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Dear DAVE,

Presently I am expecting a trampoline. I have osteoporosis and my chiropractor friend has recommended one.

In your catalog you mention the 75 trillion cells. I know of the order of magnitude but did not know an exact number. It is a number for meditation and contemplation, with profound mystical feelings.

My deep thanks for all your kind help.


Dear DAVE,

I bought my rebounder from you in Denver at a Whole Life Expo, so it’s been a while. But for various reasons, I have not consistently used it.

Since last mid-August, I have been consistently jumping from an average ranging from 15 to 30 minutes a day. I use a timer and track my minutes for morning, afternoon and evening jump times. I had the test for osteoporosis done last July and my T-score was -3.1, which meant I had osteoporosis. I just had the test redone at the 9Health Fair in mid-April and my T-score had improved to -1. 7, into the range of osteopenia.

Doctors say you can’t improve your score and even alternative medical professional usually say the score can only be improved by .2 or .3 if you’re lucky. I just improved mine 1.4 pts in less than 9 months, a 45% · improvement I have been tracking my T-scores since January 2000 and this is the best score I have ever had. It was -2.4 in January 2000.

I credit the Cellerciser rebounder for my improvement because this was the major consistent lifestyle change I made beginning last August I did not change my calcium intake, which comes only from foods, except for the month of March, when I was making sesame milk daily. Sesame milk is a naturally high calcium food. Jumping on my rebounder is the only exercise I get Oh, and to make it fun, I tum on the radio, use the remote to change. Channels and jump to the beat that feels good that day. I set the timer when I stand and jump’ as long as I feel like it, with a goal of an average of 20 minutes daily. So sometimes I jump 40 minutes at one time, other times maybe only 3 minutes. With my tracking chart, I can see I’m still on target, so I don’t worry if one day I only jump 3 minutes. Feeling good about the times I’m jumping is what’s most important.

FYI, I’m 51 years old and have been in menopause for a while but have refused to take hormones. I also had rheumatoid arthritis in the ear1y 90’s, which the doctors. Also say can’t be healed. So, I do know nothing is impossible.

Thanks so much for such a great rebounder!



Dear DAVE,

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few months ago. My daughter has a Cellerciser and suggested I get one too. I’ve been bouncing since the end of May.


Dear DAVE,

I was looking for some type of exercise for my osteoporosis since I was constantly getting stress fractures. I found your Cellerciser! I! Love it and it has been about 4 years.


Dear DAVE,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My testimony is a little different from the others. I was recovering for over 3 years from severe fracture injuries to my shoulder and both wrists and the surgeries I had. Also a fractured pelvis. I lost my balance, flexibility, and strength, and of course my confidence, and much independence. When I finally was able to build up my walking time, I was up to an hour or more several times per week, and even several hours at times. Then came the stress fractures in my feet which kept me from walking for weeks at a time. I couldn’t walk without pain or risk for more than a short time around the block, and often had to stop and massage my feet or have someone come pick me up. It was terrifying to think that my feet could crumble out from under me. I also had severe foot cramps for 4 years.

Then I saw something about rebounders, can’t remember what, but I started investigating and researching. I decided I needed a person to help answer my questions and help me wade through all the possibilities. I found Sharon R., who carefully listened to my specific needs and recommended the Cellercise® with the stability bar. I started with 5 minutes of jumping and my whole body hurt so badly, I couldn’t do anything for a week. Then after to reading and “thinking”, I gradually moved from 1 minute per day to 15 minutes in 2 months. I was up to 30 minutes for a couple weeks then left for over a month to travel in Utah. I had been gaining longer time walking and had less pain, but I was still wary of any irregularities in the road. During that month, I hiked where ever anyone else did, slowly, then more easily, over rough trails. I didn’t take the rebounder with me as I didn’t remember how it could be folded up. My mind was also badly affected by pain, drugs, inactivity, etc. When I returned, I started using the rebounder again, this time able to build up within a week or two. A month later we left it behind again and flew to Panama for 2 months. I walked constantly, and up and down very steep and rugged mountains. Rarely had foot pain, more discomfort like anyone else would have. I have had occasional foot cramps attributed to unwise dress shoes, and twice to dehydration. My balance and flexibility is good now, and I rarely have any body pain. I am so amazed and thrilled to have overcome my disability, but at age 71 with osteoporosis, I know I will have to continue to do all I can to maintain my health and good conditioning. When we returned from Panama, I wasn’t as regular with my workout, and saw the results in my balance and overall strength. It is quickly corning back however including the good posture I so covet.

I had developed a program for myself for 15 – 30 minutes, but was becoming resistant and had trouble motivating myself. I would make myself bounce and exercise for 5 minutes, then tell myself I could do another 5 minutes, and so on. It was working fairly well, but I was frustrated with our scheduling irregularities. I finally looked at your DVD (for the first time), and decided to follow exactly your program, with a couple more favorite exercises thrown in, and not push myself to do more than the 10 minutes. I still walk a lot, so I do get good exercise anyway.

This shorter program works well for me.

Thank you so much for helping me get my life back when it looked hopeless.



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