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My appetite has been up for years because I have been stuck in the hour long cardio mentality, and David Hall kept saying just 10 minutes a day on the Cellerciser is enough to get fantastic results. But I couldn’t wrap my head around 10minutes being enough for weight loss. So I had to put it to the test and I started doing 10 minute interval workouts on the Cellerciser every morning, and sometimes twice a day, and the next thing I knew my muscles were showing and the weight was coming off and the best part was my appetite wasn’t through the roof anymore. I have an ankle injury, so I only do sit down rebounding, and with this move for 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 10 minutes in the morning, got my waist slimmer and got my face slimmer, and my arms and legs toned. Thanks to the Cellerciser even with an ankle injury I’m still getting incredible results.

The attached video speaks for itself. It is an overdue “Thank You” and a brief demonstration of some of the benefits that have been received. You do not have to show this video to anyone but your staff however, if you choose to show it to the Cellerciser family, you have my permission to do so. My wife and I and many family members and friends are deeply grateful for you and the amazing product and process you were given insight to create.

“In my opinion, exercising on the Cellercise® is one of the most effective ways for a person to experience optimum health at the cellular level.” – Karol K. Truman, Author of highly reviewed, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

“I have one in every one of my homes. I even took one to Asia for a month of traveling. If you want to take your health and well-being to another level, get a Cellercise®.” – T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 NY Times bestselling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

“David Hall is the perfect testimonial for the tremendous and far-reaching benefits of regular use of the Cellercise®. In only ten minutes a day, muscle mass can be stimulated to grow without having to first tear it down through strenuous exercise. Without stressing the body or joints, using the Cellercise® increases circulation and activates your cells to absorb more oxygen and vital nutrients.” – Dr. John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

“As a past world trampoline champion and university gymnastics coach, I’ve always enjoyed jumping, but now I appreciate the profound health benefits of Cellercise® as described by David Hall, “Mr. Rebounder.” I find his enthusiasm and dedication both contagious and inspiring. I flex my cells regularly as an important part of my exercise regime, and I recommend you do the same.” – Dan Millman, author of Way of The Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives.

What sets our Cellerciser® rebounder apart from the


features only available on a cellerciser®.



The movement up and down on a Cellercise® rebounder makes it easier on the heart while improving circulation to the brain and other extremities. Because it’s weight-bearing, Cellercise® can strengthen the heart and collateral vessels without the ballistic impact associated with typical aerobic activities. The increased circulation can open up capillaries, increase oxygen throughout the body, lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve recovery time. Cellercise® offers an alternative and easier solution for those who may have difficulty with typical exercise.



The Cellerciser® mini-trampoline uses the patented TriDaptable® spring that offers support, movement, adaptability, and lift. It’s the only self-adjusting spring of its kind. The unique steel and TriDaptable® design actually adjusts to the weight of the person using it and to the height that the person is jumping. It stretches from the middle, and the weight is gradually absorbed as needed through the tiered-tapered ends allowing the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely with added support. These unique springs have boosted the benefits of the mini-trampoline.



The six legs stand at 8.5 inches. They don’t screw on; they fit over a steel post and are held in place by steel heavy duty piano wire. Lift the legs up one inch and they fold right over. The Cellerciser® can easily slide under the bed or behind a door. A six foot tall person with an eight foot ceiling has plenty of room to do the 10 minute per day routine.


Plastic composite frames and units have a history of cracking when used for mini trampolines. The Cellerciser’s all-steel construction frame and hinges provide superior strength and is designed to last a lifetime.

Cellercise® is for
Every Part of Your Body


Stress Reduction/ Sleep

Picture a baby being gently bounced over a shoulder. Why is the movement so relaxing? Experience the baby bounce for yourself on a Cellerciser®! I do it before bed to sleep better.


Nervous System

Cellercise® can offer benefits to balance, rhythm, timing, dexterity, hand eye coordination, while reducing traumas associated with high impact aerobic activities. Movement up and down stimulates the brain and the circulation through the spinal cord as well. Many of our customers have claimed wonderful benefits from Cellercise® that they could not achieve through typical exercise.



Why are more and more ophthalmologists discovering and using Cellercise®? Is it because of the eye exercises and increased circulation? Can it improve flexibility and health of the eyes?



Did you know that up to 90% of the brain can be stimulated while Cellercising? Can students really learn faster and retain longer while Cellercising? What are the implications of increase brain activity and circulation as we get older. See Reviews


Migraines/ Headaches

Why have there been so many customers who have shared wonderful experiences with Cellercise® and headaches! Could it be that the gentle movement up and down breaks up blockages and/or helps restore chemical balance. Reviews 



The Cellercise® twist with gentle movement up and down is like putting the colon/intestines through a little washing machine. It has to be experienced to be appreciated. Help the body absorb nutrients, utilize digestive enzymes and improve overall health.


Sphincter Muscles

How can one strengthen the muscle that affects bladder or fecal control. Cellercise® is weight bearing on over 60 types of sphincter muscles. Including bladder. As the sphincter muscle gets stronger, so does our control. Amazing!


Smooth Muscles

How do you target the smooth muscles like the intestines and digestion/elimination for example. That’s where Cellercise® has a competitive edge, it works on the smooth muscles too!


Massage Therapy

Gentle movement up and down to reduce stress and increase circulation to all body parts and functions. Try Dave’s technique for better sleep.


Women's Health

Cellercise® to stimulate thyroid, adrenals, and endocrine system.
Specific Cellercise® movements can address bladder control, knee, hip, thighs, buttocks, weight loss, cellulite, muscle tone and much more.


Metabolic Health

Metabolic movements to help increase metabolism, improve body function and reduce weight. See Jamba Walk/Run – Exercise


Endocrince System

Imagine stimulating and helping to balance the entire endocrine system and hormonal production. Thyroid, adrenals, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, thymus, ovaries, testicles, placenta, prostrate, they are ALL involved in the movements of Cellercise®. Movement up and down – weightless, weight – over and over, without jarring. It acts as a massage on all body parts and functions.



When approached with support, can Cellercise® really strengthen the protein fibers that run through the breasts to help make them firmer? Customers say yes. Movement up and down can also help with circulation through the lymph/mammary glands as the pressure changes help to break up blockages and promote better circulation.



Target the supporting muscles and ligaments to the knee without the jarring affects of typical aerobic impact activities. Much easier on the knees! (See Reviews).



Help increase and restore flexibility, strength and circulation to the feet.



Hips like other joints are supported by the muscles and ligaments. Cellercise® addresses those muscles and ligaments while increasing circulation often eliminating hip issues.


Lower Back

How does one increase circulation to the discs while removing pressure on the lower back. See the video, “Cellercise®…the Ultimate Exercise!” Or visit our YouTube channel at:



Generally shoulder issues are caused by weaknesses or damage in the supporting structures. Cellercise® offers a very unique way of addressing those issues with remarkable results!!!



Improving circulation and dexterity just happens naturally with Cellercise® but specific movements as taught by Dave Hall can help open up and improve circulation and flexibility in the fingers.



The skeletal system can’t support itself. It is dependent on the muscles, ligaments and fascia. Cellercise is a whole-body weight bearing exercise. It can help strengthen, build, and support all body parts, joints and functions. Since it’s weight bearing it can help build up bones without the jarring impact of many conventional activities.



Cellercise® helps strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments around the joints allowing the joints to maintain or increase synovial fluid while taking pressure off the padding in the joint area. Cellercise® avoids the jarring affect associated with many aerobic activities! Many customers have restructured and strengthened their joints on a Cellerciser® when nothing else worked for them.



Specific movements on the Cellerciser® can help strengthen the Trapezius muscle while opening up and increasing circulation to the scapula area which can help with upper back issues.



Tilting that 15 pound head slightly backwards while Cellercising can create the leverage to strengthen the jaw line and help tone the neck.



The biggest muscles of the body are the big engines. When harnessed they demand fuel. The Jamba Run can help burn weight, increase metabolism, increase capillary growth and even reduce/eliminate cellulite. The Jamba Run should only be done on a Cellerciser®.



Resistance movements with Cellercise® can build the chest. Women who are well-endowed should wear a good sports bra. With Cellercise® women can experience firmer breasts because of the protein fibers that grow stronger from the weight bearing affects of Cellercise®. Men can build up their chest with the Cellercise® targeted resistance movements.



The Cellercise® back kick is one of the ways to lift, tighten, and tone the buttocks. Exercises 



Help open up the vertebral joints, increase circulation to the discs, and strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments with specific Cellercise® movements. (Cellercise®…the Ultimate Exercise!)



With massage techniques, specific movements, and gentle Cellercise®, we can help restore flexibility in the neck and circulation to the discs.



Love handles! Who loves them? The Cellercise® sidekick and twist targets the waist from the inside out to help tighten and tone. It has the added benefit of massaging the liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, adrenals, colon and intestines. It’s the second most important movement Dave Hall teaches.



Cellercise® has the advantage of building stronger arms without tearing them down. A combination of isometric and isotonic movements while Cellercising® creates a strong, flexible, toned, and high performance muscle.


Muscular System

Since Cellercise® is weight bearing and NOT just weight lifting, it’s on the whole body; every muscle, all at the same time. The whole body muscular system can grow stronger collectively as a whole…not as parts. We can focus on muscle groups with isometrics or by creating leverage (altered angles) while bouncing. Performance, balance and strength are increased in all activities. We call it the secret weapon for athletics because unlike typical exercise we target not just the muscles but the fascia as well. Enormous potential!



All Cellercisers® are portable for easy storage and Travel.The Professional Tri-fold has a carrying case with built-in dolly (patented). The Cellerciser® can travel in the overhead luggage bin on Commercial airlines or easily sit behind a bucket seat in a car. Truckers often can be seen on the side of the road Cellercising! Thank you for sharing Grace!


Mr. Rebounder App

Choose from over 30 pre-made Cellercise® Rebounder routines or create your own and save them to your personal library. Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced/Seniors (
Why work out..when you can PlayIn!®


Mother's Day

What better gift than that of better health, energy, performance and quality of life.
Cellercise® makes it fun!



Cellercise® a safe, convenient, economical, efficient, and fun way for ALL family members, friends, and guests, helping to reduce stress, enjoy better health, and improve fitness during the holidays.



Challenge brain activity, proprioception, balance, rhythm, timing, dexterity and experience how Cellercise® Rebounding can improve quality of life and performance.



Increased circulation, vestibular balance, and detox can be enhanced through Cellercise®.


Strength/ Balance

Cellercise® is “weight bearing” not just weightlifting. Flex all your muscles and bones over 100 times per minute.
No one is born with balance…it’s a physiological process that needs stimulation. Cellercise® can help improve balance at ANY age!



Can Cellercise® affect hair growth and retention. According to some doctors the answer is yes. Cellercise® has benefits at the Cellular level. Every cell being massaged over 100 times per minute to stimulate circulation!



Cellercise® to strengthen and open up lungs and bronchial tubes. Increase oxygen to that 1/3 of the lungs that so many people miss. Power breathing (Exercise).



Cellercise® power breathing can help open up lungs and bronchial tubes. Power breathing can increase oxygen to that 1/3 of the lungs that so many people miss. Power breathing (Exercise).


Vocal Performance

Not only can the Cellerciser® help open up the bronchial tubes and lungs, it can help with diaphragmatic breathing as an exercise and open up the vocal chords. If you like to sing or speak with better vocal performance….try Dave Hall’s power breathing movement on the Cellerciser® and share your results with us!


Immune System

Cellercise® to stimulate lymphatic circulation/drainage, reduce inflammation, massage internal organs and improve immune system.


Allergies & Sinuses/Allergies

Why are so many people alleviating allergy symptoms with Cellercise®? Movement up and down activates lymphatics, reduces congestion, and helps us feel better.



The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Cellercise® helps promote lymphatic pump and immune function. Dave Hall teaches the gentle twist while moving up and down as the second most important Cellercise® activity. Liver, kidney, spleen, adrenals, appendix, gallbladder, are all involved.


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