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Mr. Rebounder

Mr. Rebounder

These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

I’ve been using another rebounder for the last year and lately have been doing the advanced workouts for Cellerciser app on it. After listening to Dave give his explanations on the benefits, I decided to spend the money on upgrading to a Cellerciser. I just set up my Cellerciser rebounder, WOW, this is a whole other ballgame. If anyone asks you if there is a difference between rebounders, I can testify to a YES. I can feel the difference of the effect after just 2 minutes of running. I’m super excited to see the new results in my body!


Dear DAVE,

I hope this email finds you well! It has definitely been a challenging year for everyone and SUCH a great time to rebound and work out from home.

I wanted to let you know that I have had SO much fun experimenting with different workouts on the Cellerciser. Since I last sent you my HIIT workout (which you so kindly added to your app (what an honor, by the way!), I have been creating some focused workouts for my patients (mostly women) to address the woman’s body and common trouble spots.

My newest HIIT video on YouTube includes a simple format: Warmup: three-minute warmup (one-minute health bounce, one minute hip rock, one-minute gentle twist.

–              30 seconds of lung strengthening

–              30 seconds rest (health bounce)

–              30 seconds sprint in place

–              30 seconds rest (hip rock)

–              30 seconds Jamba run

–              30 seconds. rest (gentle twist)

–              30 seconds front kick

–              30 seconds rest (health bounce)

–              30 seconds back kick

–              30 seconds rest (hip rock)

REPEAT THE ABOVE 5 WORK/REST CYCLES ONE MORE TIME (for a total of 10 minutes not including warmup and cooldown)

Cooldown: two minutes (any combination of the warmup or rest moves)

Another update:

Of course, we know that the Cellerciser will address every muscle group in the body (and that is one of the many reasons I love it). And as always, I direct folks to your DVD and your excellent moves to address targeted toning on the Cellerciser. In addition, in my experimentation, I have found that focusing on intrinsic muscle groups with very small movements and adding the gentle bounce has amplified the desired toning effects exactly where my patients (and I) want it. I have taken some moves common to barre, Lotte Berk, Callanetics, Pilates, etc. Each movement adds stress to the targeted intrinsic muscle group using a very small pulse. This pulse or small movement is then magnified even further using a gentle bounce on the Cellerciser. I call this method Transform 24 because I was able to transform these trouble areas in 24 workouts. It was tempting to call the workouts 11 CellerciseHER11; but that’s for you to steal (HA! HA!).

Quite frankly, I am not sure there is anyone out there using the power of the Cellerciser to amplify micromovements to focus on the female physique; but I am seeing great results with my weight loss patients and on a personal note, my body has never been in better shape.

I have included the HIIT video and the whole-body workout

“TRANSFORM 2411 for your reference. While I certainly do not have the extended knowledge, experience, and coordination that you have with rebounding, I wanted to create something for my patients who want amazing toning effects in their “trouble areas” all while working from home. The Cellerciser has met the challenge well! In your limited time, if you wish to review these videos, I wanted to share the links

with you (given Cellercise is my muse;-) ).

Here is the playlist (including the introduction to Transform 24 and my nod to Cellerciser):

I have also created a cellulite-specific video for female patients that also includes the Cellerciser as part of the overall treatment plan:

There are a couple of other videos (“How I Boost My Immune System” or “My Best Fitness Tip at 45”) where the Cellerciser is the solution to common concerns. At the end of the day, I cannot see myself addressing either my patients’ health concerns, weight management, or my YouTube followers’ lifestyle needs, without the Cellerciser. I LOVE mentioning –and directing people to–your website, ALL THE TIME. What a pleasure to be able to creatively challenge others to improve their health with just ONE piece of equipment.

Thank you so much for everything you do to inspire health professionals!

I can’t wait to share more updates …

P.S. My first rebounding video {and the first video I created) is now at 115K views. I am small potatoes, but this video is proof that folks really want to know more about rebounding!

Dr. Linne

Dear DAVE,

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know I LOVE this app!!! I just downloaded it and used It for the first time … I have had a Cellerciser for years and haven’t ever found something this great that I wanted to stick with regarding rebounder instruction. I love the peace of it with no one talking and how you set it up. The simplicity of It Is fantastic! I have a Yoga app called Yoga Studio that was done similar to this that I have had for years where you could build your workouts from different positions and it is very peaceful as well. I love that platform. Sometimes I just want peace … I loved walking in the woods when I was a kid for that exact reason. So nice that you did this app like this! I love It!

Thank you so much! I appreciate your passion for this product! You make a difference! Keep up the great work!

Many Blessings,


Dear DAVE,

I recently purchased my rebounder. I love this app for how much it is helping develop my workouts. I was repeating the same basic bounce each time. Now I open the app, follow the directions and I’ve got my workout done. I started at the Beginner’s Level and really like the progression of movements. I find them easy to learn and it’s fun.

Thank you!


Dear DAVE,

Your kindness and compassion are deeply appreciated … AND I am paying that forward each and every day!

Just this summer I seized moments share my excitement and what knowledge I’ve gleaned from regularly rebounding and subscribing to your App & Facebook updates during these pandemic times.

A number of friends bought their own rebounder (at least one got a Cellerciser!)

Now feeling confident I know all the movements from the App I began creating my own music playlist so chosen songs are times specifically for even more uplifting rebound sessions.

Thank you for holding the heart-energy for us -it has not gone unappreciated!!


Dear DAVE,

I bought your Cellerciser about a year and a half ago. And have been bouncing on it every day, I have been watching various you tube rebounding videos during that time and noticed that my body was firming up a bit in places. But never really had the results I thought I should have by now.

2 weeks ago, I discovered there are various Mr. Rebounder routines on you tube and have been doing different ones daily. And in the past 2 weeks I have received faster results and have noticed more changes in my body then I have in the last year and a half using those other routines.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not compromising your Rebounder. It is truly a health changer.

I just purchased the app and can’t wait to design more workouts!



Dear DAVE,

Thank you so much for the personal and super prompt reply!! First, I love, love, love the Cellerciser!!

And I’m having a blast with the Mr. Rebounder app using the cell phone stand which I recently purchased!

I’m a super happy customer!


Dear DAVE,

First, I want to say that I love the app you have recently put out. Using the various workouts create interest, keeps me motivated and have really made a difference in my fitness. For some reason, having a workout is different than jumping, don’t ask me why.


Dear DAVE,

I’m new to all this and we are loving it. Got our Cellerciser last week. My husband (73 years) is sticking to the Health Bounce till he adjusts. I {66 years) was only doing the health bounce till today. Sticking with the Beginners level but I got through 1st, 2nd routines and halfway through the 3rd this afternoon. .


Dear DAVE,

I like the App. I love my Cellerciser. I tell EVERYONE about my life with it and how I have schlepped it from Santa Monica to Bali.


Dear DAVE,

Love the App!!!! Who would’ve thought I would be in the advanced section. I turned 50 in June and only began rebounding about February this year.

The different workouts come in handy. My knee was playing up yesterday so instead of completing the losing weight workout, I switched to the knees one. Still had a great session plus my knee felt better all day long.