Where (and Where NOT) to Buy a Rebounder

How to Buy a True Rebounder, and What to Avoid When Shopping for One 

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Countless people across the country are looking for a new way to get in shape and experience relief from the medical symptoms that bother them every day, whether caused by weakness or injury. However, modern life is demanding, and people from all walks of life need convenient yet effective exercise options to meet their health and fitness goals. The Cellerciser® rebounder is just that: a simple yet effective tool that allows anyone to get and stay fit on their own terms. 
Over the past several years, rebounding has become a very popular form of exercise for aerobics, strength training, and weight loss, but not all rebounders are made equally. Additionally, a true rebounder health device such as the Cellerciser® is not the same thing as the miniature trampolines sitting on the shelves of a local department store or sporting goods store. Unlike mini trampolines sold in retail stores, the Cellerciser® is a specialized device made specifically for the Cellerciser® fitness system. 

The Cellercise® Family 

Anyone who wants to make serious changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and overall wellness should consider trying rebounding, but be careful before making a purchase. Subpar products that appear to be the same thing as the Cellerciser® could not only lead to bad experiences and poor results but potentially injuries and other issues as well. The Cellerciser® is part of a complete wellness system developed with the goal of improving the health of the entire body, not just specific muscle groups. This device is not the same thing as a miniature trampoline, and it’s vital for anyone considering rebounding to know the difference. 
Cellercise® does not sell rebounders in stores. This is not a commercial fitness product, but rather a tool for those in need of physical therapy or simply a better, more convenient, and more engaging way to exercise each day. Cellercise® works with a vast network of doctors, medical practitioners, fitness trainers, and specialists to form a support network for anyone who purchases a Cellerciser®. 
Cellercise® has created this family of support to show every person who invests in the Cellerciser® that they have access to the support they need to reach their goals, whether they relate to specific medical conditions, lifestyle choices, or physical fitness. 

Knowing the Differences Between Genuine Rebounders and Mini Trampolines 

It’s not uncommon for an individual to be interested in rebounding and start their experience with a store-bought miniature trampoline. Unfortunately, these devices have not been manufactured to the same standard as rebounders provided by Cellercise®. These devices may break, function improperly, or fail to deliver the results the individual expected. These bad initial experiences, unfortunately, sour these consumers against all rebounders. They don’t realize that a product like the Cellerciser® and the average mini trampoline from a retail store feature very different product specifications
When a person jumps on a typical miniature trampoline, the jumping surface is made of nylon, canvas, or plastic, and it stretches with every bounce. This can cause a jumper’s ankle to pronate, which in turn causes problems in the feet, back, and other joints of the body. The Cellerciser® does not have a nylon, canvas, or plastic jumping surface. The rebounding surface is made of space-age Permatron®, similar to the material used in swimming pool covers developed with some of the most rigorous quality testing methods, including subjecting every fiber of the Permatron® material to more than 200 tons of pressure. 
Aside from the jumping surface, the other main component of a solidly built rebounder is the type of springs used in its construction. Most of the miniature trampolines sold in retail stores feature small tube springs or bungee cord systems that can cause serious injuries when used with a home exercise routine. The Cellerciser® is unique in that it includes patented TriDaptable® springs that move very differently than conventional springs. 
The tapered design of the TriDaptable® springs causes them to stretch from the middle, gradually absorbing more energy as needed to provide support for every bounce. These TriDaptable® springs offer security and support, ensuring safe acceleration and deceleration with every exercise session. 

The Finest Quality Rebounders from Cellercise®

From the Permatron® jumping surface to the TriDaptable® springs and even the polymer rubber legs that never deteriorate like typical rubber tips, every component of the Cellerciser® has been designed specifically to produce one of the most effective fitness systems available today. However, the Cellerciser® is not just the best rebounder available on the market, it’s the best rebounder available, period. Purchasing a subpar rebounder or mini trampoline from a retail store can potentially offer some mild entertainment at best. However, none of these products can match the craftsmanship behind the Cellerciser®. 
No store-bought rebounder product can match the support of the Cellercise® family, either. Anyone who wants to try rebounding with the Cellerciser® must do so through their doctor or physical therapist; they cannot simply walk into a store and buy one. While Cellercise® aims to provide the best rebounder available, the focus is not so much on the product itself as it is the results it can provide to virtually anyone. 
Another benefit of investing in a Cellerciser® is the genuine lifetime warranty that accompanies the product. Unlike other trampolines that may only provide warranty coverage for one part and one time only, anyone who purchases a Cellerciser® can rest assured knowing that Cellercise® stands behind the product for life. 

Buying a Cellerciser® Rebounder the Right Way 

The Cellercise® rebounder system offers a wide range of benefits to people of all skill levels, fitness levels, and ages. From children to senior citizens, the Cellerciser® offers a comfortable, engaging, and fun way to stay in shape and overcome many common medical ailments. Anyone interested in purchasing a Cellerciser® should speak to their doctor. Reaching out to a Cellercise® partner is the best way to obtain one of these advanced, expertly designed, and effective devices. 
NOTE: Always consult with a doctor or health professional before attempting any new exercise routines. 
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