Launched in 1995 and is dedicated to teaching and promoting David’s Cellology® Technology. Founder and entrepreneur, Dave Hall has been a high-impact lecturer, speaker, trainer and motivator for over 30 years. He has spoken to 100,000’s of individuals as well as doctors, health practitioners, universities, S.W.A.T. teams, military personnel, fitness coaches, researchers, and celebrities. David has delivered over 2,000 lectures and speaking engagements in the past 30 years. As an inventor and motivational speaker, David’s personal mission is to inspire and promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health in people of all ages. According to Dave, “We all have a greater health potential.”

    In 1990 David’s appearance was of the average American male. He stood 5’10.5” and weighed 170 pounds. He had rounded shoulders, a weak back, poor digestion and circulation, inefficient elimination, aching knees, a potbelly, and double chin. Then he was introduced to a rebounder. He bought one and jumped every morning for a month and his whole body responded to the exercise. He noted that his belt needed tightening. Within six months people remarked about his more erect posture and increased musculature. He left like an athlete. This was just the beginning.

    Dave’s change eventually impressed others who asked him to share his program. He was invited to speak before Rotary Clubs, Lions International, the Kiwanis International, and senior citizen centers. Three years later, Dave’s approach had become so popular he began traveling the United States and different parts of the world sharing his ten minute per day Cellercise® Program. Read More



    I invite you to join our Cellercise® family. Cellercise® offers 10/min pro-active approach to health that may help to avoid a reactive approach to illness. 

    Cellercise®… a one time small investment that can offer you and your family a lifetime of benefits. It makes sense!

    Wishing you the best in health,
    David W. Hall, President
    Cellular health innovations LLC