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Amy Osmond interviews Dave Hall on Good Morning Orange County

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Hi Dave.

I purchased a cellerciser® a few weeks ago and have been using it every day for about 10 days.
Prior to this I have used some fomri of rebounder since the early 90's. I had one cellerciser® previously but wound up giving it away - can't remember why.l always had good results in
firming and toning with rebounders - some success with weight loss. too. About four years ago I
decided I needed a "really soft bounce" Had previously tried a bellicon - worst experience I ever
had - sore hips. legs and feet. Got rid of it immediately.What I have been using for the past four
years is a "therapeutic" rebounder made by a company called Sundance. They make regular
trampolines and rebounders for home use (there really is a point to this long e-mail). I noticed
that I did not get the same toning results with the Sundance and forget about any weight loss. It
was made with very long, springs. When I started using the new cellerciser®. and even though it
has only been 10 days. I am seeing amazing results. I can literally see the fat coming off my
waist and belly. My legs are much more toned than they have been in four years.

My question to you is why would this be? Why was I not getting results with the very soft
rebounder? l am truly stunned with what I am seeing in such a short period of


Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated.


From Dave Hall

Rose, when rebounders are too soft or sluggish, you can have a good bounce but not enough
resistance to cause cell tissue to build. If a mini-trampoline is too hard, they can be damaging.
if the mat isn’t the right material it can promote pronation causing knee pain and back pain. We
have worked hard to create a unit that incorporates the very best features and quality to create
results and to hold up. Best in health!

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