Immune System Exercises: How Cellercise Can Help You Fight a Cold

Immune System Exercises: How Cellercise Can Help You Fight a Cold

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Mini trampolines have been an exercise fad that have routinely come and gone in the exercise world, but the Cellerciser® has consistently been a high performer when it comes to keeping your body healthy. A healthy body is more easily able to fight off routine illnesses and viruses that might attack it, and research about the benefits of regular full-body exercise has shown that the body’s immune system responds exceptionally well to regular exercise and care through rebounding. And it’s not just scientific research telling us this—it’s Cellercise® customers. One user, Mrs. Ginsburg, left us this review after her family had been using the Cellerciser® every day, “The overall health of each one of us has improved. We all look better and feel better. We even have fewer colds now!” The common cold is one of the most widespread viruses that people can get, due in large part to there being hundreds of viruses that can cause a cold. A cold typically lasts between 7-10 days, but symptoms can persist if you have a really bad cold or if you have immune or other health problems. The most common symptoms of colds are sore throat, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, body aches and fever. When you’re healthy, thinking of having a small cough and runny nose for 7 days doesn’t seem so bad. But if we all think back to our last cold, I’m sure it was a long, miserable 7-plus days. And most adults catch a cold 2-3 times a year, and kids even more, causing them to miss work, school and other parts of their normal daily routine. With all the advances that medical science has to offer, there still isn’t a cure for the common cold, and not really any treatment that consistently shortens one’s duration. That means the best treatment for commons cold is prevention—and this is where rebounding can really come into play.

Strengthens your immune system and lymphatic circulation.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart is to the cardiovascular system. It relies on the pressure skeletal muscles create by contracting and relaxing, which is another way of saying your body needs to regularly move to to keep it functioning properly. The lymphatic system is a vertically-run system within the body, so the up and down motion of bouncing on a rebounder benefits this system. This gravity-based exercise increases G-force, and one study showed that increasing your body’s G-force increases lymphocyte activity. Exercising on a Cellerciser® stimulates your lymphatic system, creating pressure changes that flush out and eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. It also gets your entire body moving, increasing your blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which helps fight off a cold or flu. Through the work of Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., we learned that running on a Cellerciser® as fast as you can for up to one minutes we can increase the number of active white blood cells in our body by 10 to 15 times for up to one hour. That's like giving yourself your own natural antibiotic. In addition, Cellercise® helps to strengthen cell membranes so the cells are more resistant to viruses and bacteria. Cellercise® improves the efficiency of the immune system as it improves circulation throughout the entire body.

Improves sleep.

Getting plenty of sleep helps your body defend itself from infection and protect yourself from sickness. Studies suggest that sleep has a positive effect on the body’s immune response to sickness and that getting an increased amount of sleep after becoming infected helps you get better faster. As you bounce on the Cellerciser®, you receive a gentle but energized fatigue that causes your whole body to feel relaxed because your whole body has had a balanced mini workout. Gently bouncing up and down on the Cellerciser® for just two minutes specifically helps relax your shoulders, back and behind, so you can quickly fall asleep and get the rest your body needs to stay healthy. Regular exercise and taking care of your body is the best way to strengthen your body’s fighting power and prevent yourself from becoming afflicted with the common cold. Simple exercise by using a mini trampoline at least 10 minutes per day can help give the strength your body needs to ward off unwanted viruses, such as the common cold. Many refer to rebounding as an immune-boosting, detoxifying exercise. Get your very own Cellerciser® today, and help yourself and your family stay healthier and cold-free this year.
NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.
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