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In the 1990s I was poisoned with pesticide and asbestos poisoning that literally collapsed the right side of my lymphatic system.  It felt like a net that it just tightened up. I woke up one morning tried to lift my arm up and it felt like everything was tearing.  Over the course of the next two years, I had large lesions coming out of my neck my shoulders in my face where the poison was trying to get out.  My liver had been shot and I didn't feel very good. I didn't know if I'd be around much longer.  I knew that rebounding created a pumping action up and down which I believed could help my body to live long enough that it could start to restore its health. So I did it every day and in one month my arms were bigger!  My wife noticed and in about a month I dropped a belt notch.  It was at that point I said hey this isn't just helping my lymphatic system this is changing my entire physique.

Exercise at the Cellular Level

We call our program Cellercise® because it literally exercises at the cellular level.  Typical exercise works at a muscular level and it limits the effect only on those certain areas of the body that you happen to be working at the time.  While the Cellerciser® works every single cell collectively together.  It is based upon the premise that if your cells are stronger, healthier, and working more efficiently, all of your body parts and functions are also going to be stronger, healthier, and working more efficiently.  That's why we call it Cellercise®.

The Cellerciser® has many features that make it unique from typical Rebounders in department stores or Rebounders in general.  Rebounders generally utilize tube springs.  The tube springs would stretch only a little bit at the end of the stretch they came to an abrupt stop or jar.  That jarring effect was so severe it could break the spring as well as damage the person that was using it.  So in the early 90s, I introduced the larger tapered spring design.  Well, the tapered spring design allows the Cellerciser® to decelerate and accelerate without ever coming to an abrupt stop or jar so you can do the different movements and have support but without damaging your body in the process.  In addition to that when I introduced the tapered spring designs virtually most of the rebounding industry started to do the same thing but the difference is in this steel in the spring.  If this steel in the spring is weak then when you stand on a mini-trampoline your feet will pronate. Every time you land your feet can roll on you or turn.  That can lead to ankle problems, knee problems, and lower back problems. 

The Cellerciser® has a patented spring design.  We have a triple-tiered tapered spring known as the TriDaptable® spring which has a larger diameter in the middle of the spring, a ridge, it tapers, another ridge, it tapers.  That ridge allows the focus of the spring to stretch from the center first.  If you need more spring it graduates to the next ridge then to the next section and so forth.  It's the only self-adjusting type spring system on the market and we're proud to offer to you. 

Better Health in Just 10 Minutes a Day

The reason that Cellercise® only takes about ten minutes a day compared to typical exercises is that it's including every single cell.  For example, if I were to do a typical exercise by applying 30% - 40%  percent more weight to a muscle a hundred times a minute by doing lifts.  If I did a hundred lifts per minute or curls per minute for 10 solid minutes that would be a great exercise for THAT muscle.  But now I got to do all the other muscle groups as well.   With Cellercise® by moving up and down you're creating g-forces as the body slows down.  That increase of weight on that cell isn't just applied to one muscle or muscle group,  it's applied to every single cell membrane.  The response of the cell is that as you apply weight over and over to the cell membrane the cell is simply going to fortify its membrane with more protein to compensate for the increased amount of weight because it doesn't want to rupture.  But that's on every single cell all at the same time. Many people can't necessarily begin at 10 minutes per day because it's so exhausting.  If you've ever been on a trampoline you know how exhausting it is, well, Cellercise® is also exhausting but you grow faster in your results when your Cellercising because it's on every single cell not just certain areas of the body. 

Everyone Can Benefit from the Cellerciser®

You know several years ago I was asked in a business plan what is your target market and I said "people" and they say "oh no you've got to be more specific".  I said, "No you need to be broader..." Cellercise® is for everybody because every Body is made up of cells and when you strengthen through the efficiency of cells, at any age, you strengthen improve the efficiency of the body parts and functions.  We have people in their 90's and 100's that are Cellercising. 

I had a lady get on a Cellerciser® she started moving up and down on it three and a half weeks later she calls me up she says "David you should have seen me yesterday.  I was on top of my rooftop repairing my own shingles and you should have seen the neighbors."  She's 91 years of age. You see balance has little or nothing to do with our age, we're not born with it, but as you move up down on a Cellerciser® you challenge your balance mechanism.  Children love the movement -they're not born with balance, rhythm, timing, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, those are physiological functions we get them by bouncing up and down and in fact children instinctively jump up down in the crib, on a couch, or on a bed.  We generally kick them off.  I tell people if we knew better we'd be doing it with them but it doesn't matter. Women, men, athletes, children, senior citizens, it doesn't matter Cellercise® is for every Body.

There are so many health benefits to Cellercise® but before you begin any exercise program always consult with your doctor or health practitioner.  We want you to have a good experience. 

How You Can Benefit from the Cellerciser®

Whether you have digestion elimination problems, circulatory problems, if you need to open up and improve the lymphatic circulation, as you're moving up down the thyroid is gently expanding, tracking balance and equilibrium is being challenged, up to 90% of brain activity... there are techniques for shoulders and back..  I mean there are so many health benefits.  Remember cells don't get old they're really always replacing themselves.  Now we go through an aging process but at any age, as we strengthen and improve the efficiency of our body parts and functions we begin to feel better and we begin to enjoy life more.

Cellercise® creates a different type of muscle than typical exercise. Typical exercise tears down to build up and when it does it builds a hard muscle a muscle that if you take it to extremes you can lose flexibility timing speed coordination and you're more susceptible to injury.  A lot of athletes today buy into the idea that you really have to tear down to build up and bulk up and although it does work it can also compromise the ligaments and the tendons because the ligaments and tendons take longer to catch up to the actual muscle.  Now with Cellercise® you're building strong muscles but not by tearing them down so the muscle itself is very soft it's very pliable but when you flex it is very strong.  I don't lift weights to build up my body.  I increase the weight by Cellercising in every area of my body.  I am 56 years old but it's (referring to abs) still tight.  That's because Cellercise® is still weight-bearing but not limited. You can focus the effects by doing different movements but the rest of the body is still involved with the exercise whereas typical muscular exercise is specific to muscle groups exclusively.  Cellercise® incorporates all body parts all at the same time.

Cellercise® can help any athletic sport it doesn't matter whether it is volleyball or whether it's it gymnastics or golfing or baseball or football or basketball.  There are specific movements you can do on a Cellercise® that will strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments and maintain flexibility so that you're not as susceptible to injury.  A Ph.D. did a study showing that if you incorporate 20 or 30 seconds of rebounding, mini-trampoline, Cellercise® in between a circuit weight training program you could grow up to 26% faster in your overall result.  That's enormous!  So yes for athletes training on the Cellercise® I guarantee will make a difference.

I think the reason I'm so passionate about Cellercise® is because not only what it's done for me but for what it's doing for my customer base we have tens of thousands of people who have written me wonderful testimonials people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, syndrome multiple, sclerosis, knee problems, hip problems, back problems, digestion, elimination problems, bladder control, issues with imbalance, who are sleeping better at night.  We have gotten hundreds of testimonials so the reason I'm passionate is that I know what it does for me and I know what it's doing for them and I believe I know what it can do for you that's why I'm passionate.


NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.


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