2022.08.08 - Cellercise® LIVE with Dave Hall, QA, Benefits, Physical Therapy, Testimonials

Let us know how we can help! 435-562-4456 For more videos check out our video library at: https://cellercise.com/video-library-for-rebounding/ 00:00 Introduction 00:58 Testimonials 04:12 Dave shares some thoughts about what makes Cellercise so effective. 10:15 Increasing Shoulder Flexibility 12:08 Digestion Elimination 14:15 Purpose of Cellercising 14:46 I experienced a sciatica episode last week; my tailbone is still tender. I was reluctant to injure myself, what exercise do you suggest if any? 17:52 If you are sore in your glutes should you keep bouncing or lay off for a few days? 18:27 If you have bad knees is the Cellerciser still good for you? 22:01 I’ve begun to have a slight breakdown of my muscle fiber. Should I not Cellercise or would it help? 24:25 School 25:39 I was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis in my neck. I also have sciatica. I know you can’t give medical advice, but is it safe to Cellercise? 27:33 Please help me figure out the best exercises for under arm fat. 28:41 I have a baker’s cyst that has developed behind my knee. Does anyone know it Cellercising will aggravate it? 30:05 I sometimes have leg cramps in the night after Cellercising in the evenings any ideas why? 30:57 After physical therapy she still has pain and limited motion in her rotator cuff. What would you suggest? What in your experience would it take to heal using the Cellerciser? 33:21 Is it ok for pregnant woman to Cellercise? 35:09 What is your opinion about Cellercising with weights on your ankles and joints? 36:04 Does the simple health bounce help your spine go into its natural alignment? If not, what would help you do that? 37:09 Health Bounce 37:35 I’ve been doing your workout on a daily basis. Is this enough to get me fit and fabulous? 38:28 Exercises to improve hip alignment. 38:56 What exercises repair facial capillaries? 40:35 What Cellercise exercises heal capillaries from head to toe? 41:33 What do you have for stage 4 bladder cancer that has gone to the lymph system. The lymph nodes are overwhelmed by a growing tumor not allowing the fluids to drain out of the legs which in turn causes a flood from the inside out. I’m at wits end, is there anything you can suggest? 49:00 Holding a body part while rebounding where you wish to see results. Can you elaborate on that? 50:20 Can you recommend an exercise to help with female incontinence? Before beginning any exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor. The Cellerciser helps expose weaknesses, so if you feel pain or discomfort while using the Cellerciser, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may also give Dave Hall a call for various Cellercise techniques that they may consider. You may also give Dave Hall a call and he can share with you techniques that you can consult with your doctor on. The DVD, “Cellercise...the Ultimate Exercise!” personal trainer section may also be referenced by your Doctor. Dave Hall has 30 years of experience working with doctors and health practitioners and is happy to consult with yours. We want you to have a growing and healthful experience. Cellercise.com mrrebounder.com #cellercise # cellerciser #rebounder
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