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Osteoporosis Customer Reviews

We have some incredible reviews from customers, saying Cellercise has helped them with their osteoporosis! Cellercise is a piece of equipment meant to help improve your lifestyle in innumerable ways. We love hearing these stories & hope you’ll enjoy them below as well!

Hi Dave,

I bought my rebounder from you in Denver at a Whole Life Expo, so it’s been a while. But for various reasons, I have not consistently used it since last mid-August, I have been consistently jumping from an average ranging from 15 to 30 minutes a day. I use a timer and track my minutes for morning, afternoon and evening jump fames. I had the test for osteoporoses done last July and my T-score was -3.1, which meant i had osteoporoses. I just had the test redone at the Health Fair in mid-April and my T-score had improved to -1.7, into the range of osteopenia.

Doctors say you can't improve your score and even alternative medical professional usually say the score can only be Improved by .2 or .3 if you're lucky. I just improved mine 1.4 pts In less than 9 months, a 45% improvement I have been tracking my T-scores since January 2000 and this is the best score I have ever had. It was -2.4 in January 2000.

I credit the Cellerdser rebounder for my improvement because this was the major consistent lifestyle change I made beginning last August I did not change my calcium intake, which comes only from foods, except for the month of March,when I was making sesame milk daily. Sesame milk is a naturally high calcium food. Jumping on my rebounder is the only exercise I get Oh, and to make it fun, I turn on the radio, use the remote to change channels and jump to the beat that feels good that day. I set the timer when I start and jump as long as I feel like it, with a goal of an average of 20 minutes daily. So sometimes I jurnp 40 minutes at one time, other times maybe only 3 minutes. With my tracking chart I can see I'm still on target so I don’t worry if one day I only jump 3 minutes. Feeling good about the times I'm jumping is what’s most important.

FYI, I'm 51 years old and have been in menopause for a while, but have refused to take hormones. I also had rheumatoid arthritis in the eariy 90's, which the doctors also say can’t be healed. So, i do know nothing is impossible.

Thanks so much for such a great rebounder! Kathleen

Testimonial of Experiences of Kathleen C using the Cellerciser

On the urging of a.parent of one of my piano students, I purchased a Cellerciser from Dave Hall In December of 2007. She just bought one and said that it promotes good health by mild stimulation of all organs of the body.


I read a book Dave gave me about the value of rebounding and watched his DVD and studied the page of exercises. I started the beginning exercises and gradually added the ones I felt would be most beneficial to me.


In July of 2008 I turned 70 yrs. old. I have enjoyed good health all my life, but lead a rather sedentary life style of teaching piano lessons five days a week. I had tried going to a health spa and doing aerobic exercise classes, but I really didn't like either of them. Exercising at my own pace and in my own home really appealed to me.


This year I suffered from a very serious virus infection and had CT scans to try to diagnose severe back pain and illness. I had massages and chiropractic treatments to no avail. My blood work and hospital check ups showed all to be fine with my internal organs. Throughout all the problems, I kept on doing my exercises for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.


I have a timer set near me and change every minute to jump the rope (without a rope) shuffling, offing cross hands, sitting and bounding, etc. The last 5 minutes I hold a 5 lb. weight in each hand and do various movements with them. I also spend a minute exercising my eyes.


I have gone to a cranial chiropractor and had my spine adjusted and head aligned with my spine. He has dismissed me and said all adjustments are holding.


Also, in January X-rays of my neck showed what appeared to be severe osteoporosis. After six months, I had a bone scan of my spine and hips that reported I only have a mild case of osteoporosis. I know that exercise is beneficial to that condition and feel it has helped me a great deal.


All pain is gone, and I feel wonderful. People say I look very healthy, and I have lots of energy. I take care of flowers and mow a very large lawn every week in the summer. I teach piano to 30 students and play the piano and organ myself. Life is good.




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