciser. Jerry provided in-depth information about the Cellercisers superior materials and innovations. He gave frank product information about a quarter-fold product currently on the market, stitching qualities, and the shortcomings of various common spring types when I insisted on fine-point comparisons. I DID appreciate his doing me a BIG favor by “closing the door” on inferior product choices I was considering. I checked out everything he told me and found it to be true in every case where public information could be found. Jerry also pointed out the added value of the stabilizing bar-something I thought was “wussy” but am now very glad to have with my Tri-fold.

Due to Jerry’s knowledgeable sales professionalism with its very high “value for the customer” accent I must declare that I am very happy to own and use my Tri-fold Cellercise with more enjoyment than I anticipated. I use it daily with confidence. I have even found new, creative exercises of my own that the stabilizer bar enables me to invent and execute.



Dear DAVE,

I’ve been Cellercising since Nov 2018 and my legs have literally transformed!! The cellulite is almost all gone, my calves, thighs and hamstrings have awesome muscle definition and I’ve lost 81 lbs. My knees used to hurt, and I struggled to stand up from a chair and now, WOW, not one bit of pain or struggle! I actually have biceps and triceps, a much smaller stomach, and glutes and all I use is my Cellerciser. I recently started hiking, but the radical change is only from the Cellerciser. Stay consistent and you will see the results too! I have no doubt that it helps the bones too but haven’t studied it out for myself. I’m thrilled at the results!!


Dear DAVE,

Here is the information I promised to send you on the Cellerciser – it would be great for you to get one to help you with your bone density.

It is a special kind of re-bounder that is really safe. Regular re-bounders are very dangerous and can cause severe and permanent nerve damage and I do not recommend them. The Cellerciser was carefully researched and designed with specially designed extra large springs that slow down and eliminate the jar and maximize the lift and strengthening of every cell fo the body. They are very safe and easy and so much fun.

I have explored many different kinds of exercise and exercise equipment over the last thirty years as a teacher of healthy ways of exercising and I have found nothing else that elevates changes your state and elevates your mood as quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

If you just put some nice music and start to gently bounce within minutes you start to smile and feel high and like a kid again. Just 10 minutes a day makes a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your health and well being and bone density. Cellercising is much more time efficient than yoga or going to the gym. 10 minutes a day is one of the most important investment you can make in keeping your youth and health.

If you look in the mirror while you are bouncing like I do you will see that you look so happy and beautiful when you are bouncing on it. Like a happy, healthy child full of joy. I could really see and feel this because I enjoy this wonderful feeling every morning.

It is one of my favorite things to do because it makes me feel so good. Cellercising has helped me to lose over 20 pounds this year it has strengthened my knees and whole body and I have noticed it really helps my posture and gives a delicious sense of lift and ease to my carriage and movement.

It is so much more safe, easy and pleasurable than running with even more benefit for the bones and with out damaging the joints and tissues like running does.

It’s amazing. If you put your hands on your stomach you realize that every bounce your stomach and back are working as powerfully as a sit-up! At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like 1000 sit-ups in 10 minutes! Amazing. Imagine doing 1000 sit-ups a day?

And it’s the same for our bones and every cell of your body. You can put your hands anywhere. On your back, arms, legs and you will feel how each and every muscle is working powerfully each bounce like you were lifting weights at the gym. At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like lifting weights 1000 in 10 minutes with each and every muscle of your entire body! Nothing else does that.

Medical researchers have found that Cellercising actually improves the strength of the bones and the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes. Nothing else does the except running which is too hard on the joints. Cellercising is much better because it has all the benefits of running but actually massages instead of damages the whole body.

I really have felt the difference and benefits. You can feel the benefits immediately from the first time.

This system is also totally congruent with your goals to stay young and healthy in a safe way. It is something you should use and something that is very beneficial for you to make available for your friends to purchase through you.

I also feel that I have responsibility as a teacher of more healthy ways of exercising to inform people that they should only rebound with a Cellerciser because it is safe because of its special design and because ordinaty re-bounders can cause severe and permanent nerve damage.

Nothing else exercises every cell in your body like a Cellerciser does. Nothing else actually improves the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes like a Cellerciser does. It makes every cell of your body younger and stronger without damaging any of the tissues.

I really feel the benefits and values of this over the last few years I have been using it and never miss a day. The benefits are just too great. For me this and my laptop are the two best things I’ve ever spent money on.

I care about you and really want to help you and really recommend this. It will really support and enhance your health and well being and help the other members of your family too.

It is one of the few exercises that would be safe for your mom. She just has to be very gentle and easy and be careful to keep her toes on the mat all the time and only just gently bounce her heals just a little.

I have recommended it to many of my clients and they all love it and are so happy with it. Some of my older clients are recovering from knee, back, and heart surgery and others are professional dancers and athletes. One of the beautiful things about the Cellercise is that it is safe and good for almost everyone.

It is a wonderful complement to walking, yoga, and other forms of exercise because it is so dynamic like running but massages your whole body instead of damaging the joints like running does. Exercise, walking and yoga are so good for the muscles but it also feels very important and valuable for me to do something fun and dynamic like strengthening the bones and massaging all the cells of my body by bouncing and dancing to drums on my Cellerciser.

Please check out the website: and consider integrating this into your life as soon as possible. This is important. This could be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

I know the owner and can help you have a special relationship with him like I do so you can get one for yourself for a special discount It is incredibly well made and has a lifetime guarantee.

Because your mom should be careful about her balance, I suggest you get the optional balance bar which is only $50. It will help her to feel much more safe and secure so she can enjoy how good it feels when she bounces.

I can call him and set up a special relationship for you. Or you can just call and speak with the owner, David Hall at 800 856 4863. He is really nice. Just mention my name and tell him you are my client.

I am so passionate about this because it has helped me and my friends and clients so much. And I wanted to share it with you because you are a really special woman and person who has given me so much. And because I really care about you and your evolution and want you to enjoy the benefits and stay young, healthy, and happy and want to share this wonderful thing that has helped me so much.