Can the Cellerciser® Rebounder Tone My Body?

Will Rebounding Tone My Body?

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Countless people all across America from all walks of life want to improve their physical fitness, but they may struggle when figuring out the best way to do it with their busy schedules. Even going to the gym once a day can eat up an hour or two, and modern life is quite demanding for most people. Many people would ideally like to find a method of exercising that only takes a few minutes each day but actually offers noticeable results. 
This is where the Cellerciser® shines. This device has been expertly crafted to provide a superior rebounding experience and holistic improvement for the entire body. While many people want to be healthier, it’s no surprise that most people want to look better, too. This is feasible with just ten minutes each day on the Cellerciser®. 

Toning the Body Inside and Out

Many people try to commit to eating plans and workout regimens only to struggle to find the time and energy to make their plans work and realize their health and fitness goals. Others struggle with medical issues and the lingering effects of past injuries that make typical workouts very difficult for them. The beauty behind the Cellerciser® system is that it not only provides a full-body workout in just ten minutes each day, but it does so from the inside out. 
Rebounding affects every cell of the body, forcing them to strengthen to withstand the repeated sensations of weightlessness, acceleration, and deceleration that rebounding exercise creates. Results appear almost immediately for most users, but these results can take very different forms. Some may start losing weight, while others feel their posture improve. Others may experience diminished allergy and cold symptoms, while others simply feel like they have more energy to tackle their daily responsibilities. Whatever the individual case may be, the bottom line is that rebounding with a Cellerciser® affects the entire body inside and out, and toning muscle is just one of the benefits of this exercise system. 
One of the most difficult parts of toning the body and getting in shape that most people experience is maintaining healthy dietary habits. Over time, poor eating and lack of exercise take a toll on the body inside and out, and the Cellerciser® can become a cornerstone of a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t take excessive time out of a busy schedule. The rebounding motion acts on every cell of the body, from the immune system to the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. This holistic improvement means that dietary changes and rebounding exercise will be even more effective, allowing a user to burn fat and build muscle much faster than they might expect. 

Which Muscles Does Rebounding Tone? 

When most people think of rebounding, they think of trampolines that cause impact on the joints in the knees, hips, shoulders, and the spine. The Cellerciser® is not a miniature trampoline, but a specialized rebounder designed for full-body fitness. Additionally, toning the body comes down to two distinct processes: burning fat and growing muscle. The Cellerciser® allows anyone to do both at once, and effectively, too. 
It’s easy to assume that a Cellerciser® would only tone the muscles of the lower body. Since the feet contact the rebounding surface and it appears as though the legs do most of the “work” of rebounding, this is not the case. As the rebounder propels a user up and down, the forces of gravity, acceleration, and deceleration all work upon the body, and they do so all at once. Since the Cellerciser® is so versatile, it’s possible to develop a workout routine that targets specific parts of the body for both building muscle and burning fat. 
One of the best examples of whole-body workout options for the Cellerciser® is the Jamba Run. Among those who have purchased Cellerciser® for themselves, this is one of the workouts they love to hate. It’s difficult, and most people can barely manage more than 20 seconds of it at a time, but it produces results. 
To perform a Jamba Run, the user stands with feet shoulder-width apart, with slightly bent knees, and then “runs” as fast as possible without lifting their feet off of the mat. They press into the mat, producing a similar sensation to running in sand. It’s very difficult, and it works the thighs and buttocks, which are some of the most energy-hungry parts of the human body. This exercise causes these engines to burn through glucose and sugars in the bloodstream very quickly and then boosts metabolic processes to quickly burn away fat. 

Target Specific Muscle Groups

The Jamba Run is just one of the many possible exercises to use with a Cellerciser®. The simple motion of rebounding automatically burns fat throughout the body and tones virtually every muscle group. Adjusting a rebounding position allows a user to quickly and easily target different parts of the body. 
By altering the angle and position of the body during rebounding, leverage against different muscle groups develops. This leverage, in combination with the added weight sensation that rebounding creates, causes the targeted muscles to strengthen. It’s also possible to add additional movements to target areas of the body, such as the arms and upper back. 

Build a New Routine That Gets Results

The Cellerciser® is much more than just a miniature trampoline. Every component has been carefully designed and expertly crafted to ensure it provides a safe and effective rebounding surface that allows users to accomplish more than they ever could on the ground. It’s versatile enough to allow for a wide range of movements while standing and rebounding or even while sitting on the mat and gently bouncing up and down. Anyone of any ability level can potentially see fantastic results from the Cellerciser® as long as they develop a routine that meets their individual needs. 
Everyone has different needs when it comes to physical fitness and toning the body. Two different people will have two very different routines and different results. The best aspect of the Cellerciser® system is that it allows for complete individualization. When someone tries it for the first time, they will start feeling results right away and see more incremental results over time. Anyone considering using the Cellerciser® should speak to their doctor first to determine which parts of the body need the most attention so they can meet their health and fitness goals. 
NOTE: Always consult your doctor or a licensed health professional before attempting any new exercise routines.
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