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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

The Cellercise® has literally changed me. I have only been using it for 11 days and I can feel and see a change in my energy, posture, clarity, in my thought process, my abs, thighs … I could go on and on, but you get the point.

P.S. I only recently went from 2 minutes a day to 6 minutes a day! This is like no other and a must have investment in YOU!


Dear DAVE,

Greetings to all health activists. Briefly, AGE seems to have NO bearing at 55 years young! Starting slowly as first, incredible improvements, rapidly appeared mental clarity, posture, gait of a child, a look like a teenager again! WOW! Cellercising is the most WONDERFUL experience I’ve seen in many years! My favorite saying now is bounce till there’s no tomorrow, it may very well be the incredible truth to excellent health all in one simple bounce!

For me! Daily Cellercising works Best!


Dear DAVE,

Concerning the Cellercise®, I am extremely happy with the purchase. I am enjoying this form of exercise every day. I purchased the APP subscription approx. a week after receiving the Cellercise® and discovered that it simply completed the regimen, offering a wide selection of exercise routines every time I am ready to Cellercise®. Some of the physical benefits I have already noticed is improved posture, I simply walk taller. In addition, varicose veins are actually disappearing, and my skin has become more supple. I am working on becoming toned in my arms and legs so trusting that will eventually happen with time. My digestive system has also improved. All of this in three weeks of use.

May God bless you, your staff, family and the Cellercise® mission. Thank you again


Dear DAVE,

I am a Cellercise user since August 12th. Have been Cellercising 1 day short of one month and I am super excited about the improvements in the way I feel, the strength, the stamina, energy levels, better posture, less aches and pains, better mood, etc.

I am very excited also on what is to come because I am still going slow and giving it time for the whole body to adjust and strengthen.

I have a quick question? Is there a YouTube video or a video that shows Dave’s full routine? I have been doing some simple moves for 5-6 minutes in the morning and then 1 O minutes in the afternoon. It would be great to get the whole 10-12 minutes that Dave follows.

We all want to look like him!!!

Thank you,



Been Cellercising for 80 days straight. 5 mins in the am and 1O in the PM.

I’m noticing more definition on my legs for sure. My neck and my shoulders too, I’m even noticing more muscularity and vascularity on my forearms.

Feel more agile and the skin feels tighter. My goal is to get to 6 months non­stop in order to experience the max benefits. Looking forward to it.


Dear DAVE,

I went to the doctor’s-last week for a routine visit and discovered I’ve grown an entire inch since last year. As a young adult I stood 6’2″ but have typically measured 6’1″ for some time now. I’m 48 years of age and had resigned myself to the loss in height to the one of the inevitabilities of middle age. At the announcement of my new height, I smiled recalling your own story of how you grew taller with the Cellerciser.

I wish to thank you for this mid-life “growth spurt” and to acknowledge how much fun your Cellerciser is to play on. After years of doing yoga and tai chi, this is a lot more enjoyable (and efficient). I am delighted to be your customer; it has saves me time and, in the end, innumerable dollars. A good investment, indeed.


Dear DAVE,

My appetite has been up for years because I have been stuck in the hour long cardio mentality, and David Hall kept saying just 10 minutes a day on the Cellerciser is enough to get fantastic results. But I couldn’t wrap my head around 10minutes being enough for weight loss. So I had to put it to the test and I started doing 10 minute interval workouts on the Cellerciser every morning, and sometimes twice a day, and the next thing I knew my muscles were showing and the weight was coming off and the best part was my appetite wasn’t through the roof anymore. I have an ankle injury, so I only do sit down rebounding, and with this move for 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 10 minutes in the morning, got my waist slimmer and got my face slimmer, and my arms and legs toned. Thanks to the Cellerciser even with an ankle injury I’m still getting incredible results.

Stephanie & Sally

Dear DAVE,

Newbie here! Just watched the LIVE from last night and did the workout with Dave and Christine. I got my Cellerciser 2 ½ weeks ago. I love it! After getting mine, several family members have ordered one! My bad posture from 21 years of driving for a living has already greatly improved! I’m feeling stronger every day! Many thanks to you Dave!