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April 23, 2001 Seattle

WADear Dave,May I call your attention to the wealth of publicity you might use to enhance the Cellerciser through this article in the Seattle Times (Seattle’ Daily Newspaper).It expresses how I feel about what it has done for me.I really think it has saved my life. After being very ill, I could not seem to get better. It was most discouraging. One evening your voice came over the radio telling about the Cellerciser. Immediately I knew it was for me. On September 29, 2000 it was delivered to my home.There has been so much interest in the Cellerciser and Feldendrais since the article was printed that the Seattle Times has had more requests for copies of that paper and duplications of the article than of any other it has ever printed.I attend the Lifetime Learning Center, in Seattle. The Center is an educational organization for adults 50 and over. There are 300 students and 40 or more classes, with 3-8 week quarters. The non-profit school has operated for 25 years in the Seattle area. The instructors, many of whom are Ph.D.’s or with Masters Degree are all volunteers.As our life span is increasing, many of us would rather care for ourselves than be cared for. We are learning bout ourselves through the Feldendrais course at Lifetime Learning Center…Dr. Feldendrais was on to the first healers through movement, as he healed himself that way. The class I attend has increased in size from 4 to 14 since this article was published. The office phone never stopped ringing, folks were interested in both the Cellerciser and Feldendrais.You will also not that I was born in Alaska! How frequently Alaska awakens a plea in the eye.Most women want to lose weight. Your method is the first and only one I have found that suggests one can gain weight. (Bone density, protein and muscle mass) That is what sold me.I thought you might want to use this opportunity for advertising you Cellerciser. I hope you benefit by it.Yours truly,Ruthmary M.


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