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These customers have had a tremendous experience using Cellercise®. Their stories are incredible. Hear them below. When you’re finished, you can go back and read even more reviews about how Cellercise® has improved our customers’ lives in other ways.


Dear DAVE,

I just wanted to let you know how things were going with my Cellerciser. I don’t know if you remember but you talked to me and my husband on the phone and personally placed our order last October. Well I received my Cellerciser and started to jump. Two minutes the first day and I thought I would die. It took a while, but I built up to 10 minutes that I do every day. Once in a while I miss but I try to do it EVERYDAY! So here it is in August and I have some results for you.

I got my bone density report the end of July. My Endocrinologist wanted to put me on medicine last November because my bones were so bad, and I told her I didn’t want it and I was going to jump on a trampoline instead. She said that was too dangerous with my bones so bad and I had about a year before my bones would start breaking. But I did it anyway. So, the end of July my spine was -2.4 and it had been -2.6. My hip was

-3.0 and it had been -3.7. I was so excited I about flipped!! She said my bones were still bad, but they were better, and she was OK with waiting another year to have them checked and see how they are. I am so grateful for this Cellerciser!!! She told me the medicine would NOT improve my bones but would stop them from getting worse. Well, my bones IMPROVED in 8 months just jumping for 1 O minutes a day!!

So, I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. It had been two years and I thought my eyes would probably be really bad, but I was looking forward to getting new glasses. I wear progressives. Well the doctor checked my eyes and told me my prescription was the same with no changes and my vision was very stable. I was flabbergasted!! My eyes have been getting worse every year for about 5 years now. So, I go home and checked the Cellerciser website and it says It improves vision. So, I sure do believe it!! ended up getting a cute new pair of glasses with the same prescription!!

Well my most aggravating ailment is my headaches. I still get them but not as much and they are much less painful. I believe they are from allergies and I woke up with one this morning. I took my ibuprofen and went about my day. I didn’t get to jumping until about 3_pm and that was the end of it. Pain gone and no more ibuprofen! As long as I don’t miss a day jumping, I usually don’t have one. If I miss a day or so of jumping, I might get one, but the jumping clears them up and seems to keep them away. This is a crazy wonderful thing!

I am so thrilled with my Cellerciser! It really helped my bones, vision and headaches!! It is very healing. Sometimes I think I should jump longer and if I miss a day, I might do 12 to 15 minutes. I just don’t want to stop doing it because it helps me so much and I feel wonderful!! Thank you for providing a wonderful product and for placing my order!!


Dear DAVE,

My Cellerciser brought me back to health. 3 ½ months ago I had a horrendous bike accident which left me with a brain concussion, cracked face, shoulder, hip and pelvis. After 2 ½ weeks in the physical therapy floor of the hospital I came home still using a walker. I started on my tramp just sitting and raising my legs. I gradually increased adding standing and adding baby bounce. After 3 ½ months my balance and vision have returned. My doctors have been amazed at my recovery which normally takes 6 to 8 months. I still have some hearing loss which may not correct but my body feels back. Hooray for my Cellerciser.

Thank you David


Dear DAVE,

Here are the pictures I took of my Grandmother on your Cellercise®. She will be 95 on April 4th – she started bouncing around last June. Although she still needs her glasses (after several eye operations), she has had improved eyesight, better skin tone, and overall increased vitality from using her Cellercise®. She uses it once to twice a day for at least 10 minutes each time and really loves it. Thank you for all you do!!

God Bless,


Dear DAVE,

Just a little to thank you. I purchased one your Cellercisers in April of this year. I have missed a few days bouncing on it. The time that I have use it, my vision has improved a little. There public transportation bus schedule, the print is very small, I have to use my classes to read it. One day I checked the schedule without my eyeglasses. It was a little blurred, but I could read the time. That has never happened without my eyeglasses, rebounding works. Now I just have to be regularly. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR INFORMATION OF CELLERCISING.

P.S: I hope this will find you and your family in the best of health and the jolliest mood.

Sincerely, a satisfied customer


Dear DAVE,

This is my Cellerciser story. I am a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and I have a clinic near Ann Arbor, Michigan which specializes in chronic and health psychology and I have been working in this field for over 25 years. I lecture around the state and country regarding chronic pain and the opiate epidemic and I am very interested in the mind body connection.

Approximately 10 years ago I purchased a Cellerciser. I loved it. I was doing it every day. I have flat feet, so it is difficult for me to run and do aerobic exercise besides swimming. I was able to do this in the comfort of my home and my kids also loved the Cellerciser. I eventually purchased a kangaroo spring type shoe approximately five years ago. I thought it would be similar to the Cellerciser, a portable spring in my shoe, and I started running all around the area around my house and very shortly I severely damaged my ankle and I thought I was unable to jump on the trampoline. I was told by doctors that I needed to rest my ankle. I spent thousands to try to treat my ankle. I was seen by a physiatrist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, acupressure practitioner, chiropractor, kinesiologist, nutritionist. All of these treatments did provide some improvement, but I still have chronic pain and it severely limited by ability to enjoy travel and walking.

Eventually, two months ago, I was so frustrated seeing my kids jump on the trampoline and I was not able to jump on the trampoline and I was so jealous I decided I could not take it anymore. My ankle is not healing, and I was just going to jump very gently. I noticed after I had jumped that my ankle felt more energized. As I continued to jump over several days, I noticed the pain moving from one part of the ankle to a different part of the ankle, to the knee and eventually after 6 weeks all of my pain in my ankle completely left me.

Now it has been two months since I started jumping on the trampoline and I have forgotten I had an ankle injury that lasted over s years. In addition, I noticed as I jumped my mood improves after I jump, and I feel some of the same spiritual energy I feel when I meditate when I jump. I notice my mid back pain has improved. I also think my vision has improved.

I write with my hands constantly, I write reports all day long for 20 years and I have started to develop arthritis in my hands and since I started jumping, I do not know the mechanism but all of the arthritis symptoms in my hands are now gone. My hands are pain free. I feel born again. I am very grateful for your Cellerciser. Thank you for inventing it and I really appreciate the personal touch I experience whenever I call Cellerciser. I either speak to you or another gentleman and they try to be as free as possible to educate me about the Cellerciser.

Thank you.