How Do Rebounders Work? The Science Behind the Exercise

Understanding the Science Behind Rebounding

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The Cellerciser® is one of the best options available for anyone who needs an effective home exercise solution that produces real results. However, many people remain skeptical of the effectiveness of rebounders despite their growing popularity. How effective can jumping on a miniature trampoline really be? 
First of all, a Cellerciser® is not a miniature trampoline. It has a similar construction and offers a similar function, but jumping on a trampoline is not the same as rebounding on a Cellerciser®. The Cellerciser® features highly refined technology, from the solid steel frame construction to the patented TriDaptable® springs and Permatron® jumping surface. No mini trampoline purchased in a retail store can match the engineering behind the Cellerciser®.
While the construction of the Cellerciser® is undoubtedly important, Cellercise® as a brand remains committed to focusing not just on the product itself, but rather on the results it provides.

Rebounding Helps Overcome Common Health Issues in Our Society 

There’s a medical phenomenon taking place in our society that few people realize. “Sticky blood” is a common issue due to the average American’s diet and lack of physical activity. When blood cells become sticky due to environmental exposure, poor diet, and other influences, the blood cannot circulate correctly. Blood cells that become sticky start to lose their round shape, elongating, and will eventually have greater difficulty moving throughout the body. This not only reduces circulation throughout the body but also breaks down cell membranes, making the cells weaker. 
Think about the “shakable” flashlight that charges its internal battery after shaking it back and forth for a few seconds. The function of this kind of device parallels human blood cells. Blood cells have structures that function as sodium-potassium pumps. Subjecting these structures to a shaking or rebounding sensation for just a few minutes a day effectively recharges them. 
When a person uses a Cellerciser®, they will experience very brief periods of weightlessness about 100 times per minute. The full motion of rebounding up and down creates a brief moment of weightlessness, followed by a brief moment of extra weight as gravity pulls the body back down to Earth, and then a brief moment of normal weight state. This rhythm acts upon every cell of the body from the inside out, rejuvenating not only distressed blood cells but also every other part of the body. 

How Rebounding Acts Upon the Human Body

The Cellerciser® system suggests about ten minutes of rebounding per day, regardless of skill level. While it’s certainly feasible to do more, rebounding can be exhausting after several minutes, and for good reason. The motion of rebounding acts on every cell of the body. Kirlian photography has captured images of the energy fields around individual blood cells, and rebounding motions help to enhance this energy, changing the state of individual blood cells and allowing them to travel freely through the bloodstream.
The Cellerciser® increases blood flow by acting on every blood cell individually throughout the whole body. Within just a few minutes, rebounding can improve blood circulation to every capillary in the human body, from the soles of the feet to the inside of the brain. This increased circulation improves the functions of every part of the body, and this, in turn, provides rebounders with more energy, better mental and physical functioning, and relief from common ailments like joint pain, back pain, and fatigue. 

Why Rebounding Is More Effective Than Typical Exercise

When most people think of “exercise,” they imagine things like running, weightlifting, high-impact aerobics, and workout machines using plates and cables. While these systems can offer results, most typical exercises hinge on improving one muscle group at a time. For example, bicep curls can strengthen and tone the arms, increasing the size of the bicep over time, but this form of exercise requires spending time working on each arm individually. Additionally, this exercise will only target a small group of muscles, offering very little in terms of support for the underlying blood vessels and connective tissues that help hold this muscle group together. 
A Cellerciser® can not only help to build muscle, but also influence all of the underlying systems that work in tandem with the muscles throughout the entire body, and it exercises the entire body all at the same time. Instead of spending ten minutes on each muscle group for better whole-body fitness, the Cellerciser® allows an individual to exercise virtually every muscle group in the body at once with the added potential to specifically target certain bodily regions and muscle groups. 
Think of animals living in the wild. Monkeys, cats, wild dogs, and other animals are all incredibly athletic without needing any type of exercise equipment. These animals are fast, agile, and flexible without understanding how to manipulate their bodies the way human beings can. Animals in the wild build up their speed, coordination, and reflexes due to their environments. Since humans don’t need to survive in the wild anymore and have the ability to understand and manipulate their own bodies, the typical exercise approach is somewhat counterproductive when analyzed bit by bit. 

Manipulating Gravity to Achieve Better Health 

With traditional exercise, the person exercising tears down muscles to build them up. They work out to take their muscles to the edge of breaking, and proteins help to heal the strained and torn muscles. This creates a patch, and then the next workout session effectively results in a patch on the patch. While typical exercise requires the lifting of weight away from gravity, the Cellerciser® increases the weight of gravity on the body. 
When the cells of the body experience this increased gravitational sensation from using a Cellerciser®, the body basically has two options: it can become shorter, which it cannot and will not, or it can become stronger to compensate for the added weight. However, unlike traditional exercises that only allow one muscle group or body part to strengthen at a time, a Cellerciser® acts on every cell in the body, from muscle and connective tissue to tendons and skin collagen and even the cells and structures of the heart. Instead of opposing gravity with typical exercise, a Cellerciser® harnesses the forces of gravity, acceleration, and deceleration, all of which the human body perceives as weight, and using a Cellerciser® to exercise is the only method for manipulating these three forces to improve the health of every cell of the body all at once.
NOTE: It is crucial to always consult with a doctor or licensed health professional before attempting any new exercise routines.
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