Best Compact Home Gym: The Cellerciser® Is Small & Works the Full Body

Fitness enthusiasts looking for a compact home workout system that provides a full-body workout find that the Cellerciser® is the best system to help them meet their fitness goals. This trampoline rebounding system can boost the immune system’s function and increase the benefits of other workout programs. Anyone with limited space who needs a home gym configuration that strengthens the body from the inside out must consider the Cellerciser® to improve circulation and digestion, burn fat, stay heart-healthy, and reduce stress. Consumers around the country are calling this piece of equipment the best compact home gym.

How Is the Cellerciser® Unique?

Mini trampolines are not uncommon to see in peoples’ homes and even at commercial gyms, but few realize they are not alike. They often have plastic, nylon, or canvas mats that can lose their strength over time. When this happens, the individual using the equipment is in danger of suffering back, hip, knee, and ankle injuries. The Cellerciser® is one of the best compact home gym systems on the market today because it uses space-age technology in its mat. This patented technology allows it to maintain its shape and not stretch. The mat works in unison with the steel spring to provide support to users so they don’t lose balance and risk bodily harm.

The TriDaptable® Spring System

The Cellerciser® TriDaptable® springs offer lift, adaptability, movement, and support. The springs are unique because they are self-adjusting, so no matter who uses the equipment, the springs adapt to their height and weight when they are jumping. Each spring stretches from the middle to absorb the individual’s weight gradually through its tiered-tapered ends. This feature allows the user’s body to accelerate and decelerate at an appropriate rate with the necessary support for the user’s safety. The difference between Cellerciser® springs and those used in other products is that inferior products utilize tube springs that often result in lower back problems, knee issues, nerve damage, or bungee cords that create similar issues and release particulates into the air as they wear down.

A Solid Frame Is a Must

Many mini trampolines are made with plastic composite frames that look sturdy at a glance but begin to crack after a bit of use. The Cellerciser® has a quality frame made from steel that is made to last for a lifetime. The Cellerciser® is also unique because its springs connect to stainless steel pins that fit into 36 holes in the solid steel frame. Other rebounders are made with springs that attach directly to the frame, which is another reason those springs may do more harm than good. There is no need to worry about weaknesses or cold spots in the Cellerciser® frame either, as it is robotically welded for quality assurance.

The Cellerciser® Is a Perfect Compact Size

Most individuals looking for the best compact home gym agree that you can’t beat the Cellerciser® on space-saving attributes. There are two models to choose from when purchasing a Cellerciser® – the Cellerciser® Bi-fold Rebounder and the Tri-fold Pro Cellerciser® Rebounder. Each model folds up and tucks away when not in use, so there is no need for a dedicated home gym space.
  • The Cellerciser® Bi-fold Rebounder
This rebounder folds neatly in half so that it can be stored or transported easily. The product is offered with a carrying case and a balance bar that can be adjusted to three heights to accommodate multiple users. One customer review states:
“My personal Tri-fold has been used for 15 years and is in excellent condition. I have never needed to replace the springs or mat. When used properly, we hope the Cellerciser® will provide you a lifetime of benefits.”
  • Tri-fold Pro Cellerciser® Rebounder
This compact home workout system’s benefits include easy portability, as it folds into thirds and can be toted easily with its built-in dolly. The adjustable balance bar is also available with this rebounder, and it can also be packed into the carrying case to facilitate portability. Although the bi-fold and tri-fold models provide equally impressive results, many users prefer the tri-fold system because of its extra hinges that create a unique bounce. No matter which model consumers choose, they always get a lifetime warranty to ensure their satisfaction.

Other Popular Home Gyms

When discussing the best compact home gym, it is only fair to mention a few options outside the rebounding realm. Space is at a premium in many homes and apartments today, so a quality workout from a small home gym system is essential. These systems are not as compact as the Cellerciser®, but they are worth consideration.

Valor Fitness BD-62

The popularity of home gym systems during the COVID-19 pandemic has exploded, and the Valor Fitness BD-62 has been one of the most popular choices. This system uses a dual pulley system in a wall-mount cable station that stands 26 inches away from the wall. Users enjoy adjusting this system’s features to suit their needs for lateral and bilateral home workouts. Olympic plates are another benefit of this system, as they glide along a double bar track in a smooth and secure motion.

Bodycraft Galena Pro

Another popular item on the best compact home gym list in 2020 is the Bodycraft Galena Pro. This system is a bit larger than the Valor and will take up about 6 feet of floor space. However, it is ideal for lat pulls, leg curls, leg extensions, and chest presses. The dual-function low pulley station/pec deck is one of this system’s space-saving qualities, and it offers 300 pounds of resistance.

Small Home Gyms Can Provide a Great Workout

When a home gym is the best option for a household, but space is limited, some options can help individuals meet their fitness goals. No matter your needs, you can find a piece of equipment that tucks away in a corner or even a closet. The Cellerciser® is a tried and true system that provides a full-body workout and practically innumerable overall health benefits, but other systems also work well for users’ individual needs.
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