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Dear DAVE,

I mentioned that I would drop you a note concerning my daughter’s experience with the Cellerciser …

I have become such a strong believer in the benefits of Cellercising, that some time ago I decided to begin giving a Cellerciser as a wedding gift to my nephews and nieces as they got married. My own daughter, Stephanie, whose wedding 3 years ago preceded my change in wedding gift policy, received hers as a Christmas present. Eighteen months later, she and her husband Scott became the parents of my first grandchild, Madison.

Throughout the pregnancy, Steph Cellercised regularly. It came as no surprise to me, then, that when the blessed moment arrived, it came in a hurry. If you weren’t already in the hospital when she arrived at 11 :58 AM (confirmed by Scott’s parking garage receipt), you certainly weren’t going to be witness to the joy of Maddie’s arrival 13 minutes later! Although I’m sure that the labor of childbirth is the prototypical and exquisite “labor of love”, I still figure 13 minutes is about right… certainly for my daughter. I’ve heard over the years about an awful lot of 8, or 15, or even 24-hour labors that made me mighty glad I’m a guy. I could never do that. And I suspect that a lot of other young mothers, if they thought they could influence it, would opt for the “short course” labor too.

It’s awfully difficult to assign exclusive credit to the Cellerciser for this most-welcome pregnancy outcome because Steph, a physical therapist, took good care of herself generally. However, it’s easy to see how she and the baby prepared together, literally, for their special moment by toning their every muscle … every cell, in harmony throughout the pregnancy. And as I say, I am just happy for the outcome. And I’m confident that expectant mothers everywhere can enjoy undreamed-of-results from their pregnancies if they’ll just “get it togethe3r” on the Cellerciser.

Kind regards,


Dear DAVE,

I love this Cellerciser. I’m sure I’ll be getting another one. I am completely convinced of the health benefits this exercise has on the body. I think it is one of the best, safest, most gentle exercises a person can do. My wife and I use it every day. I think it has heled her to tone up her abdominal and pelvic alignments in a way other exercise has not helped. Since having two children she would leek a little urine whenever she would laugh, sneeze, or cough. I can’t remember at this moment the names of the ligaments which hold the bladder and uterus in the right place, but it is very common for these things to sag and loose their proper position. Anyway she does not have this problem anymore! I think with this great exercise and proper nutrition more women could avoid hysterectomies.

Well thanks for the great work!