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Dear Jerry

I just want to say Thank You to all of you at the Cellercise company. I have so much more energy and feel so much better after purchasing the cellercise trampoline and using it faithfiilly every day. 1 have been on Synthroid for 22 years and have done a lot of different things but none have made a difference with my thyroid. However recently I have been able to lower my dose on the Synthroid and I put it down to the cellerciser since it is the only change I have made in recent months Thank You All So Much. And a special thank you to Jerry for taking the time to talk to me on so many occasions you are always so helpful I will continue to refer people your direction.

God Bless

A Very Satisfied Customer,


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Thanks for reply, David, and of course, it's fine to use my note on your site (anytime)! Well, ha, I don't know if I'm all that disciplined or not (!), but I'm determined to get my excess thyroid weight off and I was used to rebounding before, but just couldn't make myself use it all that often because the bounce was just not comfortable at all. And, those "regular'' hour long video workouts were just wearing me out to where I would really dread them, and, therefore, not do them very often.

It's SO much easier to "work out" with your rebounder - it just doesn't feel like "work." Here's the thing about your rebounder; if people would just USE it - they would see what you are talking about! I saw on ebay where someone was selling your cellerciser and had stated that it just sat in the comer and no one used it. Well, it won't help you if you don't use it!!

Did you get my Xmas card I sent you? Hopefully did.

Happy new year and I will keep in touch!

Best regards,


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Hello Dave,

I was suffering from a serious hyperthyroid condition which affected my level of energy and muscle tone. A chronic respiratory and heart disorder further complicated my body's health challenges. As a teacher and holistic bodyworker, I have always believed in the benefits of Cellercising; however, I did not make the activity part of my regular routine. In March of 1996, I slowly dragged myself through the exhibit hall at the Pasadena Expo where Dave enthusiastically informed a crowd of on-lookers of the Cellerciser. I managed to "test" the equipment. Yes, the soft bounce mat was different than mine. At home I immediately brought my big square trampoline into our family room to use. In the beginning, all I could do was two minutes several times a day. Because of my extreme physical weakness and poor muscle tone, I bounced sitting and laying on my back. In one short week of Cellercising, I could notice improvement I was gradually getting stronger. I knew Cellercise was the best all around exercise activity for improving the status of my health. yes, I now own the Dave's Cellerciser with the balance bar. What a blessing! I definitely credit my improvement to the combination of the homeopathic remedies and the Cellerciser. My thyroid has tested normal for almost a year. My lungs and heart are strong enough again to where I see clients regularly and contra dance with my husband and our friends. I have a life again.

Barbara, Spring Valley, CA


Dear David,

I'm writing to thank you for introducing me to Cellercising. I play competitive tournament tennis, and consider myself in very good shape, but since doing you exercises have gained strength (about 5 pounds of additional muscle in my legs) and increased flexibility in my two months of Cellercising.

At the Health Expo, I saw you stand on one leg while stretching the other leg forward and then lowering your butt to your anjkkle and then standing up. I tried repeating your example and couldn't come close. Now I can do it.

I'm sure this improvement in balance, strength, and flexibility has many other benefits. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with the public.

Best wishes for your success.

Carl H., Los Angeles, CA


Dear Mr. Hall,

I've been jumping on my trampoline since 1980. I bought one after being told the benefits and reading [trampoline book]. I'm 50 and have a body that is trim and agile. I've used it pretty consistently. There have been 2 or 3 months gone by, if concise, but in 18 years I have praised my trampoline and relied on it to "lose inches and firm, up in only 2 or 4 days!" I have no flab at all, no ripples on the back of my legs as so many women do and AI;m more agile than most people. I put on [tv show] and jump 20 minutes or more in front of a huge mirror. It's place is always in my living room. It's the only thing I need to stay beautiful!!

Brenda, Santa Monica, CA

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