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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

Glad to see David getting the exposure he should have. I bought a Cellerciser over a decade ago and no matter what other exercise I do I always come back to it. It works so fast and does not damage my body. I am 62 now and know this is the one exercise I can do for the rest of my life.


Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser arrived today and so I gave Jerry a call. He asked that I email you to share the fact that I put it together by myself, which was no easy feat, as I will be 80 in June. I’m mechanical, and have a strong body, but am coping with scoliosis and walking a mile is not an option. I was just too anxious to wait for help, because I have tried other equipment in the past that just didn’t do “it” for me, or else it was too boring. So now, I have been on it twice this afternoon, for just a short period but feel certain that this is the exercise I need to get me through the next 15 years or more. Longevity runs in my family.

I am grateful for the Cellerciser and for Jerry’s help and support, in giving me a startup program that I can do, and progress with. I expect to be a happy rebounder and know that I have purchased the best!



Dear DAVE,

My cellerciser is the best. To think you can do this from the comfort of your home and not ever need special clothes, what could be better, great in all kinds of weather.

My husband has to use it first thing in the morning for joint pain and it does wonders, and he is 75.

I have lost over 20 pounds and that is very hard for me to do. My clothes are all too big and I feel great.

The big bonus is you. You have helped me so much with my back, as you remember I had two slipped disks and its been 10 years. I still was having problems often, if I moved wrong or lifted, and soon after doing what you told me on the cellerciser I have no pain and no problem. Before about once a month I would be laid up with my back.

I could go on and on like its fun, safe, easy, good for you and works! Keep up the good work.

God Bless


Dear DAVE,

I have been using my Cellerciser since October, started really slowly. I use it for a few minutes every day. Everything is changing! I’m losing weight, getting some definition in my muscle tone, my lung capacity has improved, my skin is brighter and firmer. I’m almost 64 and get compliments every day! I’m even jogging now on my Cellerciser. Best thing I’ve done for myself in a really long time.


Dear DAVE,

Greetings, from a great fan of the Cellercise Rebounder. First, let me state that I am 74 years old. The last six months have been an amazing and gratifying journey for me as I have lost over 40 pounds using a paired-down version of Nutrisystem and my Cellercise Rebounder. Over the last two decades I had slowly gained weight until I was wearing size 44 pants. Today, I am at 190 pounds wearing size 34. When I first began this journey in November 2020, I was using my Bowflex Treadclimber exclusively for exercise, even though I had two Cellercise Rebounders. The Treadclimber began to have issues and I found that they had stopped making parts for it in 2009, so I discarded it and set up my Cellerciser. That was when I really began to lose weight.

Since the Covid outbreak, I have stepped up my video production ministry by producing inspirational videos featuring outdoor settings in the background. Recently on a trip to Tennessee, I produced two videos at the beautiful campground we were staying at in Clarksville. The first one is my exercise routine, and the second, my stretching routine. My goal is to challenge others to lose weight and get fit. If this 74 year “old man” can do it, so can you!

We are planning to start a health and fitness program at our church this fall to help others not only lose weight but become healthy in the whole person. I know that rebound exercise is very big in Europe, and even though it has been around a long time here in the US, it is amazing to me how so many people don’t know about it or, at least if they do, have not considered utilizing it. My initial journey began years ago when I read the book The Miracle of Rebound Exercise. Compared to the rigors of other exercises it is truly a miracle.

I have attached links to the two videos I produced in Tennessee. These are posted on my Dale Henry Brown YouTube channel.

Hopefully, you have been encouraged by my story.


Dear DAVE,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

When I received my Cellerciser on Sep 26, 2020, I remembered you had asked me to contact you after 3 weeks of Cellercising to see how it was going. Well, that would have been right around Oct 17; unfortunately, I got hurt. I think I pulled a ligament that affected my left knee. I started doing the “Side to Side Kick”, which is in the Intermediate level. The pain got progressively worse, I was limping, it was painful, and the only thing I could do was the “Health Bounce” for the next few weeks. I was concerned at how long my recovery was taking.

How did I get hurt, you ask? Well, in the beginning, I opened up the App and started with the Health Bounce, the Twist, and then I thought; “These are too easy”, so I jumped to the “Intermediate” level, 4th Routine … BIG mistake! I hurt myself doing the “Side to Side Kick”. I said to myself, “OMG! Really?!”

Well, I learned a big lesson. After my recovery, I decided to be smart about it and start the routines from the very beginning. What a difference! I realized then that my body needed to adjust to these new types of moves, and that skipping the ‘Beginner” level and jumping to the “Intermediate” level was a mistake. I have been “Playing in” for three weeks now and loving it!

This is my routine: I do a routine 2 – 3 x a day; I am now in the Intermediate level, 4th Routine. I already see changes in my body. I’ve been struggling with my “love handles” for many years now. Keep in mind that I’ve been teaching Pilates for 14 years, and I could never get rid of my “love handles”, but since I started Cellercising, all that has changed: My waist has shrunk, legs are stronger, abs are stronger, agility is great, my level of energy is amazing, and I can’t believe that at age 60, my body looks better than ever.

Thank you again, Dave, for all your YouTube demonstrations, for explaining things, for reading comments and answering questions that we can all benefit from.

God bless,


Dear DAVE,

Yes, it came in two days! I have started the “baby bounce” several times a day since the Cellercise® arrived. We have it set up in our bedroom, so it is visible to get on several times a day for a few minutes.

Bobby and I watched the videos together and he is joining me in the commitment by using it himself. He will be 81 on March 25 and is starting to slow down quite a bit with fatigue. So, we were encouraged by the information on the videos about this being a good tool for older folks to keep moving without causing injuries. Incidentally, I will be eighty this year. I do not know if it is coincidental or actual that I am already feeling better with the pain decreasing remarkably in the morning when I awake. In fact, this morning I felt so good that I did not-take the Motrin medication that I have been taking every morning for one year …. Motrin was the only way that I could obtain relief from the nerve pain in my left leg.

Mary, the email that you sent to me about the Cellercise® was truly an answer to prayer. Thank you for being His instrument in giving me the information that I so desperately needed for help. All the glory to God for helping me … through you.

I had become resolved to the thought that I would have to live with the pain because nothing that I tried was giving me any relief whatsoever. Everything failed except the option for surgery, which I refused. I just got to the point where I totally surrendered it to the Lord.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow for His wonderful answer!


Dear DAVE,

February 29, 2016

Yes, it came in two days I I have started the “baby bounce” several times a day since the Cellercise® arrived. We have it set up in our bedroom so it is visible to get on several times a day for a few minutes.

Bobby and I watched the videos together and he is joining me in the commitment. He will be 81 on March 25 and is starting to slow down quite a bit with fatigue, so we were encouraged by the information on the videos about this being a good tool for older folks to keep moving without causing injuries. Incidentally, I will be eighty this year.

I do not know if it is coincidental or actual that I am already feeling better with the pain decreasing remarkably in the morning when I awake. In fact, this morning I felt so good that I did not take the Motrin medication that I have been taking every morning for one. Year Motrin was the only way that could obtain relief from the nerve pain in my left leg.

Mary, the email that you sent to me about the Cellercise® was truly an answer to prayer. Thank you for being His instrument in giving me the information that I so desperately needed for .help. All the glory to God for helping me … through you.

I had become resolved to the thought that I would have to live with the pain because nothing that I tried was giving me any relief whatsoever. Everything failed except the option for surgery … which I refused. I just got to the point where I totally surrendered it to the Lord.

Praise God from Whom all blessing flow for His wonderful answer!


Dear DAVE,

I am 68 years old and ran another race today. But it wasn’t just any race. I ran it with only one four-mile workout over the last two weeks! And, even after taking a hard fall that stove my shoulder as I was going to the starting line, I was able to run my usual 8-9-minute mile with relative ease.

I have participated in athletics and tried to follow good nutritional guidelines since high school. I played basketball, ran track and cross country with regional and state championship teams in Tennessee. Belmont College in Nashville at that time did not have track and cross country so I tried my hand at tennis in college. I have continued playing and running throughout my adult life. · –

I am presently a member of an insurance company that has nationwide membership privileges for their members in health facilities. We have at least 8-10 clubs or Y’s that I can go to for multiple types of exercise. Occasionally I will go to the one that has the best indoor track when the weather is foul. But, my go to every day workout is the Cellerciser. I got the trifold and it goes with me on every trip I take. Even if I only go for one day, my Cellerciser goes with me.

It is just part of every day, two times a day.

My morning workout on the Cellerciser takes about 10-15 minutes and is intense with hand weights. I follow that with a 5-10-minute stretching and toning group of exercises known as the Five Rites. At night before I go to bed, I do a gentle bouncing routine followed by the rites, then I have a small portion of something like organic oatmeal, raisins, nuts, raw honey, cinnamon, and raw goat’s or cow’s milk.

I sleep really good and continue to work and play like a much younger man.

I have a Total Gym and other pieces of equipment in my home and have unlimited access to a number of very well-equipped exercise facilities.

My Cellerciser is the single best piece of workout equipment I have ever found! I will own a Cellerciser, if possible, for the rest of my life! There is just not any other workout that I have ever found that builds me up with less tear down. It keeps me in shape to do virtually anything physically I want to do.

Thank you for building a quality piece of equipment that can go with me anywhere!

From an avid fan!


Dear DAVE,

Greetings from the far north! We just wanted to thank you for all the years of hard work you’ve done bringing the Cellerciser to people in need ALL OVER THE WORLD. We promote it everywhere we go. My wife and I came across your rebounder a little over a year ago on a YouTube video. After a little research we purchased one. We live in Alaska but spend our winters now (after raising a large family) in Austin Texas with my 94-year-old mother- on the remains of an old ranch that Austin city limits swallowed up. After my wife and I were jumping for about a month we took a gait belt and put it on my mom and with one of us on each side of her and a stabilizer bar for her to hold onto- we got her up on it and started bouncing her every day sometimes two or three times a day for a short period of 2 to 3 minutes. Her health & stamina improved dramatically. We have eight children so last summer I purchased EIGHT more Cellercisers and distributed them to each of our eight children (including five spouses and 17 grandchildren!). Now we’re all a GREAT BIG HAPPY HEALTHY BOUNCING FAMILY. Today I wanted to share with you an exercise we like to do that is not on your app. We call it the DOUBLE SKI-POLE BOUNCE. Imagine cross country skiing by propelling yourself with your ski poles across flat ground. As you bounce on your rebounder you swing your arms straight out in front of you, together so they’re parallel with the floor and then on the next bounce you swing them down and behind you so they’re sticking straight out behind you- again parallel to the floor. A couple of my sons really like this exercise and so do I because it works out your entire upper core torso- your arms, shoulders, back and abs. I hope you can eventually work this exercise into your app.

Thanks again for all the good work that has benefited my entire family.

James & Betsey

5 spouses

17 grandchildren

James & Knox

Dear DAVE,

I loved your videos. Best I have seen yet! I purchased my first rebounder when I was 19. I will be 62 June 30 and I agree it is the best exercise ever. Thank you for sharing your positive communication and exercise gift with the world.

Gratefully yours


Dear DAVE,

My research told me that a Cellerciser would be a much better rebounder. I sorted through testimonials, reports, videos, product literature; and came to the conclusion that the Cellerciser was my best choice and, on this faith alone, I ordered a half-fold model.

Out of the box there was an immediate difference in ease of opening the rebounder and simply pulling the legs up into place. I must say from the first “bounce” on my Cellerciser I was a convert from exercising to Cellercising. The product difference between less than fifty dollars and almost four-hundred dollars was immediately apparent. I felt like I just went from a “Yugo” to a “Rolls-Royce” model! The “feel” on the Cellerciser is so solid, the bounce is so smooth and rhythmic; I really look forward to my twice daily sessions. I am enthusiastic now about just where I will be physically in the next few months / years using my Cellerciser.

I am a 62-years old woman without any medical conditions, in good general health. But I am overweight and starting to feel the passive effects of aging. As a woman I have spent decades chasing the elusive “perfect figure”. At this time in my life my priorities are significantly different. I want fitness, balance, flexibility, stamina and good health! All things that the Cellerciser can help me attain and maintain. I plan on continuing to do a morning and evening routine of ten-minutes of brisk walking I jog on the Cellerciser every day.

Thank you, Mr. Hall and all the fine folks in your company, for developing such a well-made piece of exercise equipment. And, from everything I have read, your company fully stands behind your product. That was a crucial part of my purchase decision. My only regret with my recent purchase is that I did not order the bar attachment for added stability. After watching your DVD, I feel like I am missing out on the full range of movements I can achieve with my Cellerciser. But it is good to have something to look forward to!

P.S. I was so concerned about the lack of safely with my first rebounder that when I put it out with the garbage, I cut it completely apart so no one would pick it up and use it ever again!


Dear DAVE,

I bought a Cellerciser on 12-28-20 to rehab myself following bypass surgery, and then gall bladder surgery and haven’t missed a single day of rebounding since it arrived. I play different pieces of music with varying beats and bounce continuously for anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour. it ‘s hard to overstate how good the body and mind feel, both during and following the daily workout.

Thank you sincerely for designing and producing an excellent piece of equipment. I’ve blown through 2 cheaper models within a few months of use but after 8 months of hard daily use the Cellerciser remains completely intact with no signs of wear at all.

If it ever does wear out I hope you’re still in business so I can replace it with another just like it…but I get the feeling this isn’t going to wear out in spite of all my effort! I’m only 78 and looking forward to many healthy years ahead…the Cellerciser is part of my “200 year plan!”

Thank you. You’ve made a difference that’s much appreciated. I am a grateful customer. Everyone on my contact list now has the link to your site. There is no hesitation in recommending your product.



Dear DAVE,

I already own a bifold … best piece of equipment ever! Haven’t missed a day in over a year since it arrived. Bouncing to music is the way to go … I’m almost 80 … I’d swear this rebounder is keeping me alive … and well! I’ll be making another purchase soon as a gift for a friend. I can’t thank you folks enough for the quality engineering design and construction of the Cellerciser. Having blown through 2 cheaper models I appreciate this one even more.


Dear DAVE,

Hello! Just want to take a minute and tell you how much I love and appreciate my Cellerciser. I’ve had it for one month and have already experienced such positive results ie balance, circulation, lung capacity and strength. I’m 70 years old and was starting to see a decline in my strength, balance and endurance in spite of daily walking and exercise classes to build bone mass etc. Rebounding is something that I can do in my home at any time of the day and I love it!

Thank you for the weekly emails, YouTube videos, and the information you freely share. My friend, Missy, ordered her Cellerciser last week and I have another friend that is also going to order one. We’re all looking forward to getting healthier and stronger and also encouraging each other along the way.

You are an inspiration and a rare find in today’s business world.



Dear DAVE,

It’s the videos you folks post. It’s done the job of getting my bum off my chair and on the Cellerciser. I’ve only been doing the health bounce for the last week (because my balance is still not quite there) but I am noticing HUGE gains for a 63-year-old who mostly sits around the house. I used to have trouble going up and down the stairs to do laundry. (Blew out one knee years ago.) Now I am bouncing (bah ha!) down the stairs. There’s an improvement to small muscle movement, too. Just ordinary things like bending over to load the dishwasher is no longer a (“creak”, “snap”, “pop”) tiresome ordeal. This is pretty amazing. I seriously love you, my new tribe.


Dear DAVE,

Just wanted you and Dave to know how much I LOVE my Cellercise®!

I first noticed benefits about 6 weeks after I’d started using it, when I was standing on a chair outside adjusting the awning and lost my balance. Instead of fall, I was limber enough to jump over the arm and land safely without any hassle or pain!

Then after about 4 months of bouncing I was able to dig a 3’x3′ hole outside to replant a fir tree, and had NO soreness the next day, even though I only bounce 10-15 minutes a day!

I turned 65 in Sept and for the first time since I was young, I’ve got musculature definition in my arms, which are firming up, as well as my thighs, and my old rear end is no longer flat as a pancake!

So, I thought you should know just how well I’m doing, so much so, that my husband is now using it, and has improved his balance, tone and digestion.

As far as gifts go, you can’t beat a Cellercise®!

Oh! And the only reason I got a new one this year is because the 14-year-old one I’d previously had (and stopped using because I was lazy,) had been accidentally run over by a neighbor since it was outside. Now we’ve got more room inside, and it’s so easy to use, that it’s part of our daily routine. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


Dear DAVE,

Congratulations and thank you for designing the best and most valuable exercise equipment ever (the Cellercise®).

On August 18, 2001 I’ll be a 70-year-old gymnast along with my 56-year-old wife, Miki. The cellerciser really helps to keep us youthful as we bounce regularly. As a 126-year-old team, performing teamwork gymnastics to open our “Fit for Success” programs, we must use the very best methods to stay fit. The Cellercise® is one of these health-building methods along with eating mostly fresh raw (uncooked) fruit, nuts and vegetables.

In the past we used the cheap rebounders with a hard, harmful bounce and springs breaking. The Cellercise® feels more like a large trampoline with its soft bounce. Once people use the Cellercise®, they will never again consider the low budget rebounders.

We recommend the Cellercise® to everyone who wants to avoid life-threatening disease, wants to look and feel really good and enjoy living life to the fullest.

Ken & Miki

Dear DAVE,

We have purchased three units from you, but we find that the trifold is our favorite. The unit seems to have a gentler feel during the exercise and also it is so easy to manage, to fold, and to put away. We also prefer the size and the placement of the balance bar. Both of us believe that the Cellerciser regimen is strengthening our 75-year-old bodies. We are thankful that we found you guys and your product, and we plan on utilizing your system until the day we leave this earth.



We are sending you an update regarding our joining the Cellerciser family. (we have purchased 4 units for ourselves and other members of our family.) Last November at the age of 75 we started Cellercising and have observed several changes:

–              We have not had a cold or any kind of sickness since November of last year.

–              Our endurance has improved.

–              Varicose veins have diminished.

–              Hernia is just about healed.

–              Have noticed a general tightening of muscles.

–              After Cellercising a general improvement in mood.

There are probably other improvements taking place that we have yet to identify but look forward to observing. We are convinced that your product and program has hit a “sweet spot” in the physical fitness world. Where else can you eliminate expensive equipment, simplify your routine, save time, and enjoy the activity?  We also appreciate your commitment to amazing customer service and the willingness to take your valuable time to answer individual questions. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you, your family and your Cellerciser family.

Lance & Lana

Dear DAVE,

Thank you for expediting my order for the tri-fold Cellerciser. I ordered the product on Monday, September 17 and received it on Friday, September 21.

You might say, “I’m up in the air” and even reaching “new heights” and appreciating the opportunity, now available, to improve the health of our family.

With appreciation,


Dear DAVE,

I absolutely love listening to all the reasons Cellercising is so good for you. I bought a Leaps and Rebounds rebounder before I found you, but I am following your workouts. It’s amazing how good I feel!! I’m turning 65 next month and feel stronger than I have in years!


Dear DAVE,

Just a note to let you know I purchased the “Bouncer” at the Yoga Expo in L.A. Sept. 28th, 2003. I didn’t unwrap it until Friday Oct 17, I have been using it for only 5 days. What a difference in my energy level! I am thinking I will be able to give up coffee in my morning now, this works great.

Also, I have very recently been diagnosed with a non-existent disc and a poorly healed spinal fracture. Every morning I am bent over and find it hard to move and in discomfort.

With 10 min of bouncing in the a.m. I get rid of my back ache and I am straight again and out of pain. In addition to good energy level.

Also, I have experienced torn cartilages and pain in my knees for the last 15 years. My knees feel really good. I am truly amazed.

By the way I will be 71 years old in February. Thanks a million for your fantastic rebounder, I am very grateful.



Dear DAVE,

Three years ago, I could barely walk for my feet were in such pain, now I’m walking at work (I work in a hospital) about 6 miles a day pushing beds, stretchers and wheelchairs all day and jumping about 15 min after I get home for it’s a massage for the body after work, with no pain. Muscles are sore but feeling good and I’m 65 years old. I LOVE my Cellerciser and promote it to the patients where I work. It basically saved my life.


Dear DAVE,

I Just wanted to let you know that my half-fold Cellerciser was delivered yesterday afternoon. When the UPS man slid it in the door, I thought that this would be my challenge for the week. I was wondering what tools I would need to put it together and then decided to just open it and find the instructions. I slide the rebounder out and flipped it open. What a surprise!! The legs were neatly tucked and all I had to do was snap them on DONE!! I stood it up and then saw the envelope with charts, brochures etc. In it. One d the papers said, “instructions for assembling the stability bar”. I looked at the picture and then at the 5 pieces I had already laid out and in less time than you can say easy peasy I had the gem put together. No tools needed!! Just so you know, I am a 78 yr. old woman who lives by herself and it took me more time to open the box and slide out the main piece than it did for me to put it together. Rare that anything Is designed so meticulously that a woman, much less a senior citizen, can do it herself without any help or special tools.

Well done Dave. I look forward to using it and getting my legs down to normal size again. A little bit of extra energy wouldn’t hurt either. I’ll be working on putting a routine together and in the meantime, I’ll be doing the Health Bounce.

Have a fantastic weekend,


Dear DAVE,

Hello to all here I am 71 and have had my Cellerciser for a few months, and my comments are not the same as so many. This thing really does work the whole body all the time. I was not in bad shape before, but was not truly exercising, but now this thing is whopping me. This is a good thing, my hope is that it does get better.


Dear DAVE,

I wanted to know how to join your community. I bought my Cellerciser and had to wait for it to be delivered 6 weeks out and I was so eager to get started. I found your original workout with an avatar and have been doing that program the second week out. Initially I found one on YouTube for women over 50. I started with that workout and honestly within a few sessions I could see my legs begin to tone up. I was sold on your product after watching many of your videos. You struck me as being very honest and real and even though I was tempted to buy a less expensive rebounder I knew that yours would be of superior quality. What sold me the most was that your feet would not pronate. That made so much sense to me, especially since I have back issues and dealing with some nerve damage and neuropathy.

So, as you know there are so many claims in marketing it’s hard to believe everything that is being told to you. One part of me was wanting all your claims the Cellerciser could do and the other part of me said “too good to be true” But it all made sense to me and I was looking to be able to continue to exercise well into my 80’s and beyond. I am 71 now and, in the past, I swam laps for over 36 years, consistently. Unfortunately, I tore my supraspinatus in my shoulder and the pain stopped my swimming. In my 40 and 50 I was a pretty avid runner and have always loved moving my body. At 69 I entered a bikini competition and got into competitive shape and actually was the only one in my age group. I didn’t know it at the time, I thought I would be competing with others my age. So, I competed with the 50’s and held my own.

So needless to say, I have been active and health conscious for many years. But I am not a fool when it comes to wear and tear and that is why I felt that I was going to give your Cellerciser a try. I am so excited with the results so far and honestly, I started on September 7th the day after its arrival. Today it is October the 11th and I am just so impressed with the progress I have made in such a short period of time. I found an easy video of yours online of beginning “how to” and then your original work out with the avatar. That is a great work out for me so far but would like to know about the community that you speak of. I can’t seem to find the community; I did sign up for your newsletter today it may be there and just didn’t know it.

Needless to say, I am telling others how wonderful the Cellerciser is and my husband has remarked on seeing a difference in my body too. I was doing some functional movements and weightlifting but have concerns about stressing my tear and of course my back. So, I have alternated somewhat but you’re winning the race. I have cut back on the weightlifting and giving your plan more time. How easy is 12 minutes a day to feel and see such a rapid improvement!

Also, I would like to mention how Impressed I am with you as a “good person” I could tell that it just comes across even online, that was another reason I was willing to take the chance. It was a money investment for me, but I can tell you that I am glad that I made that decision. I look forward to getting on and I bounce in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed most nights. I have stretched and use a Melt Roller in addition to your workout, but I have noticed I am not as tight as I was in the morning when I stretch and roll.

I know that you appreciate feedback and the gentleman I originally spoke with and ordered with is a good man as well. It truly comes across that you have your hearts in the right place. It is so nice to know that people like you are in the market for the right reasons and everything you have said can be experienced in a short period of time. Also, I have to say I am not easily impressed with many things and my expectations for my fitness levels are high. That is why I wanted you to know that I am happy with the progress I have seen in a very short period of time. Thank you for being who you are. This is what will let me keep on moving and staying healthy it is a big part of my lifestyle. Much appreciated.



Dear DAVE,

I love the beginner workouts. I am 62, and just found out that I have arthritis in my knees. I have only had my Cellerciser a few weeks and I love it. I do it 3 times a day right now, since I can’t do a full 1O minutes yet. I am almost up to 5 minutes at a time.


Dear DAVE,

I hope you are well. In some ways my Cellerciser journey began over 45 years ago when my Aunt was with a company that sold rebounders and she gave me one. I used it for a while, and enjoyed it, but I was young and “macho”, so I eventually gave it up for miles of running, other excessive types of training, and crash dieting. I carried this regiment on through the years and I now have an artificial hip, and two artificial knees. I am not complaining …. I thank the Lord for good Doctors, and the technology, that allows me not to be a total cripple. I retired from teaching and coaching a few years ago (42 year career) and I realized I had given more concern to my athletes and students than myself. Almost a year ago I finally had that moment where I had a very serious conversation with the man in the mirror. I had a physical. I weighed 411 pounds. My A 1 c was almost 10. My blood Pressure was 170/95. My Cholesterol was through the roof as well. I was taking medication for all of these things already and my physician wanted me to take more including adding shots of insulin. I simply said I was not going to do that and that I would take care of the problem. Actually, that was not that bright, but I was finally fed up. I would not recommend anyone do that, but I knew myself, and my problem has never been not knowing what to do, but rather simply doing it. That evening I went home, and I prayed that the Lord would give me strength to proceed and be with me as I went. The next day, I began doing it. I started slowly. I made the decision that initially I would set a goal of working out four times per week. I could work out more days, but the baseline was four. I figured that if I said I was doing it every day I was setting myself up to fail because sometimes cares of life get in the way. The first day I did fifteen easy minutes on a treadmill and fifteen easy minutes on a bike. The next day I did that again and added a few rounds of 3-5 exercises with light weights I have at home and a TRX. I would do the walking and riding at least four times a week and on at least two of those days I would add the other exercises. I also tried to cut down on sugar and other “bad” carbs, but I did not just deny myself everything. I would also sauna 3-4 times per week. I did all of this for a month and was under 400 pounds and feeling better. I was ready to work a bit harder, so I alternated days of biking and walking with two of my biking days including some intervals and one of my walks being a longer one. I started going to our local club and began a reasonable lifting program twice a week. I began some bouts of intermittent fasting and watch my carbs a bit closer. I was feeling better and better. I also added one thing, a Rebounder. I still had the one my Aunt gave me stored in my garage. Each day after my workout I would bounce (not all that hard) for 5-10 minutes and I found that it made me recover better. I also began revisiting the benefits of rebounding and I discovered your material on YouTube. As I watched, and studied, I decided that a Cellerciser would be much better than the unit I had. I noticed that the suggested maximum weight for the Cellerciser was 350 pounds so I kept working with the goal of getting to the point where I could use the Cellerciser. Finally, when I got to September, I was near 350 pounds and I ordered a Cellerciser. When it came the unit was even better than I imagined. I started using it after my workouts, but then I decided I would get on it every morning, and so I began playing on the Cellerciser for 5-10 minutes every morning. It only took a few sessions before I was looking forward to getting on the unit each morning because I felt so good after I did it. If I felt stiff when I got out of bed the Cellerciser took care of that. I can tell you that I have done a lot of physical things over the years that have damaged my body and I have a lot of orthopedic issues, but 100% of the time when I get off the Cellerciser I feel better, even when I hit it hard. Since I received the Cellerciser I have continued to work out. I have replaced one walking session with Cellerciser and added another Cellerciser session. These are in addition to my morning ritual. I am now down to 300 pounds and maintaining that while I am stuck in the house due to Covid-19. I am on the Cellerciser every day. It not only helps me physically, but the mental benefits are huge. I plan to let my body lose some more weight once this lock-in is over. Right before the lockdown I had a Doctor’s appointment. My A 1 c is at 5.2, my cholesterol and other blood markers are all excellent, and my blood pressure has been in the 120/75 range for 2-3 months now. The benefits I have gotten from rebounding, and a healthier lifestyle, are simply phenomenal. If I was still coaching, I would have several Cellercisers in my wrestling room for warm-up, recovery, and conditioning as well as for training around injuries. I have worked with a lot of young athletes and one group that I think would benefit immensely from the Cellerciser is the female athlete. They have an inordinate number of ACL tears and I think working on the Cellerciser would strengthen the muscular and ligamental structure of their knees in ways that traditional weight training cannot touch. If I could go back in time, I would base my fitness program on rebounding which is what I am moving towards as I approach my post work life. Cellerciser has helped me get healthy. You have helped me as well Dave. I have watched your YouTube videos and, learned a great deal from you. Plus, the motivation you provide in your presentations is priceless. Thanks for your help. I am so sorry this was so long. There is actually much more because God has really transformed me, and blessed me, along the way in this journey … but another time maybe. By the way, I am 63 years old.




Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser arrived one week ago. Here is my first week’s experience.

I am 71. I am overweight, and in serious need for exercise. I happened to see one of Dave’s videos, and was especially drawn to the Cellercisers impact on the lymph system, and the benefits gained even with low impact exercises. My lower back, hips, and knees rejoiced at the thought of helpful exercise without pain.

I have done two ten-minute basic routines a day for a week. Health Bounce, Wide-stance deep walk, Twists, Jamba walk, and Health Bounce, 2 min each. I could not lift off the mat. And I certainly could not do those amazing straight leg kicks Dave does (I could not support my weight on one leg and bounce, let alone kick.) But the encouragement that “bouncing builds strength and adds health” was a great motivation. And Dave is right — jumping on the Cellerciser is just plain fun.

Each day I have started my routine, I have felt stronger. After 2-3 days, I felt more stable, more solid, even as I walked across the room. After 5 days, my jumping jacks had me clearing the mat. Balance has improved every day. The first day, the bar was a must I bounced all over the thing. Now one week in I use it for bending exercises.

On day 5, I began hopping on one leg while holding the other out –front, back, side — for 50 hops each. In an amazing way, I could feel the areas of weakness I was working.

This morning — Day 7 — I was able to hop-kick to the front for a count of 20, and then hop-kicked (with two hops for each kick for stability).

Running was out for me 20 years ago. Walking was too painful. Body weight exercises left me stiff. Cellerciser is helping me grow stronger by the day and increasing my flexibility at the same time. I’m not burning many calories because I cannot generate the intensity yet, but that will come in time, I have no doubt.

Love my Cellerciser!




So far, within my capabilities, everything Dave said has proven true. I had a trampoline years ago and like many, I finally gave it to goodwill because it did not seem to help, and I did not know what to do. The video you and Dave make are very helpful. I have also researched other “neutral sites” regarding rebounding and all the science underscores what Dave is sharing. I have real hope for increasing strength and flexibility now than any time in years.

In the two weeks I’ve had and used my Cellerciser, I have found Dave is exactly right about the Health Bounce. It looks so simple, so elementary, and yet –no matter how unmotivated I feel, morning or evening, to do my Cellerciser routine, 15 seconds of the Health Bounce changes everything. The rest of my 10-15 minute free style routine is a given. A second thing the Health Bounce does psychologically is — when I try a new more intense exercise and get winded or lactic acid build-up — all I have to do is drop into a gentle Health Bounce and 1) rest and recuperate and 2) know that I am not slacking off, but continuing to do something that has a positive impact on my body. That is a win-win. At 71, I’ve gained so much in terms of leg strength and balance — far more than I ever dreamed that first day. I could not bounce on one leg — too weak and uncomfortable. My right hip was painful, and so I backed off into the Health Bounce. The next day, hops were less painful. Today, I’m doing 150 hops on each leg straight (while holding the other leg as high as I can front, back, and side). This is strengthening my core, hips, and legs so that in a few weeks or months I can do kick-outs. I saw Dave’s suggestions on neck and spine stretches while Health Bouncing, including the backward lean, a few days ago, and have incorporated all of those. I am feeling a real difference already. The Bicep/Triceps combos and chest pull/pushes while health bouncing, I’ve also started.

I understand why some folks on Facebook call Cellerciser “magic.”

I also appreciate Dave’s positive take on chiropractors. Good chiropractors have helped me over the years, but the problem was I didn’t have an efficient way to strengthen the muscles around the re-arranged bones to hold them in place. Now I do 15 days, 26 sessions (I missed two days this week with a bad sinus infection/ cold — was it lymph overflow?) and I am stronger, more stable, have no lingering hip pain. I haven’t lost much weight, but my whole torso is tighter, and I keep “automatically” tucking in my stomach. The simplicity of the health bounce also makes it the perfect relaxing exercise, as Dave says. When I’m grading papers and nearly burned out, I can go into the sun room and bounce for a few minutes, and then I’m ready to go back to grading.

Great video. Looking forward to the next 11 days!


Dear DAVE,

I am 83 years old. Approximately. 1 ½ years ago I had a heart valve replaced and a pacemaker installed, which left me walking and moving very slow and my brain seemed fuzzy.

Approximately, 4 months ago, I purchased a Cellerciser and have been using it daily. The results were incredible!! I have regained my balance and flexibility and my brain “fuzzy” seems to have disappeared. I feel like a new person.

Dave, thank you so much for your innovated spirit and your dedication in helping others have a new life.

Your grateful friend,


Dear DAVE,

We’re coming out of COVID (I hope) and it became evident that I spent too much time on my butt. Time to get serious about using my Cellerciser with more intention than in the past. “Let’s give it 30 days to see what happens,” I said to myself. Times up. Result: Un(freakin’) believable. I am soooo much stronger. My balance is improved. I think more clearly. I also think I’m better looking. That’s a good thing because tomorrow I turn 68 and I haven’t felt this good in years.  Nice work Dave. I know you know that. But, you make a real difference in people’s lives. Keep up the good work.





Dear DAVE,

I bought one last year, lost 50 lbs. and got my balance back after three brain surgeries! That convinced my senior parents to get one!


Dear DAVE,

About 12 years ago, I was faced with a death sentence. Doctors said there was nothing left they could do and there was no hope left for me. I looked and felt like twice my age! As a result, I was forced into an early retirement looking for ways to stay ALIVE! I was not ready to leave this planet at the age of only 53 years old.

In my research, I learned that moving the lymphatic system was key to healing. So, I looked for the best ways to move the lymph along with changing my diet and lifestyle habits. There were studies stating how Rebounding was the best way to move the lymph. Since I had medical bills, I could only buy a CHEAP REBOUNDER. After using it for a while, I felt WORSE and it caused even MORE health issues! I thought Rebounding was not for me!

Yet articles from experts kept ‘appearing’ for me to read everywhere that talked about the healing effects of Rebounding. Therefore, it was obvious that I had to search for another Rebounder and hope it would help heal instead of hurting me this time. I tried various re bounders over the months to see & feel the differences in them so I could pick the right one this time which I was willing pay whatever price to just to get the best one! After much experimentation & more research, I chose the Cellerciser and ordered it immediately.

The Cellerciser arrived quickly yet I was scared to use it! I remembered feeling horrible after using the CHEAP rebounder. Plus, more time had passed of not moving the lymph, so I had more aches & pains, more bone & muscle loss, more labored breathing, and weighed only 76 pounds! The Cellerciser set up easily despite being so weak. The challenge was to finally get back on a Rebounder again. It was good that I had ordered the Cellerciser with a Balance Bar as it gave me confidence to climb on it & the support I needed to do some movement with less anxiety!

I played MUSIC to help motivate me to MOVE since it makes me happy. I began to slowly move my body doing just a ‘bounce’ to the music. It FELT GOOD and NOTHING LIKE THE CHEAP REBOUNDER did! There were no rules that I could find on how to use the rebounder, so I made up my own. It is a tool to move the lymph. I just needed to figure a way to MOVE my sick body in ANY way possible. For me it had to be fun and not boring! After about 5 minutes, I was DANCING that I hadn’t done in years.

Now after 9 years of Cellerciser ‘dancing’ I have a better quality of life! EACH YEAR I FEEL YOUNGER & HEALTIDER instead of OLDER & SICKER as in the past!

In June I tum 65! Because I LEARNED HOW TO MOVE THE LYMPH SYSTEM naturally using my Cellerciser, my health issues are more manageable. I feel physically have more energy, mentally have decreased brain fog & emotionally have eliminated depression. The Cellerciser is an astonishing piece of apparatus that assisted in creating miracles in my health as part of my new lifestyle and helped me live long past the few months that doctors predicted 12 years ago!

Thank you, Dave, for designing the best rebounder that gives me hope instead of fear to stay on my healing journey!


Dear DAVE,

Good evening, this is Silva. Normally you don’t hear much from me. I watch your live show on Mondays, but sometimes I can’t figure the timing. I live in Southern California, please let me know what the timing of your show California time is.

I Cellercise every day since I got it in June 14,2019 using the DVD that came with the unit.

6-15-19 was my first day using the DVD for 10 minutes up to August.

I watched different trampoline exercise on YouTube to learn the foot lifting. I still did baby bounce but wanted to be able to lift feet.

I have muscle tension in right leg also weak knees. Am careful not to injure self by wrong feet lifting.

Since August my daily routine is:

Baby bounce, then arm routine finish it with Jamba walk.

First time did 5 Jamba walks, increased it to 10 after arm routine. Increased to 15 Jamba walks. Once I got the hang of it, increased it more.

Baby bounce, arm routine, (3) times Jamba walk each counting to 40. Rest in between. Finish it with holding bar jumping twice followed by 4 jumps with legs lifting to the sides.

Not bad for 70 years old who never did trampoline exercise. Bear in mind I already had exercise routine since I was 50 years old but was floor routine. Have many DVDs, each different instructors.


Dear DAVE,

First of all, I want to thank you both for your help and support in assisting my parents with their new Cellercise®. My father, in particular, had given up hope that he could improve his gait and coordination. He is 83 and is 6 years post-cardiac surgery. You gave them both hope that he might improve and get more satisfaction from life. As you can tell, he is a lively individual and it is frustrating for him not to be able to get around as well as he did when younger. Thank you again.

You may publish the following for your marketing purposes:

I highly endorse Dave Hall’s Cellercise®. I have tried many other mini-trampolines, but the Cellercise® is unsurpassed in construction and performance. I feel that the Cellercise® is a basic necessity for anyone serious about improving their overall physical and emotional well-being.


Dear DAVE,

First of all, I want to thank you both for your help and support in assisting my parents with their new Cellerciser. My father, in particular, had given up hope that he could improve his gait and coordination. He is 83 and is 6 years post-cardiac surgery. You gave them both hope that he might improve and get more satisfaction from life. As you can tell, he is a lively individual and it is frustrating for him not to be able to get around as well as he did when younger. Thank you again.

You may publish the following for your marketing purposes:

I highly endorse Dave Hall’s Cellerciser. I have tried many other mini-trampolines, but the Cellerciser is unsurpassed in construction and performance. I feel that the Cellerciser is a basic necessity for anyone serious about improving their overall physical and emotional well-being.

I hope this will be useful to you.